DEBBIE REYNOLDS DEAD – “She’s gone to be with Carrie”

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12/28/16. The last of the MGM movie stars: Debbie Reynolds died Wednesday from a stroke – one day following the death of her daughter, Carrie Fisher. Miss Reynolds was 84. Her films include “Singin’ in the Rain”, “Tammy and the Bachelor”, “The Unsinkable Molly Brown”, “The Singing Nun” and “That’s Entertainment”. Todd Fisher (son of Debbie and Eddie Fisher, brother of Carrie), issued the headline quote. EricReports prayers are with their family.

YouTube video is from the pleasebringmeback channel.  (“Tammy”:  her only #1 gold record.)


Some random thoughts on 2016…

Election Day 2016: Live News and Updates - NBC NewsDisbelief at Hillary Clinton Headquarters as Trump Wins ...  Election 2016.  Donald Trump squashed Hillary Clinton, the 1970’s  women’s lib throwback who never goes away.  Who can forget election night?  The three hour MSM gap when they refused to call any state for Trump.  The talking-heads left stunned.  HILLARY TURNING CHICKEN, unable to face her audience.  Relish those moments, America.  One of the turning points of the election was when Hillary referred to Trump voters as “a basket of deplorables”, showing her contempt for the common man.

Image result for images, muslim terrorist attack The usual Muslim terrorist attacks.  Brussels, Orlando, French truck attack and more.  Islamic maniacs swarm over Europe, spreading rape and violence everywhere.  Obama imports 10,000 right here to the USA.  Angela Merkel has single-handedly turned Germany into a nightmare.  I pray to God this woman is voted out of office in 2017 and forced to live in a Muslim ghetto.

  Facebook/Twitter use Chinese style censorship rules regarding controversial news and opinions.

  WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange proves the DNC rigged the primary election for Clinton instead of Sanders.  Head of DNC Debbie Wasserman-Schultz forced to resign.

Image result for images, prince Prince dead.

Supreme Court Judge Scalia found dead with a pillow over his face.  No autopsy.

Image result for pizzagate  Pizzagate.  Labeled “fake news” by the MSM.  “Pizzagate” came from leaked emails (courtesy of WikiLeaks) and HRC’s campaign manager John Podesta.  [i.e., a code linked to possible child molestation and sex trafficking.]  The Clintons being indirectly involved.  It is alleged some of this activity occurred at “Comet Ping-Pong Pizza” in Washington, D.C.

Beyonce_Super_Bowl_Screenshot_600_by_400-600x400  Beyoncé Super Bowl Satanism.

See the source image  Social Justice Warriors.  Oh, you precious snowflakes.  What would we do without you?  Your purple-pink hair, your endless selfies, your love of socialism, your hatred of white men, your intolerant tolerance.

Image result for images, lena dunham ugly Lena Dunham.  Stupidest quote of the year:  “I haven’t had an abortion, but I wish I had!”

See the source image  Transgendered bathrooms for those who don’t know which sex they are.

  Robert DeNiro went out of his way to trash Trump, saying he’d like to punch him in the face and called him a “mook”.  Time for him to go to the old actor’s home.

Image result for images, miley cyrus illuminati Celebrities moving to Canada…NOT!

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 Los Angeles, 12/27/16.  Actress/writer Carrie Fisher died today from a massive heart attack.  She was 60 years old.  She had been publicizing her latest book, “The Princess Diarist”.  (Now, a #1 bestseller.)  Dec. 23rd –  On a return flight from London, she suffered a heart attack, en route to L.A.  Witnesses state she was “unresponsive” to CPR and stopped breathing for as long as ten minutes.

Fisher’s most well-known acting role was as “Princess Leia” in Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.  She had just completed work in “Star Wars – Episode VIII“.  Fisher had complained that filmmakers had demanded she lose thirty pounds for the role in recent years.  Whether this contributed to her death is unknown.

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2015 ad with Carrie Fisher

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George Michael dies in his sleep.

Oxfordshire, England.  Dec. 25, 2016.  Pop star George Michael was found dead on Christmas Day.  He was 53.  Cause of death is being listed as “heart failure”; however, no autopsy has been performed yet.  Michael’s greatest success occurred in the 1980’s and 90’s, beginning with “Wham!” (with Andrew Ridgeley) and as a solo artist.

Last Movie Roles – Part 1

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Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe

The Misfits (1961.)  A group of “losers” discover the meaning of life near Reno, NV.  Troubled production.  Monroe and husband/screenwriter Arthur Miller divorced immediately after.  Clark Gable died from a heart attack before it hit theaters; M.M. died in ’62 from a drug overdose; possible suicide.

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Elvis Presley

Elvis on Tour (1972.)  Rock star Elvis Presley finally found his niche doing documentaries, this being his follow-up  to “Elvis – That’s the Way It Is” (1970.)  Amazing use of split screens; well edited by then newcomer Martin Scorsese.  Won a Golden Globe for “Best Documentary”.  Elvis died five years later in Graceland.

James Dean

Giant (1956.)  James Dean was the hottest new star in Hollywood when his aluminum sports car smashed itself into oblivion on 9/30/55.  He received his second Oscar nomination for Best Actor as Jett Rink, Rock Hudson’s nemesis in “Giant”.

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Jayne Mansfield

The Wild, Wild World of Jayne Mansfield (1968.)  1950’s blonde bombshell Jayne Mansfield still managed to earn a living doing nightclub appearances and independent films.  This “mondo”-style documentary (filmed shortly before her death) is narrated by a female impersonator and ends with her car accident.


Picture taken in “death car”.


June 29, 1967


Sharon Tate

12 + 1 (aka The 13 Chairs, 1969.)  Nearly unknown European comedy starring Vittorio Gassman and Sharon Tate.  Not particularily funny and the two lead actors didn’t like each other.  Miss Tate was murdered on Aug. 9, 1969 by the Manson “family”.  (Written about in “Helter-Skelter” – 1971.)

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Sharon as “Pat”.

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Dorothy Stratten

They All Laughed (1981.)  Model/actress Dorothy Stratten was just starting out – this being her third picture after “Autumn Born” and “Galaxina”.  1980 seemed like her year – she was chosen as “Playboy’s Playmate of the Year,” until she got caught up in a love triangle with director Peter Bogdanovich and her husnand/manager Paul Snider.  Snider killed her and himself on Aug. 14, 1980, probably while they were discussing their impending divorce.  Cause of death:  a shotgun blast to the face.

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Dorothy with Peter Bogdanovich

See the source image

Paul Snider

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Mame (1974.)  Based on the famous Broadway musical, starring Lucille Ball, who most know can’t sing.  ’74 was also the year “Here’s Lucy” (1968-1974) was cancelled.  A bad luck year for that “wacky redhead”.  Lucy died on 4/26/89 from a torn artery.

The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu (1980.)  Actor Peter Sellers had finally found fortune again in the mid-to-late 1970’s.  (In the “Pink Panther” film series and as Chauncey Gardiner in “Being There” (1979.)  He completed his life’s work with this strange, obscure comedy which ends with him doing an Elvis impersonation.  Mr. Sellers died from a heart attack on July 24, 1980.

Image result for imAGES, utopia, laurel and hardyImage result for imAGES, utopia, laurel and hardy

Laurel & Hardy in “Utopia” (1950.)  Weird French comedy, badly dubbed, starring that great comedy team Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.  Language barrier further complicated this misunderstood venture.  A few scenes shine through.  Mr. Laurel died from a heart attack on 2/23/65.  Mr. Hardy died from cerebral thrombosis on 8/7/57.


Larry Fine, Moe Howard, and Joe DeRita

Kook’s Tour (1970.)  Rarely seen “3 Stooges” pilot of them touring the countryside.  Unique travelogue could’ve worked, except the “middle stooge” Larry Fine suffered from a stroke and was placed in a retirement home.

VIVIEN LEIGH B&W SHIP OF FOOLS PHOTO OR POSTER | Vivien ...  Vivian Leigh in “Ship of Fools” (1965.)  Former Academy award winner for “Gone with the Wind” and “A Streetcar Named Desire”.  Her final award was the “L’Etoile de Cristal for “Ship of Fools”.  (lead performance)  Leigh died from tuberculosis on July 8, 1967.


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ISIS Truck Attack in Berlin/Assassination in Turkey

Image: Policemen investigate the scene where a truck ploughed into a crowded Christmas market in the German capital last night in Berlin

Breitscheidplatz Christmas market attack

Dec. 19, 2016, Berlin, Germany.  An Islamic terrorist murdered twelve people Monday, by crashing a stolen truck through a crowd of Christmas shoppers.  The man is one of Angela Merkel’s “refugees”.  Merkel can be compared to Hillary Clinton, another insane politician intent on bringing down Western civilization.

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Istanbul, Turkey.  While making a speech at a photo gallery, Russian diplomat Andrei Karlov was shot to death by an off-duty policeman screaming “Allahu Akbar.”  Three others were wounded.  The assassin was killed by police.

This occurred days after Pres. Obama promised retribution on Russia for “interfering with U.S. elections.”  No word yet from the MSM on the coincidence.  There is also no doubt this was an inside job.

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Team Hillary Won’t Admit Defeat

December 19 marks the date the electoral college votes in Donald Trump as President-elect.

Now, that the Jill Stein recounts (funded by Soros-Clinton) have failed, Democrats have moved on to the Russian hacker conspiracy theory.  Without any proof of evidence, Pres. Obama claims that the Russian gov’t (directed by Putin) hacked into DNC computers.  Supposedly, these hackers shared this info with WikiLeaks, swaying the election.  Why is Obama’s claim B.S?

julian-assange-seth-rich-feature One.  WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange has already named SETH RICH as the leaker.  (Murdered on July 10, 2016.)

Two.  Hillary Clinton voters weren’t swayed by Wikileaks.  They had already made up their minds to put a woman, that woman, in the White House.

Three.  Obama won’t show anything that in any way proves his theory.  (Those in the CIA/FBI that agree are doing so only to keep their jobs.)

What we have is a last minute attempt to overthrow an election.  GOP electoral college voters have been threatened with death.  What does that tell you about their opposition?

hqdefault  A group of Hollywood actors (mostly has-beens, some unknowns) are pleading with Republican voters not to vote for Trump.  If so, they will become “heroes” and gain their “respect”.  Why would anyone want respect from a bunch of overpaid, Communist liars?  What is the point of an election, if at the last minute, electoral college voters vote the other way?  What about the will of the people – the American public?

I ask, what if Hillary Clinton had won the election?

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And then, what if Donald Trump voters marched the streets, set fires, and attacked people of another skin color?  What if they called for recounts?  What if they claimed hacking from foreign governments?  What if they called Hillary Clinton names on the MSM and made up filthy jokes and vile threats on the Internet?

God…what did America do to deserve Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton?  What terrible sin?  When will Americans turn away from  evildoers who pretend to be good?

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Democrats, it’s time to eat your sandwich


Despite the most low and underhanded efforts of those trying to overturn the election, it is time for all you Democrats to eat your shit sandwich.  Take a big bite.  It’s gotta last you for at least four years.  Yes, you cry-baby motherfuckers, you trash professional students, you pot-smoking old farts, you MSM suck-offs, you devil-worshipping globalists.  Eat your shit sandwich and like it.  Why?  Because real Americans were forced to eat it for eight years, while a spoiled rotten, red diaper doper baby, Marxist Muslim bastard, wrecked havoc here and all over the world.

Before Obama, we had no ISIL and ISIS.  We had no Islamic Europe.  We had no “white privilege” or “Black Lives Matter”.  We didn’t have Muslim training camps in all fifty states.  We weren’t waging war in Syria and Libya.  We hadn’t had shootings in Orlando and San Bernardino.  We didn’t have a nationwide gay marriage law.  We didn’t have a President praying to Allah three times a day in secret rooms in the White House.

Regardless of all that, left-wing academics are all shook up that Obama is leaving.  Where is Mr. O going?  Comet Ping-Pong Pizza?  I’ve heard he hangs out there.  Maybe, he can have lunch with Hillary.

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Sandy Hook vs. Columbine

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December 14 marks the fourth anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.  I’m sure those who watch the MSM news will be bombarded with a lot of anti-gun propaganda.  Before you swallow their bile, I ask that y0u compare it with a real shooting:  Columbine High School – 1999.


Image result for images, columbine school shootingImage result for images, columbine school shooting

There is ample evidence of what happened there.  What about Sandy Hook?

Why did their security cameras go missing?  Where are the crime scene photos?

Why are there so many crisis actors?

Image result for images, sandy hook torn down Why was the school torn down?  (Columbine wasn’t.)

Image result for images, sandy hook, false flag, obama  Why did Pres. Obama give the middle finger when he first spoke about it?

Image result for images, sandy hook, false flag Why are so many family members laughing and smiling?

iu8VV25IS0 Why are two gunmen seen running away into the woods?

See the source image Why are Adam Lanza’s photos digitally-altered to make him appear older and insane?

Image result for images, sandy hook, false flag Why is there a video of police running into the wrong school?

Image result for images, sandy hook, false flag Why is the one photo taken of a small number of kids being evacuated?  Where’s the rest?  (Is this a fire drill photo from the previous year?)

Image result for images, foreign troops seen at sandy hook  Why were foreign troops seen and heard that day?

See the source image

Obama gives his secret middle finger.

Is Newtown a haven for Satanists?  Why is there so much witchcraft in their background?

At the funerals, why were all the children’s faces unseen?

Was this a CIA “black ops” designed to enforce a nationwide gun ban?

Was this, in fact, a test to see how the public would react to a staged event?

2016 marked the year when many eyes were opened to extreme brainwashing techniques of the MSM in order to get Hillary Clinton elected.  The MSM, who oversampled polls and believed their own fake news.  Likewise, they will continue pushing their agenda and defaming those who prove they are liars.

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1e3da-brainstorm  Science-fiction drama starring Christopher Walken, Natalie Wood, Louise Fletcher and Cliff Robertson.

SYNOPSIS – Inventors of a device that records thoughts, experiences, and emotions, lose control of it through sinister government forces, who use it for covert military ops.

Most of Brainstorm was filmed in 1981, then delayed release to 1983 because of Natalie Wood’s death mid-production.  She had finished all, but three scenes which were re-filmed without her.  It was also a comeback for Cliff Robertson, who had been blacklisted for reporting check forgery by then-head of Columbia Pictures, David Begelman.  Ordinarily such publicity might help a film make money.  In this case, it didn’t.  Brainstorm wasn’t the hit MGM hoped for; however, it’s become a cult favorite, being Miss Wood’s final effort.

Image result for images, brainstorm 1983  It’s also a rarity, being one of the few films Chris Walken isn’t an insane psychic or murderer.  He’s well-played as Dr. Michael Brace who helps invent the new wonder machine,

 ..but it was Louise Fletcher, who received most of the good reviews for her role as Lillian Reynolds, who records her own death.

Image result for images, brainstorm 1983, natalie wood  Natalie Wood is Karen Brace (wife of Michael) who designs the headphones for recording thought.  It’s sad, of course, seeing the final performance of what they used to call a real movie star.  (We don’t have any more.)  At age 43, she’s still beautiful and it’s not surprising the film is dedicated to her in the final credits.

The director is Douglas Trumbull, famous in his own right for his special effects work in “2001”.  Without Trumbull, the film would never have come to fruition.  MGM wanted to dump it after Wood’s unexpected drowning.  Trumbull convinced them not to and completed it against difficult odds.   Film also anticipates IMAX during the “Brainstorm” mind recordings  – filmed with widescreen 65mm film.

Image result for images, brainstorm 1983

The Score – Music Composed by James Horner, who became more famous for his Oscar-winning score for “Titanic”, 1997.  (Another sad note; Horner died last year while piloting an experimental plane.)  He was only thirty when he composed Brainstorm, a remarkable achievement at any age.  Soundtrack is played by the London Symphony Orchestra – the sound is excellent.  He integrates piano interludes thru Karen’s character.  (Wood plays piano onscreen.)  Ear-catching themes during the computer sequences.  Effective use of a boy’s choir and the haunting final music is chilling.

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2016 Election isn’t over yet

Hillary Clinton, who is obviously behind these sickening recounts, wouldn’t be wasting her time on something that appears to be a pathetic, last-ditch effort to win the election.  Why is she doing it?

Assuming by Dec. 19, the “hand-count”, which she prefers is still going on, Donald Trump doesn’t become President-elect.  (This also assumes they find a court corrupt enough to allow a bogus recount.)  Jill Stein, who won less than 1%, shouldn’t be allowed  to contest it, as she didn’t receive the required 5% to qualify.  She also has no chance of winning and no proof of voter fraud.  Money talks however.

Worst case scenario?  The election isn’t certified and goes before Congress.  There’s no guarantee they’ll back Trump and Hillary’s lawyers will say she won the popular vote.  (Look for the “Never Trumpers” to come back out of the woodwork.)  Yes, as insane as this may sound, HRC still has a chance at stealing the presidency.

Opinion:  If Hillary Clinton is elected President, I’d be the first to call for a civil war.  Would you call HRC’s coup d’ etat anything else but treason?  Why won’t this power-mad, hagged-out bitch just go away?

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PROOF Hillary Clinton had Brain Surgery!

Photo CAT scan of Hillary Clinton’s brain.  Video is by Webtech Vidzette.  “Hillary Clinton’s Parkinson’s – Her Deep Brain Stimulator.”  (Device implanted in her brain to control seizures and symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.)

The Recounts (this is what Donald Trump gets for being Mr. Nice Guy)

President-elect Trump courted disaster by playing it nice following the election.

Nov. 10 – He met with Obama, humbled.  Yes, the Marxist-Muslim President who created ISIS, who helped ruin Europe, who downgraded our military, who gave Iran billions of dollars NOT to build a nuclear bomb (which they are anyway) and dumped untold thousands of Muslim “refugees” into the U.S., is suddenly worthy of “honor and respect”.

Nov. 13.  The ill-advised “60 Minutes” interview. Host Leslie Stahl looked at Trump the way women look at a dead bug.  He looked out of his depth and it was a bad impression to the public.

Nov. 20.  Trump announces he probably won’t hire a special prosecutor for Hillary Clinton.  That’s not my idea of draining the swamp.  Make no mistake – Hillary Clinton is observing all this.  What does she see?  Strength or weakness?

Dec. 1.  The recounts from Green Party’s biggest loser Jill Stein begin.  Is there anyone out there who doesn’t know Stein is Clinton’s proxy?

Donald Trump has to do what he did in the second debate.  Take control.  Reverse his decision not to prosecute Clinton.  He didn’t get elected for being nice.

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“Death Wish” review

Image result for images, 1974 death wish

Paramount, 1974

Back in the dog days of Watergate and the near end of the Vietnam War, “Death Wish” caught the public’s attention.  It ran in theaters for a whole year.  Can you name any recent films that ran that long?

Although novelist Brian Garfield condemned the film – it made no difference to the public.  “Death Wish” would make its star Charles Bronson into a superstar.  (Spawning four sequels.)

PLOT – Married couple Paul and Joanna Kersey are on their second honeymoon – their last happiness…

Image result for images, 1974 death wish, hope lange

After returning to NYC, Kersey’s wife is killed and his daughter raped in a home invasion robbery.  Kersey happens to be a pacifist, a “conscientious objector” who served as a medic in the Korean War.  He still remembers how to handle a gun.

His revenge on muggers is gradual, but on the mean streets of New York, it doesn’t take long before he becomes known as “the vigilante, a hero to ordinary citizens.

What makes Death Wish special?

Michael Winner Picture  Direction by Michael Winner is slick, professional, potent.  Despite being forty-two years old, this movie is not dated.  The initial attack is savage and disturbing, foreshadowing what’s happening today.

 Star Charles Bronson was a tough guy in real life.  (Former coal miner and WWII Vet; winner of the Purple Heart.)  Not like the limp-wristed punks in films today.  Bronson appears quiet and intelligent.  It’s great to see him take on the scum of the streets.

Image result for images, 1974 death wish, hope lange Co-star Hope Lange (at the time) was well known for her roles in movies (1950’s-60’s) and had finished starring in TV sitcoms “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” and “The New Dick Van Dyke Show”.  That’s why it was all the more horrific when she’s attacked by then unknown actor Jeff Goldblum.  Image result for images, 1974 death wish

Herbie Hancock 2013.jpg Score by Herbie Hancock is almost futuristic, a sound that keeps it fresh and exciting.

In conclusion.  Novelist Brian Garfield thought the character of Paul Kersey shouldn’t be made into a hero.  I suspect the thought behind this is that this behavior causes imitators.

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A-Hole of the Year

Image result for images, jill stein, recounts and money

2016’s Asshole of the Year: Jill Stein

Awarded for prolonging the most torturous election of all time, for getting Democrats hopes up, for infuriating Trump voters, and for stealing money from those dumb enough to give it to her.  Obama and Bernie Sanders have even shunned this recount.  Hillary Clinton, who should be in prison for mishandling top secret documents, is relishing this last bit of misery.

Image result for images, jill stein, recounts

“You ask for the recounts…and keep all the money that goes unused.”

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