Blacks Riot

Minneapolis erupts into riots, following the death of George Floyd by police.  Burning, looting and violence reign supreme.  Whatever good will the black community had is now gone.

Both the Mayor and the Governor have failed to act.  President Trump has threatened to call in the National Guard.  What are they waiting for?  This type of criminal behavior wouldn’t be tolerated – except when it comes from blacks.  And this has been going on for decade after decade since the 1960’s.

I thought or assumed that when Trump replaced Obama, this kind of sanctioned violence would come to an end.  Was I wrong?

Trump must act and he must act as soon as possible.

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Police Kill for Control

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Minneapolis, MN.  On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, 47, was arrested for trying to pass a bad $20 bill.  During this arrest, Floyd was pinned down by Officer Derek Chavin, 44, with his knee pressed down on his throat.  Witnesses state that Chavin held him down for nine minutes, while Floyd said, “I can’t breathe,” fifteen times.  Bystanders tried to tell the police that he was killing him to no avail.

The police have tried to cover themselves by saying Floyd “resisted arrest”.  There’s no evidence of this on the video.  Police also said he died on the way to the hospital.  Not true.  Floyd was asphyxiated in plain view, lying in the gutter.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey announced May 27 that Officer Chavin would be arrested for murder.  Chavin has had a dozen complaints made against him in the past.

This story invites comparisons to the Armaud Arbery case.  There are major differences.

The MSM reported that George and Travis McMichael hunted Arbery down while he was jogging.  This is not what happened.  Arbery got caught prowling a home under construction.  There is video evidence proving it.

The McMichael’s were following him in their pickup truck.  Soon after, Arbery began attacking Travis on the side of the road, trying to take his shotgun away from him, while punching him in the head.  Both George and Travis shot him down.

In hindsight, the McMichael’s should not have followed Arbery, but they have a defense – self-defense.

Police officer Chavin’s life was not in danger when he killed Floyd.  I suspect once he realized Floyd was dead, he had to pretend he didn’t know.

What will be the findings?  Will Chavin go free because he’s a police officer?  Will the McMichael’s be found guilty because they’re not authority figures?

The MSM has painted both stories with the same broad brush of racism.  They’re wrong.  It’s the story of a bad cop and of two guys who got carried away trying to protect their neighborhood.

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(Video is posted at the end of this article.)

What really happened on July 15, 2017 to Justine Damond is beginning to make sense.  For those who recall it, this was a 40 year old woman who was shot to death in her pajamas by a Muslim-Somali cop in Minneapolis.  Just prior to them arriving, she had phoned 911 TWICE.  The police were late and they were lost.  When they finally showed up, Ms. Damond was probably agitated.  This may be why she slapped the back of the patrol car.  Next, she spoke with Officer Harrity.  This is where the missing piece of the puzzle is.  What did she do to make Officer Mohammed Noor shoot her three times?  Harrity said she was only talking with him.  Noor said, Damond startled him and that she caused it by the way she acted.  Question:  Is this just cause for killing someone?

Video is by MrLTavern on YouTube, which is not affiliated with EricReports.

Police Blame Justine Damond for her own Death

sign mocking police

Minneapolis police investigators have stated that “A woman” meaning Justine Damond slapped the back of the police car arriving for her 911 complaint.  Shortly thereafter, “the female became deceased in the alley”, but it’s unknown to them how it happened.  Gee, maybe the Tooth Fairy did it.

The real killer, police officer Mohammed Noor still refuses to release an official statement; however, the new police chief stated they are not to blame.

Noor’s partner, Officer Harrity has said, Noor inexplicably fired three shots into Damond’s stomach, killing her on the scene.

The Minneapolis Muslim community has rushed to Noor’s defense saying the fact that he’s a immigrant Muslim from Somalia had nothing to do with it.

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MUSLIM IMMIGRANT COP MURDERS WOMAN – Police “afraid” of loud noise

Murderer Mohammed Noor, victim Justine Damond

July 15, 2017, Minneapolis, MN.  For no apparent reason, police officer Mohammed Noor shot and killed Justine Ruszczyk Damond, who was giving information to his partner Officer Matthew Harrity on the whereabouts of a possible rape nearby.  Harrity was “stunned” when Noor opened fire on the woman wearing pajamas.  Australian Damond, age 40, was a meditation/yoga instructor who was engaged to be married.  Noor, a Somali immigrant has had three formal complaints, the last being for assault and battery on a woman.

Q.  What was the real motive for this killing?  That a woman appeared “uncovered” and Noor carried out his own version of Sharia Law?  That Ms. Damond wasn’t wearing a bra?  That she dared go outside in “skimpy” attire?  A.  If so, Noor should be put on trial, and if found guilty, executed.  If I was in charge, it would be done already.  Instead, the mayor and the police chief (both women, if that means anything) have issued weak useless statements.

The MSM have looked for any way to exonerate Noor, now saying “a loud noise frightened them”  and “they thought it was an ambush.”  Bullshit.  If the police are afraid of loud noises, they shouldn’t be police.  The alley was well lit.  You cannot open fire on someone just because of a loud noise.  Also, there is the “she startled them” theory which is crap.  Ms. Damond was already in a conversation with Harrity.  How could she have startled them?

What does it take for the public to actually do something and destroy the enemy within?

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