Britney Spears Slapped – What Happened (Video)

July 5, 2023.  Aria Hotel/Casino/near the CATCH restaurant.  TMZ video shows singer Britney Spears approaching basketball player Victor Wembanyama by tapping him on the back twice.  Wembanyama’s security team (namely bodyguard Damian Smith) backhands Britney’s face, knocking her glasses off.  Wembanyama’s and his bodyguards have stated that Ms. Spears tried to “grab him”.

FACTS:  No assault or threat occurred from Britney Spears.

Britney Spears

Victor Wembanyama is a foreigner on American soil.  He is 7 foot 5 inches and has signed on to the San Antonio Spurs.

Victor Wembanyama

Whether this is an assault & battery case would be up to the lawyers to decide.  Las Vegas police have decided it is not.  (Spears could still sue in civil court.)

What happened is this:  Wembanyama and his bodyguards didn’t know it was Britney Spears.  So, she was knocked away.  That doesn’t make it right.  This is common practice.  I’ve been pushed off by bodyguards.  The anomaly is this:  Britney Spears is the more famous celebrity.  Wembanyama is nineteen and was just signed to play pro.  Yet, already he is in the club.  The “my shit don’t stink” club.  Except, it does.

Britney, who’s been famous since the 1990’s, has suddenly been placed back with the “normies”.  How’d that happen?  The MSM has rushed to Wembanyama’s defense, saying Britney “slapped herself”.  The video shows otherwise, but who are ya gonna believe?  Them or your lyin’ eyes?

Question One.  Since when are black men allowed to hit white women in public?  Where are you, feminists?  There was a time when such behavior would end in a lynching.

Question Two.  What if a white bodyguard had backhanded Beyonce?  There’d be riots in the streets and a major outcry from the MSM.

Question Three.  What if a Trump bodyguard had done this?  This answer is so obvious, I don’t have to say it.

My opinion is that most normal men would want to be “grabbed” by Britney Spears.  Then again, these are not normal times.

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