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Catherine Evelyn Smith, John Belushi

On March 5, 1982, between 10:15 and 11 a.m., comedian/actor John Belushi died from a combination of heroin and cocaine.  For the previous several days, he had been receiving injections from Catherine Evelyn Smith, junkie/dealer.  What led to it?

Despite being rich and famous, John Belushi was dissatisfied.  His first movie (Goin’ South) starred Jack Nicholson.  Belushi wanted to be respected like Nicholson and have the same clout.  Likewise, he had begun palling around with Robert DeNiro who had just won an Oscar for “Raging Bull”.

NEIGHBORS Original 1981 poster John Belushi Dan Aykroyd Cathy Moriarty | eBay

His last movie “Neighbors” is known mainly just for that.  It was his grand finale.  A disappointing dark comedy, it didn’t connect with the audiences that loved him for “Animal House” or “The Blues Bros.”

Belushi’s Next Feature Film (if he had lived.)  John was signed to do “Sweet Deceptions”, a story about diamonds, romance and how to steal both.  John, along with writer/actor Don Novello did their own adaptation and retitled it “Noble Rot”.  And everybody hated it.  The studio, his manager, his colleagues, everybody.  He felt rejected because he had based the main character (Johnny Glorioso) on himself.  Instead, the studio wanted him to do “The Joy of Sex” to be directed by Penny Marshall (of “Laverne & Shirley” fame.)  Belushi wasn’t happy about it, didn’t like the script, and felt Ms. Marshall wasn’t up to directing it.

Again, he would shift his attentions to another imagined film project about punk r0ck.  Belushi felt this was the new upcoming rage and wanted the band “Fear” to sing in it.  In this yet to be titled picture, his character would become a punker, dye his hair purple and do heroin.

John was entranced by method acting – his favorite actor being Marlon Brando – and believed an actor had to experience whatever the character was going through.  Belushi, who was already hooked on cocaine, took that fatal step towards heroin.  In those last few days, John’s friends and family knew he was out of control.  Dan Ackroyd and John’s wife Judy had plans to force him back to New York…in handcuffs.

Los Angeles, CA.  With no one to watch over him, John went a drug spree.

March 4, 1982.  Belushi has a discussion with Robert DeNiro, who agrees that taking heroin for a role would add believability to the character.  DeNiro, however, is spooked by Catherine Evelyn Smith, an on-the-fringes doper.

John briefly encounters Robin Williams.  John blacks out twice in front of Robin, who knows something’s wrong, but is reluctant to advice him.


10 Hotels Where Famous People Have Died - famous people died - Oddee

Chateau Marmont – the end of the road for John Belushi.

Smith injects John with a fatal dose – the cumulative effect of the drugs coursing through his veins.  Exhausted, John takes a shower, complains about being cold, and Smith puts him to bed.  He asks her not to leave.  Smith hears him “breathing funny”.  This doesn’t stop her from leaving, borrowing John’s car and going on some errands.

Early afternoon.  Bill Wallace, John’s trainer, brings over a typewriter for the new script John plans to write.  The room is oddly quiet.  He sees John covered up in bed and tells him it’s time to get up.  No response.  Pulling back the covers, John is dead, turned dark purple, his tongue sticking out.

john belushi chateau marmont – johnrieber

His last companions: Robin Williams, Robert DeNiro, Catherine Evelyn Smith.

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Bob Saget Illuminati

Bob Saget verified quote:  “Okay, why am I wearing a Fez? Well for the first time ever, since my dad left us for greater pastures, I went through some of his stuff and found some of his treasured accoutrements— He was a very proud Shriner and 32nd degree Mason.”

Actor-comedian Bob Saget was found dead in his hotel room on January 9, 2022.  (Location:  the Ritz-Carlton, Grande Lakes, FL.)  Time of death:  between 2 and 4 a.m.  Cause of death at this time is unknown.  What is known is that Saget was one of the most evil performers in Hollywood.  His twisted life was often joked about because that’s the way the Illuminati likes it.  Hide it in plain sight.

Inside Bob Saget's close friendship with Mary-Kate and ...

“Full House” is the sit-com Bob Saget is most known for, which spawned the Illuminati twins Mary-Kate and Ashley.

Saget was at the beginning of a long standup comedy tour – and here’s the question:  Why would he be doing this at the age of 65?  Answer:  Similarly, the Illuminati worked actor-comedian Robin Williams until he could take it no more and hanged himself.

dead celebrities

When you sign on for fame and fortune, be prepared for that day when Satan comes to collect his debts.

This is all contrary to what the MSM is saying, calling Mr. Saget “The nicest man in the whole wide world.”

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One Hour Photo (2002) Review

One Hour Photo movie.jpg

This is Robin Williams as we’ve never seen him before.

In “Insomnia”, (2002) with Al Pacino, he played a writer turned killer.  This became a cop drama, a cat-and-mouse game with a showy performance by Pacino.


In “One Hour Photo”, Williams doesn’t share star billing and he owns this.

“1-Hour” is what I would call, events that could occur in real life.  What makes it so real?  “Sy” Parrish (Robin Williams) is like a million other people.  A face in the crowd; a colorless individual who doesn’t stand out.  What goes on in the minds of people who aren’t noticed?

PLOT.  Sy Parris works at a mammoth superstore called “SavMart”, behind the photo counter.  We soon learn that he is an obsessive perfectionist, producing high quality work.  A “slight .3 blue shift to cyan” bothers him enough to cause a major argument with an AGFA repairman.  During lunch, the store manager (well played by Gary Cole) notices Sy “spacing out”, drifting off into a daydream world.  What is Sy thinking about?

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In his mind, is the Yorkin family, his idolized, adopted, photo family.  Because Sy is privy to people’s private moments, (moments that he would be locked out of otherwise), he begins to imagine himself as part of their lives.  From the duplicate photos he’s pasted on his entire wall, he’s documented everything and, even worse, he fantasizes himself in the photos as “Uncle Sy”.

Sy attempts contact with Nina (the wife and mother) and Jake Yorkin (the son), played by Connie Nielson and Dylan Smith.  He gives Jake a free “throwaway” camera.  He just happens to meet up with Nina at the food court where he’s reading her favorite book.  He drives to their house and imagines himself inside, enjoying himself inside “paradise”.

See the source image

It’s a different story when he meets Will Yorkin, the father/husband.  (Michael Vartan.)  Will  is cordial, but thinks Sy is odd.  Under his breath, he tells his son not to talk to strangers, meaning Sy.  Sy buys Jake an action figure which Jake cannot accept.  This figure, holding a silver sword, becomes a totem – a symbol of revenge for Sy.

Sy’s house of cards begins to crash down when the store manager notices missing film chemicals, those used in the duplicate pictures.  Sy is fired, effective at the end of the week.  When he’s told, it’s as if his “family” has been killed.

Image result for one hour photo 2002 Through coincidental circumstances, a girl he’s seen before (Erin Daniels as Maya Burson), brings in some film for developing.  As it turns out, she’s having an affair with Will Yorkin, as Sy discovers within her photos.  He swaps envelopes with Nina’s, so she becomes aware of it.  Following them home, Sy watches, waiting for the big argument, which doesn’t come.

Frustrated, Sy turns his attentions on the manager’s daughter, who he photographs through a zoom lens as she plays on the front lawn.  These are the last photos he has developed at SavMart and Bill the manager gets the message.  Police are called into Sy’s apartment, where they discover all his photos with Will’s face scratched out.  Sy isn’t there.  He is at the hotel, where Will and Maya meet for the final confrontation.

Kudos to 20th Century-Fox and director/writer Mark Romanek for giving Mr. Williams this role, which easily could have gone to a dramatic actor.  Williams really brings out the humanity of this character, a tragic man who has fallen through the cracks.  If you notice, most of Sy’s customers don’t even look at him and he is keenly aware of it.  In these modern times, technology has forced a major disconnect between people.  I’d expect there are a lot of Sy Parrishs out there.

“One Hour Photo” is a quiet film, ominous with subtle effects, muted tones and an eerie, electronic background score.  That is why it slowly gets under your skin, unlike other loud, deafening “thrillers”.  That is also why “1 Hour” probably didn’t receive any Oscar nominations, as these types of films usually don’t.

I remember when “The Shootist” came out, Regin Philbin did a review.  He describes it as the film we’ve been waiting for, the movie John Wayne almost didn’t make and the one we’ll always remember him for.

The same could be said for this.

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Robin Williams Suicide – The Last Word

Robin Williams Death Mask

It’s been almost three and a half years since actor/comedian Robin Williams was found dead from an apparent suicide.  I’m not disputing the fact that he took his own life.  What it always comes back to is this:  who was with Williams the most in those final days?  Susan Schneider – his wife.

Ms. Schneider claims her husband was “losing his mind” from “Lewy Body Dementia”.  In an interview, she states that his suicide was “a way out”, i.e., a way to avoid “tests” and eventual hospitalization.

Q.  If Robin Williams was about to be institutionalized, whose idea was that in the first place?  His doctors or his wife?  Isn’t it credible that her insistence for him to be put away drove him to his death?  If Mr. Williams had been locked up in a madhouse, he would have lost control of all his rights.  He would’ve lost control of everything.  If that happened, who would be in control of his estate.  Susan Schneider.

Before Williams died, what must have been Schneider’s greatest fear?  Divorce?  And what if the only way to prevent a divorce would be to drive a man to suicide?  If the wife describes their marriage as a “nightmare”, what would the husband have to say about it?  And did R.W. threaten divorce?  According to their pre-nup, she would’ve received nothing, if this had occurred.

In those final days, we have by her own words, proof they were living separate lives in separate bedrooms.  Based on Robin’s expression, he is profoundly unhappy.

One of the last photos taken

My guess is that his sex life had become a virtual Siberia.  Why was he hermitting himself away in his bedroom, if they had a “happy marriage”?  Where was she on the day of his death?  Why didn’t she check on him?  How could he be left hanging dead for twelve hours unattended?  Why was his assistant the one left to discover his body?  Was there one last WWIII argument that pushed him over the edge?

When Ms. Schneider was told over the phone, she rushed back in her car screaming, “ROBIN, I FORGIVE YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART!”    This is one of the most selfish statements of all time.  It’s all about her.

Following R.W.’s death, we have Ms. Schneider eager to play the “grieving widow” on “The View”,  ABC News and “Good Morning, America”.  In real life, Schneider sued Robin’s children for control of his estate.  There was a legal battle over “kick-knacks”, indicative of her petty meanness and a quest to acquire as much as she could from a three year marriage.  According to her lawyer, Robin wanted his wife cared for, for the rest of her life, in the house they lived in.  With $50,000,000, I’m sure she’ll do okay.  Ignored by the MSM, was Ms. Schneider’s past new age cult experience, where she was left suicidal and driven to divorce her first husband.  While her past troubles may have nothing to do with what happened to her second husband, the MSM is remiss not to mention it.

In conclusion, I end with the beginning.  Robin met Susan when he was set for open heart surgery.  It probably wasn’t difficult to get him to do what she wanted, when he was at his most vulnerable.  While he may have thought this marriage was a new beginning, what was on her mind?  The eventual outcome speaks for itself.

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Robin Williams Widow – Interview Raises More Questions than Answers

Robin Williams and wife

Susan Schneider, a.k.a. Mrs. Susan Williams, finally granted an interview on the subject of her late husband Robin Williams.  Since his suicide on Aug. 11, 2014, there have been rumors of a bad marriage.  How was it possible for Mr. Williams to kill himself in the same house without his wife knowing about it until the next day?  Why did they sleep in separate bedrooms?  What really happened that last night?

Unfortunately, her ABC News interview (Nov. 3) raises more questions than answers.  Previously, I believed he committed suicide.  Now, I’m not so sure.  Ms. Schneider doesn’t strike me as the soft, grieving widow she’s trying to portray.  Her interviews seem staged.  Her cruel actions toward his children speak louder than words.  (She sued them for control of his estate.)  There’s no doubt Williams’ health was in a steady decline.  Had he served his purpose to those who were using him?  Was there nothing left to harvest?

Death by Illuminati?  Suspiciously, several days before Aug. 11, 2014, it was leaked on the Internet that Robin Williams would die soon.  In the U.K., on the very night he died, there was a rebroadcast of “Family Guy”, where Robin appears hanging from a door.  Family Guy - Robin Williams Episode _Season 10 Episode 22___240p__0001 This is how he was found the next morning.    “Family Guy” is well known for its predictive programming.  Creator Seth MacFarlane is an Illuminati insider who says he missed flying into the Twin Towers on 9/11 because of confusion about his flight time and a hangover.


“Gaslight” (1944 film) is famous for its plot, wherein, the husband attempts to drive his wife insane.

In her interviews, Susan Schneider insists her husband was going insane because of “Lewy Body Dementia”.  “He couldn’t control himself in the last month.”  Accordingly, he was set for further neurological tests.  She said he killed himself in order to avoid these tests.  There is a great deal in these interviews that doesn’t make sense.  Ms. Schneider said his assistant couldn’t wake him up.  (This is a hanging victim, remember?)  Schneider cries loudly for the cameras (without tears), saying “Robin!  I forgive you!” Again, I would have to ask how a wife could not know her husband was on the brink of suicide?  Why the separate bedrooms?  Why the sudden name change from “Schneider” to “Williams”?  Obviously, to appear as the dutiful wife.  I just don’t see any real sadness here.  To me, it appears she knows every question that is about to be asked.  Is it all rehearsed?   Crying one minute, straight-face the next?

0 Did Robin Williams join the Illuminati to achieve fame?  After 35 years was he becoming unreliable?  Was Ms. Schneider his handler?  Why did Ms. Schneider originally try to sell their house, saying it “terrified” her to be in it, then says she won’t even move Robin’s slippers?  Schneider claims her husband was “clean and sober for eight years.”  Why had he gone to a drug rehab the month before?  Why was his brain dissected and sent all over the world?  To study the disease or is it part of the Illuminati ritual?

The manner of suicide is strange: death by strangulation with his belt.  This seems next to impossible to do and a very painful way to die.  If it was staged, why leave a pocket-knife nearby stained with blood?  If R.W. wanted to avoid pain, hanging yourself isn’t the way to do it.

Ms. Schneider tells “The View,” there were “no issues in the marriage.”  (Noticeably absent is Whoopi Goldberg, who I think knows what happened.)  She cries (again without tears) when they show their picture together.  If the reason to do these interviews was to dispel the rumors, I would have to say this woman failed miserably.  There’s no real way to know what really happened on Aug. 11, 2014.  There will be those who believe the official MSM version as told by the wife.  There are others who know the entertainment industry is run by people you don’t know and wouldn’t want to know.


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What Really Killed Robin Williams?


Robin Williams and wife Susan Schneider

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It’s been almost a year since actor/comedian Robin Williams killed himself and yet we know as little now as we did then.  Unlike the heroin overdose of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, (who was depressed over a failing marriage), we don’t have any evidence as to why R.W. committed suicide.

The official story is that on August 10, Mr. Williams retired for the night after speaking with his wife at 10:30 p.m.  In his own separate bedroom, he at first attempted to slash his wrists, but then changed his mind, folding the knife back shut.  Next, he propped himself up on a chair, wedging himself between the doors to his closet and the bedroom.  There, he hanged himself with his belt.  Death by asphyxiation.  He was discovered the next morning at 11:45 a.m. by assistant Rebecca Spencer.  His wife, Susan Schneider had left earlier to go on some errands.

After a police investigation, it was decided that Mr. Williams killed himself over a long-term depression.  That may be true, but it’s only a theory.  His wife issued the following statement…

“This morning, I lost my husband and my best friend, while the world lost one of its most beloved artists and beautiful human beings.  I am utterly heartbroken.”

Did Ms. Schneider actually write this?  It seems as if a lawyer did.  It’s too careful and lacks real feeling.  She refers to Robin as her “best friend”.  Wives sometimes do this, but does this allude to a sexless marriage?  Why the separate bedrooms?

Call it a gut feeling, but there’s something I don’t like about Ms. Schneider.  The fake plastered on smiles in every picture with him.  The fact that she didn’t change her last name.  Most importantly, where’s the big interview we all waited for?  The one where she explained what happened on their last night together?  It never happened.  Sorry to say, I think she’s hiding something.  It seems as if on the morning of August 11th, she’s avoiding him.  No breakfast.  No conversation.  No hello or goodbye.  Nothing.  What’s wrong here?

More Troubling Facts – Ms. Schneider immediately sold their home because it “terrified” her to be in it.  Why?  What’s she afraid of?

Image result for robin williams home sold

Haunted by Williams?

Feb. 2015:  Ms. Schneider sues all three of his children for control of his estate, who have said she is acting against their father’s wishes made prior.

Right up to the last day, those who knew him, found him exhibiting normal behavior.  The trail of evidence stops with his wife – – and she’s not saying anything about their last conversation.

Why did he marry her?  As a last chance for happiness?  Apparently, he didn’t find it with her.

This is purely conjecture, but if Ms. Schneider had asked for a divorce, that alone would’ve been reason enough.  In the last year of his life, he was working on a TV-series, movies and planning another tour, all to pay massive alimony payments.  A third divorce would kill many a man.  There were rumors of marital troubles.  I’m sure with the onset of Parkinson’s disease, depression and addictions, he wasn’t the easiest man in the world to live with.  However, if Ms. Schneider had been there for him – would he have died?  She’s not with him on the last night and she’s not with him in the morning.  Doesn’t that speak for itself?

Ms. Schneider, if you read this, I would have to say that your silence is deafening.


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Robin Williams shortly before his death

Robin Williams shortly before his death

On August 11, 2014, actor/comedian Robin Williams lifeless body was found hanging from his belt, wedged between his closet and bedroom door.  Cause:  apparent suicide.  Proof remains that it wasn’t a planned suicide.  Shortly before his death, Mr. Williams tried to cut his wrists – a knife lay nearby with dried blood.  If a celebrity wished to kill himself, wouldn’t he plan a more painless way?  Why did he change his mind at the last minute by using a belt instead of a knife?  This is proof of a spur of the moment decision – a decision he knew would haunt his family and loved ones.

Q.  What happened that last night that convinced Robin Williams to kill himself?

Was it more than one thing?   Depression?  Parkinson’s Disease?  The recent cancellation of his TV series?  Old age?  A troubled marriage with a young-modern-career-woman?  Did he think his best years were behind him?  Sadly, only Robin Williams knows the answers to these questions.  We, the public, can only try to piece the clues together.

His final day seemed uneventful.  Mr. Williams was seen earlier that day buying coffee in a local bookstore café.  At 10:30 p.m., third wife Susan Schneider last saw her husband leave for his separate bedroom.  This speaks for itself.  If, as claimed, he was in “a fragile state of health and deeply depressed”, why was he left unobserved?  [Eventually discovered the next morning at 11:45 a.m., by his assistant, Rebecca Spencer.]  Ms. Schneider had left earlier that morning, thinking he was still asleep.  What bothers me the most is the twelve hours from the time Mr. Williams hanged himself until he was discovered.  Why was this obviously depressed man left to his own devices for so long?  Reportedly, he slept alone in a darkened room for twenty hours at a time; an unhealthy sleep escapism that should have alerted his wife.

There are odd parallels between Elvis Presley’s death – left alone to die in his bathroom, while his girlfriend Ginger Alden slept.

The mainstream media, which originally blamed depression, has shifted to the onset of Parkinson’s Disease, as the cause for suicide.  A contributing factor, sure, but there had to be more.  Simply stated, no one told him that it didn’t matter if his health and fame faded.  I absolutely believe this.  Robin Williams was there for his buddy, actor Christopher Reeve.  Who was there for him?

Film work lay ahead, most importantly a sequel to his beloved “Mrs. Doubtfire”.  On the other hand, CBS had cancelled “The Crazy Ones” three months earlier.  Did this cancellation affect his reasoning?  Was it enough to push him over the edge, knowing that his death would not have ended the show, thereby putting the cast out of work?

The many television tributes have ignored Mr. Williams most serious films, including “One Hour Photo” and “Insomnia”.  Both movies display the dark side of Robin Williams.  At the time, Oscar nominations were rumored.  Unfortunately, Oscar prefers the feel-good mindlessness which so often wins.  Even the Holocaust film “Jacob the Liar” received nothing.

In the end, this unique, multi-talented performer became human and died.  When I first heard about it, I didn’t believe it.  Didn’t want to.

“Death’s such a cunning little mystery.  All done with mirrors.”  Noel Coward from “Private Lives”