Prince – Cause of Death – Drugs, Illness or Murder?


Prince’s last photo. April 19, 2016.

Text © 2016 – EricReports.  More information comes forward on the untimely death of rock star Prince on 4-21-16.  Contrary to the MSM reports, witnesses state that Prince’s health appeared normal just days prior.  Also, contradictory reports stating that Prince stayed awake for 154 hours don’t make sense, considering he was alone for at least part of that time.

Prince was being prescribed pain-killers to deal with injures sustained during his vigorous dance moves on stage.  This led to an o.d. on Apr. 15…But, what caused his actual death on Apr. 21?

CLUES  Screenshot-5644-585x300  Final Instagram reads:  “JUST WHEN U THOUGHT U WERE SAFE”

Some call this “cryptic”.  For me, it seems plain that he thought there was some kind of threat against him.  If so, why can’t he come out and say it?  Once you become part of a secret society, whether you are willing or not, you can’t reveal what you really know.  I’m sure “the others” knew what he meant and didn’t like him writing it.

simpson-prince  THE SIMPSON’S PREDICTION (2008) 

In this “Simpson’s” episode, record execs ask Homer Simpson to kill recording stars who refuse to do what they want.  Homer kills what appears to be Prince.  Again, we have the Illuminati doing what they do best:  shoving it in our faces and saying what they’re going to do.  Simpson’s creator Matt Groening is another man on the make willing to sell his soul to hide those secrets in plain sight.

  LET’S GO CRAZY lyric…

“Are we gonna let the elevator bring us down? Oh, no, let’s go!”  Prince said the word “elevator” was a code word for the devil.  Prince was found dead in his elevator.

  Will Smith (“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”) reportedly called Prince the day he died.  The man who nicknamed himself after Prince – and has had his career boosted by the Illuminati – speaks to him shortly before his death.  Odd coincidence?


Prince battled [name redacted] for years for control of his music and rights to his name.  Eventually Prince won, but were recording executive willing to let it go at that?  At age 57, did [name redacted] feel his best days were behind him and now it was time to reap the harvest?

PREDICTION.  The MSM will come down on the side of their controllers.  Prince’s death will be attributed to either natural causes or accidental drug overdose.  My personal belief is that he was killed for the millions of dollars of revenue received by his music, his movies and his videos.  The MSM will not be able to ignore those on the Internet willing to speak the truth.  Unfortunately, they will ascribe this to the usual pile of conspiracy theories.  I ask:  How does it make sense for a rich man in reasonable good health to suddenly die for no reason?

Final thought:  I first saw Prince in the early 1980’s on one of the local music video T.V. shows.  Here’s a link to his first #1 hit “Little Red Corvette” that will set your hair on end.


Legendary Singer Prince died today at the age of 57

Rock star Prince Rogers Nelson’s sudden death raises questions as to how it happened and why.

4-15-2016, Moline, Ill.  A week earlier, Prince was treated for a near fatal drug overdose.  Wouldn’t this be ample warning to stop taking whatever nearly killed him?  Publicists put out the lame excuse that Prince had the “flu”.

April 21, 2016.  7801 Audubon Road, Paisley Park studio/residence.  Prince’s body is found in an elevator.  The 9-1-1 call at 9:45 a.m. is from people who barely know where they are and can’t locate the address.  When asked how do they know Prince is dead, the answer is:  “I don’t know how I know.”  Somebody is lying.

May 2, 2016 Prince New Yorker cover  The New Yorker magazine already has their memorial cover all ready to go on the day he died.  Did they know beforehand?

TO THE RECORD INDUSTRY, WAS PRINCE MORE VALUABLE DEAD THAN ALIVE?  It was discovered in 1977 that when singer Elvis Presley died, sales for his recordings skyrocketed.  He became more profitable after his death.  Likewise, the same could be said for singer Michael Jackson.

Prince (who now recorded independently) snubbed the system, refused to use his own name, wrote “SLAVE” on his face and fought to get out of his contract.

  Perhaps, those who previously “owned him” believed they would make more money off of him AFTER DEATH.  True, it’s no great shock when a rock singer dies from drugs, but Prince, as of late, did not fit that profile.

The MSM, labeling him a “musical genius”, after ignoring him for years, begin the overdose rumors.

Q.  Was the April 15th near-death experience a first attempt to kill Prince?  Did he know it?

 On Oct. 30, 1993, actor River Phoenix died from a drug concoction named “Persian brown”.  The cut was too pure.  To give someone narcotics that aren’t reduced in strength is murder.

If Prince died from drugs, a full investigation should begin on how he received them and from who.  Why was he given the fatal dose?

The MSM (in conjunction with the industry that profits from this tragedy) may write it off as another sad end for a superstar.  In Prince’s case, this just doesn’t add up.

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Obama Imports 1,000 Syrians (Arab-Muslims) to the U.S.

In response to the Syrian War (USA-ISIS vs. Russia-Assad, a war we lost by the way), Pres. Obama has brought 1,000 Syrian “refugees” to Kansas City, Missouri.  (April 6, 2016.)  The President said he wants to increase this ten-fold.


Given the disastrous outcome of what happened when Europe opened its doors to the Muslim immigrants, it may seem to some that this defies logic.  In reality, Obama is only fulfilling his promise of “fundamentally transforming America.”  His goal is to bring in as many foreigners as possible to…

  • shrink the white-Christian-middle class he hates so much.
  • turn us into a welfare state.
  • grow the Muslim population to such an extent that we become Sharia law compliant.
  • CAR-Muslim-attack-machete Will this occur in the streets of our nation?

Even worse, there’s no doubt that some of the immigrants will be agents of ISIS.  Is another San Bernardino-style attack just around the corner?

Hello infidels!

What I recommend:  there are limits to what I can write without being thrown off this website; however, it’s up to us – the real Americans – to make the lives of foreign-born Muslims as uncomfortable as possible.  The Obama Administration is relying on us to be complacent and do nothing as the Muslim ghettos and mosques begin springing up all over the country.  We cannot allow that to happen.


To the far-left, those enablers who say, “We should welcome everybody,” I say, “What are you going to do when these invaders rape your women and children?”  It’s happening in Europe – why can’t it happen here?

Of all the countries in the world, 9/11 should have taught us something.  911fallingman

For some, they’ll never learn until it happens to them.

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Most Important News of the Week

With time running out, we must expose Barack Obama for the fraud he is. It’s impossible for the media not to know; therefore, they are conspirators in his treason. 2016: The final stages of the Muslim agenda from the most evil man in the world.

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Hollywood Fails: Unreleased or Unfinished Films You Will Never See


tumblr_m3yqqpQQPy1rve0ppo1_500 THE DAY THE CLOWN CRIED – (1971-1974)  Jerry Lewis debacle, some of it funded with his own money, based on the true story of a Jewish Holocaust clown allowed to live if he lures children to their deaths in the Nazi gas chambers.  Never completed.  Lewis has disowned it.  The master negative is still being held in a Swedish vault.

9781250007087  THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND – (1970’s)  Nearly completed by master director Orson Welles, until Iranian funding was withdrawn.  (Iran fell to the Ayatollah in 1979.)  Costar and biographer Peter Bogdanovich offered to complete it, but was blocked by Welles’ heir.  Previewed during the 1975 AFI awards.

7394020_3 SOMETHING’S GOT TO GIVE – (1962)  Troubled production plagued by the unraveling mental and physical health of its star, Marilyn Monroe.  Studio fired MM midway, then tried to replace her with Lee Remick.  Costar Dean Martin refused to go on.  MM rehired on August 1; died on August 5 from a drug overdose.  Directed by George Cukor.

default_ce_kubrick_napoleon_poster_0911061347_id_308650 NAPOLEON – (1969-70)  Famed director Stanley Kubrick spent a year in pre-production for this epic…until it was cancelled by MGM.  The fading studio had decided to cut back on big-budget films and rebuild itself as a Vegas casino-resort.

thEYZI6TWM  ARYAN PAPERS – (early 1990’s)  Another Kubrick cancellation.  Steven Spielberg’s “Schindler’s List” happened to come out during this same time period.  It was felt that too many Holocaust films could not succeed financially.  Based on the novel “Wartime Lies” by Louis Begley.

thUJ7IUHI3  ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S KALEIDISCOPE – (1967)  Director Alfred Hitchcock, intrigued by the French New Wave and Antionini’s “Blow-Up” (1966), began work on this avant-guarde, cinema-verite movie until Universal replaced it with the cold-war spy drama “Topaz” (1969.)

Dark-Blood_River-Phoenix  DARK BLOOD – (1993/2012)  Briefly released in an unfinished form in 2012.  Production stopped when star River Phoenix died from a drug overdose in 1993.  Phoenix plays a desert survivalist.

8d747f271efccaba23a53fb8fe333074 THE RAVAGERS – (1970)  Fifth of the Matt Helm film series was cancelled due to the waning popularity of spy films and the murder of its costar Sharon Tate (who was scheduled to reprise her role as Freya Carlson from “The Wrecking Crew.”)

 thLORGMAP1 ROMANCE OF THE PINK PANTHER – (1981)  Meant to be the sixth Peter Sellers-Inspector Clouseau comedy.  Partially written by Sellers himself.  Never filmed; Sellers died on July 24, 1980.  The “Pink Panther” film series continued on with different actors including Ted Wass, Roberto Benini and Steve Martin.  (Dudley Moore wisely turned it down.)

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A Time for Heroes

Citizens, we are approaching a crossroads. Our choice is to be a victim or to be something else.

 March 12, Columbus, Ohio.  A psychopath named Thomas DiMassimo, 22, manages to jump across a railing, making it to the stage where Presidential candidate Donald Trump is speaking.  Secret Service agents apprendeded the man seconds before, what could have been a fatal attack.  DiMassimo, a Bernie Sanders supporters, with possible ties to Muslim extremists, claims he only wanted to take the microphone away from Trump.

If this had been Pres. Obama, there’s no doubt this assailant would’ve been shot and killed.  Instead, he appears on CNN and MSNBC as a minor celebrity.



Approximately 3,000 protesters appear in an effort to stop Donald Trump from speaking.  They are a combination of “Black Lives Matter”, “”, and Bernie Sanders-Hillary Clinton voters.  Mr. Trump calls off his speech because he said a riot was ready to break out, but is this why?  Could the police be depended on to defend him in a city as corrupt as this?  With these events, we have concrete proof of what the Democratic Party has become:  a hotbed of anarchists, revolutionaries, Communists, Muslims, and criminals.

This is who should be the President right now.

Sarah Palin called their actions, “punk-ass thuggery.”  God bless her.

For the last seven years, we’ve seen what happens when the Democrats are allowed to run our country…into the ground.  Barack Obama, a junior senator, formerly a black power-agitator, a foreign-born Muslim with ties to terrorists becomes the President of the United States.  He does little for his own people except inspiring them to riot.

The Middle East has turned to rot.  ISIL, ISIS, Libya, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Arab Spring, Benghazi, Syria, Afghanistan, the “refugee” crisis and the slaughter of thousands of innocent Christians.  The fundamental change Obama promised is destruction.

  The Hillary Clinton deal has been planned since 2008.  There will be no indictment on her email scandal.  That was done to force her to adopt Obama’s so-called “legacy”.  He owns her.

Democrats expected the usual Republican loser to get the presidential nomination.  Why not after McCain and Romney?  Instead, they may get Donald Trump who will win if the Republicans don’t blow it at the convention.

Obama/Clinton will do whatever they can to retain their power and control.  Real Americans must push back against an obvious takeover from the left-wing degenerate and the Black Panther Muslim.

Citizens, it’s time for you to be that something else.  It’s a time for heroes.  That time will come sooner than you think.

Text (C) 2016 – EricReports