Most people don’t see it.  America has been infiltrated.  Back in the 1960’s-early 70’s, subversive elements cropped up before.  Back then, it was dealt with.  Not today.

There could be a myriad of reasons.  During the Obama Administration, he replaced and installed his own kind of social justice into the military echelons, the FBI, the CIA, the judicial branches and the police.

Foreign billionaire interests (George Soros, et al) are also pulling the strings on what the fake news MSM calls “organic demonstrations”.

Years ago, I said BLM (Black Lives Mater) was the most dangerous domestic org.  (Add Antifa.)

As I write this, Republicans seem unable to stop this wave of manic violence sweeping across our country.  Instead, they try to deal with it.

Here’s a good lesson… the Mayor of Seattle Mary Durkan, wrote on her Facebook in regards to CHOP aka CHAZ.  “Seattle is fine.  This is what democracy looks like.”  By the end of June, protesters surrounded her house making their demands.  Guess what happened the very next day?  CHOP/CHAZ was dismantled by the police.  Gone.

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“CHOP” is gone and good riddance.

You see, when the revolution comes into your own back yard, it’s no longer “democracy”.

Pres. Trump’s election is on the line.  Voters didn’t elect him to stand by and do nothing.  Now is the time for action.

Text © 2020 – ERN

Seattle Takeover

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“CHAZ”: a left-wing shit hole.

Anarchists have claimed six square blocks of Seattle, WA as their own city within a city.  Fault goes to the Seattle police who abandoned their station, so as to “avoid a violent confrontation.”  Cowards.  Chicken-shit cowards.

The leftist driven mobs were aided by a leftist mayor and governor who refuse to stop them.

President Trump, as of this writing, has failed to act.

What must be done?

The President should declare a national emergency.  Send in the troops.  What is he waiting for?

The government’s failure is proof of what happens when the radical left overtake the system.

They (these anarchists) should be removed or they should be killed.

(C) 2020 – ERN