Arthur Bremer reminds me of the current radical left

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On May 12, 1972, would-be assassin Arthur Bremer opens fire on presidential candidate Gov. George Wallace, shooting him four times, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down.  (Three others were also wounded.)

Back in the day, I and everyone else accepted the MSM’s version of the events – that Bremer was a lone nutcase, a loser seeking fame.

What most didn’t know was that Bremer really wanted to kill President Nixon.  After a few failed attempts, he gave up, concluding that the President was too heavily guarded.

Bremer picked Gov. Wallace because he was a segregationist.  (Sound familiar?)  The Alabama governor put forced school busing on the table as a major issue in ’72.  [Nixon stopped busing.]

It should be noted that Gov. Wallace was running for the Democratic nomination.  [The Dixiercrats.  And he was doing well.]

Arthur Bremer had his beliefs and preferences.  Why didn’t he try to kill Sen. George McGovern?  This is something the MSM chooses not to speak about.

Another question:  if Bremer sought fame, why has remained silent for all these years?  Most young people have never heard of him.  Why has the MSM swept this man under the rug?  (Arthur Bremer was sentenced to serve 63 years in prison, yet for whatever reason was paroled in 2007, after serving only 35.)

TODAY.  We have a President who many erroneously believe to be a racist.

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In 2016, Dems firmly believed they had the presidency locked up – and when they lost – many became unhinged.  So I ask, are there any Arthur Bremers out there, pushed to the breaking point by the non-stop, anti-Trump coverage, 24/7?

How many of you heard about Hasher Jallal Taheb, a Muslim who plotted to blow a hole in the White House?  Maybe, he was listening to Madonna.

2020.  Dems scramble to find a candidate to run against the President.  A fool’s errand.  Anybody who knows anything about politics knows his re-election is a sure thing, unless-

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Hillary’s Secret Plan to Run Again?

trick Trump isn't using: How Hillary's campaign is (almost certainly ...

FACT:  The “Russia hacked the election” fake news story began with Hillary Clinton – Debate 3. Oct. 19, 2016.  HRC quote “The Russian government has engaged in espionage against Americans…to influence the election.”  She said it came from the “highest levels, from Vladimir Putin” and continued by saying:  “I actually think the most important question of the evening is, finally, will Donald Trump admit that the Russians are doing this and that he rejects Russian espionage?”   (This is in reference to both her and her campaign manager John “Pizzagate” Podesta being hacked.)

There you have the original source of where the “Russia hacked the election” came from.  HRC herself.

Since losing the election, HRC, the failed candidate, has not “Gone gently into that good night.”  She has promoted the idea that Donald Trump stole the election.

FACT:  Many MSM reporters are on the Clinton payroll.  They were contributors to her campaign and are still ardent supporters.

We have a daily onslaught of bogus news reports on Pres. Trump’s “ties to Russia” and “secret Russian deals.”  On June 2017,  three CNN reporters were fired for a fake news report on Russia contributing money to Trump enterprises.  Their names are Thomas Frank, Eric Lichtblau and Lex Haris.

FACT:  At least once a week, HRC pops up on some program, trashing Trump, saying she hopes he’s impeached like Nixon.  (Nixon wasn’t impeached, he resigned.  Bill Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives.)  She should know, “H” was fired from the Watergate investigating committee for trying to steal Nixon’s papers.

Where is all this going?  HRC doesn’t do something for nothing.  She would not be hauling around her old, fat ass all over the country, dumping on Trump without a reason.

FACT:  Hillary Clinton did not run against Bush in 2004 or Obama in 2012, because she thought she’d lose.  It’s difficult to win against an incumbent president.  Therefore, wouldn’t it be to her advantage to run against Mike Pence in 2020?  In other words, do what the Dems did to Nixon in 1973-1974.  Destroy him politically, then run against a “caretaker” president.  It worked for Carter.

Even Democrats admit HRC has a mania to be president.  She can’t let go of it.

Playing devil’s advocate, let’s assume Dems take the House and Senate in 2018.  Let’s assume the MSM beats the “impeach Trump” drum, day in and day out, as they did for Nixon.  Let’s assume the Dems concoct a plan to force Trump out.  (As they already tried to do with Comey-Flynn.)  A jubilant Hillary is there to say, “I told you so!”  Thus, begin her 2020 conquest to get what she thinks is rightfully hers.

HRC realizes time is running out.  In her seventies and in questionable health; for her, the only chance she has to be president is to remove Trump.

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Obama Bugged Trump Tower – The Facts

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June 2016 – The Obama Administration asks a FISA court for permission to secretly monitor and record then Presidential candidate Donald Trump on the grounds of espionage with the Russian government.  This request is denied.

Oct. 2016 – 3rd presidential debate.  Hillary Clinton accuses Donald Trump of colluding with Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin on wiretapping her and the DNC.

Oct. 2016 – The Obama Administration re-words their FISA court request and it is approved.  Trump Tower has been officially bugged by the U.S. government.

Nov. 2016 – Donald Trump is elected as the 45th POTUS.

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Deduction 1.  Pres. Obama and former candidate Clinton must have worked on this strategy together.  This means that a then-current President worked with a presidential candidate to undermine an election.

Deduction 2.  Obama’s weak denial is that he did not “order” the hidden surveillance.  He doesn’t deny knowledge of it.

Deduction 3.  Who ordered the bugging?  It all points to Obama/Clinton.  Wasn’t the purpose of this spying to derail the Trump campaign at the last minute?  Who benefits?  Who would’ve been president?  Whose legacy would have been maintained?  Look for a fall guy to appear; perhaps Att. Gen. Loretta Lynch.

Summation.  Although this reaches Watergate proportions, it probably won’t affect the former President or Clinton.  They are out of power.  The MSM won’t run with it.  Once their scapegoat appears and takes the fall, this story will not be pursued by the media.  What it proves is that the Democrats are hypocrites.  A Democratic administration is now guilty of the same crimes that former Pres. Richard Nixon committed, and the left-wing press doesn’t give a damn.

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How Democrats see the GOP

The mainstream media will be putting their 2016 election coverage into maximum overdrive propaganda mode; meaning, it’s time to convince the public that the Republican Party is…







Thurston Howell III





Too old

Examples: Nixon (evil), Goldwater (dangerous), Ford (clumsy=stupid), Reagan (stupid, uncaring, and dangerous), elder Bush (elitist), Dole (too old), younger Bush (stupid), McCain (too old), and Romney (elitist.)
The basic message of all this is that they aren’t us. Dems see themselves as for the common man – the underdog. When you ask Democrats what has Barack Obama done for average folks, they’ll say just the mere fact that a black man could become president is enough. Nevermind that he has ties to terrorists (Weather Underground, ISIS), didn’t show his birth certificate until 2011, (fake) and sides with the Muslims every single time (Iran, Palestinians, Muslim Brotherhood, Ground Zero Mosque, Benghazi) all that matters is that Obama has the right skin color.
Current Republican frontrunner Donald Trump really has the leftist media in a quandary. He’s saying things that have been on people’s minds for years, but that no one else is saying.  Their candidate Hillary Clinton flounders in e-mail scandals and a charisma deficit.  So be prepared for the MSM to portray Mr. Trump with all six of their GOP slanders.

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