Veterans Against ISIS – Modern Day “Dirty Dozen”?

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As Iraq moves closer to terrorist rule, (while Obama golfs)
a group calling themselves “Veterans Against ISIS” have decided to fight them.  They are small in number (at this time, two dozen), nevertheless, it has become unbearable for patriotic Americans to watch our country do nothing against a swarming hoard of sub-humans known as ISIS.
Citizens, you’re aware that if our so-called Commander-in-Chief wanted to, he could end this war against ISIS.  An all-out military campaign is where it could end.  That’s what our military is for.
Obama doesn’t have the faintest idea.  He uses them as a social experiment:  gays in the bunkhouse and transgendered on the front lines.  Could we also use our fighting men to kill the enemy?
Or is it that our Muslim President doesn’t think ISIS is the enemy?  If that’s the case, it would be fair to say that the U.S. gov’t has been infiltrated – right up the very top.
Obama has said. “We are not at war with Islam.”  Does this mean the obvious?  Surrender?


 To those who voted for Mr. Hope and Change, how do you feel about your vote now?  Maybe, you don’t care, just as long as it doesn’t affect you.  You do realize that one day ISIS will attack us here, right?  What will you do then…when Obama does nothing?
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Movies, Movies, Movies

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It Follows (2015, Northern Lights Films)

About a sexually-transmitted disease; wherein the victims are followed by a slow-moving zombie who wants to kill you.  The zombie can change its appearance and is invisible to others.  Film depends on suspense more than horror with minimal special effects.  Maika Monroe and Keir Gilchrist are especially good in their leading roles.

Blackbird  (2012, A71 Productions)

Goth (played by Connor Jessup) tries to impress girl (Alexia Fast) who is already paired with jock (Craig Arnold.)  Threats on the Internet lead to unforeseen events.  Modern day story on how misunderstandings and political-correctness can alter people’s lives.  Surprisingly effective.


United 93  (2006, Universal)

Based on the true story of the only hijacked plane on 9/11 that did not achieve its target.  Director Paul Greengrass films it documentary style and it works.  We all know the outcome, yet I defy anyone to watch it and not feel rage.  The beginning of the War on Terror, whether people want to admit it or not.

The Misfits  (1961, United Artists-7 Arts)

Melancholy farewell to movie greats Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe – their last completed film.

Written by Arthur Miller, directed by John Huston.  Co-stars Montgomery Clift and Eli Wallach, (who died recently.)  Drama set against the Nevada desert, as three men all fall for the same woman – Roslyn (MM.)  Depressing, downbeat, not the hit many think it was.  Stark black and white cinematography by Russell Metty, evocative score by Alex North.

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King Kong  (1933, RKO)

The original and still the best.  I know the special effects are better today, but the latter versions lack the soul of this ancient, depression-era oldie.  Dreamlike, atmospheric, and who can scream better than Fay Wray?

Stop motion photography was the CGI of the 30’s.  Directed by M.C. Cooper and Ernest Schoedsack.  Stars Bruce Cabot and Robert Armstrong.  Groundbreaking score by Max Steiner.

The baseball team has a conversation on the pitcher's mound on the top of the poster; on the bottom, the group sits in Hollywood set chairs; the title and credits are set in the middle.

A Boy Named Charlie Brown  (1969, Cinema Center Films)

First and best of the “Peanuts” gang animated films released in the theaters.  Born loser Charlie Brown finally find his niche when he wins a series of spelling bees.  Will he go on to be the state champion?  All the classic elements are here:  Oscar nominated Vince Guaraldi score, songs by Rod McKuen.  Cartoonist Charles Schulz at his peak.

J.T.  (1969, CBS)

Inner-city youth (Kevin Hooks) learns compassion taking care of an abandoned alley-cat.  Heartfelt TV drama – the kind they don’t make anymore.  Available on YouTube.

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Cat o’ Nine Tails  (1971, Warner Bros.)

Exciting horror-suspense film by Dario Argento.  Stars James Fransiscus, Karl Malden and Catherine Spaak.

Mysterious murders begin occurring around a genetics laboratory.  (Does a certain type of chromosome lead to violent behavior?)  It’s up to two news reporters (one blind, aided by an orphan girl) to solve it.  Recent uncut version is now available on DVD.  Ennio Moricone’s soundtrack is also available.

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Spanish poster for “Theatre of Blood”

Theatre of Blood  (1973, United Artists)

Vincent Price stars as an egocentric stage actor, presumed dead, who seeks a grisly revenge on his critics.  Perfect casting for Price.

Co-stars a sexy Diana Rigg as his daughter.  Ghoulish, bloody humor not for the faint-hearted.

Theatrical release poster for 1965 US film, "Who Killed Teddy Bear?".jpg

Sal Mineo and Juliet Prowse star in a grisly, psychosexual thriller concerning an obsessed Peeping Tom who becomes homicidal.

Who Killed Teddy Bear?  (1965, Magna Corp.)

Nasty little black & white film about a sexually-obsessed stalker who terrorizes a girl who works in a disco.  Surprisingly explicit for its time.  Some of the film’s techniques would be used later in “Midnight Cowboy” (1969.)  Stars Sal Mineo and Juliet Prowse would both meet unfortunate ends in real life.  (Mineo murdered in ’76, Prowse bitten twice by a leopard in ’87, died later from cancer in ’96.)  Songwriter Al Kasha had better luck, going on to win two Academy Awards.  (“The Morning After” and “We May Never Love like this Again”.)

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The Biggest IDIOT on MSNBC

Not surprisingly, the far-left have decided to mock those warning on the dangers of Jade Helm 15.  (I’d like to see their reactions if Pres. Bush had announced military exercises in seven to ten states, with little reason given.)  Is it all about Martial Law?  Not according to them.  For the Obama-bots, it’s “Business as usual.”  If you see storm-troopers on your doorstep, don’t worry, “It’s for your own protection.”


MSNBC’s Chris Hayes laughed at the idea of a “government that would hurt us.”  Let me show some past instances…

SEIGE on David Koresh and the Branch-Davidians

Total destruction of the Branch-Davidian’s church – 80 people killed – Shot, burned and gassed.  Why?  A revenge killing because the Branch-Davidians fought back against an illegal raid by the ATF.


Japanese-Americans held against their will in gov’t camps during World War II.


Children having almost no food to eat.” Web. 24 Feb. 2012.

Back in the 1950’s, the Federal Gov’t was interested in what would happen if we were nuked, so they fed radioactive oatmeal to retarded children held in institutions, to see what would happen.  Still not convinced?

Property Rights Rankings in Canada | Police State U.S.A. | Table ...

ENCROACHING POLICE STATE.  You would have to be kidding yourself not to admit the recent changes in just the appearance of our men in blue.  What happened?!


How the 9/11 terror attacks unfolded | Telegraph Time ...

9/11.  Even if you believe the official story from the gov’t/MSM, ask yourself:  Did the government protect us on Sept. 11th?

PRISONS.  Many don’t give a damn about what happens to prisoners, but when did American prisons become like torture chambers?  We used to be better than that.

Warning – Graphic Image!

By now, Mr. Hayes would say that the Obama administration has nothing to do with these past offenses.

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Didn’t Obama just apologize for accidentally killing two innocents (Warren Weinstein and Giovanni Lo Porto) with a drone missile?  January 2015.

Didn’t Obama authorize the NDAA?

Obama has stepped up surveillance on U.S. citizens.  (NSA. PRISM.)

Stylized eye.svg


PRISM monitors the following…(from Wikipedia)

Obama has allowed an open-border policy putting all Americans at risk.  It’s already been proven that ISIS has used this to creep in as “undocumented workers”.  (Hillary’s new term is “dreamers”.)

Wal-Mart closings

Wal-Mart closings

Why the sudden closing of five Wal-Marts?  Why has Wal-Mart changed their hours, closing from 12 a.m. to 6 a.m?  (Their explanation:  Plumbing issues.)

Why would Obama chose Texas as the “hub” for Jade Helm?  To rub their faces in it.  Even the Texas governor has voiced concern.

Is Obama targeting those who threaten his power?  Locking up people who stand in the way of a New World Order?  Disarming U.S. citizens?  Gov’t mass murder was commonplace in Nazi Germany, Russia, China and Eastern Europe.  It can also happen here.

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Killing Jesus vs. The Passion of the Christ


Killing Jesus tv logo.png

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Recently, the author of “Killing Jesus”, Bill O’Reilly produced his own version for a TV-movie.  How does it compare with Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ”?

According to O’Reilly, “Killing Jesus” is a “historical account of the life of Jesus.”  That’s strange.  I thought the four Gospels in the New Testament were.  Q.  Where does O’Reilly have the audacity to proclaim his version superior to the Bible?  “The Passion of the Christ” stays true to the Gospel.  “Killing Jesus” does not.  He (O’Reilly) even goes so far as to say that Jesus wasn’t called the “Christ” until after his death.  Untrue.  When Jesus asked his disciples, “Whom do you say that I am?”

Matthew Chapter 16, verse 16:  “And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” 

O’Reilly’s Jesus doesn’t perform miracles, isn’t divine, and wasn’t fathered by God.  According to Mr. O, Jesus was just a regular guy.  There have been attempts at “humanizing” the Son of God before.  There’s nothing new here, except that it’s been added to a long line of books obsessed with death:  “Killing Lincoln, Killing Kennedy, Killing Patton”.  (Jesus Christ was resurrected, the other men weren’t.  HE invalidates death.)

20 Fun Facts About Your Favorite Movies | ViralTide ...   “The Passion of the Christ” stars Jim Caviezel who does a remarkable job.  This is tough movie to watch and it was tougher to shoot.  Sometimes, you have to go through hell to get to heaven.  Favorite scene – “Passion’s” conclusion; Jesus leaving his tomb, a most powerful scene that had me cheering.

Director Mel Gibson did not fictionalize the conflict between Jewish leaders who turn Jesus over to the Romans for crucifixion.  The far left hated this movie because they didn’t know what it was about. If they had ever read the Bible, they’d know it’s accurate.  I’m not surprised Hollywood sought to destroy Mel Gibson.  The entertainment industry is run by Satan worshippers and the Illuminati.


Baphomet aka Satan (the devil)

Bill O’Reilly claims to be a Catholic.  If so, he’s a fallen away one.

The star of his film is Muslim.  What does that tell you?

Most outrageously, O’Reilly acts as if he’s the author, the sole author of the life of Jesus Christ.  Ego like this can’t be described.  I’m sure Mr. O received a lot of money for it.  So did Judas.

Pamela Geller Nearly Killed by ISIS


Pamela Geller


Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi

May 3, 2015, Garland, TX.  Pamela Geller, blogger and head of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, was nearly killed Sunday, by agents sent from ISIS.  The men, armed with assault rifles, were shot dead by a private security guard.  The controversy was over a contest that offered $10,000 to whomever could draw the best cartoon of the Muslim prophet Mohammed.  (Forbidden by Sharia Law.)

Shortly thereafter, the leftist MSM bitterly criticized Ms. Geller saying she provoked the attack.  Ms. Geller countered by saying the First Amendment gives her these rights and that it’s radical Islam who should be criticized, not her.

Citizens, you have witnessed courage in action.  If we had a president like this, the War on Terror would be over very quickly.  Instead, we have an academic theoretician who ignores genocide and – worst case scenario – is one of them.

As for the left, how can they be trusted in a crisis situation?  Time and time again, they prove themselves to be disloyal and weak – without any true conviction.  Only as an angry mob does the progressive-liberal do anything.  Otherwise, they hide in the closet.

The only way to defeat this enemy is to redefine them.  That is, Islam should no longer be called a religion, but a cult.  By this fact, it would lose its First Amendment privilege.

I’m not overstating it by saying we are in a war for civilizations.  If the U.S. doesn’t soon realize that; if we cannot call the enemy the enemy, we have lost.  As long as Americans elect leaders like Barack Obama (and possibly Hillary Clinton), we will be the enemy’s fool.

God, the real one, protected Pamela Geller because she is right.

Jade Helm 15 – Police State Coming Soon



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Even the government/MSM can no longer dismiss “Operation Jade Helm 15” as a conspiracy theory.  It is a fact and it is coming to seven South-Western states:  California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Texas.  (Texas, Utah and a part of Southern California have been labeled as “hostile territories”. 


It begins on July 15 and ends on Sept. 15.

Why the controversy?  It depends on whom you want to believe.

The Jade Helm 15 anagram.

J = Joint   A = Assistant.   D = Development.   E = Execution. 

H = Homeland.   E = Eradication.   L = Local.   M = Militants.

15 = The year 2015.

The gov’t/MSM version of Jade Helm:  It’s a military exercise designed to match the terrain overseas.  (Iraq and Afghanistan do not match the terrain of these seven states.)  And why involve those SEVEN states?  The reason why this is being done is vague.


What is there to expect during this two month “drill”?  “Increased military presence, activities will occur between 11 pm and 4 am, increased aircraft noise at night, individuals may conduct suspicious activities designed to prepare them for complex environments overseas, personnel may be carrying weapons with ‘blank ammo’, some participants will be wearing civilian attire and driving civilian vehicles, clandestine activity with local residents (written and verbal.)  Police have agreed to “link their activity” and are allowing the military to control them.

Soldiers (special ops include the Green Berets, Delta Force, 82 Airborne, Navy Seals and the Marines) will be wearing arm bands.  Does this remind you of something?


The logo’s sword is unmistakably Muslim, a sword placed over two arrows crossed.  Cross = Christianity.  A Muslim sword over a cross.  Hmmm.  And we have a Muslim president.  I wonder what that means?

What is this really all about?



April 2014.  The Bundy Ranch standoff caught the gov’t with their pants down.  They had not expected there to be such a pushback.  This type of American victory will not happen again.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  Training has already begun since March with a disturbing video of a mock drill of citizens being rounded up and taken into custody.



Q.  Is this only a “drill”?  Should we believe in Obama’s government of “good intentions”?

Citizens, we are being set up.  Even if this turns out to be a “military exercise”, this is going far beyond what is normal.  The gov’t wouldn’t be spending all this time, effort and money for training purposes only.

POSSE COMITATUS – The U.S. government shall not use the military to police its citizens.  POSSE COMITATUS REPEALED?  The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA, signed into law by Obama), authorizes the military to arrest and imprison U.S. citizens without charges or benefit of trial, if the gov’t believes you’re involved in civil disobedience or terrorism.  You may be held indefinitely.  (Similar to Gitmo, isn’t it?)

EricReports View – Either right before or during this two month time period, there will be a major event.  (Civil War, ISIS, Ebola, $/banks collapse, political assassination.)  Whatever that event is, the Obama Administration is determined to disarm Americans.  Kiss the Second Amendment good-bye.  (Under Martial Law, you lose your Constitutional rights.)  Many don’t think this will ever happen.  Obama/Kerry have signed into the “U.N. Small Arms Treaty”, banning all private ownership of firearms.  (What does the United Nations have to do with this?)  Did you know that Russian and Chinese troops have been training here in the USA and that these foreign troops may be used as part of the treaty to disarm us?  Were foreign troops chosen, just in case, American soldiers refuse to kill its own citizenry?

Remember shortly after Obama took office, the Dept. of Homeland Security issued a report of those who should be considered dangerous.  No Muslim terrorist were on that list.  Nope.  Those listed were returning veterans, white supremacists, people who oppose the New World Order, people who believe in Armageddon and the last days and right-wing extremists.

Term 2 Obama is when the mask comes off.


Obama quote: “I don’t think people should be allowed to have guns.”

He had planned it this way from the very start.

Some of you reading this may think this is all impossible.  That America will eventually shake off Obama like a bad hangover.  I don’t think so.  This muther is playing for keeps.

Is this the beginning of Martial Law?  It happened before in Boston.


Whatever the event is, real or false flag, it’s got to get the far-left and blacks rioting.  Throw in some Ebola and ISIS.  There’s a real toxic stew.

NOV. 2014 – AARP ad titled “Bath”

AARP ad "Bath"

AARP ad “Bath”


This very symbolic Illuminati ad concerns a woman taking care of her daughter named Jade and her mother with Alzheimer’s.  The commercial starts off with her watching TV.  The sound is faint, but it can be heard.  It’s a news report:  “Riots nationwide have prompted local governments to declare Martial Law.  The President  is asking that citizens find safety and remain calm.  Authorities are working to contain the outbreak.”  (Is this what you would expect to hear in an AARP ad?)

What’s the real purpose for this commercial?  The Illuminati believe they are held blameless if they warn people of an impending event.  There were many warning of 9/11 in films and TV before it happened.  (e.g., “The Medusa Touch”, “Gremlins 2”, “Hackers” “X-Files”, “Godzilla”, “Rugrats in Paris”, “The Matrix”, Terminator 2″, etc.)


Illuminati – Ariana Grande, Madonna, Angelina Jolie, J. Lo., Selena Gomez, Nikki Minaj, Kanye West, Jay Z, Marilyn Manson

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The Illuminati.  Founded in 1776.  A secret ruling class  of self-described aristocrats who owe their allegiance to the devil.  Symbology:  the left eye, the all seeing eye, the eye of the devil, the pyramid with the eye on your $1.  A false religion – Luciferianism.  Goals:  world conquest, world rule, world government.  Eventual global system involving a universal currency and religion headed by the Anti-Christ.  Satanic.

thButterfly “Project Monarch” mind control.


Madonna – 1980’s – 90’s pop star icon.  Pyramid jacket with the eye of the devil.


Madonna Super Bowl High Priestess of the Illuminati

Madonna Super Bowl High Priestess of the Illuminati

Madonna and the dancing devils

Madonna and the dancing devils






Jennifer Lopez – practices black magic “Santeria”.

Image result for images, illuminati, selena gomezuntitled5555

Shhh! - Eyes Wide Shut

Shhh! – Eyes Wide Shut

Nikki Minaj



Nicki Manaj says she’s possessed by a demon named “Roman”.


Kanye West

Top 10 Illuminati Symbols We See In Mass Media Every Day

Jay Z + Rihanna – Illuminati hand signal


Marilyn Manson, who is so evil he defies description.

Marilyn Manson - The Devil Beneath My Feet (Subtitulada al ...

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