Feminists vs. Fox News

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Foolish FoxNews.  You threw your most popular news commentator overboard and the very next day, NOW (National Organization of Women) are still parked on your doorstep, protesting.  What do they want this time?  They want anybody who “knew” Bill O’Reilly was “harassing” women to be fired.  (Fox is the real loser on this having to pay $25 million to release O’Reilly from his contract.)

Yes, women are sensitive.  From now on, you need a written note from your guidance councilor to speak to one.

You understand what’s going on here, right?  This has nothing to do with “sexual harassment”.  It never did.  NOW are attempting to rewrite the rules of etiquette.  If you’re a white heterosexual male and you cross the line, you’re out!  What are the new rules?

You must show respect to all women at all times.  She does not have to show respect to her male counterparts.

Women are free to wear any type of revealing clothing.  You cannot comment on females letting their ass hang out in the wind.

Men must refrain from vulgar behavior; however, women are allowed to wear “pussy hats”.

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Acts of violence are prohibited, unless you’re a Muslim.

Men who are gay, transgendered or beta may use the bathroom of their choice.  Straight males may use the gas station down the street.

FoxNews made their fortune by hiring sexy women, i.e., blondes with big boobs and brunettes with short dresses and long legs.  If they change their formula and hire a Rachel Madcow, there’ll be no reason to watch FoxNews.   Text © 2017 – ERN

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