Final Photos of the Famous

Marilyn Monroe

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Robert Kennedy

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Elvis Presley

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John Lennon with his assassin Mark David Chapman

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Martin Luther King Jr. on the balcony he was shot

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Sharon Tate

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James Dean in death car

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Montgomery Clift

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Jayne Mansfield in the car she would be killed in later that night

John Wayne

Clark Gable

Saddam Hussein

Obey or Die!

America brags about its freedom.  Does it really have any?

From age 5 – 18, your forced to go to school.  (Age 16 if you pass your GED.)  This is your indoctrination period.

We’re trained to obey authority.  But, what if authority is wrong?  Nazi Germany, Russia, Red China, North Korea, fanatical Islam – what about their authority?

Most people don’t realize authority is designed to protect the top 1% interest.  And let me ask you:  If the top 1% breaks the law, do you think they’re punished?  If by some miracle they’re ever caught doing something, they have an army of lawyers ready to dismiss their case.  You’ll never hear that on your government controlled MSM TV.  You’ll hear how we’re the greatest with many proud traditions (Independence Day, Thanksgiving, President’s Day.)  Why upset Grandma with the truth?

You can’t go to the airport without being screened, scanned and X-rayed (and that includes your body.)  Yeah, the FAA gets to see you naked on their scanners – and if you don’t care, what about your family?

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How many government agencies are there now?  They say they’re designed to protect us from the enemy.  What happens when the American public become the enemy?

On January 6, 2021, you saw what happens when the public reacts to a stolen election.  They’re branded as “insurrectionists”, some jailed, and one is killed by gunfire for climbing through a window.

Image result for ashley babbitt shot

Ashli Babbitt

Back in the day, the cartoon “Pogo” joked that, “The enemy is us.”  Now in the 2020’s, it’s gone full circle.

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I don’t care if your left, right or somewhere in between, when it comes to control, the ruling class will make sure you obey or die.

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Tom Laughlin: “When the police break the law, there is no law.  Just a fight for survival.”

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Why Michelle Obama Doesn’t Run

Former First Lady Michelle Obama could and would win the future General Election for the Presidency of the United States, regardless of whichever candidate ran against her.  So why doesn’t she run?

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She’s a dude.

Scientific evidence would prove this out, so Mrs. O prefers to stay in the closet.  This may explain why the government has been pushing their pro-transgender movement.  For attention seekers, gay was so five minutes ago, so being trans with purple hair is where it’s at.

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I’m not sure what this means for the future, but…

That Ain't Kosher

“2000 Mules” Too Controversial for MSM

Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary “2000 Mules” has pretty much been written off by the mainstream media.  Even Newsmax and FoxNews don’t want to talk about it.  Why is that?

“2000 Mules” proves the Democrats stole the 2020 election from Pres. Donald Trump.  The “mules” are paid couriers who dropped off fake mail-in ballots.  In the security camera videos, they can be seen dropping off loads of counterfeit ballots for Biden.  They’re wearing gloves (no fingerprints) and taking selfies for proof of payment later on.

Ordinarily, such a documentary would be groundbreaking news.  But, the MSM doesn’t want to mention it, unless they’re debunking it.  (How do you debunk the truth?)

Yes citizens, the system will not be threatened.  The swamp didn’t want Trump re-elected in 2020 . . . or in 2024.  It simply isn’t going to happen.  We are locked into a soft dictatorship that’s growing harder and whichever side your on, America’s freedoms will eventually disappear in the wind.

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Larry Blyden Murdered

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Larry Blyden

Larry Blyden was best known for hosting the game show “What’s My Line?” (1972-1974.)  The following year, he was killed while vacationing in Africa.  What really happened?

Larry Blyden hosting “What’s My Line?”

Briefly, let’s examine the career of Mr. Blyden.  After serving as a Marine in WWII, he worked as a radio announcer, them moved to New York to study acting.  His first major roles were on Broadway in “Mister Roberts” and “Flower Drum Song” (Tony nomination.)  In 1972, he would win a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Musical for “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum”.  Blyden also appeared in guest roles on television series and feature films.  Starting in the late 1960’s and early 70’s, he began hosting game shows, the most famous being “What’s My Line?” (cancelled 1975.)

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His last featured role was for “Absurd Person Singular”.  Blyden was set to host a new game show called “Showoffs”, when he left for Marrakesh, Morocco.  On a hunt for rare antiquities, he was driving through Agadir, where he was reportedly attacked by bandits and nearly beaten to death.  Due to the more primitive conditions in the region, doctors were unable to save his live.  He died following surgery.

Larry’s manager released the “official” story as injuries sustained in a car accident (for the peace of mind of his wife and two children.)  He was buried in Houston, Texas.

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Agadir, Morocco

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Biden’s Report Card

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EricReports grades the 46th President of the United States.

Foreign Policy.  Is there a grade lower than F?  If so, Biden would receive it.  Our humiliating retreat from Afghanistan, leaving Americans and billions of dollars of armaments’ behind, 13 Marines killed, fittingly happened shortly before 9/11.

The Biden Administration helped the war in the Ukraine to occur by pushing them to join NATO and forcing “democracy American-style”.  Ukraine is right next to Russia and was formally part of the USSR.  What did Biden think Putin would do?  That’s why fake-macho-phonies will always fail against a stronger leader.

Economy:  F.  Inflation, recession and sky-high gas prices – Biden blames Putin for it; except, all of this took place BEFORE the war in Ukraine.  Economists predict 2022 to continue in the same way as the dollar crumbles faster than our infrastructure.  Green new deal anyone?

Border Crisis:  F.  Open borders have brought millions of needy, hungry, illiterate, disease-ridden foreigners eager for free housing, education and food.  America already has a homelessness problem.  We can’t take care of our own and we need more?  Dems cynically know these people will probably vote Democrat as long as the welfare checks are dealt out.

Image:  F.  Biden, as President, represents the USA whether we like it or not.  Tell me, does his appearance give you confidence?

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The man barely knows where he is.  He freely admits others are making decision for him.  (Speaker Nancy Pelosi, First Lady Jill Biden, ex-Prez Barack Obama, Rep. AOC, Sen. Schumer and others.)  It’s no longer a joking matter.  “Sleepy Joe” isn’t all there mentally.  Despite this, Biden brags about running again to his former boss, BHO.  (I’m sure that made Kamala Harris feel good.)

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Sooner or later, the live camera will televise the feeble-minded fake and no amount of MSM news spin will be able to cover up the naked truth of his madness.


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