Miss Michigan “Too Conservative” for Miss World


Miss Michigan Kathy Zhu was forced out of the Miss World Beauty Pageant for her “racial insensitiviy” i.e., for refusing to wear a hijab at Central Florida University, encouraged by the Muslim Student Association.

To Quote her recent tweet…

“Miss World America’s State/National/Chief Director accused me of being racist, Islamaphobic, and insensitive.

They stripped me of my Miss Michigan title due to my refusal to try on a hijab in 2018, my tweet about black on black gun violence, and “insensitive” statistical tweets.”

MSM Public Enemy #1

Who is America’s greatest enemy?  It’s not Iran, Russia, China, Afghanistan or N. Korea.  It’s the mainstream media (MSM.)

Mainstream Media Is Fake News - YouTube

Why do I say this?  There are people out there who actually take them seriously.  They are the propaganda arm for the far-left who are planning a Communist takeover here in America.  (Democratic-Socialists.)

How Democratic Socialists Are Building on Bernie's ...

Who is the one man standing in their way?  President Donald Trump.  That’s why for the past two and a half years, they’ve tried everything in their power to ruin this great man.  There’s no doubt in my mind, the MSM will spend every moment of their time and energy, trying to get Trump out of office.

Worst case scenario:  another Steve Scalise-type incident where a madman is set off  by the on air lunacy the MSM likes to broadcast.  Q.  If this happens, who are we to blame?  Do you think the MSM will blame themselves?  No, they’ll blame Trump’s “hateful rhetoric”.

This is why Pres. Trump must take step to make sure this doesn’t happen.  How so?  It’s time to investigate the investigators.  It’s time to go after those who have threatened this President.

AOC speaks of “concentration camps”…

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AOC: All mouth, no brains.


If such a thing exists, I’d put those members of the MSM, who have chosen to go after Trump, into these so-called concentration camps.  If the far-left want Trump to be Hitler, let them end the same way they did in WWII.  The snarky, sniveling, sniffing, effete, effeminate MSM deserve a fate no better.

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Ilhan Abdullahi Omar

Member of the House of Representatives, Minnesota’s 5th district.

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Congresswoman Ilan Omar comment on 9/11

Ilhan Abdullahi Omar:  Agent for Islam, supports al-Qaeda, an illegal alien bigamist who married her brother for illegal entry into the United States.

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Pictured: Ilham Omar, Alexandraia Ocasio Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Linda Sarsour (3 Muslims and a Communist in the U.S. Congress.)

For more information on Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, please read from the following link:

LINK https://www.nowtheendbegins.com/muslim-congresswoman-ilhan-omar-begins-attacking-both-jews-israel-twitter-anti-semitism-bds-movement/

Fuck 3rd Wave Feminism

3rd wave feminism, pink and purple hair, tattoos, pussy hats, body piercings and a bad attitude.  Isn’t feminism just a poor excuse for a woman to act like a bitch?


From whaleoil.co.nz

I’ve heard it all before about their quest for equal rights.  In reality, they’re professional complainers, spoiled brats and stupid girls with too much time on their hands.

What about the #MeToo Movement?  Didn’t it start off as a good thing?  No, it didn’t.  It was about actresses who fucked their way to the top and then later regretted it.  These tramps deserve Harvey Weinstein.


Gwyneth Paltrow, Hillary Clinton and Harvey Weinstein.

MeToo has decided to go after all men, especially straight white males.  The new rules are:  No touching, no whistling, no dirty jokes, no leering, no hugging, no kissing or anything else they deem to be “inappropriate behavior.”

In addition, you may have noticed the downward slide in the appearance of young women.  Girls who previously took great pride in their appearance, now go out of their way to look as ugly as possible.


Rachel Maddow from returnofkings.com

Where is all this coming from?  The mainstream media, who got it wrong when they said their feminist icon would be elected as President.  Females, who are the number one TV watchers, believe whatever they hear on the idiot box.  There’s no doubt they thought Hillary Clinton would be the president for the next eight years and they were ready to crow about it.  Instead, they got their comeuppance with Donald Trump.

How long will #MeToo/3rd wave feminism last?  The left has plans to bring as many Muslim immigrants as possible into the USA.  One day, this will happen.  These two sides cannot coexist.  One must step down.  And it won’t be the Muslims.

Ironically, it’s Pres. Trump who allows these to women to rant.  Someday, more intolerant forces will shut them down.  It may not happen for the next ten years, but it will happen.

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EricReports – 5th Anniversary!

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Despite efforts on all fronts by those who have tried to take this website down, EricReports.com remains. It began on July 13, 2014. Since then we have brought you news and information the others refuse to print. Thanks to all who have stayed loyal to EricReports. Death to all others.

When did Patriotism become -Politically Incorrect?

Orange hat, American flag, bald eagle, the military, even the Boy Scouts have come under attack from the Democrats.  These symbols of U.S. exceptionalism make them squirm because they represent the Trump voter.  thSD315X9T

“MAGA” hats have been called symbols of hate.


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The original Betsy Ross flag emblazoned on Nike shoes have been recalled because football player Colin Kaepernick said, “This was a time of slavery.”  Kaepernick, an overpaid, spoiled punk should only kiss my ass.

The 4th of July Independence Day parade was called a “Nazi march” by the insane left.  Most of you did not see it because the TV networks refused to broadcast it.

The Boy Scouts (now called “Scouts”) were neutered for not being “gender inclusive”.  Oddly enough, this doesn’t apply to the Girl Scouts, who kept their name.

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The borders are being flooded by illegal immigrants who are bringing disease, crime, drugs, rape and terrorism.  This is fine for the dim-witted Dems who see only more votes intended to drown out the Republicans.

After the 2016 ass-whipping, you would think the Democrats had learned something.  Instead, they have gone the other way, doubling-down on socialism.

Violent outbreaks by ANTIFA (paid for by George Soros) are swarming the streets to an indifferent MSM and police.

Citizens, we are at a breaking point.  It’s only a matter of time before people are killed in the new cold civil war.  We don’t have the Republicans to blame for it.  Who started marching in the streets immediately after Trump was voted in as President?  The man hadn’t done anything yet and the left throws their usual temper tantrum.  These tantrums have erupted into real violence.

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Question:  Where are the Democratic leaders when violence breaks out?  Why don’t they condemn these attacks?  I’m talking about Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi.  They won’t because they’re not against it.

Sooner or later, these two sides, the left vs. the right are going to do battle on the streets.  It may happen in 2020, when Trump is reelected President.  There will be no neutral zone.  It’ll be survival of the fittest.  Dog eat dog.  Kill or be killed.

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Antifa Must Be Destroyed

See the source image   June 29, 2019.  Portland, Oregon. Citizen journalist Andy Ngo was viciously beaten and attacked by the domestic group ANTIFA, while police stood by and watched.  Ngo suffered a brain hemorrhage and permanent injuries.  Additionally, Ngo states that the police were told to “stand down” (do nothing) so as not to “incite” members of antifa.  Evidence of this order leads to Mayor Ted Wheeler.

Here we have, once and for all, proof of the culpability of liberal politicians allowing conservatives to be attacked by a far left-wing mob.

What must be done?

Simply stated, if attacked deadly force must be used.  ANTIFA is a threat to all law abiding citizens.  They must be crushed into oblivion.  The police won’t do it for you.  You must do it for yourself.

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