Rare Elvis Spring Tours 77


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Where was Elvis artistically in his last year?  What did he want to sing?  The answer is found in “Elvis Spring Tours 77”.

By this time, singer Elvis Presley had refused to record for RCA because he was still angry about selling off his back catalog.  (Another one of Col. Tom Parker’s make-a-fast-buck schemes.)  Thus, RCA was forced to record him any way they could to finish off his forthcoming album “Moody Blue”.  Three live versions of songs from “Spring Tours” made it on to his last “studio” LP:  “If You Love Me Let Me Know”, “Little Darlin'” and “Unchained Melody”.  Unknowingly, RCA would be recording some of the last of Elvis and this compilation is a rare and unique remembrance of the most popular singer of the 2oth Century.

“Elvis Spring Tours 77” is a welcome relief from his last recording “Elvis in Concert”.  While his final TV special contains a few outstanding songs, (“My Way”, “How Great Thou Art”), it also reveals a sad, last look at a broken man.  His swan song so to speak.

“Elvis in Concert” June 1977

“Spring Tours” is more upbeat, reportedly because Elvis believed he had a future with his new girlfriend Ginger Alden.  Unfortunately, Ms. Alden couldn’t or wouldn’t live up to his expectations.  As their relationship progressed (or regressed), Elvis complained to his inner circle:  “Why doesn’t she want to spend more time with  me?”  Elvis wanted a 24/7 full-time companion and that she didn’t want.  Elvis tried to mold her, to dress in more feminine clothes, but times were changing and she basically didn’t give a shit.  That didn’t keep her from asking for things.

Elvis last girlfriend Ginger Alden

While Elvis had hopes for a Christmas wedding, deep down I think he knew it wasn’t meant to be.  Consequently, this is the difference between his last two live albums.  The first is where he believes he has a future.  The second is where he doesn’t.

Highlights from “Spring Tours” are a rousing rendition of “Polk Salad Annie”, a soulful gospel tune “Help Me”, an amusing version of “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” (sung to Charlie Hodge), a heartfelt “Blue Christmas” and “Fairy Tale” with the prophetic verse:  “You used me, you deceived me, and you never seemed to need me, but I’ll bet you won’t forget me when I go.”

Track listing for CD

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Elvis Suicide? (Part 2)

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On August 16, 1977, entertainer Elvis Presley was found dead.  Since then, the perceived cause of death was polypharmacy (an overdose caused by a dozen different drugs.)  How could this happen?  Was it allowed or a deliberate o.d?  Was Elvis depressed enough to kill himself?

With all the problems Elvis had, it’s hard to imagine him killing himself.  Had his life reached a dead end?

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Would Elvis have killed himself with daughter Lisa Marie in his home?

Boredom set in.  He saw most of those around him as exploiters after his wealth and fame.  It had been four to five years since his last hit single or album.  His main source of income was touring, but as can be seen in his last TV special, it was become harder to keep up the façade.

The broadcast of “Elvis in Concert” (Oct. ’77) would reveal the new fat Elvis.

Whether Elvis killed himself may never be known for sure.  What is known is what led up to it.  Since his 1973 divorce, a slide down to oblivion was caused by his wife leaving him for Mike Stone.  He couldn’t handle it.  The straw that broke the camel’s back:  a final scandal book titled “Elvis:  What Happened?” written by his former bodyguards.  The book was released on August 1.  Elvis died on August 16.  Coincidence?

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The sycophants’, the enablers, the doctors, only made it worse and Elvis wouldn’t listen to the few who warned him to stop it.  Ultimately, he is to blame for not seeing what was happening to him.

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Elvis last chance: fiancée Ginger Alden slept in the next room while Elvis lay dying.

His inner circle was unable to prevent his premature death at 42.

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Elvis Presley, 1977.

Elvis Presley, 1977.

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The Estate of Elvis Presley refuses to allow an official DVD release of his final 1977 T.V. special.  Why?  CBS has already aired “Elvis in Concert” twice.  (Oct. 1977 and Feb. 1978.)  It’s been seen by millions.  What is there to hide?

June 1977.  It’s well known that Elvis was near the end.  For those who haven’t seen it, it’s a shock.  There really is no official filmed record of the final version of Elvis, except for this one.  His prior T.V. special had been four and a half years earlier:  “Elvis:  Aloha from Hawaii, via Satellite” – 1/14/73.  During this three year interim, Elvis divorced and nearly died on several occasions from drug overdoses.

His main girlfriend, Linda Thompson, managed to keep him alive, until she feared for her own safety when Elvis nearly shot her, accidently.

Elvis with Linda Thompson

Elvis with Linda Thompson

Priscilla Presley.

Priscilla Presley.

Elvis with Ginger Alden.

Elvis with Ginger Alden.

In 1977, Elvis found new girlfriend Ginger Alden, who was basically a Priscilla Presley lookalike.  Ginger was too immature and didn’t know how to care for an out-of-control rock star.


Elvis’ current album at the time, “Moody Blue” had been pieced together by RCA, containing random cuts from a few ’76 studio sessions, early ’77 concert recordings and one 1974 song.  His voice is strong through most of it, especially during “Way Down”, in comparison to what would follow.


Col. Tom Parker (Elvis’ manager/agent) accepted the CBS special only because he didn’t believe they’d pay all the money they did.

“Elvis in Concert” contains two videotaped performances, edited together.  (Omaha, Nebraska 6/19/77 and Rapid City, South Dakota 6/21/77.)  The first ends with “My Way” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You”, the second ends with “Unchained Melody”, cut from the original broadcast, but shown later during “Elvis – The Great Performances”.  CBS intercuts comments by fans and other footage, similar to the 1970 documentary “Elvis – That’s the Way It Is”.  This would eat into his actual show time and songs, some of them not broadcast by CBS.

Although Elvis is only 42, he appears older.  His weight makes it difficult for him to move.  Even walking shows effort and there are times when he appears to be in pain.


Much has been made of him forgetting the words to “Are You Lonesome Tonight?”‘; however, this is what I would call a throwaway song.  You could divide this program into two sections – one half for the songs he cares about and the other half for those he didn’t.  When Elvis put his heart into it, as he does in “How Great thou Art”, there is still the power that made him a star.


It has been theorized that Elvis knew he was going to die and put this last effort out as a way to say goodbye to his fans.  Maybe.


A single was released, “My Way” (originally recorded by Frank Sinatra), which seems to sum up the tragedy of the situation.


Also, “Unchained Melody” is another reminder of how great Elvis could be.  He accompanies himself on the piano and invests every last bit of energy left.



On August 16, 1977, Elvis Presley would be found dead by his girlfriend Ginger Alden.  Official cause of death:  Heart attack.  There can be no doubt that drugs played a major role in his premature demise.  RCA would release a double LP album posthumously.


It’s unknown whether Elvis’ estate will ever give an official release to an authorized, uncut version of “Elvis in Concert”.  It remains on YouTube.  All the more reason to release it, since those who are interested are already aware of the condition he was in.

In conclusion, in 2002, an unreleased version of “A Little Less Conservation” was released and became another #1 hit.  After all the years, the King still had it.