Biden’s Hawaii Visit — Another Disaster

The mollusk-brained Biden visited Hawaii to oversee the worst disaster in U.S. history.  His out-of-touch behavior further proved we have no President.  Just a husk of  the what is the worst kind of politician.  A pathetic “flim-flam man”.  It is divine justice that Biden’s brain is fading out fast.  The MSM knows it, of course.  They are relying on die-hard Democrats to not care who is in office as long as it’s one of them.   Biden can’t relate to the common man, although he pretends to.  Folks in Maui lost everything and our faux President compares his small kitchen fire twenty years ago to the devastation that has destroyed a city.

Lahaina destroyed because an Obama official didn’t want to use water to put out the fire because water is sacred. Fire alarms and sirens weren’t used because “they’re for tsunamis.”

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