2016 Election isn’t over yet

Hillary Clinton, who is obviously behind these sickening recounts, wouldn’t be wasting her time on something that appears to be a pathetic, last-ditch effort to win the election.  Why is she doing it?

Assuming by Dec. 19, the “hand-count”, which she prefers is still going on, Donald Trump doesn’t become President-elect.  (This also assumes they find a court corrupt enough to allow a bogus recount.)  Jill Stein, who won less than 1%, shouldn’t be allowed  to contest it, as she didn’t receive the required 5% to qualify.  She also has no chance of winning and no proof of voter fraud.  Money talks however.

Worst case scenario?  The election isn’t certified and goes before Congress.  There’s no guarantee they’ll back Trump and Hillary’s lawyers will say she won the popular vote.  (Look for the “Never Trumpers” to come back out of the woodwork.)  Yes, as insane as this may sound, HRC still has a chance at stealing the presidency.

Opinion:  If Hillary Clinton is elected President, I’d be the first to call for a civil war.  Would you call HRC’s coup d’ etat anything else but treason?  Why won’t this power-mad, hagged-out bitch just go away?

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