Obama’s Muslim Immigrants Rape 5 Year Old Girl

Three Muslim immigrants brutally raped and urinated on a five year old girl in Idaho.


What do you think of that?  I warned all my readers this was going to happen and so it has.  We all know where this is coming from.  Barack Hussein Obama, the bastard son of a slutting-commie-whore.  Who his father is, even he doesn’t know.  Since Obama likes abortion so much, it’s too bad we can’t make it retroactive for him.

The government will not protect you.  It’s up to us.  Now, if you know me, it’s pretty obvious what I think should be done to these three Muslims.  It would make Abu Gharab  look like an episode from “The Brady Bunch”.

Supposedly, according to BHO’s bitch Loretta Lynch, Muslim hate crimes are on the rise.  I wish.  In reality, the highest is among the Jews.

A lot of Christians are against violence, but I, for one, am for it.  America was not founded by the weak and faint-hearted.  Don’t tell me nothing should be done about this.  Don’t tell me the authorities will take care of it.  Like VP Dick Cheney said, “It’s time to go on the dark side.”

Obama will continue to bring in these Muslim immigrant sub-humans, as long as Americans sit by and do nothing.

If you want the U.S. to turn into a third-world nation, if you want Muslim ghettos sprouting up in your neighborhood, if you want your female relatives raped, ignore this.  If you’re a real American, it is time for a sacrifice.

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Transgendered Bathroom Issue Solved


Since North Carolina passed a law stating that only those born with the sexual identity they were given could use the appropriate bathroom, the federal gov’t has gone ape.  According to them, the LGBT community must have the right, nay, the privilege to choose any bathroom they want.  Furthermore, the Obama Administration have expanded this to the public school system.  BHO wants boys and girls to share the same toilets and locker rooms – depending on what gender they are that day.  The mainstream media are also on board championing the rights of the sexually-deranged.  Somehow, the idea of normalcy is disturbing to them.

According to the new toilet police, sexuality is “fluid”, meaning that it’s changing all the time.  When does this change occur?  During a full moon?

 You know where this is all coming from, right?  Because our First Lady is transgendered, the Obamas have decided we must change so that she-males can share with the ladies.  Does this all make sense now?

What do I mean when I say this issue is solved?  The only way is to build separate transgendered bathrooms only.  Not only would this create jobs, it should make the PC-crowd happy.  Right?  Wrong.

Obama and his cohorts don’t want a common sense solution.  They want everybody inconvenienced.  If the President isn’t pissing off white, middle-class America, he isn’t satisfied.  Obama-bots will say “transgendered only bathrooms would stigmatize users” and “cause them to become second-class citizens.”  For the far-left, we the public must suffer.  Who suffers the most.  Women!

targets-new-transgender-friendly-bathroom-sign  Shame on them, especially mothers for not speaking up.

Why is the government allowing sexual perverts (posing as the sexually-confused) into the Ladies Room?  Are you comfortable with a psycho in the bathroom with your wife, sister or daughter?  Ready for your little girl to see a deranged she-male?  penis-tuck-silence-of-the-lambs

The Feds (Obama’s tool-no pun intended) are forcing social change.  Change that is unwanted and should not be tolerated.  It would quickly stop if the ones that are being targeted – normal women – made their voice heard.

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The Hazards of Writing


A few days after writing “Aaliyah Illuminati Sacrifice”,  //ericreports.com/2014/12/30/aaliyah-illuminati-sacrifice/, I was poisoned.   A few days after writing “Did Lady Gaga Steal the Identity of Dead Singer Lina Morgana?”  //ericreports.com/2016/05/19/did-lady-gaga-steal-the-identity-of-dead-singer-lina-morgana/ some even worse things happened that I won’t get into.  So despite the fact that the Illuminati isn’t such a secret society anymore, there are still some things they don’t want you to know.  No doubt my phone is bugged and I’ve seen people near where I live that don’t belong.

What does this all mean?  The world is being controlled by the less than 1% who are Luciferians and/or Satanists.  The Bible itself states that Satan controls the world.  In Matthew 4:8-9 Jesus was tempted by the devil…

  “Again, the devil took him (Jesus) up into an exceeding high mountain, and showed him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; And said to him, ‘All these things I will give to you, if you will fall down and worship me.'”

How could the devil give this to Jesus if he did not own it?

Currently, we are seeing America going through a lot of changes – all bad.  As the Bible also illustrates, in those end times, evildoers will think they are doing good by hurting people who are good.

It is not by accident that you are reading this.  True, there are websites more famous, but are they writing the truth?  How far are they willing to go to say it?  The chosen know what I’m saying is true.  God will keep me alive as long as I’m needed here.

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How Obama Could Inherit a 3rd Term Presidency

President Barack Obama.jpg  The 22nd Amendment states that a President cannot be elected for more than two terms. It does not state who would be president if the new President-elect is unable to fulfill his or hers duties.
Let’s assume Hillary Clinton is elected. Everyone out there knows of her email scandal, of erasures, of placing top secret gov’t documents on her private server, of withholding evidence, of obstruction of justice. Most assume this will all go away, because those in charge of the investigation (Att. Gen. Loretta Lynch and Obama) would rather see Hillary elected than Trump.
Let’s also assume “new information” comes forth between Nov. 2016 – Jan. 2017. If this information proves Hillary’s malicious intent then she would be indicted, stand trial and possibly go to prison. If that did occur, who would be president? If HRC is never sworn in, her candidacy is made invalid; therefore, Barack Obama would remain President.

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Hillary Clinton: the Filthy Queen

BREAKING WIKILEAKS: Hillary Clinton Hates Everyday ... Sexual degenerate-Satanic-NWO-power mad psychopath.  Hillary Clinton is all of these and more.  The MSM will continue to put out a false narrative on how our next would-be President is a loving wife, caring mother and compassionate grandma.  All false.  Even Chelsea was a political calculation.  Advisors warned her that she must bare a child to prove she’s normal.  Of all things Hillary, normal she is not.  The following video is from YouTubReptilian.


Omar Mateen with his wife and son casing Disney World

The MSM/Obama are doing everything they can to find a motive for the bloody rampage of Omar Mateen…except for the motive Mateen himself admitted for why he killed fifty homosexuals on June 12.  His 9-1-1 is his confession and yet the MSM doesn’t seem to care about it.  Why?  Because it doesn’t fit their narrative for banning guns.  According to our Muslim Pres. Obama, it is not the fault of terrorism, it is the fault of our 2nd Amendment.

Worst of the MSM:  CNN’s gay anchorman Don Lemon making up the news – on the air – stating that Mateen was probably “a gay man” because he had visited the Pulse nightclub before.  (Yeah, visited it with his accomplice wife.)  Lemon’s theory is that the shooter was a closeted, frustrated, gay man, and that once the investigation was complete, Islam would have nothing to do with the crime.  A fellow reporter reminded Lemon that Mateen had been investigated by the FBI for his involvement with a Muslim suicide bomber and for saying he’d like to go to paradise after an FBI shootout.  Liberals never let facts get in the way of their hypothesis.  Likewise, the LGBT crowd announce they are “shocked and saddened” that the Muslim world wants to kill them.  They are saving their hate and anger for Christians.

Obama/Hillary Clinton’s immediate calls for gun control demonstrate their lowness and their sick-minded cynicism.  “Never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

In defiance of all this, Obama has decided to “speed up the process” for the 10,000 Syrian-Muslim “refugees” he’s bringing into the USA.  It doesn’t take much imagination to see what Obama is doing – he’s repopulating the earth with Muslims.  First Europe, next the U.S.

Omar Mateen, Muslim assassin vowed allegiance to ISIS.

June 12, 2016.  Orlando, FL.  Pulse nightclub.  From 2 to 5 a.m., Omar Mateen held the gay nightclub “Pulse” hostage, killing at least fifty people, with fifty-three injured.  Police eventually crashed through the building using an armored vehicle, killing the suspect.

This is the culmination of seven and a half years of Obama, who is bringing foreign-born “refugees” by the thousands every day.  What more does it take for Americans to realize we are war against Islam?  The MSM have ignored the fact that Mateen is a Muslim.  There is some doubt about whether he is a natural born citizen or naturalized.  (Just like our President.)

It is Obama’s policy of allowing radical Islam to run rampant all over the world that caused this to happen.  Many ignored (esp. Democrats) the wholesale slaughter of Christians in the Middle East.  Now, it has come to our nation.

Next election, are you going to vote for Hillary Clinton, who has promised to follow the same policies of Obama?  How much longer is this going to go on?  Or are you going to vote for Donald Trump who promised to stop the immigration of Muslims who only want to kill us?

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Gorilla Killed for No Reason?

Harambe cradles fallen boy.

May 29, 2016, Cincinnati Zoo.  A four-year old child falls into an animal cage containing Harambe, a rare silver-back gorilla.  At first, the ape seems protective of the boy, until the shrieks of women alarm him.  He drags the boy across some shallow water and yet there are no violent gestures.  Nevertheless, zoo officials order gunmen to shoot and kill the ape.

What was the right thing to do?

The mainstream media sides with the zoo, i.e., the establishment.  Those on the Internet either blame the mother for not watching her child or the zoo for being trigger-happy.

It needs to be brought out that Harambe was tame and brought up by humans.  Still, experts such as Jack Hannah, said the ape was ready to tear the boy apart.  (As part of the establishment, he was paid to say that.)  Zoo officials state they would do it all again.)

Ask yourself:  Why, in 2016, we use the same methods for animal control from hundreds of years ago?  Couldn’t a tranquilizing gun have been used?  Or coaxing the gorilla with food?  Zoo officials gave out their own [false] story about what happened, until a cell-phone video proved the ape was harmless?  I find it interesting in a country that allows abortion up to the ninth month, that suddenly people are all falling down about “the welfare of the child.”

The bigger picture is that the establishment (police)  also use the same methods to control the public.  Yes, we’re living in the 21st century, but the same “wild west” techniques are used when people get out of hand.  Beat them down and shoot them to death.

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