Obey or Die!

America brags about its freedom.  Does it really have any?

From age 5 – 18, your forced to go to school.  (Age 16 if you pass your GED.)  This is your indoctrination period.

We’re trained to obey authority.  But, what if authority is wrong?  Nazi Germany, Russia, Red China, North Korea, fanatical Islam – what about their authority?

Most people don’t realize authority is designed to protect the top 1% interest.  And let me ask you:  If the top 1% breaks the law, do you think they’re punished?  If by some miracle they’re ever caught doing something, they have an army of lawyers ready to dismiss their case.  You’ll never hear that on your government controlled MSM TV.  You’ll hear how we’re the greatest with many proud traditions (Independence Day, Thanksgiving, President’s Day.)  Why upset Grandma with the truth?

You can’t go to the airport without being screened, scanned and X-rayed (and that includes your body.)  Yeah, the FAA gets to see you naked on their scanners – and if you don’t care, what about your family?

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How many government agencies are there now?  They say they’re designed to protect us from the enemy.  What happens when the American public become the enemy?

On January 6, 2021, you saw what happens when the public reacts to a stolen election.  They’re branded as “insurrectionists”, some jailed, and one is killed by gunfire for climbing through a window.

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Ashli Babbitt

Back in the day, the cartoon “Pogo” joked that, “The enemy is us.”  Now in the 2020’s, it’s gone full circle.

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I don’t care if your left, right or somewhere in between, when it comes to control, the ruling class will make sure you obey or die.

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Tom Laughlin: “When the police break the law, there is no law.  Just a fight for survival.”

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