There’s no doubt Trump will be re-elected President on Nov. 3, 2020.  Whomever he runs against, whether it be the quasi-Jew-atheist Communist-Socialist Bernie Sanders…

Bernie Sanders


Pete Buttigieg officially launches his 2020 US presidential bid - BBC News

…the fag, Mayor Pete Buttigieg


“Alzheimer’s” Joe Biden…


Pure Evil — pastorwardclinton | Arlin Report

or the Great Satan Hillary Clinton…

…they will go down in defeat.

That’s not the problem.

What is – is the radical left.  They must be destroyed.  Following Trump’s victory, a knife must be stuck through the heart of the Democrat Party.  The far-left want to kill President Trump.  There are opens plans for revolution.

This is the time for Republicans to crush those who threaten the life of our President.

Turn off your television.  When the left take to the streets (as they always do), meet them.  When they become violent (as they always do), annihilate them.

The fanatical Communist-Socialist-progressives are used to the do-nothing “nice” Republicans.  Let the nice ones stay at home.  It’s high time to teach the Democrats a lesson they will never forget.

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They’re After Blood

Biden: Immigration 'about dignity' - POLITICO

“I lost in Iowa because of white people. Most white farmers.” Former VP Joe Biden

The Democratic Party has begun a racist policy against Caucasians – the white race, especially white men.  You could say this began under Obama.  (A joke unto itself.  He is half-white.)  The left for political reasons, would say that if you didn’t vote for Obama, you were a racist.  That, in fact, if you were a Republican, you must be a racist.

Since Trump’s 2016 victory, the white-haters have ramped up their rhetoric.  Thus began what they called “white privilege”.  This despite the free ride “people of color” get for being a darker skin tone.  The free ride of affirmative action, food stamps and gov’t housing.  Now, it has spread to illegal aliens.  (“Undocumented workers”.)  Illegals have all the privileges of a natural born American citizen – and more so.

AOC’s latest: Only Nazis oppose open borders

AOC quote, “Immigrants are more American than those who seek to keep them out.”

These foreigners are getting freebees – fee food, shelter and gov’t handouts while our homeless starve on the streets.  While Trump’s policies have improved the situation, somehow he is always thwarted by the braying, loud-mouthed, hateful, left who never met an immigrant they didn’t like (including the 9/11 hijackers.)

Worst of all is ANTIFA…

Bombshell: Antifa met with ISIS, planning terror attacks during 2018 midterms | | Media Equalizer

The so-called “anti-fascists” are nothing but cowards in hooded masks.  (Where did they steal that idea from?  The KKK?)  ANTIFA will be the Democratic Party after they lose against Trump in 2020 and believe me, they’re gonna lose big time.

Citizens, that is why we must mobilize against this terrorist group before it becomes an army.


As in Charlottesville, ANTIFA must be crushed.  The MSM speaks of this event as if it was the worst thing that ever happened.  You know why?  Because they got their ass kicked.

Who was responsible for the violence in Charlottesville? Here's what witnesses say - LA TimesWhat you need to know about antifa, the group that fought white supremacists in Charlottesville ...

But, in other circumstances, when these armed thugs brutally attack unknowing bystanders, the MSM pretends it never happened or they blame it on Trump’s rhetoric.

Mark my words.  If the right doesn’t stop the left in their tracks – and I mean soon as in this year – it will no longer be safe to walk the streets.

Good people, I’m talking about self-preservation.  The Socialist Communist “progressives” aren’t playing games.  They’re after blood.  Maybe, yours.

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On Feb. 15, Democratic candidate and former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that he would “consider” choosing failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as his running mate.  A few days later, Mrs. Clinton said she would accept if Bloomberg became the nominee.


It’s no secret that if the leading candidate hasn’t enough delegates at the Dem Convention, it may become a brokered convention.  Ordinarily, you would think the candidate with the most delegates would automatically become the nominee – however – the DNC, which helped steal the nomination away from Sen. Bernie Sanders in 2016, will most likely do the same in 2020.  Pundits are already predicting Bernie Sanders doesn’t have the 1,990 delegates to qualify.

Are the primaries merely a charade?  Will the DNC choose their own favored candidate, i.e., Bloomberg/Clinton?  And why would Bloomberg be crazy enough to trust Clinton knowing her past?

 Actor James Woods commented on Twitter…

“When the only thing separating #HillaryClinton from the presidency is your heartbeat, start writing your will…”
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Buttigieg: CIA Plant

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Mayor Pete Buttigieg, sometimes called “the man who came from nowhere” is currently the front-runner for the Democratic nomination for the Presidency of the United States.  How is that possible?  Upon further examination, it appears that Mayor Pete has friends in high places.


The Military Industrial Complex

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Buttigieg worked with the CIA in Afghanistan

VP Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren. the two establishment front-runners are falling in the polls.  Now, it’s a neck-and-neck battle between Sen. Bernie Sanders (a Communist) and Buttigieg, (a homosexual.)

It’s well known the DNC doesn’t want Sanders, believing he can’t win against incumbent Pres. Donald Trump.  Or is Buttigieg a spoiler, deliberately running to stop the Sanders nomination?

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Iowa Caucus-Buttigieg Bribery – Clinton’s Sabotage

Feb. 4.  Iowa caucus results were delayed due to a faulty phone app which malfunctioned.  Eventual results were inconclusive with only 68% of the votes counted.  The current leader – self-proclaimed “winner” Mayor Pete Buttigieg – also happened to donate $42,500 to the company which created the defective app – “SHADOW, INC.” 

Some of Hillary Clinton’s former campaign staff were involved in the creation of the company behind “Shadow, Inc.” (aka “Hillary for America”.)

The DNC (who doesn’t want the probable choice Sen. Bernie Sanders), will finalize the remaining 32% of the vote.

Have Buttigieg and Clinton worked out some kind of backdoor deal?  If Buttigieg is the nominee will he owe her complete access to his presidential campaign and if he wins, the White House?

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