Cultural Appropriation

The elitist-white-liberals have another cause to add to their lengthy to-do list on how to save the world.  It’s called “cultural appropriation”, i.e., when the wrong race (usually white) takes another cultural identity, using it for their own purposes.

Examples are:  When the wrong (offending) race wears the wrong clothing, eats their food, uses their slang, listens or imitates their music.  (What the left deems unworthy of them.)

My question is:  What happens when other races misappropriate white folks identities?  Answer:  Nothing.

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Above photos: A shocking example of cultural appropriation.  Obama as his real Muslim self and then Obama stealing his new identity.

I am offended when non-Republicans use the Internet, created by Nixon’s Defense Department in 1969.  That is why I am asking all of you who don’t agree with me to stop using your computers and Smart phones.  You are misappropriating my identity.

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The REAL Enemy

North Korea, Iran, China, Russia, Islamic terrorism.  Who is our worst enemy?

Since the election of President Donald J. Trump, we’ve seen the rise of the radical left going by different monikers:  ANTIFA, SJW’s, BLM, Democratic-Socialists, et al.  What it all boils down to is COMMUNISM.  (A word that the MSM won’t say anymore.)

Yes, the far-left are going full Commie-mode, not realizing they are sinking any chance of winning the General Election in 2020.

There are a number of presidential candidates for ’20 – most are pretenders, looking to make a name for themselves and steal money from gullible donors.

Who will the actual nominee be?…

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Image result for Joe Biden Girl FeelingImage result for Joe Biden Girl Feeling

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Most likely sex pervert Joe Biden with Pocahontas as his running mate.  A losing team if there ever was one.

Trump will win bigger in 2020 – including the popular vote.

In the past, there were waves of far-leftism.  Back in the late 60’s-early 70’s, they protested the Vietnam War.  Those who refused to serve said it was “an unjust war”, “political” and “a civil war”.  Or was it because they were…

Post 9/11.  The far-left has an alignment with Islam.  They say they just want to coexist.  You cannot coexist with someone who wants to kill you.

I’ll tell you something.  Of all our enemies, there’s nothing worse than a traitor.  And that’s what these duplicitous, pseudo-Americans are.  Judas-Fucking-Traitors.

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Luke Perry Illuminati Sacrifice

Image result for ILLUMINATI On Feb. 27, 2019, Fox announced that after nineteen years, they’re bringing back “Beverly Hills 90210” and on that same day, the former star of it, Luke Perry has a fatal stroke.  What are the odds of that happening coincidently?

Luke Perry (last role as Archie’s father in “Riverdale”)

In Satanic Hollywood, to insure the success of a forthcoming project, there must be a blood sacrifice.  Luke Perry had refused to be in the new version of “Beverly Hills 90210″…therefore, he was expendable.  The choice was made.  Don’t you find it a little unusual for a healthy 52 year old to die from an old man’s affliction?  There are supernatural forces that can cause this to happen.   We live in a supernatural world.


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