Invalidate Unsolicited Ballots

Earlier this year, the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and the DNC used the corona-virus as an excuse to print millions of mail-in ballots to voters who had not requested them.

Legally speaking, if you receive something you didn’t ask for, it does not entitle you to use it, for example,  a driver’s license or medicine.

What if mail-in ballots were sent to a foreigner, a non-resident or a felon?  Are they suddenly allowed to vote?  Of course not.

Unsolicited ballots cannot be trusted.   By their very nature,  they are wide open to voter fraud.   All seven states where President Trump was winning on Election Day were turned around by mail-in ballots.

That is why the Supreme Court must declare any and all of these ballots as an illegal vote and must be deducted from the final vote count.

A California judge has already ruled on this.

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Hillary Clinton Next Supreme -Court Justice?

Hillary Clinton: Hillary Clinton wants to create the most liberal Supreme Court in h...  EricReports Exclusive-In March 2016, Pres. Barack Obama nominated Merrick Garland to succeed the deceased Judge Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court.  Most likely, if Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies before the election, the Democrats will do the same.  Let us also assume that somehow Donald Trump was not re-elected as President of the United States.  Who would the Democrats choose to succeed Ginsburg, if she dies by then?

The reality is:  Hillary Clinton expects political payback for whomever wins the presidency and that payback would be a seat on the Supreme Court.  Forgotten by most, it was she (as then First Lady), who ordered Pres. Bill Clinton to chose Ginsburg in 1993.  Over 25 years later, the great Satan Hillary plans to replace her in 2021.  This, she feels, would be suitable revenge on those who denied her the presidency in 2016.

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Should – Resign

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer – the most deadly type known – and yet the mainstream media continues to pretend that she will recover.  The reality is:  Ginsburg is 86 years old and has been in ill health for a long time.  In a saner world, there’d be no illusionary talk of her “getting over it”.  And yet, the lamestream left can’t stop themselves.  The idea of Pres. Trump appointing another supreme court justice  is abhorrent to their very being.  Most of all, they fear the overturn of Roe vs. Wade – America’s abortion law.  (“Reproductive rights” they’re calling it now.)

The left continue their delusions, believing Pres. Trump will be impeached (just because they don’t like him.)  Or that they’re going to win the 2020 General Election.  (They won’t.)

What will happen?  Most likely, Ms. Ginsburg won’t resign because Donald Trump would be able to replace her.  Instead, she’ll continue to linger, kept alive on machines until she dies.  (From the way she looks, I’d expect that to be this year.)  Then, Dems will block any Trump appointment.  Don’t expect Ginsburg to be replaced until Trump is re-elected.

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Christine Ford, CIA, Brainwashed Pawn of the Left

Christine Ford’s testimony in the Kavanaugh hearing was smooth, just like an actress playing out a part.  She played the victim beautifully.  To me, she appeared as a triggered puppet, fulfilling her role.  Not one senator asked her a hard question.  None.  There’s a hole in Ford’s testimony so big you could drive a truck through it.  Why can’t she remember who drove her home from her so-called sexual assault?

Image result for brett kavanaugh  Brett Kavanaugh was treated worse than Charles Manson and yet his testimony was impassioned and heartfelt.   I think he went too easy on Ford, by giving her the benefit of the doubt.  CBF is a pawn of the left.  (And what about Ford’s high school yearbook?  New info is coming out that she was a grade A slut.)

What really happened?  It’s been admitted that Ford went thru hypnotherapy from her psychiatrist.  What type of memory implants were placed there?  Since her father is CIA, who can say?

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Link:  Kavanaugh’s mother presided over Ford’s parents home foreclosure in the 90’s.

Sept. 27, 2018 – Just when you though it was all said and done, Sen. Jeff Flake, King of the Fairies, caves in after being screamed at by a couple of SJW commie bitches.  Yes, we must wait another week for the FBI to investigate a claim with no witnesses and no evidence.  Q.  Was all of this staged?  How were these girls (who could’ve been armed) allowed to verbally assault Flake?  Would any of us be allowed to get that close in an elevator and scream at him hysterically on television?

See the source image   The Leaker:  What can one say about Sen. Diane Feinstein, whose face could scare off a zombie?

Surprise of the Day:  Sen. Lindsay Graham who must be on steroids.  He said what all the others should have said.

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Kavanaugh: “35 Years Ago…”

Welcome to 1601 A.D. when an accusation was as good as proof that you did it.  The Dems, the MSM and worst of all, #MeToo are the culprits behind the Kavanaugh witch hunt.

Feminists who are reading this, I will assume you know at least one man:  your father, your brother, a friend.  How would you feel if their reputation were ruined over an unsubstantiated charge from a loony (Christine Ford) and a drunk (Deborah Ramirez.)

Kavanaugh does not have to prove his innocence when the accuser has no proof of evidence!  There’s a reason why we have a statute of limitations.  After 35 years, people’s memories become unreliable.

Republicans don’t need a single vote from the Devilcrats, not one.  They could approve him today.  Why don’t they?  Fear of being “insensitive” to the MeTooers?  #MeToo is a sham.  A left-wing club designed to ruin those “evil, white men”, who, by the way, founded this country.

Amid all this horror is a bright side.  Dems cannot win this in the end.  Either the Republicans will find their balls and approve Kavanaugh  or Trump replaces him with Amy Barrett, a Catholic, pro-life conservative female.  What are ya gonna do about that, #MeToo?!

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Obama Administration Kills Judge Scalia

The late Supreme Court Judge Scalia. (left) The Obamas (right)

Soon after Barack Obama was elected President, he appeared before the Supreme Court telling them, no legal cases questioning his citizenship would be accepted or tried. What else was said? Did he tell them that based on a technicality, he wasn’t a “natural born citizen”?  Isn’t this a foregone conclusion? Does the Supreme Court know? Are they keeping quiet in order to “save the government?” When it became a reality, were they forced to cover it up?


obama-birth-certificate1   2008 – A “COLB”, a Certificate of Live Birth” is used instead of an actual birth certificate.

Obama is referred to as a citizen of Kenya, in Kenyan newspapers.

   Obama’s grandmother said she witnessed his birth in Kenya.

When he was a newly elected Senator, Obama was detained at a Russian airport because he didn’t have an American passport.

In 2011, Obama’s long-form birth certificate is finally released by his own special dispensation.  Experts in the field of analysis declare it fraudulent.

2007-2008.  The DNC, aided by Nancy Pelosi, try to change the rules for their candidate by removing the “natural born citizen” clause from the requirements for a Presidential candidate.

Barack Obama’s school records are sealed by his attorneys.  Is this to hide his scholarships as a foreign-aide student?

More proof Obama is a foreigner

Was Judge Antonin Scalia that “loose cannon” ready to go off at the end of Obama’s 2nd term?  If it became imperative for him to be silenced, ask yourself why?  Did Obama and others fear that his laws would be reversed once it became known that he wasn’t an American?  Does Obama have plans for the future?  Plans for world power?

The set-up.  Judge Scalia is offered an all-expenses paid vacation at the Cibolo Creek Ranch in Marfa, TX.  According to the National Enquirer, a CIA agent was spotted in a nearby bar hiring a $2,000 hooker for a future date at the ranch.  Did Scalia decline his bodyguards because of this planned meeting?  Shortly, before his body was found, a woman was seen walking down a hallway.

o  Once in his room, did this prostitute drug Scalia twice?  Once for sleep, the other to inject the fatal dose?

The untrustworthy MSM did no real investigation into Scalia’s death.  Just as in the sudden death of journalist Andrew Breitbart, “death by natural causes” was announced even before a doctor looked at the body.  Was Scalia’s family warned not to conduct an autopsy?  Regardless of his health, if a Supreme Court Justice dies alone with a pillow over his head, one must ask if there was a foul play.  To do otherwise compounds the mystery and leads one to ask:  When did our gov’t/MSM become so corrupted?  Are people so consumed by the election – one that will reveal itself in due time – they ignore real news events?

There are messages with this murder.  The pillow.  His unwrinkled clothing.  No autopsy.  A bungled investigation.  Obama’s refusal to attend the funeral.  Barack-Obama-Antonin-Scalia-images-via-Getty-e1455737201194

A jet ready to deliver the body to Washington, D.C. went unused.  Bodily fluids are destroyed in an unknown mortuary.

Arguments against the belief Scalia was murdered are flimsy…

“Scalia was old and in ill health; ready to die.”  Old people who are sick can still be murdered.

“Isn’t this another conspiracy theory?”  Democrats obsess over JFK, RFK and MLK with a long list of conspiracy theories associated with their deaths.  Scalia’s death just happened.

“Obama would not have anyone killed.”  Obama bragged that he was “really good at killing people” with drone strikes.

“Didn’t the family refuse an autopsy?”  Yes, but things can be made to happen.  A simple phone call threatening others.  Those who ask too many questions disappear.

Apparently, Judge Scalia posed such a threat to the Obama Administration, they took a risk and had him killed.  They knew the MSM would fall in line and do nothing.  Throughout history, there have those who achieved fame and reached the highest pinnacles of power, through deceit, through terror and through evil means.

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Part 2 – Obama Antichrist


Judge Scalia marked for death?  Feb. 11, 2016.

The chain of events began on February 13, with the mysterious death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.  He dies alone with no bodyguard, a pillow found over his head and the doctor rules it “death by natural causes” over the phone.  Pres. Obama refuses to attend his funeral, because they were of “different religions”.  Would the President have gone if Scalia had been a Muslim?  justice-scalia-questions

With 2016 being Obama’s final year in office, what is his primary goal?  Gun Control.

Obama + Gun Control

Obama + Gun Control

And yet, with all those mass shootings (including the mother of all false flags “Sandy Hook”), Congress and the American people still don’t want it.  What would cause it to happen?  As I and others have written about – what if, hypothetically, there was a false flag assassination attempt on the President himself?  What if this was televised nationally, while the President is speaking on the importance of gun control?  What if this patsy is a white bread, Tea Party, fundamentalist Christian – the type Obama hates the most.  What do you think the reaction would be?



BLACK LIVES MATTER – RIOTS ACROSS AMERICA.  (With the duplicitous MSM aiding in their outrage.)  The new mantra?  Ban all guns!  The 24/7 news cycle will endlessly replay this.  Cries of hysteria:  “We must not allow ordinary people to have guns!”

thXU2YI88EAssuming this happens and assuming the Antichrist Obama rises from his sick bed in three days – he will have a blank check for anything he wants.  Thus, approving whomever he wants as a Supreme Court Judge will be a breeze.  Finally, the left and all the anti-gun advocates will have what they want: a 6 -3 lopsided in-their-favor Supreme Court.  If Obama and his comrades can reinterpret marriage, don’t you think they can reinterpret the 2nd Amendment?  Or even revoke it?

f-obama-a-20160105-870x606 Gradually, we’ve seen our gun rights being whittled away.  That’s no longer good enough for the powers-that-be.  They want total control.  By that very fact, the government will force all registered gun owners to turn in their weapons or face felony charges/imprisonment.  The average citizen is suddenly at the mercy of the criminal underworld.  [Note:  See how it’s working in Australia, where home invasions have skyrocketed.]

2016 is the year Obama (et al.) have been waiting for.  With all of these events occurring, the new United Nations Police Force (already in the works) will be set into play.  A New World Order.  A coalition of ten nations headed by…

U.N. police force (click here for link)

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Satanic Statue will be Unveiled in Detroit


A statue of Baphomet aka Satan will be secretly unveiled later this month in Detroit, Michigan.


What does the name Barack mean?  Barack is Hebrew for “lightning”.  In Luke 10:18, Jesus told his disciples, “I beheld Satan as lightning falls from the heavens.”  For disobeying God, Lucifer (renamed Satan) was thrown out of heaven in a lighting bolt.  What did Obama say on June 26 in regards to the Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage?  “Sometimes, there are days like this, when that slow, steady effort is rewarded with justice that arrives like a lightning bolt.”  Do you think it was by accident that Obama said this?

Furthermore, Obama admits to violating the former law.  “It’s why we stopped defending the so-called Defense of Marriage Act.”

Whether you believe it or not, Barack Obama is doing the work of the devil.

Obama’s Rainbow White House

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In a surreal display, Pres. Obama celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision in favor of gay marriage as a Constitutional right by lighting up the White House in the same colors as the gay rights rainbow flag.  What does this really mean?  Is this a display of solidarity?  Or is Obama admitting he is a closeted homosexual?

Recently, Obama was heckled by a transgendered individual as he spoke about LGBT pride.  Obama responded to the heckler by saying, “No, no, no, no.  You’re in MY house.”  Is it?  Is Obama an occupier or an owner?  The right and left responded in their usual ways – either by outrage or by saying “What’s wrong with that?”

America is sinking into the quicksand.  If seeing the U.S. being turned into Amsterdam (without the charm) doesn’t bother you, then what more can I say?