Reagan vs. Biden

Pundits (MSM, et al) have been commenting for some time that Pres. Ronald Reagan had Alzheimer’s Disease during the second term of his Presidency.  This is a false claim and always has been.  Reagan’s diagnosis occurred in 1994.  Unlike Joe Biden, Ronald Reagan submitted to cognitive tests while President at the behest of the Democrats and he always passed with flying colors.

Biden, on the other hand, has refused to take any cognitive test for obvious reasons.

As further proof, the above video is of Pres. Reagan at the 1992 Republican Convention:  FOUR YEARS AFTER HIS PRESIDENCY.

Below the Reagan video is Biden’s September 10th 2023 press conference in Vietnam.  Compare the two.

I myself, saw Pres. Reagan speak in person, back in 1989.  He was as sharp as a tack, making more sense than Biden ever has.

Biden’s mental decline has and will continue to become more pronounced.  His inability to lead and continued self-confessions that he’s only “following orders” is proof Biden is a fake president, led by other unelected forces.

It should be made mandatory for this and any other president to submit to tests which demonstrate his mental powers.  This should go hand-in-hand with the Republicans impeachment of Biden in the House of Representatives.

Joe Biden is unfit to be president.  He is a potential danger to us, if and when he ever decides to launch some type of military attack on a foreign country or any perceived enemy, real or imagined.

70% of Americans believe Biden should not seek a second term.  If Biden’s mental health were made known to the public, most would demand he step down for the good of the country and stop being forced to campaign as “the safe candidate who beat Trump.”  Trump is not the enemy and the adults in the room know this.

The enemy is from without and within.  It is from those who seek to “fundamentally transform” us.  It is from those foreign powers who have declared us as their enemy – the same regimes the Democrats want to make friends with.  Radical Islam, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Nigeria, Yemen, Egypt, Pakistan, Libya, Mali and Iraq – all Arabic terrorist nations.  While China, North Korea and Russia pose their own threats – if WWIII begins – it will begin from Muslims who continue to view us as the Great Satan.

You think democrats/liberals are intolerant now? Just you wait. – Freedom Is Just Another Word…

Barry Explains Cloward-Piven StrategyKYFHO

If Biden isn’t running the country, who is?  With Biden’s cabinet filled with Obama appointees, including VP Kamala Harris, the truth is clear.  We are living under a proxy presidency.

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U.S. Navy Attacked – 11 Killed – by Somali Pirates

EricReports Exclusive 

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July 29, 2021, off the coast of Turkey, near Gemiler Island. 

Somalian pirates have attacked a U.S. Navy ship, killing 11 and wounding 8.

There has been a complete news blackout of this event.

Internationally, news agencies have noticed the dramatic shift of the U.S. press which is doing everything possible to protect Pres. Biden, suspected of stealing the 2020 General Election.  This new incident, which has had no news coverage whatsoever, would prove Biden’s inability to deal with this foreign attack.

This Islamic attack against an American warship (with no response) is proof our former Muslim Pres. Obama is controlling the situation.

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Since May 2020 we’ve born witness to the manic side of the radical left.  Democrats,  similar to the Muslims, silently approve of the violence.   They say nothing against the riots (so-called “peaceful protests”) in the blue cities.

The walking corpse known as Ruth Bader Ginsburg has finally died and the rage immediately begins about Pres. Trump replacing her.  “Honor her wish!” they chant. A supposed statement she made about the next president choosing her successor.   (Meaning Biden.)

Quoting one angry tweet which read:  “If u dare replace Ginsburg,  we’ll burn down ur city.”  [Notice how Twitter allows this,  then shadowbans pro-Trump supporters.]

The MSM noddingly agrees with the new left carnage,  then becomes outraged by anything done by the Republicans (including self-defense. )  Republicans are referred to as:  “white supremacists”, “Nazis”, “KKK”, and the “alt-right “.  Example:  a leftist protestor murders a Trump fan in cold blood and the MSM refers to the victim as a “right-winger”.  (Meaning they think he deserved it.)

Last week, a 13 year old autistic boy was shot by the police.  No protests.  No riots.  What happened?  I’ll tell you.  The boy was WHITE.

So I guess white lives don’t matter.  Is that the new slogan of the Socialist-Democratic Party?

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Video of Arsonist-Notre Dame

It should’ve been on every newscast in the world.  Instead, alt-news web sites are the only ones showing evidence pointing toward what I’ve said all along:  MUSLIMS SET THE FIRE IN THE NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL.

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Man in Muslim robe and headdress walks along Notre Dame Cathedral as it begins to burn.

VIDEO 1 – As the fire on the roof rages, we see a Muslim man walking on the exterior balcony of the bell towers.   Notice the traditional Islamic white skull cap.  [Video uploaded by Dave Klassix on YouTube.)

VIDEO 2 – Shortly after five p.m, less than two hours before the fire began, we see a man on the roof.  Three flashes of light go off.  Is this the same man in Video 1?  Are these incendiary devices set by remote control?  [Video uploaded by Ola Andersson on YouTube.)

These are questions the MSM and French officials should be asking, regardless of their “official explanation” – an electrical short in the wiring.  (All the wiring had been replaced in the 1990’s and is not old as they have tried to lie about.)  Hadn’t the media/French gov’t made up their minds while the fire was still burning?  Or is it because they don’t want to admit the truth?  The fire was set by Islamic immigrants they invited into their country.

How did the fire burn so quickly?  Have you ever felt solid oak?  It’s as hard as a rock and does not burn easily.  What really fueled that fire?

Why were the firemen so slow to react?  Why did it take up to three hours for them to begin spraying water on the fire, after it was already out of control?  The MSM ridicules Pres. Trump for tweeting “Must act quickly”.  Since when did common sense become something you laugh at?

Another damning question:  Why was a tweet removed saying Macron would rebuild Nortre Dame in accordance with the times?  What is Notre Dame going to be replaced with?  Is this what they wanted all along?

The Notre Dame fire is being referred to as France’s 9/11 in more ways than one.  Just as the U.S. gov’t knew Bin Laden/al-Qaeda were going to attack, so I believe the French gov’t knew of the plot to destroy Notre Dame.


Easter Sunday – April 21, 2019, Sri Lanka.  290 people are killed and 500 injured when a radical Muslim terrorist group named “National Thowheed Jamath” set off a series of bombs in Christian churches and 5-star hotels.  (One of attackers is named Mohammed Aziz Mohammed.)  The media has refused to name them as Muslim, calling them “religious fanatics”.

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What is the goal of the controllers?  Why are obvious facts being swept under the rug?  Why is it now “racist” to say Muslim terrorists did something?  What if we here in the U.S. have to start dealing with the same problems Europe is having if Trump is replaced with a Democrat eager and willing to take in these foreign devils?

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Muslims cheer on the burning church.

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Notre Dame Fire (when you know it was the Muslims)


Image result for notre dame fire, images

Paris, France.  April 14, 2019.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Europe’s greatest architectural triumph and symbol of the Catholic church, became engulfed in flames and was partially destroyed.

The MSM immediately blamed the fire on a “renovation accident” and not on the millions of Muslim immigrants who have sworn Islam will conquer Europe.  No evidence so far on how this “accident” occurred or the coincidence of the fire erupting during Easter week.

During recent months, several Christian churches have been burned at the hands of Muslim terrorists.  The one sole man who was willing to say this on Fox News yesterday was promptly removed for “preaching hate”.

Witnesses state that during the first hour, firemen were slow to act.  Later, they were praised for their actions.  If I was in charge, I’d fire the whole fucking lot.

See the source image  Pres. Trump was derided for tweeting the above statement.  The leftist media scoffed saying water would collapse the structure.  The church was allowed to burn throughout the entire night.

Citizens, the Western World is in an undeclared war with the barbaric hoards.   How many acts of terrorism does it take for the collective left to pull their heads out of their collective butts and realize these sub-humans want to kill us?  And if you’re stupid enough not to care because it happened far, far away, I’m telling you more of the same is coming here.  (Last week, MN. Congresswoman Omar commented that 9/11 was done by “some people who did something.”)

See the source image

Regardless of your opinion on the matter, it’s a simple statement of fact:  You must choose sides.  It’s us versus them.  Co-existence is not an option.

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Twin Towers replaced with a tribute to Islam

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After the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were destroyed by al-Qaeda, the question was “What shall we build to replace it?”  There were many suggestions.  Some said build it back exactly the way it was.  Lease holder Larry Silverstein said build four towers of the same height.  A few said leave it empty, because nothing could replace it or the lives that were lost.

Instead, we got the One World Trade Center.  (Originally called the “Freedom Tower”.  The name was changed because the word “freedom” offended the Muslim community.)

Big question.  Why didn’t George W. Bush rebuild it when he was president?  Wouldn’t that have helped his approval ratings, especially in his second term?  The reason why is – Bush knew what was replacing it – a tribute to Islam.

If you’ll remember, for years, people said, “If we rebuild the Twin Towers, won’t the terrorists knock it down again?  What shall be done?”  Closet Muslim President Barack Obama would approve of the new edifice.

What proof is there that the One World Trade Center has anything to do with Islam?

40 Mind-Blowing Quotes From Barack Hussein Obama On Islam And Christianity

Muslim leaders were involved in the planning stages.

245px-OneWorldTradeCenterSee the source image



One of the main reasons the Twin Towers were chosen for destruction – a belief from the Arab world that the towers were symbolic of a penis – and that America was bragging that it had two.

245px-OneWorldTradeCenter   See the source image

Post 9/11 symbolism:  The One World Trade Center – [the Arab penis] and the former Twin Towers [two gaping holes, an anus and a vagina.]

Reading this, you may not want to believe it, but most other cultures are centuries old, and have ancient beliefs in symbolism.


Obama signs the final beam for the new One World Trade Center – “We remember, we rebuild, we come back stronger!” Acronym = WWW  (World Wide Web)  – Future tracking system for the VeriChip – a GPS hand implant that can locate you wherever you are.


Hebrew lettering W = 6. Three sixes. 666. Mark of the Beast. Revelation 13:16-18 16And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

Obama and others have expressed interest in his permanent establishment as leader of the United Nations.  If something ever happened to the USA (nuclear war, e.g.), what would replace us as the world leader?  The U.N.

See the source image

Barack Obama address the United Nations.

Were the Twin Towers built to fall?  Were they designed for destruction to help usher in the Beast system?  Was it somehow known from the beginning that early in the 21st Century, our President would begin a “War on Terror”?  That he would be followed by a president who would help spread Muslim immigrants all over the world?  Will all of this culminate in a final showdown between Islam and the Western world?  WWIII?

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“No Access for Terror” (Chemnitz, Germany)

Chemnitz, Germany, August 27, 2018.  During a concert, two foreign Muslim immigrants, one Iraqi, one Syrian, viciously stabbed a man to death who intervened when they tried to sexually harass a woman.  Two other Germans were also injured.  Citizens of Chemnitz flooded the streets in protest of a government that no longer represents them.  The European press described them as “neo-Nazis and far right- wing extremists.”  Video of the event proves otherwise.  They’re just ordinary people fed up with seeing Europe being turned into a haven for terrorism and rape.

Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel has commented – not against the murder, but against the protestors – saying, “Hate will not be allowed on German streets.”

Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Angela Merkel, the U.N., the NWO, they are all paving the way for an Islamic Europe.  Leftist ideology is obliterating Western civilization.

My personal feeling is that the German people cannot wait for another election to remove Merkel.  She must go now, before it’s too late.  Send her away, far away, where this ugly, potato-faced fraud can do no more damage.

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Angela Merkel

Here in the U.S., the MSM have virtually ignored this news story.

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Lord of the Flies

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“The flies were black and iridescent green and without number.  In front of Simon, the Lord of the Flies hung on a stick and grinned.   At last, Simon gave up and looked back; saw the white teeth and dim eyes, the blood – and his gaze was held by that ancient, inescapable, recognition.”  From Lord of the Flies by William Golding, 1954.

A breakdown of civilization – tribalism – violence – murder.  Sound familiar?  It isn’t just part of William Golding’s novel.  It’s what happening right now.  Americans are breaking up into different groups.  If you’re not part of that group (or at least agree with their rules), you will be shunned or attacked.  So far, much of this has remained one-sided.  It cannot remain so.

On July 25, a Mexican attacked Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with a pick-axe.  Leftists called it abstract art.  What do you think?

See the source image

Trump’s star: before and after.

Trumpers who wear MAGA hats or t-shirts face continued threats of violence.

When is lethal force required?  Will a man be forced to defend himself with lethal force, if an angry mob wants to kill him?

“But, doesn’t Trump preach hate and division?  Hasn’t he caused this violence?”

The left blame President Trump for their own actions.  They preach peace + tolerance, then want to kill you.

Much has been made of Trump’s immigration policies:  securing our borders.  The left want to disband ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and begin a new open border policy.

Next month marks seventeen years since 9/11.  Did you know that many school children don’t know how it happened?  They don’t know the hijackers were Muslim (mostly Saudi) and were here through illegal visas.  Some don’t know who Osama bin Laden was.  How’d that happen?  Isn’t this recent history?  When did 9/11 become a vague incident caused by unknown terrorists?

I noticed at the library, a lot of books on 9/11 have disappeared.  It is as Al Gore said, “An Inconvenient Truth”.

Former Pres. Obama called Muslim immigrants “pilgrims” – just like the ones who landed on Plymouth Rock.  Do you believe him?  After seeing what they’ve done to Europe, do you still believe him?   Text © 2018 – ERN

See the source image

Muslims immigrants swarm into England.




Left’s Plan for Revolution (Future War Pt. 2)

How will it begin?  What will be the trigger for a Communist uprising from the new far left?  Is it mere hype and rumor or the real thing?

There are serious plans for such an event.  How far will it go?

In the past, such traumas were borne in 1968, (MLK and RFK assassinations, riots, Dem. convention), 1992, (L.A. riots), 2016, (Trump’s election), could have led to an upheaval.  What’s different now?  The MSM continually feeds into the already disordered thinking of those who want Trump removed from office.  It won’t stop there.  Frustrated by their failed attempts to impeach Pres. Trump, the radical left will move on to more drastic plans.


Hypothetically, (or maybe not), Democrats will not be willing to wait out another four years.  It’s worth mentioning that top leaders within the Dems could’ve stopped this.  (I’m speaking of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.)  The fact is, they didn’t want to.  On the contrary, they fanned the flames of discontent.

The far left plans to kill Trump and then launch a full-scale overthrow – a Communist-style revolution.

The usual suspects:  ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, Communist/Socialist orgs, illegal aliens, Muslim groups, college radicals and feminists, certain Hollywood celebrities.

What if foreign troops become involved?  China?  Various anti-American countries from South America?  How far will this go?

I believe with a new President, Mike Pence, it will be time for him to launch a military attack on those who threaten our very way of existence.  If Pence acts quickly, any foreign interventions will be stillborn.  I am very serious in saying that there is no other way of dealing with these people, except by brute force.  The National Guard won’t be enough.  You’ll see tanks rolling down Wall Street.


While leftist extremists envision a red flag flying over the White House, that will never happen.

Questions remain.  If the worst happens, we, the real Americans cannot allow the Democratic Party to plead “Not Guilty.”  If that day ever comes, and we ask who and why Mr. X pulled the trigger, le me say, it came from the actions of those on the very top.

See the source image

Hillary Clinton’s continual “campaign” against Trump, her inability to accept defeat, her insane quest for revenge, her fictionalized account of a Trump/Russian stolen election, have led some to believe that somehow she should be president.  These plans and her fanaticism will be heightened if, God forbid, she runs and loses again.  HRC would be directly responsible for the worst case scenario earlier described.

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“Roseanne” Canceled: Not PC Enough

Two weeks prior to ABC’s removal of “Roseanne”, the network announced they were “dialing back” the star’s support for Trump in the following season.  The fact is:  ABC was embarrassed by the new found popularity of a previously dead show.  As in real life, blue-collar workers (those in the rust belt) helped Donald Trump win the presidency.  That’s what Roseanne’s character became.  ABC was just looking for a reason, ANY reason to cancel it.

See the source image

See the source image

Roseanne Barr’s tweet, a joke about Valerie Jarrett being a cross between the Muslim Brotherhood and “Planet of the Apes” has been misinterpreted.  Ms. Jarrett is not a natural-born U.S. citizen.  She was born in Iran; therefore, you cannot call her “African-American”, regardless of her parentage.

Barr meant her joke to be about Muslims, who are not a race.  How can this be about racism?

Q.  If any entertainer made a reference to Pres. Trump looking like an ape, do you think they’d be fired?

  • Madonna said she thought about blowing up the White House.
  • Snoop Dogg made a music video, showing a clown-faced Trump being “shot”.
  • Robert DeNiro said he’d like to punch Trump in the face.

Were any of these people punished for what they said?

People should be asking why Pres. Obama’s chief advisor (Ms. Jarrett) has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood – and – why Obama gave them billions of dollars during the “Arab Spring”.  People should ask why Obama threw away our victory in Iraq, then allowed ISIS to form a caliphate.  People should ask why Obama allowed torture and mass genocide against Christians in the Middle East.

Instead, comedienne Roseanne Barr is being demonized for making a dumb joke.

See the source image

Snoop Dogg and actor portraying Pres. Trump

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YouTube Shooter Kills Herself: Why?

April 3, 2018.  Nasim Aghdam opens fire at the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California.  After wounding three, she commits suicide.  (Above video is of Ms. Aghdam being questioned by the police a short time before her shooting spree.)

Initial MSM reports are incorrect, (deliberately?)  Once it’s discovered the assailant is a foreign-born Muslim from Iran; a female animal-rights activist and vegan, the news story quickly fades away.

See the source imageSee the source image

What really happened?  What was her motivation?

Nasim Aghdam had a large following and high viewer count on YouTube…until YouTube demonetized her videos.  According to Aghdam, her videos were also being censored.  Why this is remains unknown.

YouTube and the MSM are lying when they claim her rage was over low views.  Aghdam’s views were high until YouTube ruined her channel – a fate usually reserved for right-wing content.  Late last year, YouTube hired the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center to police their video content.  The results were many channels being taken down, demonetized or censored.

This was a tragedy that could’ve been avoided.  YouTube’s heavy-handed new “rules” are ending the freedom of what was a great website.  The leftist Google (owners of YouTube), have themselves to blame, but you wouldn’t know it from the news reports.

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Is it Time to Pull the Plug on Hillary?

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Let’s cut to the chase.  We all know Hillary Clinton is the one who’s paying women to come forward and say they’ve had affairs with Pres. Trump.  Additionally, the supposed hush-money he paid them, came from campaign funds – grounds for impeachment.  (Because Donald Trump is so poor, he’d have to use it.)

In a recent interview, Mrs. Clinton stated:  “There’s a good chance Democrats will take the House of Representatives in the mid-term elections,” and “then, we’re going to get rid of him.”

What does that mean?  Impeachment or something more?  Trump himself said Dems are planning this, depending on how the elections go.

I (and many others) said after 2016, Trump had to silence HRC.  You see why.  She is the tumor that won’t go away.

2017 was the year we had to endure the Russia-Russia-Russia Putin/Trump collusion story.  All lies.

2018 is now the year of sex scandals.  When is this going to stop?

For you “H” fans out there, thinking she’d make a great president – and make no mistake, this demon still wants to run – let’s look at what she did as Secretary of State.

Image result for Hillary clinton libya  Libya – a war fought for nothing.  (“Kinetic action” they called it.)  Destroying a country’s leader (Gaddhafi) and their infrastructure.  Now, Libya is a haven for terrorism, murder and other crimes.

See the source image   Benghazi.  Amb. Christopher Stevens begged Hillary for increased security.  He got none, and was told that “This would send the wrong message.”  On Sept. 11, 2012, four brave Americans were killed by Muslim terrorists.  No retaliation and she blamed it all on a YouTube video.

Image result for clinton foundation haiti   Haiti.  After the 2010 earthquake, the Clinton Foundation robbed those people of two billion dollars.  Haiti would receive only 10% of their charity funds.

If President, Hillary C. promised to bring one million Muslim “refugees” into the USA…in her first year al0ne!  We’ve already seen what it’s done to Europe.  Sweden is the number one country for rape.

What about the 2nd Amendment?  HRC promised gun laws similar to England and Australia meaning NO GUNS (except for the gov’t and criminals.)  Sound good to you?

Since Hillary likes sex scandals, how about her husband, Bill?  John Podesta?  Maria Abramovic?

People who are aware know how close we came to having a president who kills her enemies.

See the source image

So, I ask God – isn’t it time?

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Muslim Murderer to be Executed for American Beheading

Image result for alton nolen, coleen hufford  Alton Nolen, a Muslim fanatic who beheaded one of his co-workers, was sentenced to death.  Nolen killed Colleen Hufford, shortly after he was fired for trying to convert others to Islam.  He was also convicted of stabbing and nearly beheading Traci Johnson, who also worked at the same factory.

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Muslim Terrorist Blows Himself Up in Times Square

See the source image

Talk about poetic justice.  Akayed Ullah, a Muslim immigrant fanatic, decided to set off a pipe-bomb in New York City’s Times Square subway station.  (Ullah was disturbed by America’s Christmas displays.)  Instead, his homemade bomb backfired and he injured mostly himself.

Authorities immediately rushed him to the hospital.  I would’ve left him there to die.

Speculate about what might’ve happened.  I think God stepped in and said, “Enough is Enough.”  (Despite the left’s desperate attempts to rationalized and cover-up the actions of this death cult.)

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DNC/Hillary Clinton/Obama Funded Russian Dossier

When and with who did the Trump-Russia fake news story begin?  It all began when then candidate Donald Trump joked about asking the Russians to help find Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails.  Thus, Hillary’s quest to link Trump to Russia.

Top Democrats have lied all year about their own collusion with the Kremlin, making up stories about espionage and a rigged election.

Big question:  Where was this all headed?  HRC, believing she would be the next president, planned to hire people in the FBI, CIA, and the DOJ, who would have charged Trump with these rigged-election allegations.  Trump would have spent the rest of his life in court and perhaps even prison.

Now is the time for Pres. Trump and the Republican Party to completely obliterate the political career of Hillary Clinton.  She’s up to her neck in corruption.  She must be revealed, stripped of all powers and discredited.

Likewise, the “legacy” of our first foreign-born Muslim president should be placed carefully in the dumper.  Strike now, before there is any insane talk of Michelle, our former transgendered First Lady, runs for anything.

The loathsome Democrats have proven their disloyalty to our country by choosing the most vile and disgusting leaders.  Faced with “Making America Great Again”, they just can’t stand it.

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Hillary Clinton Funds Anti-Trump Super-PAC

The Resistance Really is Useless Now...

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is using up to $1 million left over from her 2016 campaign to start “Resistance”, a political action committee designed to derail President Trump.   Additionally, she is funding “Onward Together” – a so-called resistance movement of left-wing agitators, professional thugs, rioters, protestors and marchers.  Their orders are to cause trouble, incite violence and complain about every Trump decision.

Opinion.  Although, HRC blames her election loss on James Comey, Russia, Bernie Sanders, “self-hating women”, “fake news” and Donald Trump, her hate campaign was flawed from the start.  The “now its time to have a woman in the White House” slogan wasn’t enough.  That woman must have good ideas.  Bringing in one million Muslims in her first year, having a war with Russia and turning our economy into a welfare state weren’t good ideas.

Many, including myself, believe Hillary’s “book tour” is really a trial run for another presidential run.  She’s testing the waters, so to speak.  If, in her delusional mind, she thinks she can win in 2020, she will run.

It also must be in her mind on how to exploit Bill Clinton’s death, if he dies before then.  The grieving widow routine.  “Vote for me – Bill would have wanted it that way.”  No, not even that, is off limits.

Despite all her desperate efforts to remain in the public eye, she’s forgotten one important thing.  Dems want to win this time.  As much as some would like to believe that she’d win, she can’t.  Her lies, her untrustworthiness, her own “crooked Hillary” nature, are too well known.

Don’t expect former VP Joe Biden to step aside this time.  If he’s got the balls (and I think he does), he’ll crush her ’20 campaign early on.

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Stephen Paddock’s Accomplice – 2nd Shooter at Mandalay Bay

Image result for mandalay bay, broken windows

Initially, reports of multiple shooters during the October 1st-Las Vegas gunfire attack were reported.  This is confirmed by police audio recordings.

Image result for las vegas sheeidd  Day 2 – Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo(for whatever reason) angrily denounces this “conspiracy theory”, naming Stephen Paddock as the sole assailant.  A few days later, he is forced to say that Paddock couldn’t have acted alone.  Mounting evidence is proving there was an accomplice, very likely a woman seen with the killer at the casino-hotel.

Image result for marilou danley wheelchair

Marilou Danley and her fake wheelchair stunt.

It should be noted Marilou Danley, his live-in partner, was conveniently vacationing in the Philippines.  (And who the MSM moronically said, “knew nothing” about Paddock’s plans.)  Why is this woman taken at face value?  How could she be living in a state of oblivion for the last two years?

Strangely, police and Mandalay Bay haven’t released surveillance video of Stephen Paddock.  As anyone who has visited Vegas knows, hidden cameras are everywhere.

Proof of a second person in Mr. Paddock’s room is a Sept. 27 room service receipt naming two people.  (Note the receipt naming “GUESTS:  2.)

Image result for mandalay bay room service receipt for stephen paddock

Also, (and more importantly) gunfire experts have heard overlapping sounds of the rat-a-tat-tat, that is, two people firing at the same time.  With two windows broken out, this points to two shooters.  What if that second shooter was a woman?  What if she escaped right after the firing stopped?  (Perhaps, disguised as a maid.)  Who would suspect her?

Additionally, explosive material was found in the trunk of Paddock’s car, indicating a broader rang of attack.  Q.  Why would an older man, a successful gambler and businessman, be compelled to go on such a murder spree?  Why is the FBI ruling out Muslim terrorism?  This seems idiotic.  I cannot help but conclude there is a major cover-up going on, meaning the gov’t does not want this to be found out.  Instead, we hear reports of “angry white man” syndrome from the far left.  This is repeated, first by MSNBC, then CNN, then the major networks.  Absurd.

The police-the gov’t are clearly hiding the motive for this mass murder, I believe for political reasons.  The Obama years have spawned a neurotic need to whitewash the crimes of Muslim terrorists.

“Those who kill are not true Muslims.”

Obama and his minions have placed Muslims and those who are sympathetic to Muslim causes, in high government positions.  This is why I believe the FBI doesn’t want to release the identity of Paddock’s accomplice, if he or she turns out to be a Muslim.

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Las Vegas Shooting: Muslim Connection, Another Sandy Hook

Oct. 1, 2017.  Route 91 Harvest Day Festival, located near Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas.

Image result for mandalay bay shooting, las vegas

Mandalay Bay window broken out for sniper

Shortly after 10 p.m., 64 year old Stephen Paddock opened fire on a crowd from his 32-story hotel suite.  59 people were killed, 500+ wounded.  One hour and eighteen minutes after it began, Paddock took his own life after SWAT burst into his room.

Monday morning, the MSM scrambled for a motive.  Initially, “Univision” (a Spanish-language t.v. station), reported that Paddock had recently converted to Islam and that ISIS was taking credit for the incident.  Even Fox News mentioned this once.  Afterward, this was quickly changed.  The new motive was that Paddock had “gambling debts”.

Tuesday.  The MSM is forced to drop their false story when it turns out that Mr. Paddock is a wealthy man.

marilou danley marilou danley initially described as the female ...

Marilou Danley with Stephen Paddock

Stephen Paddock’s accomplice is Marilou Danley (name changed) a 4 ft. 11 inch Filipina with Australian citizenship.  She has two separate Social Security numbers.  A former casino worker, Paddock used her casino card to gamble that night.  A week before, Paddock wired $100,000 to the Philippines.  The Southern Philippines (Mindanao, Sulu Islands) are areas filled with Muslim terrorists known as the Abu Sayyaf.  The MSM hasn’t mentioned this connection, however.  Q.  Is the MSM covering up Paddock’s ties to Islam?  Does the gov’t fear a wave of anti-Muslim sentiment, if and when, it’s revealed Paddock was a fanatic?

PHILIPPINES Abu Sayyaf’s escalating violence due to ...

Abu Sayyaf

Democrats immediately seized upon the issue of gun control.  “Never waste a good crisis.”  With a Republican controlled Congress and Trump as President, it’s unlikely any type of gun control will be passed.  What will occur is that all major U.S. high-rise hotels will add X-ray machines and scanner (gov’t controlled) for “your safety”.

There were also murmurings from the left:  “that it was good mostly white people were  killed.  They must be Trump voters.”

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Police Blame Justine Damond for her own Death

sign mocking police

Minneapolis police investigators have stated that “A woman” meaning Justine Damond slapped the back of the police car arriving for her 911 complaint.  Shortly thereafter, “the female became deceased in the alley”, but it’s unknown to them how it happened.  Gee, maybe the Tooth Fairy did it.

The real killer, police officer Mohammed Noor still refuses to release an official statement; however, the new police chief stated they are not to blame.

Noor’s partner, Officer Harrity has said, Noor inexplicably fired three shots into Damond’s stomach, killing her on the scene.

The Minneapolis Muslim community has rushed to Noor’s defense saying the fact that he’s a immigrant Muslim from Somalia had nothing to do with it.

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MUSLIM IMMIGRANT COP MURDERS WOMAN – Police “afraid” of loud noise

Murderer Mohammed Noor, victim Justine Damond

July 15, 2017, Minneapolis, MN.  For no apparent reason, police officer Mohammed Noor shot and killed Justine Ruszczyk Damond, who was giving information to his partner Officer Matthew Harrity on the whereabouts of a possible rape nearby.  Harrity was “stunned” when Noor opened fire on the woman wearing pajamas.  Australian Damond, age 40, was a meditation/yoga instructor who was engaged to be married.  Noor, a Somali immigrant has had three formal complaints, the last being for assault and battery on a woman.

Q.  What was the real motive for this killing?  That a woman appeared “uncovered” and Noor carried out his own version of Sharia Law?  That Ms. Damond wasn’t wearing a bra?  That she dared go outside in “skimpy” attire?  A.  If so, Noor should be put on trial, and if found guilty, executed.  If I was in charge, it would be done already.  Instead, the mayor and the police chief (both women, if that means anything) have issued weak useless statements.

The MSM have looked for any way to exonerate Noor, now saying “a loud noise frightened them”  and “they thought it was an ambush.”  Bullshit.  If the police are afraid of loud noises, they shouldn’t be police.  The alley was well lit.  You cannot open fire on someone just because of a loud noise.  Also, there is the “she startled them” theory which is crap.  Ms. Damond was already in a conversation with Harrity.  How could she have startled them?

What does it take for the public to actually do something and destroy the enemy within?

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A Word About Muslims

  Image result for images, obama muslim

As commentator, I’m no longer going to comment on or analyze every Islamic terrorist attack, because these events have become daily occurrences.  Following these massacres, the MSM is already out there with their slogan “Hate won’t win.”  More flowers, teddy bears and candlelight tributes.  What do you want me to say?

Currently, we don’t have the right stuff to win the War on Terror.  By that, I mean, the will to defeat the enemy.  The Muslims have it.  We don’t.  That’s why they’re winning.

On the plus side, we have Pres. Trump, but he’s being neutralized by the Democrats, the MSM and the RINOs.  I don’t know how much he’ll accomplish.  Not enough, I’m sure.

Many have said that it will take another 9/11 t0 wake us up again.  I don’t think so.  The only thing that would make Americans realize we have an enemy is a nuclear attack.  Obama has made sure that Iran is capable of it. 

Much of Europe is already learning what happens when you dump a bunch of blood-thirsty, murdering psychopaths into their lands.  England, Germany, France, Sweden, Holland, Italy, Norway, Denmark – they’ve all been contaminated.  As for Germany, they’ve left their WWII concentration camps standing.  I’d advise them to keep them open for the enemy within.

When I see the millenials, I am disheartened.  They truly don’t seem to know what’s happening.

While a nest of Muslim rattlesnakes curls up around them, they’re too preoccupied with selfies, cellphones, being the cool kid and voting Democrat because they’re not Republican.  While they worry about transgender rights, Islam is plotting their demise.

Europe is about ten years ahead of us with this Muslim epidemic.  No doubt, it’s coming this way.  I wish I could write a happy ending to this story, but I can’t.

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muslim terrorism AGAIN

Police have identified Khuram Shazad Butt, Rachid Redouane and Youssef Zaghba as the three attackers in the Saturday rampage.

The muslim London Bridge murderers

London Bridge, June 3, 2017.  Seven dead and forty-eight people were injured when three muslim (lowercase deliberate) terrorists rammed their van into pedestrians.   Afterward, the men jumped out of their van and began stabbing people with hunting knives.  “This is for Allah,” they said.  The killers have been identified as Khuran Shazad Butt, Rachid Redouane and Youssef Zaghba.  All three were shot and killed by the police.  I watched the MSM news when this happened and not one of them would dare to say “This is muslim terrorism.”  Instead, they referred to them as “attackers”.  Attackers?  This is third rate journalism.  What are they attacking for?  Are they part of a terrorist network?  What are their names?  On the other hand, I turned on the radio (a Fox station) which immediately stated, what we all knew.  More muslim terrorism.

Obviously, the MSM are doing a massive cover-up job for islam – at the behest of their former president Barack Hussein Obama.  (Trump is not their president.)

The Brits are a tough people, but keeping a stiff-upper lip isn’t enough.  England, you have invited the enemy into your midst.  Now they are killing you.  What should the British citizenry do?

First, get rid of London’s muslim mayor.  How or why the delusional left would elect Sadiq Khan, I don’t know, but as long as this scumbag resides as a gov’t official, they are officially screwed.

Image result for london's muslim mayor


Secondly, stop importing muslim rape-you-gees into your country.

Third, start deporting any muslim who breaks the law.  I don’t care how minor the infraction.  If it’s spitting on the sidewalk, that’s enough.

These are common sense solutions.  Will they ever be implemented?  When terrorist events start occurring on a daily basis, maybe.

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What’s Next after the Manchester Attack?

Image result for 2017 Manchester Arena bombing

This is who Muslims kill. Saffie Rose Roussos, 8 and Georgina Callander, 18.

May 22, 2017.  Manchester Arena, U.K.  – Ariana Grande concert.  An explosive “nail bomb” exploded near an exit, killing 22 concert goers, injuring 59 more.  The explosive was set off by suicide bomber, Salman Ramadan Abedi, an Islamic terrorist – son of Libyan immigrants.  Pres. Trump referred to him as an “evil loser”.

Image result for salman abedi

The U.S. mainstream media did their best to avoid the obvious.  Great Britain has had an enormous glut of Muslim “refugees” entering since Pres. Obama began his secret war with Syria.  Just a few days before, the U.N. announced plans for at least 10,000 more Syrian immigrants to be let loose in this already beleaguered island nation.

Miss Grande has announced another Manchester concert in the near future.

How long is the civilized world going to put up with so-called “refugees”?  In the past, the military fought the enemy.  Today, we’re inviting them in.  Make no mistake, what happened in England, will happen here.  It will continue to happen until we stop allowing Muslim murderers into our country.

After the attack. the MSM predictably started with the same sad pictures, sad faces, gift baskets, flowered tributes and meaningless commentary.  Is that what happened after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor?  Should we have rushed out with the teddy bear tributes back then, instead of actually doing something?

We’re already at war with Islam – it’s just that many don’t want to face the reality of it.  The Muslims know it.  They think we’re cowards.  The pacifist left will chant the same old mantras about “Not all Muslims are bad!” and “This is the new normal.”  What about those innocents slaughtered, the people who just wanted to have a good time?  What are you going to tell their families?

America may have reached its final chapter if the only protests we have are when Pres. Trump tries to block terrorists from entering the USA.

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