Tate Massacre

On August 9, 1969, the inhabitants of 10050 Cielo Drive were slaughtered by the Manson Family.  Who did it and what were their motives?

The executioners themselves:  Charles “Tex” Watson”, Susan Atkins and Patricia Krenwinkel were on a mission to kill.  They personally did not know their victims.

Charles Manson, Tex Watson, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel

Charles Manson did.  He met actress Sharon Tate four months earlier.  He’d been looking for record producer Terry Melcher.  The house was now being rented by film director Roman Polanski and his wife actress Sharon Tate.

Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski

At the front door, Manson was rebuffed, then rudely sent away by an associate.  There was enough time for Sharon to come to the door and ask who it was.  There, they would meet.  Tate’s only comment later on was “Who was that creepy guy?”

Charles Manson and his tribe of castoff hippies lived at the Spahn Movie Ranch in Death Valley.  Manson had been out of prison for two years – a habitual criminal who’d spent his life stealing, pimping and assaulting others.

EXCLUSIVE: Charles Manson Dead: His teen girl victim speaks out - Crime OnlineInside Spahn Ranch: The place the Manson Family called home

What set Manson off to become a mass murderer?  His heroes were the Beatles   He felt they were sending messages to the psychically-attuned, especially with the White Album.  According to Paul McCartney, “Helter Skelter” is about a rollercoaster.  “Helter Skelter is coming down.”  Manson interpreted it as a near-future race war, so he planned to set it off by his own killing spree.

Image result for beatles white album helter skelter

Mixed up in all of this is “Charlie’s” quest to become a rock star.  Manson thought his music would rocket him to stardom.  The closest he came was with his song “Cease to Exist” retitled “Never Learn Not to Love” sung by the Beach Boys.  Beach Boy Dennis Wilson befriended Manson, then escaped from him when he realized what a dangerous character he was.  (Manson threatened to kill him when he changed the title of his song and took writing credit.)

'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' ile Yeniden Gündeme Gelen Manson Ailesi Cinayetleri Hakkında Kan ...

Wilson’s friend Terry Melcher heard Manson sing previously and wasn’t impressed.  Like Hollywood folks do, he gave “Charlie” a false promise to keep in touch.  His broken word led Manson final proof to his rejection by the establishment.  No fame, no riches, no groupies, no movie or TV show appearances.

I suspect when Miss Tate saw her future executioner, she gave him a look – a look of disapproval.  All this added to the paranoid, schizophrenic, drug-fueled rage of the Manson Family.

ADAM 'S VIEW: pig by andreas lonn

Roman Polanski by the door where “PIG” is written in his wife’s blood.

Grave Spotlight - Steve Parent

The first victim was Steven Parent, who was there to pick up a radio from the caretaker, William Garretson.  A classic case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring shortly before the murders.

Jay Sebring, hairstylist to the stars and former fiancé of Sharon Tate.

Abagail Folger would have inherited the coffee empire, if she had lived.

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Wojtek Frykowski, Polish friend of Roman’s Folger’s lover.

See the source imageSee the source image Actress Sharon Tate, best known for “Valley of the Dolls” and “The Fearless Vampire Killers” (both 1967.)  She was eight and a half months pregnant with the sixth victim, often unmentioned.

As bad as the killings were, Charles Manson wanted them to be much worse.  The plan was for “Tex” Watson to tie them up with rope, hang them up from the rafters and butcher them like hogs.  Instead, Frykowski and Folger would squirm free from their ties, while Watson was killing Jay Sebring, who protested the treatment of Tate.  Sebring is shot, his face kicked in, then stabbed.  Sharon’s face is slashed by Watson.  Frykowski makes a break for the front door, where he is caught, and repeatedly stabbed.  Likewise, Abagail Folger attempts to run out by the pool, but is viscously stabbed, her white nightgown turned crimson red.  Sharon asked to be taken hostage or at least be allowed to have her baby to no avail.  Susan Atkins, who holds Tate, sitting on the couch, tells her, “Look bitch, you’re going to die and I don’t feel a thing about it.  You’d better get ready.”  With Sharon the only one left, they tire of her pleas for life and stab her to death.  There is some panic because the lookout Linda Kasabian tells them she hear someone coming.  Watson tells Atkins to write something in the victim’s blood.  She writes “PIG” on the front door.

Autopsy diagram for Sharon Tate

Sharon Tate’s sister, mother and husband at her funeral.

Since then, Manson has become a counter-culture hero among the far-left, appearing on magazines, books, records and films.  In a sick way, he achieved his dream of fame.

Charles Manson and His 'Family': Photos of a Murderous Cult | Time.com

Manson died in prison at the age of 83. (2017)

In 1971, Manson and his family were found guilty of murder, punishable by the death penalty.  This was reduced to life in prison.  I ask, if this crime isn’t worth the death penalty, what is?

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The Haunting of Sharon Tate

The Haunting of Sharon Tate poster.png Fifty years after the murder of actress Sharon Tate, “Hollywood Babylon” releases a docudrama focusing on the final days and the final horrors of her life.  Starring co-producer Hilary Duff, the film mythologizes Tate, theorizing how she supposedly had a premonition of the “Helter Skelter” murders of August 1969.  The ghoulish proceedings of the Manson clan have been documented before in “Helter Skelter” (1976, 2004) and “The Manson Family” (2003.)  If this movie was meant to be about Mrs. Sharon Tate Polanski, why not show more of her life prior to her grisly end?

Her six films span from 1966 to 1969…


Probably her best performance was as Odile de Carey in “Eye of the Devil” (1966.)  Sharon nails down her British accent perfectly, has an air of forbidden mystery and works well with her costars (David Niven, Deborah Kerr, David Hemmings and Donald Pleasence.)  The original title “13” forecasts some of the bad luck that would befall it.  The original star, Kim Novak, was forced to quit after a horse-riding accident.  (She had already filmed three-quarters of her performance.)  MGM, prior to release, cut down its length, causing gaps in the storyline.  The film did not receive good reviews and wasn’t a financial success.

“Don’t Make Waves” (1967) stars Tony Curtis and Claudia Cardinale.  Sharon appears as “Malibu” seen mostly in a bikini.  Afterward, regarding the publicity, Sharon refers to herself as “sexy little me.”  Her new image:  a free-spirited sex-symbol.

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The Fearless Vampire Killers or Pardon Me, But Your Teeth are in My Neck” aka “Dance of the Vampires” (1967.)  Sharon meets director Roman Polanski, beginning an affair, ending in marriage.  FVK has garnered a loyal following throughout the years, especially for the original director’s cut (known as the “European Version”.)  Producer Martin Ransohoff  (also Sharon’s agent) would re-edit and re-dub the film to Polanski’s rage who swore never to work with him again.

“Valley of the Dolls” (1967.)  Based on Jacqueline Susann’s runaway bestseller, what could go wrong?  Plenty.  VOTD still remains on many worst film lists of all time.  The author didn’t like it either; saying she downed some Seconals after seeing it.  First of all, casting Patty Duke as “a great singer” doesn’t work because she can’t sing.  Her performance as Neely O’Hara is off-kilter.  (Duke blamed director Mark Robson, who antagonized both her and Tate.)  What remains is a sweet, sad performance by Sharon as Jennifer North, a doomed starlet.  Barbra Parkins also stars as the classy Anne Welles (partially based on Susann herself.)

“The Wrecking Crew” (1968.)  Last of the Dean Martin-Matt Helm spy series.  Sharon costars as Freya Carlson, Matt’s klutzy assistant.  She received good reviews for her comedic skills.

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The 13 Chairs aka 12 + 1 (1969.) Odd European comedy with Vittorio Gassmann. Odd because it isn’t particularly funny.  Sharon was pregnant during filming, which the director tried to hide.  Few people have seen this.  Orson Welles has a small role.

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Shortly before her death, Sharon gave Roman a copy of “Tess of the d’Urbervilles” in hopes of casting her.  The 1979 Polanski film is dedicated to her memory.

Most people know that on 8-9-69, the “Manson Family” (Charles”Tex” Watson, Susan Atkins and Patricia Krenwinkel) would ruthlessly butcher Sharon Tate and her unborn child, Jay Sebring, Wojciech Frykowski, Abigail Folger and Steve Parent.  The official motive was that Charles Manson wanted to set off a race war where the white establishment would be defeated by black militants.  In turn, Manson and his family, would rise up from out of the desert and take control of his new kingdom.

The more likely modus operandi:  Charles Manson wanted to be a rock star.  The closest he came was writing a song for the Beach Boys.  (“Cease to Exist” re-titled “Never Learn Not to Love”.)

Manson met record producer Terry Melcher, who listened to his music, pretended to like it, gave him a false promise of some sort of record deal, then never spoke to him again.

The house Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski lived in was formerly Melcher’s.  Manson went looking for him there and was rudely turned away.  Tate and Manson briefly exchanged looks.  Later, Sharon commented, asking, “Who was that creepy guy?”

The murders were more of a message, not only to Melcher, but to the Hollywood establishment.  “This is what you get for ignoring me.”

“The Haunting of Sharon Tate” has limited showings only in New York City.

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Polanski’s Komeda

Krzysztof Komeda vol.14.jpg Krzysztof Komeda was best known as the composer for the early films of director Roman Polanski.  His life was cut short by a fatal accidental injury which took his life on April 23, 1969.  Some called it part of the “Rosemary’s Baby” curse.   //ericreports.com/2016/02/04/curse-of-rosemarys-baby/

The first time I heard one of Komeda’s scores was in MGM’s “The Fearless Vampire Killers” (Or; Pardon Me, but Your Teeth are in my Neck (1967.)  In this dark-humored farce, Polanski (as Alfred) is irresistibly drawn by the beautiful charms of Sarah (Sharon Tate.)  The music is a quasi-baroque theme matched perfectly by the ironic conclusion.

Next, Paramount’s “Rosemary’s Baby” (1968).  Like Hitchcock, Roman Polanski inserts comedy among the grimmest of circumstances.  The opening lullaby (composed by Beethoven) is sung by Mia Farrow, eerily foretelling the proceedings.  (Plot:  A chic Manhattan couple find themselves amidst a coven of witches in the famed Dakota apartment building.)

Komeda’s last work was for “Riot” (1969), starring Jim Brown and Gene Hackman.  The director was Buzz Kulik.  Komeda wrote the music for “100 Years”.  Lyric by Robert Wells.

Who knows what direction Roman Polanski’s films would’ve taken if his favorite composer had lived?

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Is the Illuminati Driving Kevin Spacey to Suicide?

The Illuminati controls the film industry. Some are deeper in it than others.

Oct. 29, 2017.  Actor Kevin Spacey is accused of trying to grab a young actor named Anthony Rapp at a drunken Hollywood party.

Nov. 2, 2017.  Kevin Spacey is accused of attempted homosexual rape.

Nov. 4, 2017.  Kevin Spacey is fired from the “House of Cards” television series.

Nov. 8, 2017.  Kevin Spacey’s role in “All the Money in the World” is cut from the film.  He’s replaced by actor Christopher Plummer.  Additionally, his finished film on Gore Vidal is denied release.

Kevin Spacey had reached the pinnacles of success, winning two Academy Awards for “The Usual Suspect” (1995) and “American Beauty” (1999.)  Suddenly, everything is crashing down around him.  Why?  In his case, he has outlived his usefulness for the controllers known as the ILLUMINATI.  Offending them in some way, he is now going through the HUMILIATION RITUAL.  Generally, this ritual doesn’t go so far.  It’s unlikely his career will recover.

Robin Williams and Kevin Spacey (below) use the same Illuminati hand signal.

See the source image  In 2014, Robin Williams committed suicide.  The MSM (also controlled by the Illuminati) explained it all away, blaming it on mental illness.  This was confirmed by his wife and Illuminati handler Susan Schneider.   Image result for robin williams wife,   Robin Williams had become unreliable; unreliable in the sense that whatever he knew about this secret organization, troubled him to the extent that he took his own life, at the behest of others.

Image result for romAN POLANSKI, ILLUMINATI Director Roman Polanski’s wife and unborn son were killed in 1969, plus a statutory rape charge in 1977.  Charles Manson himself rhetorically asked, “How does an unknown Polish film director become world famous?”  “Rosemary’s Baby” and “The Ninth Gate” were about the secret cabals of Satanism.

Rosemarys baby poster.jpgNinth gate ver3.jpg

There are some who said Polanski’s wife Sharon Tate wanted out of the Illuminati.  Too little, too late.

Image result for kevin spacey, illuminatiKevin Spacey has reached the depths of despair.  If his death occurs, will this be another sacrifice to the ruler of Tinseltown:  Satan?

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Curse of Rosemary’s Baby

Rosemarys_baby_posterWho runs the world?  What if you were told there were a coalition of Satanists, behind the scenes, masquerading as our benevolent caretakers.  Would you believe me?

Back in 1968, Paramount released “Rosemary’s Baby” (based on Ira Levin’s novel), directed by then up-and-coming film director Roman Polanski.  The movie would become a phenomenal hit, the title a catchphrase everyone understood.  Some forty-eight years later, it’s still viewed with morbid fascination.

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The Dakota Building aka “The Bramford”

Director Roman Polanski claims he doesn’t believe in the devil, yet the opening and closing sequences are shot from the devil’s point-of-view as he hovers over Manhattan.

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His wife Sharon Tate was cast as an extra in the party scene.  She was murdered while pregnant on August 9, 1969.

 The mysterious apartment building known as “the Bramford” is really “the Dakota” where John Lennon was shot to death on Dec. 8, 1980.  (Dec. 9th in Liverpool – #9.)

Book connections:  “All of Them Witches” isn’t a real book, but is used as a device to warn Rosemary.  The movie is meant to take place in 1966.  In 1999, Polanski would direct another Satanic film titled “The Ninth Gate”, about a book that is able to bring forth the devil.  1933 – 1966 – 1999.  33 degrees.

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Tony Curtis (who appeared with Tate in “Don’t Make Waves” a year earlier) does a voice-over as Donald Baumgart, an actor who goes blind from a witch’s curse.

Krzysztof Komeda vol.14.jpg  Composer Krzysztof Komeda who wrote the eerie score died a year later from a brain injury.

    Robert Redford lost the role of Guy Woodhouse due to legal reasons.  John Cassavetes was cast instead.

  Mia-Farrow-Rosemary's-Baby-1968 (4) Tuesday Weld lost the role of Rosemary Woodhouse because Paramount preferred Mia Farrow.

Image result for mia farrow, frank sinatra  Frank Sinatra divorced Mia Farrow because she refused to quit the film, so she could appear with him in “The Detective” (1968.)  She was replaced by Lee Remick.

Image result for ruth gordon Ruth Warrick was the only major Oscar winner (Best Supporting Actress.)

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Roman Polanski would go on to even greater fame for “Macbeth”, “Chinatown”, “The Tenant”, “Tess” and “The Pianist”.  (Academy Award winner for Best Director – 2002.)  He is forced to live in France because of his 1977 arrest for unlawful sexual relations with a minor.

The novel and movie alludes to a network or witches living in New York.  In the finale, the baby Adrian “the antichrist” is visited by devil-worshippers from all over the world.  The baby itself isn’t shown and his mother Rosemary seems ambivalent.  Today, he would be of age.

The mainstream media will never acknowledge the Luciferian agenda:  a New World Order born from the United Nations, i.e., a world dictatorship.

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