Stacey Plaskett’s threat against Trump?

Virgin Islands delegate Stacey Plaskett said on MSNBC’s “Sunday Show with Johnathan Capehart”, that former President Trump “needs to be shot.”  Then, reversed herself by saying “stopped.”  (This was in reference to Trump formerly having had the “nuclear code” and top secret information at his Mar-a-Lago residence.)

Now most of you reading this will say it was a Freudian slip or a slip-of-the-tongue.  Or was it?  Does the deep state have those kinds of plans for our former President?  As I’ve stated in numerous articles in the past, the Illuminati will put out hints of a coming disaster before it happens.

It’s pretty obvious by what’s happening right now.  A sitting President is trying to take down his political opponent in the next election with espionage charges…  While all the while Biden is surrounded by acts of political corruption, mental decay and his son’s laptop computer containing enough information to sink the Titanic.

Citizens, 2024 will be a turning point for the USA.

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