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“The Domino Principle” (1977) is a theatrical film starring Gene Hackman as Roy Tucker, a prisoner released by authorities and recruited to be an assassin.

It’s a known fact the FBI and the CIA use men from prison with nothing to lose for their covert mission (“Wetwork” if you will.)  These trained killers are promised release in exchange for whatever it is the gov’t wants them to do.

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Roy Tucker’s mission:  to shoot and kill an unnamed man from a helicopter.  Who is this man?  The movie gives several clues.  The California flag flies outside the estate of the intended victim.  And Tucker was previously imprisoned for killing a man named “Riggen”.  Back in ’77, a few film critics criticized the movie for hinting that the intended victim of this assassination plot was probably the Governor of California.  (Reagan was the governor from 1967 – 1975, but the film was made in ’76, just one year after.)

Four years after the release of “The Domino Principle” Pres. Ronald Reagan (former Governor of California) was shot and nearly killed by John Hinkley Jr.  The Hinkley family happened to be friends with the Bush clan (known members of the Brotherhood), but let’s not talk about that.

At the time of its release, “The Domino Principle” received bad reviews, especially because the storyline wouldn’t name who the mysterious “they” were.  Mickey Rooney’s character “Spiventa” (who is in on it), knows who “they” are.  They’re involved with finance, with control, with making things happen.

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It’s not surprising the MSM would attack such a film.  Truthtellers are often ridiculed.  Besides, the MSM is mostly controlled by the one-eyed monster.

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Director Stanley Kramer knew well enough not to name “them”.  Those who do (Stanley Kubrick of “Eyes Wide Shut”) died before its release, allowing Warner Bros. to edit the final cut.

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Stanley Kubrick’s Last Days

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January – February 1999.  World acclaimed director Stanley Kubrick has completed filming of “Eyes Wide Shut”.  It is  now in its editing phase.

Why 'Eyes Wide Shut' Is a Bizarro Holiday Classic | Rolling Stone

Eyes Wide Shut (1999) - AZ Movies

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In those last days, his personal assistant Emilio D’Alessandro witnessed an exhausted Kubrick busy editing right up to the very end.  Warner Bros. had a deadline and Stanley Kubrick intended to keep it.

The Preliminary Version.  Kubrick’s editor brought the director’s cut for viewing by Warner Bros. executives and the stars (Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.)

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Stanley Kubrick with Tom Cruise

March 5.  A private showing of “Eyes Wide Shut” occurred at the director’s home.

Where Stanley Kubrick lived and died.  (Childwickbury Manor)

Emilio D’Alessandro recounts the last time he saw his employer and friend:  “We walked slowly and shakily along the corridor.  It was as if he had lost control of his limbs for a moment and couldn’t get it back.  Stanley struggled up the stairs, one step at a time.”  (from Stanley Kubrick and Me:  Thirty Years at his Side by Emilio D’Alessandro.)

March 7.  Stanley Kubrick is found dead by his wife Christiane.  Cause of death:  heart attack.

Christiane Kubrick


Following his death, Emilio recalls what happened afterward.  “I heard noise from the Avid Room.  (The editing room.)  Nobody had asked me for the keys.  I saw shadows of people rummaging through drawers, among papers and notepads, as well as the filing cabinets and Stanley’s personal computer.  The keys were still in my pocket.  So how did they get in?  Someone must have taken copies from the key room and used them to go where they shouldn’t.”  I told them, “If you weren’t allowed to do certain things before, you’re not allowed to do them now either.”  There was no answer.  Outside, they continued to search through Stanley’s Rolls Royce.”  From Stanley and Me by Emilio D’Alessandro.

Reportedly, director Steven Spielberg completed editing “Eyes Wide Shut”.  If so, what ended up on the cutting room floor?  What did Warners want removed and why didn’t they use Stanley’s cut?  Isn’t Kubrick’s death coincidental occurring right at the time of the movie’s completion?

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“A.I. Artificial Intelligence”

For many years, Stanley Kubrick worked on the pre-production of his proposed next film titled “A.I. Artificial Intelligence”.  Various writers had been hired to work on the script, artist’s conceptual drawings were ready.  “A.I.” was ready to roll.

Emilio D’Alessandro recalls a conversation about his next film…

Emilio:  “Before you start back on A.I., let’s take a break.”

Stanley:  “Right.  Let’s do that as soon as we finish Eyes Wide Shut.”

Emilio or Kubrick make no mention of Steven Spielberg.  Not one word.  Why is this important?

Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg claims “his friend Stanley” wanted him to direct “A.I.”

Why, after all those years of work would he give up this project?  Evidence suggests Kubrick had vastly different ideas of what “A.I.” would be about.  The style of Kubrick and Spielberg are hardly the same.  Would a control freak like S.K. turn over his movie to someone else at the last minute?  Nevertheless, Stanley’s papers and notes were given to Spielberg based on a supposed phone conversation he had with his late friend.

In 2001, Steven Spielberg’s version of “Artificial Intelligence” was released to lukewarm reviews.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) - Posters — The Movie Database (TMDb)

For further information, read

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“Eyes Wide Shut” – Original 3 Hour Director’s Cut

A framed image of a nude couple kissing – she with her eye open – against a purple background. Below the picture frame are the film's credits.  Due to increased interest in this article, further content has been added in RED text.

In the special features section, on the “Eyes Wide Shut” DVD, there are three interviews, labeled under “Cast & Crew”.  Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and Steven Spielberg.  (Why is Spielberg listed as a crew member?  Because he helped cut the missing 29 minutes.)

Contrary to what Warner Bros. execs said at the time, they were not “delighted” with the original version of “Eyes Wide Shut”.  They didn’t like it, didn’t understand it and wanted cuts.  Director Stanley Kubrick said “no,” (he had final authority), until he was found dead four days later from a heart attack.

Edited scene:  Originally, Alice does have a brief sexual encounter with Sander Szavost at the Christmas party.  (Song follows, titled “Baby did a Bad Thing”.)

Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut (1999): A satirical comedy about an affluent middle-class ...

Sky du Mont as Sander Szavost with Nicole Kidman as Alice.

Edited:  Victor Ziegler (Sydney Pollack) is betraying Bill Harford (Tom Cruise.)  Alice (Nicole Kidman) is being used as a sex slave by the Illuminati-like lodge, and by Ziegler himself.

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Probably the most interesting sequence rumored to be cut is Alice Harford’s dream, which Nicole Kidman mentions indirectly.  The interviewer asks her why did she laugh while sleeping?  Kidman replies, “I was laughing at the imagery of the dream.”  Apparently, her character is a victim of a secret society (the Illuminati) and she’s remembering her MK-Ultra programming thru the dream.


Warner Bros. were especially disturbed by whatever was in this scene.

Further proof of the cut dream sequence occurs at the film’s conclusion.  At the toy store, Helena Harford (Madison Eginton) picks up a Barbie doll with wings.  In the edited dream, Alice is seen “flying”.  [ILLUMINATI BUTTERFLY SYBOLISM.]

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Helena Harford shows mother an image of her other half.

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Not edited, but not easily understood are the final scenes.  The daughter appears separated from her parents, while Alice keeps Bill occupied in conversation.  (As their daughter is being taken away by the secret society.)

Nicole Kidman said she’s seen the movie twice.  Is this a hint, i.e., once the original, twice, the cut version?

Of the three interviewed, she’s the only one who cries, saying Kubrick’s death “seemed wrong” and “that he had more to say.”

Tom Cruise describes his director as a “magical, wonderful guy.”


Tom Cruise with director Stanley Kubrick.

“Eyes Wide Shut”, three years in the making, was wearing on Cruise, who both “dreaded and looked forward to ending” the Dr. Bill Harford character.  Kubrick said, “Every scene, every moment, has to be earned.”  Cruise asks, “Just tell me how long is this gonna take?  Two years?”  Kubrick laughed, saying, “Tom, if it took that long, then everything they say about us is true!”  When asked about his death, Cruise replies that he had great concern for the movie – another indication that he was telling us something happened to “Eyes Wide Shut” after the director died.


Stanley Kubrick & Steven Spielberg

The Salieri of the piece is Steven Spielberg, who doesn’t talk about “Eyes Wide Shut” at all.  He mentions that he didn’t like “The Shining” at first, that Jack Nicholson’s performance was “Kabuki theater”; however, “Stanley’s films grow on you over time.”  For him, Kubrick’s best gifts were “his friendship” and “his impeccable craft, his compositions, and his films.”



Sketches for Kubrick’s concept for “A.I.”

In another interview, not on this DVD, Spielberg claims that Kubrick wanted him to direct “A.I.” (Artificial Intelligence.)  Kubrick would produce it.  What most people aren’t aware of is that Spielberg completely rewrote the script Kubrick wrote.  “A.I” (based on the short story “Summer Toys Last All Summer Long” by Brian Aldiss.)  “A.I.” was headed for darker themes, something Steven Spielberg wanted no part of.  Thus, with “A.I.” we have a Disneyized version of an unrealized Stanley Kubrick film.

As for any hope for the missing “Eyes Wide Shut” footage reappearing, it ain’t gonna happen.  The cast, the crew and Kubrick’s family have been sworn to secrecy.  Warners denies there ever were any major cuts.  (There is what is called the “European Version” containing 90 seconds more of orgy footage.)

A positive note:  only Stanley Kubrick would’ve dared make this movie and there are still clues to what can be learned from it.

Eyes Wide Shut (1999) [957 × 1350] by Aleksander Szczepaniak : MoviePosterPorn | Classic horror ...


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Hollywood Fails: Unreleased or Unfinished Films You Will Never See


tumblr_m3yqqpQQPy1rve0ppo1_500 THE DAY THE CLOWN CRIED – (1971-1974)  Jerry Lewis debacle, some of it funded with his own money, based on the true story of a Jewish Holocaust clown allowed to live if he lures children to their deaths in the Nazi gas chambers.  Never completed.  Lewis has disowned it.  The master negative is still being held in a Swedish vault.

9781250007087  THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND – (1970’s)  Nearly completed by master director Orson Welles, until Iranian funding was withdrawn.  (Iran fell to the Ayatollah in 1979.)  Costar and biographer Peter Bogdanovich offered to complete it, but was blocked by Welles’ heir.  Previewed during the 1975 AFI awards.

7394020_3 SOMETHING’S GOT TO GIVE – (1962)  Troubled production plagued by the unraveling mental and physical health of its star, Marilyn Monroe.  Studio fired MM midway, then tried to replace her with Lee Remick.  Costar Dean Martin refused to go on.  MM rehired on August 1; died on August 5 from a drug overdose.  Directed by George Cukor.

default_ce_kubrick_napoleon_poster_0911061347_id_308650 NAPOLEON – (1969-70)  Famed director Stanley Kubrick spent a year in pre-production for this epic…until it was cancelled by MGM.  The fading studio had decided to cut back on big-budget films and rebuild itself as a Vegas casino-resort.

thEYZI6TWM  ARYAN PAPERS – (early 1990’s)  Another Kubrick cancellation.  Steven Spielberg’s “Schindler’s List” happened to come out during this same time period.  It was felt that too many Holocaust films could not succeed financially.  Based on the novel “Wartime Lies” by Louis Begley.

thUJ7IUHI3  ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S KALEIDISCOPE – (1967)  Director Alfred Hitchcock, intrigued by the French New Wave and Antionini’s “Blow-Up” (1966), began work on this avant-guarde, cinema-verite movie until Universal replaced it with the cold-war spy drama “Topaz” (1969.)

Dark-Blood_River-Phoenix  DARK BLOOD – (1993/2012)  Briefly released in an unfinished form in 2012.  Production stopped when star River Phoenix died from a drug overdose in 1993.  Phoenix plays a desert survivalist.

8d747f271efccaba23a53fb8fe333074 THE RAVAGERS – (1970)  Fifth of the Matt Helm film series was cancelled due to the waning popularity of spy films and the murder of its costar Sharon Tate (who was scheduled to reprise her role as Freya Carlson from “The Wrecking Crew.”)

 thLORGMAP1 ROMANCE OF THE PINK PANTHER – (1981)  Meant to be the sixth Peter Sellers-Inspector Clouseau comedy.  Partially written by Sellers himself.  Never filmed; Sellers died on July 24, 1980.  The “Pink Panther” film series continued on with different actors including Ted Wass, Roberto Benini and Steve Martin.  (Dudley Moore wisely turned it down.)

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Illuminati Killings – Stanley Kubrick, Brittany Murphy, Cathriona White

Stanley Kubrick Interview 1966The official cause of death for director Stanley Kubrick was a heart attack while he slept.  What arouses suspicion?  The timing of his death:  a mere three days after screening “Eyes Wide Shut” for Warner Brothers executives who wanted drastic cuts.  Kubrick refused.  Final cut was written in his contract.

7Eyes_Wide_Shut_-_frontThe “Eyes Wide Shut” DVD.  There are three interviews with Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and Steven Spielberg.  Cruise is asked what was the first thing he thought when he heard of Kubrick’s death.  Answer:  “I wondered what would happen to the movie.”  Kidman cries, saying, his death didn’t seem like it was real or that it was the right time.  The big question:  What is Spielberg doing there?  Answer:  He was brought in to make the cuts Kubrick refused.

What was removed from “Eyes Wide Shut”?

A.  Nicole Kidman (as Alice Hartford) has a sexual encounter with Sandor Szavost during the first party sequence.  (This is made clear by the song which follows:  “Baby Did a Bad Thing”.)

B.  The Victor Zeigler character (based on Zbigniew Brzezinski) is having an affair with Alice.

C.  Alice’s dream sequence.  (“Alice in Wonderland”, get it?)  She is a victim of MK-Ultra monarch mind control.  (A very real technique used by the CIA.)  This is hinted at in the film’s conclusion – the Barbie doll with wings.

D.  Muddled ending, but it seems that Bill and Alice’s young daughter is the next to be used by the Illuminati.  Is she being kidnapped, while Alice distracts Bill by offering him sex?

Altogether, about a half hour of footage was removed.  Still, enough remains to expose a secret society that silently runs the world.

Note:  Kubrick bases the “Nick Nightingale” character on himself – an entertainer brought in to these Illuminati functions, yet left on the fringes.  (And presumably killed at the end.)

It can be argued that Stanley Kubrick was no longer young when he died.  (Age 70.)  This still doesn’t answer why Warner Brothers would edit his last movie.  Wouldn’t they want a pure, director’s cut for the DVD?  It also doesn’t answer why his family and Cruise/Kidman refuse to answer questions about the original cut.

image précédente d images brittany murphy sin city posté le There are two different versions to the bizarre circumstances of actress Brittany Murphy’s death at the age of 32.

The MSM version:  December 2009.  Ms. Murphy is fired from a movie for bad behavior.  She is reported to be drastically underweight – possibly anorexic and on drugs.  (Unproven.)  Dec. 20.  An ill Murphy passes out in the shower and is discovered by her mother, who calls 9-1-1.  She is rushed to the hospital where she dies two hours later from a heart attack.  Official cause of death:  pneumonia, anemia and a bad combination of over-the-counter drugs.

Angelo Bertololotti (Brittany’s father) conducts a toxicology test on his daughter’s hair and finds extreme amounts of toxic material, possibly from rat poison.

Additionally, Ms. Murphy’s husband Simon Monjack dies five months later from the exact same thing.

Backstory.  Brittany M. had befriended a border patrol agent named Julia Davis who was being prosecuted by the Dept. of Homeland Security.  Ms. Davis had reported major breaches from terrorists on the U.S.-Mexican border.  The DHS decided to ruin Davis for exposing them.  B. Murphy helped Davis with income and legal aid.  Ms. Davis eventually won her case in court.  In the last months of Brittany’s life, she and her husband believed they were being followed and thought their phone was tapped.  Brittany-Murphy-s-Final-Film-Something-Wicked-Gets-First-Trailer-Video-435127-2

In her final movie “Something Wicked”, she appears noticeably ill.  Was death the price she paid for going against the government’s open border policy?

Brittany Murphy's Something Wicked DVD Release Details...

Los Angleles, CA.  September 28, 2015.  Cathriona White (known as Jim Carrey’s girlfriend) is found dead in her home, presumably from suicide.  She is 28 years old.  Pills are found on a bedside table with a suicide note for Carrey.  It reads:  “Jim, I love you.  Please forgive me.  I’m not for this world.”  Also, she had left a last goodbye on her Twitter account on the 24th.  (I don’t believe she wrote either.  It all seems staged.  And why leave the note to someone you just broke up with?)

Cathriona White, namorada do ator Jim Carrey, comete suicídio, diz ...

Jim Carrey issued the following statement:  “I am shocked and deeply saddened by the passing of my sweet Cathriona.  She was a truly kind and delicate Irish flower, too sensitive for this soil, to whom loving and being loved was all that sparkled.  We have all been hit by a lightning bolt.”  (A Satanic reference.)

Cathriona White: Jim Carrey's girlfriend found dead 'days after break ...

Anyone who has seen Jim Carrey in recent years will notice changes.

jim-carey-athlete-hockey-player-people-in-sports-person-pro-athlete-photo-u1 jim-carrey-snl maxresdefault jim-carrey-jimmy-kimmel-300x160

It is evident that Jim Carrey is involved in the occult, i.e., Satanism.   “The Number 23” film predicts he will kill his girlfriend.  On SNL, he appears as Baphomet aka the devil.  “In Living Color” the all-seeing eye watches from the background.  On the “Jimmy Kimmel Show”, he openly mocks the Illuminati as the “Illuminutty” and the “all-mocking tongue.”

Leading up to Ms. White death, there had been odd posts sent by Carrey.

Embedded image permalink

A photo of him giving the middle finger to a bunch of dead flowers.  (He refers to her as a “flower”.)  Or the photo of him saying the sun will never shine without him.

Embedded image permalink

Did Cathriona know too much about Carrey and his involvement with the Illuminati?  Did she tell the wrong person something about him?  Was she be about to go public and reveal who the real Jim Carrey is?

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The hidden forces behind 9/11 and Sandy Hook are ready to play again.  Are you ready?

Who controls America?

The mainstream media will portray “Operation Jade Helm 15” as a harmless military exercise.  Those who say otherwise will be called “conspiracy theory nuts”.  When you watch your evening news, nothing will seem alarming.  CNN’s Anderson Cooper will be reading from his cleverly written script approved by the government.  That’s right.  Remain calm.  What could go wrong?  The MSM is lulling the public into a dreamland of infotainment and exploitation.



The Setup.  What event will trigger Martial Law?  War in Iran?  Economic chaos?  Political assassination?  Blacks rioting?  Another false flag?  A disease outbreak?  All of the above?  (Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson believes Obama will postpose the 2016 General Election.)

When it happens and it will happen, the country you knew and loved will be going through some drastic changes.  Expect your freedom on the Internet and gun ownership to be temporarily removed (forever.)  After all, it’s for your own safety.

Master of the Human Domain

Phantoms and Monsters: Pulse of the Paranormal


No, it’s not from Mein Kampf, it’s the Jade Helm slogan.  Get used to soldiers on every street-corner because Jade Helm is becoming an annual event.  And it’s not seven states anymore, it’s ten.  (Mississippi, Florida and Louisiana have been added.)  How soon before it’s fifty – All the time?  Is Martial Law the new normal?

Newly Released Jade Helm Document Reveals the True Intent of the ...

Notice the Muslim sword and the Illuminati Eye of the Devil logo

Above:  7 years of “Jade Helm”?  (2015-2022.)  What is the end goal?

Throughout the years, there have been those who tried to warn us.

Stanley Kubrick – Eyes Wide Shut (died shortly after film’s completion)

Andrew Breitbart – Tried to derail Obama’s 2012 run.

Michael Hastings – Killed in a car accident or was he too close to a scandal that would have ruined Obama?

WikiLeaks: Journalist Investigating CIA Assassinated In ...


When they died, the MSM called it “natural causes” or ” a tragic accident”, even before the facts came in.

The MSM sticks by the gov’t version of 9/11.  How could our military stand by and watch it all happen?  How could airports breeze through hijackers and later say they knew nothing?  How could the WTC Bldg. #7 just fall down?

Sandy Hook’s “Revenge of the Nerds” scenario is equally ludicrous – most notably the disappearing security camera, the police running into the wrong school, two gunmen seen running away from the school, the idea of Adam Lanza, a 98 lb. weakling carrying all those weapons and ammo, the smiling parents, and the eventual destruction of the school.

Face it, America.  We’re being played and with Jade Helm, the stakes are being raised higher and higher.  Your very freedom is at stake.  With little time left, our way of life is being taken away.  It will be GAME OVER.  You lose.  We all lose.


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