What Killed Jeff C?

At one time YouTube was a haven for free speech and the First Amendment.  During those bygone days, Jeff C hosted several channels on YouTube, the first being https://freeradiorevolution.com/.

(Jeff C, whose real name was Jeff Cleveland, other YouTube channels include Jeff Censored!, Jeff C LIVE!, Jeff Censored ENCORE!, Jeff Censored Again! and Supreme Lord Commander.)

jeffc - BitChute

The real Jeff C

Jeff C was a truther who exposed government, corporate, mainstream media, celebrity culture, Covid-19 and LGBTQ community agendas.  One of his biggest exposes was on the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  Alex Jones only parroted what others like Jeff C had said.  Sandy Hook was an inside government hit job – i.e., a mass shooting done for the purpose of gun and media control.  The MSM’s poster boy for the shooting was Adam Lanza, a retarded kid who was mentally incapable of carrying out these executions.

jeffc - BitChute

Adam Lanza

The collapse of freedom at YouTube (known as the purge) began in 2017, following the election of Donald Trump.  Suddenly, channels and their videos came tumbling down, including Jeff C’s.  YouTube’s algorithm was changed to favor the MSM’s “authoritarian” networks.  If a truther channel survived the purge, it became static, meaning the views remained the same or greatly diminished.  Jeff C frequetly complained on air about this, calling his channel the most censored on YouTube.  He would move his more controversial videos to BitChute.  https://www.bitchute.com/channel/newworldagenda/

On December 23, 2020, Jeff C died from a brain aneurism.  He was only 48.  The enormous stress of what Google (owner of YouTube) did, I think played a part in his death.

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YouTube Banned!

YouTube’s newest star: John Hinckley Jr.

From here on, EricReports.com will no longer post any new video from YouTube.

YouTube selectively bans any video that claims the 2020 election was stolen.  Additionally, they pick and choose segments of the population which you cannot speak against:  that is, homosexuals, minority groups, Muslims (including terrorist groups) and the leftist agenda.

Now YouTube has allowed John Hinckley Jr. to have his own channel.  On March 30, 1981, Hinckley attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan, who was wounded and nearly died.  Also wounded were police officer Thomas Delahanty, Secret Service agent Tim McCarthy and press secretary James Brady, left partially paralyzed.

See the source image

If YouTube allowed all videos, I would not comment.  They are deliberately choosing someone they approve of.  Hinckley.  To show you where the Democratic Party is, Hinckley is receiving encouraging comments congratulating him for shooting Pres. Reagan.

Some of you reading this will say, “Oh, well,” or “the past is past.”  Not me.  I’m done with YouTube.  What about you?

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Kamala Harris Taken Down by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard

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Democratic debate, July 31, 2019, Detroit, Michigan.  Sen. Kamala Harris, who was flying high from her first debate performance against VP Joe Biden was unexpectedly “taken to the woodshed” for a serious ass-whipping by the previously unknown Representative from Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard.

The MSM, unsurprisingly, refused to report on Sen. Harris record as former California Attorney General; Rep. Gabbard, on the other hand, laid it out for all the world to see.

Sen Harris jailed 1,500 marijuana offenders, then laughed about smoking pot in the 90’s.

Sen. Harris blocked DNA evidence for a prisoner on death row.

Extended prison sentences for free labor.

Jailed parents for not sending their children to school.

Harris could do nothing but shake her head, saying she was “proud of her record as Attorney General” and that Gabbard was only making “fancy speeches”.  The fact is – EVERYTHING GABBARD SAID IS TRUE.  Sen. Harris is a dirty, lying, crooked, authoritarian politician.

Where does this leave Kamala Harris?  Unless she makes a miracle comeback in the next debate, she is through.

What would be the stupidest thing Harris could do?  Go after Tulsi Gabbard and that’s exactly what she’s doing.  Ludicrous charges of Rep. Gabbard being “an agent for the Russians” and/or Syria’s Pres. Assad, because she met with him (with Rep. Dennis Kucinich) on a diplomatic mission to prevent war.

Prediction:  There was never any chance for Kamala Harris to take the top spot in 2020; however, she could have become Vice President, just a heartbeat away from the Presidency.  Now now.  Now that position belongs to Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Watching that exchange between Gabbard-Harris, we are witnessing high drama and the takedown of someone who could have one day become President.

(Video titled Biden vs. Harris vs. Gabbard is from Don’t Walk, Run! Productions on YouTube.)

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Never Let Me Go (2005)

Never Let Me Go.jpg

“I was taken aback at how densely detailed each one was…There was something vulnerable about each of them.” by Kazuo Ishiguro

A Novel by Kazuo Ishiguro

In an alternate world, disease is eradicated through the use of organ transplants.  These donations are from human clones.  The “special” people are kept in a protected environment, in boarding schools and government housing.  Most are accepting of their fate.  It’s understood that after three or four donations, they will die:  “completion” as they call it.

In what is the most telling part of the story, a teacher warns her students that, “You will never have regular jobs.  You will never marry or have children.  Your lives have already been decided for you.”  (She is immediately fired.)  The next day, the head of the school condemns her, calling this an act of “subversion”.

“Forward thinking always has its detractors.  We will not be swayed.”

The students applaud.

An allegory?

Here in America, we have Generation Snowflake.  The term “snowflake” originally began as a compliment.  “We may look alike, yet we are all different.”

As most of you are aware, there have been calls for the shutting down of free speech.  “Free Speech” according to Gen. Snowflake is “dangerous”.  Snowflakes want “safe spaces free of micro-aggressions.”

On Nov. 8, 2016, you saw the reactions from the snowflake crowds when Donald Trump won.

Alex Jones Portrait (cropped).jpg Two years later, we are witnessing right-wing commentators being deplatformed from the Internet.  YouTube, Facebook, Twitter are all guilty of shadow-banning.  Far-left politicians claim that “Hate speech is not protected by the First Amendment.”

Where is all this going?

What happens in ten years when Gen. Snowflake runs the world?  Will writers be arrested for articles like this?  Five years ago, you may have laughed at this suggestion.  Who’s laughing now?

First, comes the silencing of the opposition.  Next, there will be prison for anyone who speaks or writes something that may inspire a crime.  The truth is, anything may potentially inspire a crime:  a cartoon, a videogame, a film.  Shall we ban everything that’s potentially offensive?  Will TV programs made in the twentieth-century be removed for not being PC enough?  What about books?  All forms of media or art?

We are entering dark times, times where if we don’t fight for the right to be heard, we will lose this, our most basic freedom.


“Never Let Me Go” is also a 2010 film, directed by Mark Romanek and stars Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield and Keira Knightley

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Alex Jones “Infowars” Censored – Who’s Next?

Alex Jones Portrait (cropped).jpg

Controversial news commentator Alex Jones has been permanently removed from YouTube, Facebook and Apple for alleged “hate speech”.  The mainstream media have fought Jones for years.  As the aged MSM fades, they seek to remove “Inforwars” platforms.  (And anybody else who is a perceived threat.)

Infowars.com remains on the Internet, however YouTube and Facebook control millions of viewers.  This is a major blow for the First Amendment.  The move to censor is a growing trend from the left, who think free speech is “dangerous”.

The far-left have dominated the major networks and cable stations for decades – until the Internet.  And now that an opposing viewpoint comes their way, they attempt to silence it.  The left preach fairness and tolerance – this is pure sham.  Hypocrisy in a nutshell.  Anyone with a opposing thought is at first ignored, then ridiculed, and finally terminated.

Make no mistake, those higher up on the food-chain have something to do with this.  They (the government, the NWO, the MSM, China) want full control of YouTube and Facebook:  anything normal, middle-class America watches.  They already monopolize television.

“Hate speech is not protected by the First Amendment.”  Hillary Clinton

Some of you reading this will say, “So what?  I don’t like Alex Jones!”  The problem with that is the domino effect.  Sooner or later, when you start picking and choosing which content is “acceptable” you go down that slippery slope of no return.  If everything that’s potentially offensive is removed, so goes Saturday Night Live, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher and other satirical content.

The unexpected winner of all this is BitChute, an alternate video website, that’s growing by leaps and bounds.

I urge viewers to abandon YouTube.  They’re censoring free speech.

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YouTube Shooter Kills Herself: Why?

April 3, 2018.  Nasim Aghdam opens fire at the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California.  After wounding three, she commits suicide.  (Above video is of Ms. Aghdam being questioned by the police a short time before her shooting spree.)

Initial MSM reports are incorrect, (deliberately?)  Once it’s discovered the assailant is a foreign-born Muslim from Iran; a female animal-rights activist and vegan, the news story quickly fades away.

See the source imageSee the source image

What really happened?  What was her motivation?

Nasim Aghdam had a large following and high viewer count on YouTube…until YouTube demonetized her videos.  According to Aghdam, her videos were also being censored.  Why this is remains unknown.

YouTube and the MSM are lying when they claim her rage was over low views.  Aghdam’s views were high until YouTube ruined her channel – a fate usually reserved for right-wing content.  Late last year, YouTube hired the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center to police their video content.  The results were many channels being taken down, demonetized or censored.

This was a tragedy that could’ve been avoided.  YouTube’s heavy-handed new “rules” are ending the freedom of what was a great website.  The leftist Google (owners of YouTube), have themselves to blame, but you wouldn’t know it from the news reports.

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Is it Time to Pull the Plug on Hillary?

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Let’s cut to the chase.  We all know Hillary Clinton is the one who’s paying women to come forward and say they’ve had affairs with Pres. Trump.  Additionally, the supposed hush-money he paid them, came from campaign funds – grounds for impeachment.  (Because Donald Trump is so poor, he’d have to use it.)

In a recent interview, Mrs. Clinton stated:  “There’s a good chance Democrats will take the House of Representatives in the mid-term elections,” and “then, we’re going to get rid of him.”

What does that mean?  Impeachment or something more?  Trump himself said Dems are planning this, depending on how the elections go.

I (and many others) said after 2016, Trump had to silence HRC.  You see why.  She is the tumor that won’t go away.

2017 was the year we had to endure the Russia-Russia-Russia Putin/Trump collusion story.  All lies.

2018 is now the year of sex scandals.  When is this going to stop?

For you “H” fans out there, thinking she’d make a great president – and make no mistake, this demon still wants to run – let’s look at what she did as Secretary of State.

Image result for Hillary clinton libya  Libya – a war fought for nothing.  (“Kinetic action” they called it.)  Destroying a country’s leader (Gaddhafi) and their infrastructure.  Now, Libya is a haven for terrorism, murder and other crimes.

See the source image   Benghazi.  Amb. Christopher Stevens begged Hillary for increased security.  He got none, and was told that “This would send the wrong message.”  On Sept. 11, 2012, four brave Americans were killed by Muslim terrorists.  No retaliation and she blamed it all on a YouTube video.

Image result for clinton foundation haiti   Haiti.  After the 2010 earthquake, the Clinton Foundation robbed those people of two billion dollars.  Haiti would receive only 10% of their charity funds.

If President, Hillary C. promised to bring one million Muslim “refugees” into the USA…in her first year al0ne!  We’ve already seen what it’s done to Europe.  Sweden is the number one country for rape.

What about the 2nd Amendment?  HRC promised gun laws similar to England and Australia meaning NO GUNS (except for the gov’t and criminals.)  Sound good to you?

Since Hillary likes sex scandals, how about her husband, Bill?  John Podesta?  Maria Abramovic?

People who are aware know how close we came to having a president who kills her enemies.

See the source image

So, I ask God – isn’t it time?

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New Top Ten Song List

Bless the Beasts and the Children – The Carpenters.  (ryanche33 on YouTube)

Hurt – Johnny Cash

My Angel – Lina Morgana  (Intersouffle)

Woman in Chains – Tears for Fears  (TearsForFearsVEVO)

Barcelona – Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe  (QueenHouse85 on YouTube)

No One – Aly & AJ  (disneymusic – YouTube)

Goodbye, Norma Jean – Candle in the Wind  (flymanhot on YouTube)

Apocalypse – Jackie Evancho  (YouTube)

God Give Me Strength – Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach  (deerfried on YouTube)

Miserere – Andrea Bocelli and Zucchero  (AndreaBocelliVEVO on YouTube)


Charlottesville Rally.  On August 12, 2017, James Alex Fields, Jr. ran his car, a 2010 Dodge Challenger, through a crowd of left-wing protestors, killing one Heather Hyer.  Since then, he has been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic.  Q.  Will he be found “Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity” like John Hinckley, Jr. was, who shot a President?  (Hinckley is free now.)  How about O.J. Simpson who killed two people and was let go because of his black celebrity status?  What about Arthur Bremer who shot George Wallace?  (Bremer is free now.)  No, I think Mr. Fields will probably be executed.  Why?  This is all symbolic.

Image result for heather hyer His victim, Ms. Hyer, is the new martyr for the far-left.  She wasn’t ANTIFA.  She was just another liberal-progressive caught up in our loony times.

I can’t answer why Mr. Fields rammed his car through a crowd of angry protestors.  Maybe, it’s because the police haven’t done anything to stop them.  This madness has been going on since November.  These people have gone way past their First Amendment rights.  The left has turned violent.  It was only a matter of time before someone snapped and took the law into their own hands.

How did the MSM report it?  According to them, “the Nazi’s and white supremacists” were the violent ones. Note:  the official “Nazi Party” ended in 1945.  The neo-Nazis are a small fringe group.  Pretty much the same thing for the Ku Klux Klan.  ANTIFA, on the other hand, are well-funded and very much alive.  Follow their money.  It probably leads right up to the DNC.  I’m sure sore loser Hillary Clinton and our abdicated Muslim king Barack Obama have a hand in these protests.

I watched ABC News cover Heather’s funeral.  The reporting was so ridiculous, it would seem more appropriate for SNL.  The “peaceful” crowd were armed with “pink bats and helmets”, just in case those evil “Nazis” showed up.  They didn’t show up because they don’t exist.  Her wild-eyed mother gave the eulogy and it’s not hard to see why her daughter went off the rails.  The MSM have decided that if you’re for Trump, you’re a Nazi white supremacist.

The reality is, this is a battle for what kind of country we want to live in:  A free nation or a socialist, communist dictatorship.  The choice is yours, based on whether you are going to allow the Democratic Party to steal our victory.

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(Video is posted at the end of this article.)

What really happened on July 15, 2017 to Justine Damond is beginning to make sense.  For those who recall it, this was a 40 year old woman who was shot to death in her pajamas by a Muslim-Somali cop in Minneapolis.  Just prior to them arriving, she had phoned 911 TWICE.  The police were late and they were lost.  When they finally showed up, Ms. Damond was probably agitated.  This may be why she slapped the back of the patrol car.  Next, she spoke with Officer Harrity.  This is where the missing piece of the puzzle is.  What did she do to make Officer Mohammed Noor shoot her three times?  Harrity said she was only talking with him.  Noor said, Damond startled him and that she caused it by the way she acted.  Question:  Is this just cause for killing someone?

Video is by MrLTavern on YouTube, which is not affiliated with EricReports.

YouTube Defunds “Controversial Speech”

YouTube.com (the #1 site for videos), has demonetized videos containing content deemed “too extreme” or those containing “hate speech”.  This comes in conjunction with a number of corporations pulling their sponsorship.  (WALMART, STARBUCKS, PEPSI, AT & T, VERIZON, VW, DISH NETWORK, ENTERPRISE, FX NETWORKS, GSK, JOHNSON & JOHNSON and BEAM SUNTORY INC.)  Uploaders who made money using “Ad Sense” have now lost their source of income.  This, of course, does not effect videos YouTube/Google agrees with:  those with a P.C.-leftist point of view.  Where is this coming from?

Hillary, in her new S & M outfit.

This is coming from Hillary Clinton, who believes she lost the election because of “fake news”.  (Anything non-MSM.)  Even she knows the Russians had nothing to do with the election.

I, myself, abandoned my YouTube channel when it became impossible to continue.  The last video…

(Hillary + Waco = Slaughter) fried my computer, disconnected my phone service and shut down the electricity.  It should be noted that I received continuous nuisance phone calls last year which ended after Election Day.

The election of Donald Trump did not end our fight.  The war for free speech continues.

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Notice from EricReportsNews

Image result for images, ericreports, seconds

Since I posted an article titled “Remember 9/11?  (Muslim Immigrant Hijackers)”, my views on this website have become much lower.  Is this a coincidence?  This happened before on YouTube.  Explain how a video can receive nearly one million views and another can’t break 400?  Others on YouTube have complained about being pushed to the back pages.

Q.  Did my article touch a raw nerve among the controllers?  Am I being penalized?  Why?  Because Muslims are now considered a “protected minority”?  That’s Obama’s way.  We have a new president now.  And Pres. Trump said we have to stop allowing hoards of immigrants into our country who may not have our best interests at heart.

Image result for images, san bernardino terrorists

If you care about free speech, if you read or follow EricReportsNews, start sharing it on other social networks.  It’s easy to do if you go to the end of the article.

Eventually it may become pointless for the citizen journalist to write, if they are continually blocked when they start gaining popularity.


Title:  Obama Girls REAL PARENTS Found?  Adopted By Michelle, Or Borrowed?  by the Barry Soetoro channel on YouTube

Title:  White Genocide.  Youtube channel by RebelScumMedia  (originally posted by Reality Calls)

Title:  Donald Trump – MAGA.  YouTube channel RebelScumMedia.  (Originally posted by InfoWars.)

Video Proves Voter Fraud + WikiLeaks Link

Democrats Busted on Camera Stuffing Ballot Boxes – Video by Texas Veteran on YouTube.

Here is a must watch video of Democratic poll workers caught on surveillance cameras.  Ask yourself, do these women look like villains or do they look like someone you might bump into shopping at WalMart?  There’s an old expression about “the banality of evil” and here it is for everyone to see.  The reason you haven’t seen it on your local MSM news station is obvious:  these are Hillary Clinton’s people.


HILLARY CLINTON Suffers Grand Mal SEIZURE on Video!

Friday, July 22.  While speaking to reporters, Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton went into convulsions, caught on video.  It is most noticeable at the beginning, when she closes her eyes and cannot stop it.  Hillary tries to pass it off as a “brain freeze”, saying “You’ve guys have gotta try the cold chai.”  But, the fake sip she takes is after the seizure.  This occurred just days before she’s officially nominated as the Democratic Presidential nominee, yet calls into question her failing health.  The mainstream media has not reported on this event, choosing to ignore it.  The video itself has gone viral on YouTube.  The four YouTube videos are by stateofdaniel, thejohnathankleck, Pastor Dave’s channel and Anthony Brian Logan.