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January 8 – January 20, 2021.  Pres. Trump is stripped of all military powers by Gen. Mark Milley and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.  This is based on the supposed belief that Trump would start a war to stay in power.  (Pelosi had been attempting to do this for some time.)  In other words, the so-called “insurrection” of Jan. 6 really occurred on the 8th – by Democrats.  Treason and sedition.  But, you’ll never hear about it on the facist MSM.

Leaders Hoped to Avoid Crisis at End of Trump's Presidency: Book |

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Gen. Milley

All of this happened over the stolen election of 2020 which, according to the Dems/MSM was “the first honest, above-board election with no cheating in U.S. history.”

Ballots in Pennsylvania Were Found in the Trash. They Were All Votes for Trump.

Ballots found in trash – all were votes for Trump in Pennsylvania.

When dim Dems lose, it’s because of “disenfranchised voters” i.e., minorities not allowed to vote.  No explanation as to why or how.

Since Biden took control, many have asked “Who’s running this country?”  The answer is, not one single person, but which group helped establish Barack Obama as a presidential candidate?  THE WEATHER UNDERGROUND aka THE WEATHERMEN.  (A domestic terrorist group known for bombing federal buildings.  Their intent?  To destroy the USA from within, then rebuild it as a Communist superstate.  Obama, a closet America-hating, foreign born, Islamic fundamentalist, was perfect for them.)

IHTM - Hmmmm. This Weather Underground's terrorist logo seems sort of familiar

If we had a real press, Obama would’ve been investigated and never allowed to run.  His connections to the founder this terrorist group -Bill Ayers – can’t be disputed.  Ayers would ghostwrite Obama’s autobiography “Dreams of My Father”.

Biden Obama - The Federalist

2021:  Fake Pres. Joe Biden has picked up Obama’s mantel.  

In just a short eight months, America has begun its rapid decline.  Inflation, recession, border crisis, millions of illegal aliens flooding in, a lost war in Afghanistan, arming the Taliban, forced vaccinations and Dems spending trillions of dollars in a pork-barrel scam:  the Green New Deal.

Republicans think they’re going to turn this around in the next elections.  How?  If the Dems stole it in 2020, what’s going to stop them in 2024?

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TRUMP 2024?

Trump wants to run again. Will he?

Six months into the failed Biden Administration (inflation, taxes, Syria bombing, disastrous G7 summit, gun control, immigrants swarming thru the border), former Pres. Trump is already holding rallies and appearing on TV, hinting he may run again.  What does this mean?

Three and a half years from now, will he run against Biden, Kamala Harris, or if rumors persist, Nancy Pelosi?  Yes, if Biden dies or is declared incompetent and Kamala Harris foreign-born parentage invalidates her, Madame Pelosi could step in becoming the 47th President.

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The current President and the two women who want to be president.

Democrats haven’t stopped pursuing Trump – going after his family, lawyers and associates.  The new Socialists know they can’t succeed on their record.  They can only attack.

Trump’s loyal followers, perhaps 40% of Americans, know Biden and the Dems stole the election.  What will be done about it next time?

Years ago, I warned if there was no voter I.D. card, the Dems would steal it and they did through fraudulent mail-in ballots.  Do the math.  Biden overwhelmingly won every swing state with unverifiable mail-in ballots which popped up out of nowhere in the middle of the night. See the source image

Both parties know it.  The Supreme Court knows it.  Congress knows it.  The MSM knows it.  Those who voted for Donald Trump know it.  Why was nothing done to stop it?  [With the exception of the January 6th March to Save America.]

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January 6, 2021

Former Pres. Bill Clinton was asked why he had an affair with Monica Lewinsky.  HIs response:  “Because I could.”  Democrats knew they could steal the 2020 General Election and get away with it.  Who would report otherwise?  Even Fox News betrayed Trump.

2024 is a long way off.  Dems fear and hate Trump.  The big question:  Will he be allowed to run again?

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Accidental President

Our fake President Biden has been in office for less than two months and there’s already talk he won’t last the year.



Only scripted speeches and a CNN interview best left forgotten.  Biden often seems confused and befuddled – hardly able to run a country.

Is First Lady Jill Biden acting as President?  Obama’s people?  What about Kamala Harris, another phony who was 1% in the primaries?

There are rumors she will eventually step up and declare Biden incompetent  with the 25th Amendment.  You’ll remember Nancy Pelosi test-ran this on Pres. Trump in January, saying our real president was “dangerous” and was about to launch a nuclear war.

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My guess is the powers-that-be planned it this way all along.  Harris was forced on Biden as VP.  (Why would he pick her after she called him a segregationist?)  And, like Obama, Kamala Harris can’t be criticized unless you’re a “racist-sexist-Nazi”.

The Democrats have already seized power by stealing the General Election.  What’s to stop them from getting rid of Biden and putting in who they really wanted all along?

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Plot to Impeach Trump

Despite Pres. Trump being out of office, Democrats still seek to impeach him.  Why?

Nancy Pelosi Was in Tears After a New Poll Revealed Horrible News

The Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has stated it is to make sure Donald Trump never runs for public office again.

Trump is charged with leading an insurrection on January 6 by making a speech.  No evidence was found in that speech about invading the Capitol; however, Dems, have said that it was issued in “code”…and that a Trump voter would know that’s what he really meant.

'This is crazy': AOC says 'casual tornadoes' are a new threat to the country - The Elder Statement

Funny side-note: AOC, who wasn’t there at the time, lied, saying she feared for her life.

We’re really down the rabbit hole on this one.

The left hate Trump so much they’re delusional.  These people now run our country.  Does that make you feel safe and secure?  If so, how about Pres. Alzheimer’s?

dementia Archives -

In truth, the left are afraid.  Afraid, because for the first time, God’s people rioted and crashed through the gates of their temple.

Citizens, my greatest hope is that January 6th happens again.  If it does, I will be there and we will finish the job.

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Invalidate Unsolicited Ballots

Earlier this year, the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and the DNC used the corona-virus as an excuse to print millions of mail-in ballots to voters who had not requested them.

Legally speaking, if you receive something you didn’t ask for, it does not entitle you to use it, for example,  a driver’s license or medicine.

What if mail-in ballots were sent to a foreigner, a non-resident or a felon?  Are they suddenly allowed to vote?  Of course not.

Unsolicited ballots cannot be trusted.   By their very nature,  they are wide open to voter fraud.   All seven states where President Trump was winning on Election Day were turned around by mail-in ballots.

That is why the Supreme Court must declare any and all of these ballots as an illegal vote and must be deducted from the final vote count.

A California judge has already ruled on this.

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Time of Lawlessness

July 17, 2020, Portland, OR.  DHS arresting out-of-control protesters at the Federal Court Building.

How did the MSM report this?   Trump was blamed for sending in officials who arrested those “exercising their First Amendment rights.”  Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called them “storm-troopers” aka Nazis.  

Why are the Dems embracing violence?  Because they think it reflects badly on Trump and that come November, people will blame him for not being able to deal with it.

Also, the “Sunday, Bloody, Sunday” theory.  If the President is able to get the military to open fire and kill these anarchists, all hell will break loose.  The MSM will go berserk, saying “The President is murdering innocent protesters!”  (By the way, if Trump actually did this, it would ensure his re-election.)

The silent majority – the real Americans – as I call them are sick and tired of seeing their country torn apart.  They want a strong president who crushes his opponents.  I believe, sooner or later, some of the BLM and Antifa members will have to be killed in the name of public safety.  The so-called “revolutionaries” will not stop at the big cities.  Next, they will come after the suburbs.

What then?

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The gutless, cowardly left, the Communist-Socialist-Progressive-Democrats (or whatever else their calling themselves this week), have aligned themselves with the worst elements of radical Islam.  If you were watching the mainstream media (MSM), when Iran fired missiles at American bases in Iraq, you would’ve seen their true color:  yellow.  Shuddering, shaking, trembling voices, cowering in fear that Iran was coming to get them – “And it’s all Trump’s fault for actually doing something!”  The left are so used to Obama’s method – paying off the bully – that when a real American President takes decisive military action, it makes them pee their panties.

Soon after, you had them wishing for a long protracted war (like Iraq), so they could have something, anything, to run against.  [If we had a war, it should be a one-day nuclear war, where we wipe them off the map.]

Disappointed Democrats, (disappointed that millions of people didn’t die), have instead seized on the idea that the shoot-down of a Ukrainian passenger jet was Trump’s fault because he killed Gen. Soleimani in the first place.  (How’s that for convoluted logic?)  That’s right, anytime something bad happens, “It’s Trump’s fault.”

Leftist newspapers have severely criticized the President for killing Soleimani, calling the dead general:  “revered, a symbol, a leader among leaders.”

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said Trump “attacked Iran’s sovereignty” and that he should have asked her permission first.  The President responded that if had, the Democrats would’ve leaked it.  What does that say about the “donkey party”?  (Text © 2020 – ERN)

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Trump’s Last Chance

President Trump calls Nancy Pelosi an “ass-hole.”

On Dec. 18, 2019, the Democratically-controlled House of Representatives voted to impeach President Trump on the charges of “Abuse of Power” and “Obstruction of Congress”.  These charges are not listed as “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” in the U.S. Constitution.  Trump’s opponents had to invent new ones, making them up as they go along.

What we have here is an attempted left-wing coup on the Executive Branch.  They never accepted Donald Trump’s 2016 victory and they never will.  They know with the poor list of contenders they have, the 2020 General Election is lost.  They admit it.  This obscene, illegal, unconstitutional vote will go down in history for what it is – a flagrant use, to use their own term, of an “abuse of power.”

The whole impeachment itself is based on a fallacy; i.e., that the President tried to have a foreign power (Ukraine) investigate a political rival (Joe Biden.)  The phone transcript names his proposed investigation into HUNTER BIDEN, NOT JOE BIDEN.

What should Trump have done and what must he do now?

First of all, it was a mistake to release the phone transcript with Ukraine’s Pres. Zelensky.  That phone call should have been declared “CLASSIFIED”.  (Whatever the contents, the Dems could use it to impeach the President – and they did.)

See the source image   Secondly, Adam Schiff should be charged with perjury for lying about the contents of this phone call.

See the source image  What the Dems did, was to turn the tables on Trump.  The Ukrainian investigation into Hunter Biden, (the wrongdoer) suddenly changed.  He became the victim.  We are living in an upside-down world where everything is reversed.

Trump’s legal defense was weak.  He should fire personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani.  Now is the time to hire the greatest legal minds in the country, if not the world.  He certainly has the resources.  There can be no mistakes.  No second chances.

See the source image  Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is attempting to delay the Senate trial in hopes of re-opening the investigation.  This must be stopped.  NOW.  This is in violation of the 6th Amendment: “the right to a speedy trial”.  His due process rights were already trampled by the House.

Why is she doing this?  Because it is considered a “slam-dunk” for Trump to win in the Senate.  Take nothing for granted… the Never-Trumpers, the deep-state swamp, Mitt Romney, et al, are all possible obstacles to Trump’s acquittal.

The President is taking his argument to the people.  That’s good, yet not enough.  Hunter Biden, Adam Schiff, even Hillary Clinton need to be investigated and charged with federal crimes.

All of this impeachment garbage can and will be traced back to Hillary Clinton, who wants to run again.  I hope she does.  I want to see her face when she loses.

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