Dr Fauci Funded Lab that Created Covid (Video)

It will go down as the joke of the century that Dr. Anthony Fauci, who according to the MSM was “the most trusted man in America” in regards to what we, the public, should do about the Covid-19 outbreak.  Maybe, someday in the future (100 years from now), when the truth can be told, it will be revealed that China, the Democratic Party and Dr. Fauci used germ warfare to win the 2020 General Election and defeat former President Donald Trump.

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Empty Suit Biden

As WWIII encroaches, the U.S. finds itself in a very dark place.  Let me state emphatically – the war in Ukraine would not have happened if not for our humiliating departure in Afghanistan.  Half-a-year later, Russia invades Ukraine.  See the connection?  Why wouldn’t they, if America can’t handle a third-world ass-backwards Muslim hellhole like Afghanistan.  You know the rest.  The thing of it is, if Trump were President. this war would not have happened.  Putin knows Biden is an impotent clown.  He’d be foolish to wait for a real president.

Biden blames our inflation on Putin.  The same inflation that’s been around for a year.


Currently, we have a presidency run by committee:  Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the Obamas, Valerie Jarrett, et al.  Why?  Because feeble-minded Biden allows it.  Third term Obama or first term Biden, (whichever you want to call it), is a dismal failure.  Things are so bad, Dems are already planning on what to do if Trump is re-elected.

For the meantime, what does this mean for fake Pres. “Sleepy Joe”?  He’s been president for a year and two months and it already feels like eight.

2022.  Mid-terms look like a blowout with the Republicans taking back the House of Representatives, maybe the Senate.

The DNC knows Biden is a huge liability.  His usefulness was to get rid of Trump in a stolen election.  Now what?

How do they plan to throw him under the bus?

Three Possibilities

One.  Remove Biden with the 25th Amendment.  The only problem is:  this proves the Republicans were right about him.  Dems hate admitting they’re wrong about anything.

Two.  Allow Biden to run again.  Can you imagine it?  It would take every drug imaginable to get him to do a half-way credible job of campaigning.  (Or are they going to hide him in the basement again with a planned resurgence of Covid?)

Three.  Biden passes away by natural causes (and please don’t notice the odd, Bob Saget-like circumstances of his death.)

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The fake black Vice-President.

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“This isn’t about freedom” (Vax Mandate)

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Fake Pres. Biden has announced a new mandate:  forced Covid-19 vaccinations for all major business employees, gov’t and health care workers.

How many of us saw this coming?  I myself wrote an article in this blog a year ago.   https://ericreports.com/2020/09/06/mandatory-vaccine/

The most striking quote from Biden’s speech:  “This isn’t about freedom or personal choice.”  He admits it.  We’re taking your freedom away from you.  Loud and in your face.

Let me ask:  How come not one famous person has died from the Covid vaccine?  And yet thousands of ordinary people have?  Could it be that well known people are getting a different vaccine?  One that doesn’t endanger your health?

Actor/former Gov. of California Arnold Schwarzenegger said on CNN:  “Screw your freedom.”  The former Terminator just want his life to go back to normal.

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Here’s the thing.  Covid-19 is here to stay.  It’s not going away.  If you vaccinate every human being on earth, it will still be here.  But, those who are vaccinated are putting out the false premise that if everybody gets vaccinated, it will go away.  In other words, they’re lying.

The MSM has ramped up their “get the jab” propaganda with TV and Internet commercials.  New media states “You’re a murderer” if you don’t get the shot.  The biggest joke of all:  vaccinated people can still get sick and die.  And guess who the MSM blames.  The unvaccinated.  They don’t blame China who started the disease.  They don’t blame the drug companies for creating a faulty vaccine.  They blame the unvaccinated, even though vaccinated people can still transmit Covid-19.

Why do they say the vaccine is safe, when it isn’t  It isn’t even a real vaccine.  It’s an RNA-invader, an attempt to alter our bio-chemistry.

Additionally, Biden’s forced vaccine program is unconstitutional in every sense of the word.

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