Ann Coulter vs. Berkeley vs. ANTIFA

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April 27, 2017.  Political commentator Ann Coulter has been rescheduled to speak at UC Berkeley after a previous cancellation.  Why am I against this?  Isn’t this a victory for free speech?  There’s an old saying about casting your pearls before swine, which is what Miss Coulter is doing; however, my main concern is that the police aren’t enforcing the law.

Feb. 1, 2017.  Riots breaks out at UC Berkeley over a planned appearance by Milo Yiannopoulos.  Only one student was arrested.  This does not bode well for Miss Coulter.

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Hypothetically, let’s say there is a plot.  Let’s say those in charge are aware of it.  What makes you think they’d do anything to stop it?  The left want to silence the right.  Since losing the 2016 General Election, tell me how tolerant they are…how open-minded.  Explain to me how marching in the streets before Donald Trump took office is fair.  In my own opinion, Ann Coulter is being set up.  I don’t trust UC Berkeley’s Dean Janet Napolitano (a former Obama flunky) and I sure don’t trust Berkeley’s Mayor Jesse Arreguin (a member of BAMN, a division of ANTIFA.)

In a recent interview, Miss Coulter said she trusted the police.  How can they be trusted if they’ve been given orders to stand-down?  I don’t see any changes in the way rioters are being treated since Trump took office.  There are few arrests and no real crackdowns.  Where is the National Guard?

The left has gone insane and I don’t think they care how they stop Ann Coulter as long as they stop her.

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AUTHOR’S NOTE:  Ann Coulter’s speech was cancelled again by Berkeley on the  26th.  Berkeley’s College Republicans are filing a lawsuit.

Feminists vs. Fox News

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Foolish FoxNews.  You threw your most popular news commentator overboard and the very next day, NOW (National Organization of Women) are still parked on your doorstep, protesting.  What do they want this time?  They want anybody who “knew” Bill O’Reilly was “harassing” women to be fired.  (Fox is the real loser on this having to pay $25 million to release O’Reilly from his contract.)

Yes, women are sensitive.  From now on, you need a written note from your guidance councilor to speak to one.

You understand what’s going on here, right?  This has nothing to do with “sexual harassment”.  It never did.  NOW are attempting to rewrite the rules of etiquette.  If you’re a white heterosexual male and you cross the line, you’re out!  What are the new rules?

You must show respect to all women at all times.  She does not have to show respect to her male counterparts.

Women are free to wear any type of revealing clothing.  You cannot comment on females letting their ass hang out in the wind.

Men must refrain from vulgar behavior; however, women are allowed to wear “pussy hats”.

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Acts of violence are prohibited, unless you’re a Muslim.

Men who are gay, transgendered or beta may use the bathroom of their choice.  Straight males may use the gas station down the street.

FoxNews made their fortune by hiring sexy women, i.e., blondes with big boobs and brunettes with short dresses and long legs.  If they change their formula and hire a Rachel Madcow, there’ll be no reason to watch FoxNews.   Text © 2017 – ERN

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O’Reilly Factor Cancelled – The Real Reason

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“The O’Reilly Factor”, Fox News highest rated primetime program was abruptly cancelled yesterday, due to “sexual harassment charges” leveled against host Bill O’Reilly.  The MSM responded with glee, saying O’Reilly created a “toxic atmosphere”.

O’Reilly claims that certain far-left wing groups were out to get him.  Is this true?  The cancellation follows a similar pattern for Glenn Beck who had a top-rated show on Fox News.  His sponsors were targeted and wild rumors followed.  Likewise, O’Reilly had thirty sponsors suddenly quit.

Mr. O’Reilly was betrayed while on Easter vacation.  The cancellation announcement came while he was visiting the Pope in Italy.

It is true Bill O’Reilly is a product of the old school, an alpha male who does not suffer fools gladly.  Feminists hoped they would be able to replace him with a woman or possibly a “beta male”.

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The ultimate beta-male known as “pajama boy”.

Far-left feminists will be disappointed to find out that “The Factor” will be replaced by Tucker Carlson, who is far more right-wing than his predecessor.

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Tucker Carlson

The current lawsuit has no validity.  It is based on supposition, i.e., O’Reilly invited an occasional contributor named Wendy Walsh to his hotel suite.  Because she declined, Walsh assumed this is the reason she lost her position on the show.  Where is the proof?  There is none, other than false claims and innuendo.

My personal opinion is that this is a set-up, a conspiracy to bring down the highest rated conservative commentator on television.  My best advice is for Mr. O’Reilly to file a countersuit against Walsh.  She has slandered his name and ruined his reputation.  His enemies searched for an Achilles heel and they have blown this nothing case way out of proportion.

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Obama has Released Rapists into our Country

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The MSM would have you believe that former Pres. Obama only brought 10,000 Syrian “refugees” into the USA.  The facts are the numbers could reach as high as one million.  I want all of you to go to your favorite search engine and start looking up the new rape cases appearing.  The MSM is trying to cover it up; non-MSM websites might have it.  You will notice incidents that are horrifying.  Gang rapes, rapes of little girls and old women – the most defenseless.

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I ask:  “WHERE ARE THE FEMINISTS?”  “You elected Barack Obama, who dumped that human refuse on us.  What are you going to do when the rapists come after you?”

Instead, these “3rd wave” women’s lib lunatics are marching on Washington – against President Donald Trump – who tried to stop the immigration.  The purple-haired, navel-pierced, pussy-hat-wearing psychos have an enemy.  It is the white man who built this nation.  There’s an old saying:  “You reap what you sow.”  You dump a million, illiterate, America-hating, Muslim militants into our heartland – and “You will reap the whirlwind.”

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Happy Resurrection Sunday!

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In America, we still have the right to worship the God of our choice; however, in other countries, CHRISTIANS ARE PERSECUTED.  Do whatever you can to make sure it never happens here and do what you must to stop what is happening in the following countries:  North Korea, Somalia, Afghanistan, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen and Eritrea.

War in Syria: Obama’s Trap

April 7, 2017.  Pres. Trump launches a missile attack on a Syrian airbase in retaliation for a supposed Sarin gas attack Assad used on his own people.  What doesn’t add up here?  Why was this attack a mistake?  I believe former Pres. Obama is setting up Trump for a losing war.  I don’t believe the U.N. has any proof on Assad, other than doctored evidence designed to start a war Obama’s people want.

Did the USA win anything in Iraq?  It cost over 1.1 trillion dollars, there are half a million dead Iraqi’s and ISIL has claimed part of it.  What was gained?

What about our undeclared war in Libya, now a haven for terrorists?

2013:  Pres. Obama nearly declares war on Syria and is forced back by Russian Pres. Putin.  Putin told Obama he would reveal the truth on his foreign citizenship, if he attacked Assad.  Obama hates and fears Putin.  That’s why he can’t stand Assad.  They’re on the same side.  There are few world leaders who weren’t fooled by Pres. Obama’s high-handed “charm” or his peculiar world view on Muslim terrorism.

Obama could not care less about children being gassed.  His real goal was to establish a caliphate run by the Muslim Brotherhood.  If anything, it was ISIS who used nerve gas on the Syrian children:  poison gas they received from the U.S. gov’t.  Who do you think okayed that?

2016:  Trump repeatedly promises we are not going to war over Syria, if only to prevent WWIII with Russia.

April 5, 2017.  AP reporter Julie Pace asks Pres. Trump if Assad has crossed his “red line”.  WHAT RED LINE?!!!  The red line was Obama’s, NOT Trump’s.  And Trump falls for it!  That reporter should be sent on a one-way trip to Devil’s Island for goading us into war.

Trump needs to stop any further military actions against Assad.  He has already jeopardized our relationship with Russia, who by the way, could vaporize us with their nuclear weapons.

There are some who think we should support the President no matter what.  You do realize that if the U.S. gets caught up in another losing war, Trump won’t be re-elected, right?  Obama-Clinton-Schumer-Pelosi are all out to get Trump, regardless of the consequences and regardless of how much it hurts America.

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Malia Obama Twerks, Smokes Weed/Hillary’s Non-Concession

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7/30.  Malia Obama, 18, youngest daughter of the former president, was caught on video, doing the do at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago, Ill.

3/27/17.  The Parlor, Soho, NYC.  Additionally, Miss Obama was hustled out of a bar/nightclub after threatening a conservative reporter named Lucian Wintrich who Tweeted, “Malia Obama just scolded me at a club NYC.  Not joking.  She started saying “I wanna punch that dude in the face!”  (Malia is three years under the legal drinking age and was visibly intoxicated.)  The MSM chose to ignore this news story.

Image result for hillary clinton crying  Election Night 2016:  Midnight.  Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was restrained by Secret Service agents after physically attacking her campaign manager John Podesta and his assistant Robby Mook.  She was sedated after going into a drunken frenzy.

Huma Abedin would make the concession call to the Trump campaign.

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Angela Merkel Must Go to Hell


Over 70,000 Germans sign ‘Impeach Merkel’ petition

Impeach Merkel


It is time to reclaim your identity . . . your future (if you have one.)  Your future is not Islam and it is not Angela Merkel.

Regardless of what happens, you must do whatever it takes to get Angela Merkel out of office.  Some of you may think that’s impossible.  May I remind you of the fate of Hillary Clinton?  Mrs. Clinton’s next appointment is with the Grim Reaper.

Likewise, it’s time to take destiny into your own hands.  It’s a time for greatness.  It’s time to rid Germany of the human filth that degrades all decent people.  The evil age of Merkel will end and Islam will follow her.

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