Illuminati Bill Gates Prediction – Tied Election, Civil War

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The Illuminati must warn the public before the event.

Creator of Microsoft’s ‘Windows”, Bill Gates has predicted a “hung 2024 Election” that will lead to a civil war in the USA.

2024 is still two years away.  We can’t be sure who will be running, but I’ll make my own prediction.  A leading presidential candidate will be assassinated.  There are forces out there who don’t want freedom of choice.  They want the status quo.

In 2000, we had a nearly tied presidential race between George W. Bush and Al Gore.  Re-counts were stopped by the Supreme Court.  Could that happen again?

If there’s a civil war, expect the more violent side to start it, the left.

We already know what happened January 6, 2021.  A brief one day riot that quickly fizzled-out after poor Ashli Babbitt was gunned down by Capitol police.

Ashli Babbitt shot and killed for climbing through a window.

You may also recall the six months of rioting over George Floyd.  Guess from which side.

Don’t expect Republicans to allow 2024 to be stolen from them so easily as it was in 2020.  Democrats bray about “voter suppression” and “disenfranchised voters” whenever they lose.  When they win, the election was “above-board with no cheating whatsoever”.

Are you telling me in this electronic age, there’s no way for a free and fair election, where people can be counted to vote one time only?  What about Voter I.D. cards and fingerprint voting?

Dems fight this tooth and nail because they don’t want a fair election.  For them, the more opportunities to cheat, the better.

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Dems Dirty Tricks

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As predicted,  the DNC has chosen Sen. Kamala Harris as their VP candidate.   Joe Biden and Harris read their scripts, announcing how they intend to win.

One.  As proof nothing’s been left off the table,  Biden compared Trump to Hitler,  saying the same divisions and hate speech occurred in the 1930’s.

Two.  Blaming Trump for the Coronavirus.   No one (including Democratic leaders) said to block flights from China back in Dec. 2019.  In fact, when Trump did stop the flights in Jan. 2020, they called him a “xenophobe”.

Three.  Blaming Trump for the failing economy.   DEMOCRATS are the ones who demanded the March 2020 shutdowns.  Now, their blaming Trump for the unemployment rate.  In hindsight,  the President was foolish to agree with their scheme.  It was all a plot to ruin our economy.

Four.  Identity Politics.   We haven’t had to hear this shit since the foreign born Muslim occupied the White House.   And yet, Kamala Harris farted out all the left-wing causes:  LGBTQ,  feminism, BLM, abortion,  immigration,  gov’t health care and plenty of free stuff.

Five.  Taking “their” country back.  Dems have a new/old plan for America.   Socialism.  This year, they’ve done everything they possibly could to cripple capitalism and take away our freedoms.  They’ve done it thru China-borne viruses,  impeachment in the House and mass rioting.  Their way is to throw a temper tantrum and destroy businesses – and promise more of the same – until they get their way.

Did Trump fail?  As I wrote in the past,  unless the President used lethal force against his enemies,  they would try to destroy his Presidency.   You can’t make friends with a viper.

Regardless,  Biden/Harris have an uphill battle.   It’s obvious Biden’s mental and physical health are declining.   That’s why he’s kept in hiding most of the time – in the basement, so to speak.

Harris has a sorted past (Willie Brown,  smoking pot while listening to Tupac and her need for revenge.)  She is hated by many, even some Democrats.

Trump needs to do something before the election to ensure victory.   Withdraw from Afghanistan, a cure for Covid.  He needs to do this soon.

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Trump vs. Iran

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Iran has openly threatened to kill President Trump in retaliation for the death of General Soleimani.  Trump, on the other hand, threatens 52 strategic targets in Iran – one for each of the 52 Americans taken hostages from 1979-1981.

President Trump Warns: “If Iran Strikes any Americans” We Have 52 Response Targets Identified ...

What is the right course of action?

Q.  What would Iran do if they had our military capabilities?

A.  Destroy us.

And that is what we should do to them.

It’s time for America to stop being nice.  It’s time to stop playing the loser.  What’s the point of having nuclear weapons and never using them?  Don’t you think they know by now we won’t?  Iran is not afraid of us.  That’s why they need to learn to be afraid of us.  Pres. Trump needs to teach Iran a lesson and launch a full-out nuclear attack.  End this – before they end us.

   Everybody knows Iran’s nuclear aspirations were helped by the closet-Muslim Barack Obama.  They’re on their way of becoming a nuclear power.

If we don’t obliterate Iran, Iran will eventually attack us.  There’s always the chance some chicken-shit Democrat will be elected in November.  What has Trump got to lose?  He’s already been impeached by the House.

The MSM hates him.  The spoiled college punks hate him.  Queer Hollywood hates him.  The effete, elite, leftist pseudo-intellectuals hate him.  Real Americans love him.

2020 is that year of opportunity to get rid of a sworn enemy once and for all.

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Here is what will lead up to the 2020 General Election…

  1.  President Trump will not be removed from office.
  2.  Sen. Bernie Sanders will suffer another heart attack ending his campaign.
  3.  Joe Biden will be forced out of the race due to a scandal.
  4.  Hillary Clinton will run again.
  5.  Pres. Trump will be re-elected.
  6.  Aftermath:  More violent protests, worse than before, resulting in death.  MSM will blame it all on Trump’s “hateful and divisive rhetoric.”

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Kamala Harris Taken Down by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard

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Democratic debate, July 31, 2019, Detroit, Michigan.  Sen. Kamala Harris, who was flying high from her first debate performance against VP Joe Biden was unexpectedly “taken to the woodshed” for a serious ass-whipping by the previously unknown Representative from Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard.

The MSM, unsurprisingly, refused to report on Sen. Harris record as former California Attorney General; Rep. Gabbard, on the other hand, laid it out for all the world to see.

Sen Harris jailed 1,500 marijuana offenders, then laughed about smoking pot in the 90’s.

Sen. Harris blocked DNA evidence for a prisoner on death row.

Extended prison sentences for free labor.

Jailed parents for not sending their children to school.

Harris could do nothing but shake her head, saying she was “proud of her record as Attorney General” and that Gabbard was only making “fancy speeches”.  The fact is – EVERYTHING GABBARD SAID IS TRUE.  Sen. Harris is a dirty, lying, crooked, authoritarian politician.

Where does this leave Kamala Harris?  Unless she makes a miracle comeback in the next debate, she is through.

What would be the stupidest thing Harris could do?  Go after Tulsi Gabbard and that’s exactly what she’s doing.  Ludicrous charges of Rep. Gabbard being “an agent for the Russians” and/or Syria’s Pres. Assad, because she met with him (with Rep. Dennis Kucinich) on a diplomatic mission to prevent war.

Prediction:  There was never any chance for Kamala Harris to take the top spot in 2020; however, she could have become Vice President, just a heartbeat away from the Presidency.  Now now.  Now that position belongs to Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Watching that exchange between Gabbard-Harris, we are witnessing high drama and the takedown of someone who could have one day become President.

(Video titled Biden vs. Harris vs. Gabbard is from Don’t Walk, Run! Productions on YouTube.)

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Trump Unbeatable in 2020

Despite Dems and the MSM thinking they have a chance in the next General Election, we here at EricReports are officially endorsing Donald Trump for President.

The top five contenders versus Trump…

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Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Liz Warren, Kamala Harris

What a motley crew.

Are you telling me that with the U.S. economy at its best and unemployment at its lowest, any of these “share the wealth” commie bozos has a chance against DONALD TRUMP, SUPERSTAR?

Prediction:  I suspect Biden will continue to remain highest among Dems in the poll ratings.  Kamala Harris will rise to #2.  He will be forced to choose her as his VP,  This move will be an attempt to make Joe appear more “hip”, but despite Sen. Harris being “a woman of color”, there is nothing hip about her.

The 2020 Dem. convention:  If and I say IF a “MeTooer” comes forward claiming Joe Biden molested her – former Sec’t of State Hillary Clinton may try to start a “Draft Hillary” movement.  If that happens, it will fail as did the attempts tom keep Brett Kavanaugh off the  Supreme Court.

During the next two years, you’ll hear a lot about impeaching Pres. Trump.  Don’t worry about it.  If the President were ever going to be impeached, they would have done so already.  This is done purely for show.

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The Dennis Miller Theory

Comedian/political commentator Dennis Miller believes Hillary Clinton will run again in 2020. 

Dennis Miller

Miller theorizes her strategy will be to let the current clown-car of Socialist-Democrats knock each other out in the debates.  When the fray is over and Creepy Joe Biden rises to the top, out comes “evidence” that he is a sexual predator.  

Biden’s unwanted advances on Hillary Clinton

Remember Trump’s “Pussy-gate” video?  Where’d that come from?  The big reveal from”H” herself during the 2nd debate.

What she didn’t foresee:  Republicans weren’t willing to throw Trump overboard for what he called “locker-room banter.”

Democrats are less forgiving.  (Photo below:  Al Franken.)

In this era of “MeToo” political-correctness, Joe Biden will be forced out by feminists, SJW’s and the far-left who didn’t like him in the first place.

Afterward, in marches the devil herself…Hillary to save the day.  According to Miller, “H” will say she doesn’t even want to run, but that she’s being forced to run, “drafted” in order to save the Party.  

The MSM will eat it up like candy.  The “Great Rematch!”

In ’20, won’t Mrs. C know her weak spots?  Where to cheat more?  Where to bus blacks and illegal aliens, so they can vote and re-vote?  To run a more positive campaign rather than a “hate Trump” diatribe.

While all of this is hypothetical, “H” has lied before about not wanting to run and once said, “I just want to be a grandma.”

As bad as a Trump vs. Biden race might be, it could always be worse and it will be if that fat-ass criminal Clinton decides to run again.

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Left’s Plan for Revolution (Future War Pt. 2)

How will it begin?  What will be the trigger for a Communist uprising from the new far left?  Is it mere hype and rumor or the real thing?

There are serious plans for such an event.  How far will it go?

In the past, such traumas were borne in 1968, (MLK and RFK assassinations, riots, Dem. convention), 1992, (L.A. riots), 2016, (Trump’s election), could have led to an upheaval.  What’s different now?  The MSM continually feeds into the already disordered thinking of those who want Trump removed from office.  It won’t stop there.  Frustrated by their failed attempts to impeach Pres. Trump, the radical left will move on to more drastic plans.


Hypothetically, (or maybe not), Democrats will not be willing to wait out another four years.  It’s worth mentioning that top leaders within the Dems could’ve stopped this.  (I’m speaking of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.)  The fact is, they didn’t want to.  On the contrary, they fanned the flames of discontent.

The far left plans to kill Trump and then launch a full-scale overthrow – a Communist-style revolution.

The usual suspects:  ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, Communist/Socialist orgs, illegal aliens, Muslim groups, college radicals and feminists, certain Hollywood celebrities.

What if foreign troops become involved?  China?  Various anti-American countries from South America?  How far will this go?

I believe with a new President, Mike Pence, it will be time for him to launch a military attack on those who threaten our very way of existence.  If Pence acts quickly, any foreign interventions will be stillborn.  I am very serious in saying that there is no other way of dealing with these people, except by brute force.  The National Guard won’t be enough.  You’ll see tanks rolling down Wall Street.


While leftist extremists envision a red flag flying over the White House, that will never happen.

Questions remain.  If the worst happens, we, the real Americans cannot allow the Democratic Party to plead “Not Guilty.”  If that day ever comes, and we ask who and why Mr. X pulled the trigger, le me say, it came from the actions of those on the very top.

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Hillary Clinton’s continual “campaign” against Trump, her inability to accept defeat, her insane quest for revenge, her fictionalized account of a Trump/Russian stolen election, have led some to believe that somehow she should be president.  These plans and her fanaticism will be heightened if, God forbid, she runs and loses again.  HRC would be directly responsible for the worst case scenario earlier described.

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The Future War

“Politics isn’t like war.  It is war.”   President Lyndon Baines Johnson

On Nov. 8, 2016, voters rejected the status quo candidate named Hillary Clinton.  Against all odds, Donald Trump stood against the devil and spit in her eye.

This was only the beginning.  Since then, the enemy has sought to circumvent Trump’s presidency.  (“Refusing to normalize,” as they call it.)

Examples of this are the Women’s March, ANTIFA, Berkley riots, shooting of Scalise, fake Russia probe, Mueller investigation, GOP Republican train crash, etc.  The list goes on.

Charlottesville, VA.  August 11-12, 2017.  Riots break out between the far right and the far left.  The MSM calls those on the right, “Nazis”.

No one knows what the future brings, but let’s examine one look into what might happen.

Election Year, 2020.  Democrats once again convince themselves that their candidate will win hands down.  After all the hoopla, conventions, debates, polling, commercials and rallies, Pres. Trump is re-elected.  What do you think their reaction will be?  To say Dems came unhinged in ’16, would be an understatement.  In ’20, they will go insane.  Provoked by the MSM fake news, there are many dangerous individuals out there who would see it as their “sacred duty” to stop President Trump by any means necessary.

Assassination?  The presidential death curse by Indian chief Tecumseh.  (Also known as the election year ending in the number “zero’ curse.)  Every U.S. President since William Harrison has died in office, with two exceptions.

One.  Pres. William Harrison, elected 1840.  Died from pneumonia, 1941.

Two.  Pres. Abraham Lincoln, elected 1860.  Assassinated 1865.

Three.  Pres. James Garfield, elected 1880.  Assassinated 1881.

Four.  Pres. William McKinley, elected 1900.  Assassinated 1901.

Five.  Pres. Warren Harding, elected 1920.  Cause of death in dispute, 1923.

Six.  Pres. Franklin Roosevelt, elected 1940.  Fatal stroke, 1945.

Seven.  Pres. John Kennedy, 1960.  Assassinated 1963.

  Pres. Ronald Reagan was nearly assassinated on March 30, 1981.  Reagan miraculously recovered from a bullet wound, one inch from his heart.  Who is to say God did not step in and save his life?  Reagan himself believed this.

  Election Year 2000.  Who was the real winner?  If the Supreme Court had not stopped the recounts, would then VP Al Gore have been elected President?  Many say yes.  If true, George W. Bush was not officially elected.

Election Year, 2020.  If Donald Trump assumes office, once again, as many are predicting, the manic hysteria from the left will be at a fever pitch.

Can the Secret Service be trusted?  If former Pres. Obama infiltrated various gov’t agencies with those who could be considered disloyal, would it be so hard to do the same with the Secret Service?  Will they be given order to stand down in the event of an assassination attempt?  If 9/11 could occur, as our gov’t feigns helplessness, would this aforementioned plot be made impossible?

Hypothetically, let’s suppose the unthinkable happens.  What will the MSM report?  That it was caused by Trump’s “hateful rhetoric”?  That Democrats were pushed over the edge and couldn’t help themselves?  What will be the reaction from Trump protestors?  This, I can say without reservation.  There will be celebrations in the streets.  And if our President is killed, (unlike a former foreign imposter), then it will be time to bring them down.

Notice of warning to Democrats:  if you’re stupid enough to cheer the death of Trump, prepare to suffer the consequences.

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Hillary Clinton Funds Anti-Trump Super-PAC

The Resistance Really is Useless Now...

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is using up to $1 million left over from her 2016 campaign to start “Resistance”, a political action committee designed to derail President Trump.   Additionally, she is funding “Onward Together” – a so-called resistance movement of left-wing agitators, professional thugs, rioters, protestors and marchers.  Their orders are to cause trouble, incite violence and complain about every Trump decision.

Opinion.  Although, HRC blames her election loss on James Comey, Russia, Bernie Sanders, “self-hating women”, “fake news” and Donald Trump, her hate campaign was flawed from the start.  The “now its time to have a woman in the White House” slogan wasn’t enough.  That woman must have good ideas.  Bringing in one million Muslims in her first year, having a war with Russia and turning our economy into a welfare state weren’t good ideas.

Many, including myself, believe Hillary’s “book tour” is really a trial run for another presidential run.  She’s testing the waters, so to speak.  If, in her delusional mind, she thinks she can win in 2020, she will run.

It also must be in her mind on how to exploit Bill Clinton’s death, if he dies before then.  The grieving widow routine.  “Vote for me – Bill would have wanted it that way.”  No, not even that, is off limits.

Despite all her desperate efforts to remain in the public eye, she’s forgotten one important thing.  Dems want to win this time.  As much as some would like to believe that she’d win, she can’t.  Her lies, her untrustworthiness, her own “crooked Hillary” nature, are too well known.

Don’t expect former VP Joe Biden to step aside this time.  If he’s got the balls (and I think he does), he’ll crush her ’20 campaign early on.

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Hillary Clinton’s Fade-Out

Image result for hillary clinton dying

Hillary Clinton is lying when she says she’s not running for President again.  She’s lied about this many times before.  (Prior to her 2016 run, she said, “I just want to be a Grandma!”)

I’ll tell you how this turns out, even before it happens.  2020 will not be like 2016.  The other candidates aren’t going to be falling all over themselves, making room for the “inevitable candidate”.  The run to be the Democratic presidential nominee will be hard fought and vicious.  And when “H” announces her revenge comeback – it will not be met with cheers.  It will be met with groans.  Everything she’s said and done since her November ass-whipping proves, she’s the same unbearable hag she’s always been.

When it comes time to debate the other Democratic candidates, they’ll tear her to pieces.  Also, the Clinton Foundation will not be able to dupe so many unsuspecting rubes into throwing their money away on a habitual loser.

Symbolically speaking, Mrs. Clinton is going to have her ass handed to her on a silver platter.  I say, “Good,” and a final “fuck you.”

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