Try That in a Small Town – CMT Ban (Video)

“Try That in a Small Town” sung by Jason Aldean is #1 on the charts and has been banned by Country Music Television.

CMT has banned “Try That in a Small Town” for being “racist” despite showing actual news clips of ANTIFA and BLM rioting during most of 2020.  The left-wing faggot typically looks for reasons to be offended.  Well, if you’re going to offend somebody, do it in spades.  The fact that this song is number one speaks volumes as to where our country is now and does not bode well for the Democrats.

Opinions on the upcoming 2024 General Election:  the Dems plan to steal it in the same way they did in 2020.  Since then, nothing has been done by the GOP to stop ballot harvesting and the rigged voting machines of foreign origin.

With the rotten job Biden’s done if he wins (or whomever else runs) wins by seven million votes, expect hell to pay.

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