O’Reilly Factor Cancelled – The Real Reason

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“The O’Reilly Factor”, Fox News highest rated primetime program was abruptly cancelled yesterday, due to “sexual harassment charges” leveled against host Bill O’Reilly.  The MSM responded with glee, saying O’Reilly created a “toxic atmosphere”.

O’Reilly claims that certain far-left wing groups were out to get him.  Is this true?  The cancellation follows a similar pattern for Glenn Beck who had a top-rated show on Fox News.  His sponsors were targeted and wild rumors followed.  Likewise, O’Reilly had thirty sponsors suddenly quit.

Mr. O’Reilly was betrayed while on Easter vacation.  The cancellation announcement came while he was visiting the Pope in Italy.

It is true Bill O’Reilly is a product of the old school, an alpha male who does not suffer fools gladly.  Feminists hoped they would be able to replace him with a woman or possibly a “beta male”.

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The ultimate beta-male known as “pajama boy”.

Far-left feminists will be disappointed to find out that “The Factor” will be replaced by Tucker Carlson, who is far more right-wing than his predecessor.

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Tucker Carlson

The current lawsuit has no validity.  It is based on supposition, i.e., O’Reilly invited an occasional contributor named Wendy Walsh to his hotel suite.  Because she declined, Walsh assumed this is the reason she lost her position on the show.  Where is the proof?  There is none, other than false claims and innuendo.

My personal opinion is that this is a set-up, a conspiracy to bring down the highest rated conservative commentator on television.  My best advice is for Mr. O’Reilly to file a countersuit against Walsh.  She has slandered his name and ruined his reputation.  His enemies searched for an Achilles heel and they have blown this nothing case way out of proportion.

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