Reporter/Cameraman Shot Live on TV by Angry Black Man


Gunman Vester Flanagan aka Bryce Williams shoots and kills reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward. Ward himself films his own murder.


Shooter aims gun at Alison Parker


Shooter fires

Alison Parker and Adam Ward

Alison Parker and Adam Ward

August 26, 2015, Moneta, VA.  WDBJ-TV news reporter Alison Parker, 24 and cameraman Adam Ward, 27 were gunned down by a disgruntled former reporter named Bryce Williams.  (Real name:  Vester Flanagan.)  Williams/Flanagan posted a cell-phone video of the murders on his Twitter and Facebook accounts.  The shooting was also captured on live television.  Williams/Flanagan attempted suicide and is in critical condition.  (He has since died.)  The reported motive for the killings is that Williams/Flanagan believed that Ms. Parker and/or Mr. Ward were racists.  The news station has denied this.

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The New Terrorists

Washington D.C. and the Obama Administration are redefining terrorism – or to use their new words “extremists” and “self-radicalization”.  Terrorism is so 9/11.  Recently introduced Bill HR 2899 attempts to combat terrorism aka “violent extremism” by –
Identifying risk factors!
Seeking out populations that are targeted and those communities that are at risk!
Find information!
Devise a strategy!
Leverage new and existing technology: the Internet and other social media!

If Pres. Obama and his underlings ever get their heads out of their butts, they’d know the real threat is Muslim terrorism. Ever hear of ISIS? Oh yeah, Obummer is now working with those bunch of murdering rapists. Take one look at their faces and you can see why they’re rapists.  Maybe that’s why they always wear hoods and masks.
So if al-Qaeda etcetera are no longer the bad guys, who are?

Dylann Roof

Dylann Roof – Mr. Confederate Flag

Adam Lanza - PhotoShopped Alien

Adam Lanza – PhotoShopped Alien

Timothy McVeigh - Anti-Gov't Poster Boy

Timothy McVeigh – Anti-Gov’t Poster Boy

James Holmes - Orange is the new black

James Holmes – Orange is the new black

Elliot Rodger - Revenge of the nerds

Elliot Rodger – Revenge of the nerds

You’ll notice all five are young, white males. Gun nuts. What a coincidence! How’d that happen?

Prediction: There will be a website blamed for a terrorist event. That website will be taken down, thus causing the domino effect. Soon, all websites that don’t embrace the “new normal” will disappear.  The new terrorists are whomever the government thinks they are and if Obama says the 9/11 hijackers “weren’t real Muslims” and that it was all a “man-made disaster”, well, I’d have to say his definition of a terrorist is anyone who doesn’t think like he does.

How Democrats see the GOP

The mainstream media will be putting their 2016 election coverage into maximum overdrive propaganda mode; meaning, it’s time to convince the public that the Republican Party is…







Thurston Howell III





Too old

Examples: Nixon (evil), Goldwater (dangerous), Ford (clumsy=stupid), Reagan (stupid, uncaring, and dangerous), elder Bush (elitist), Dole (too old), younger Bush (stupid), McCain (too old), and Romney (elitist.)
The basic message of all this is that they aren’t us. Dems see themselves as for the common man – the underdog. When you ask Democrats what has Barack Obama done for average folks, they’ll say just the mere fact that a black man could become president is enough. Nevermind that he has ties to terrorists (Weather Underground, ISIS), didn’t show his birth certificate until 2011, (fake) and sides with the Muslims every single time (Iran, Palestinians, Muslim Brotherhood, Ground Zero Mosque, Benghazi) all that matters is that Obama has the right skin color.
Current Republican frontrunner Donald Trump really has the leftist media in a quandary. He’s saying things that have been on people’s minds for years, but that no one else is saying.  Their candidate Hillary Clinton flounders in e-mail scandals and a charisma deficit.  So be prepared for the MSM to portray Mr. Trump with all six of their GOP slanders.

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The Crow--Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee as Eric Draven in “The Crow”

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Brandon Lee, son of martial arts star Bruce Lee, is on the brink of fame.  Following the success of “Rapid Fire” (1992),


he is set to star in a series of films based on James O’Barr’s graphic novel, “The Crow”. 

Crow ver2.jpg

Coincidently, Lee’s life is similar to the Eric Draven-crow character.  Both are young, rising stars.  Draven is a rock singer (album titled:  Hangman’s Joke) and he’s engaged to Shelly Webster – played by Sofia Shinas. 

Sofia Shinas as Shelly Webster.

Sofia Shinas as Shelly Webster

In real life, Lee is a rising, young actor and he’s engaged to Eliza Hutton.

See the source image

Brandon Lee with fiancée Eliza Hutton

Both men are murdered.

Brandon Lee is shot in a scene when Eric Draven is killed bringing home groceries.  (Note:  This film was destroyed after being examined by the police.  It was re-filmed later using a double.)

The most important piece of evidence in the death of Brandon Lee is a .44 slug removed from his spine.  The autopsy proves that Lee was, in fact, not killed by a homemade blank cartridge or by a metal bullet tip left behind in the barrel of the gun.  The .44 magnum revolver had been loaded with live rounds.  This means murder.

Nevertheless, the mainstream media continues with their “official” story on how Lee was accidently killed on the set of “The Crow” with an ad hoc dummy cartridge and part of a bullet left behind from a previous close-up.  In other words, the MSM is a participant in the cover-up because the media itself is run by those who had him killed.

“The Crow” (1994) is loaded with Illuminati imagery.

Notice the window’s triangle and the eye on top of the pyramid – same as what you will see on the back of a one dollar bill.

Probably the only other movie to have more in-your-face symbolism would be “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” (2009.)

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus Doctor Parnassus DVD Cover


Heath Ledger

“Imaginarium” is another Illuminati film, starring the late Heath Ledger, who (Guess What?) died before its completion.  Ledger’s girlfriend, Mary-Kate Olsen refused to speak with police unless she was granted immunity.  Ledger died from an accidental drug overdose.

olsen twins

The Olsen-Illuminati twins

“Eyes Wide Shut” mask of the Illuminati

March 31, 1993 – The Fatal Scene. 

Actor Michael Massee (Funboy), I believe did not know what was really happening.


Michael Massee as Funboy

He said the scene was changed at the last minute.  He was suddenly handed the gun and told to swing around and fire at Lee when he enters the apartment.  Lee enters, holding two bags of groceries, discovering his fiancée being raped by a gang of thugs.  Funboy shoots, Lee/Draven is shot.  The scene continues with actor David Patrick Kelly as T-Bird.

Movie Beards: T-Bird: "The Crow"

David Patrick Kelly as T-Bird

They argue.  Lee tries to signal that he’s actually shot, but no one hears him.  When the scene is over and he doesn’t get up, the crew realizes what’s happened.  Lee is rushed for emergency surgery, but the damage is done.  He is dead some twelve hours later.

“The Crow” is completed using digital effect and body doubles.  (Another Illuminati theme – twins.)  It’s dedicated to Brandon Lee and Eliza Hutton.

Since then, there have been sequels and a TV-series; however, none has come close to that initial greatness.  Greatness lost at the hands of Hollywood’s death cult – a secret society no one in the media wants to admit exists.

Oddly enough, Bruce Lee’s character is shot in a movie scene gone wrong in “Game of Death”.

The real Bruce Lee, 1973. A double was used in “Game of Death” to complete filming, same as “The Crow”.

The Big Debate – Who Won?

Donald Trump started off the strongest, but it was clear FOX moderators were out to get him by bringing up his insults to Rosie O’Donnell (and all women!) plus four bankruptcies. Trump is not Republican establishment. That’s what FOX wants.
Fox seems to be pushing for Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.
Chris Christie announced that he wanted access to everybody’s Internet and phone records. “I will do anything to keep the public safe!” Rand Paul argued it out with Christie, reminding the audience that this is the man who hugged Obama in 2012. I found this exchange loathsome as it gave Hillary everything she wants – infighting within the GOP.
Dr. Ben Carson came across as the class act. That’s why he has no chance whatsoever. Too bad. I’d love to see Hillary’s face if she had to run against another black man.  In the earlier second tier debate, Rick Santorum impressed me by his sincere beliefs against abortion and Planned Parenthood.  The hidden camera videos have exposed them for what they are:  baby killers.  What else can you call it when a viable fetus-baby is born, then its skull crushed, in order to harvest its organs?  The Democratic Party owns this.  Also, Carly Fiorina could do some damage to HRC’s “I’m a woman!” campaign.
Biggest mistake – Donald Trump said he may pull-a-Perot by running independently. Surely, this would give the Rodham the presidency. He needs to rethink this.

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Cilla Black (1943-2015)


Cilla Black

Singer/UK television entertainer Cilla Black died from a stroke on August 1, 2015. She was best known for her songs hits from the 60’s and 70’s. Most popular were “Alfie” (1966 single version) and “Anyone Who Had a Heart” (1964.)
Most recently, the BBC did a three-part series of her life, titled “Cilla”.  (2014)
She also had two TV series in England; “Blind Date” (similar to the “Dating Game”) and “Surprise, Surprise”.
What I remember from first seeing her on an old black and white TV set is how clear her voice was, how strong and full of emotion. Such a big voice from a small girl. The only other comparison would be Petula Clark.
In the link below, Miss Black recalls recording “Alfie” for songwriter Burt Bacharach. The title song with the memorable opening phrase “What’s it all about? Alfie?” was from a British film about a womanizing cad (Oscar-nominated performance by Michael Caine.) In this clip, Black asks Bacharach, “What are you looking for?” He asks for that “little bit of magic.” Cilla Black gave us that something more I’ll always miss.  (Text © 2015 – EricReports)

Cilla Black recording sessions with Burt Bacharach

Cilla Black sings with Burt Bacharach

FAKES 4 – Ariana Grande, Rick Perry’s glasses, Planned Parenthood, Boy Scouts, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Iran nuke deal, Michelle Obama


Ariana Grande quote “I hate America, I hate Americans.”  Grande spits and licks do-nuts meant for public consumption, later explaining that she was “fat-shaming” us.  Leftist idiot.


I can count to 2!

Rick Perry’s glasses – Obviously designed to make him look smarter.  They’re not working.


Agent for Planned Parenthood makes a deal.

Planned Parenthood is caught selling baby body parts for profit on hidden camera.  “It’s all done for scientific research!”  Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, when asked, have said they still back Planned Parenthood 100%.


Boy Scouts – Now admitting gay scoutmasters.  This bad joke writes itself.


Hillary’s logo looks similar to the WTC falling.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  Mrs. C’s 2016 presidential run may go down in history as the worst ever, which is strange considering she may still win among the brain-dead.


Iran nuke deal.  Obama’s charge that “This will keep us from war,” is a fraud.  America is still a super-power.  Why is Iran telling us what to do?  Probably, Obama’s worst foreign policy blunder.


Michelle Obama, once again, has a penis gaffe, inadvertently showing off her/his manhood on the “Ellen” show.

Iraqi Christians Refugees Jailed by the Obama Administration

US President Barack Obama gestures for tText © 2015 – EricReports

San Diego, CA.  According to the “O’Reilly Factor” on FoxNews, twenty-seven Iraqi Christian refugees seeking asylum among family members in the U.S. were denied entrance.  Instead, they have been placed in prison by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) because the Obama administration said they don’t have the manpower to deal with them.  This, from the President who opens our borders to everybody, granting millions blanket amnesty?  The twenty-seven who managed to escape the onslaught of ISIS have by now discovered what all thinking Americans know.  Barack Obama is on the side of ISIS and he is controlling them.  To be frank, I’m surprised Obama didn’t send them back to Iraq, so he could watch them be burned and beheaded on YouTube.

Citizens, now is the time to act.  If this doesn’t prove what I’ve been saying all along, what does?  I ask that you phone the White House at 202-456-1111 or 202-456-1414 and demand that Pres. Obama grant emergency refugee status to these twenty-seven heroes.