Dems Forget 9/11, Remember Jan. 6

First federal charges filed in US Capitol riot

Faux President Biden would, for the first time since 2002, be the first President not to appear at any of the sites where the 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred.  This non-message is its own message, loud and clear.  The devastation of what happened twenty-three years ago has not only been forgotten by Democrats, it has been replaced.  Who do the Democrats regard as their enemy?  The Republicans.  A made-up white supremacy movement.  Former President Donald J. Trump.  And anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

January 6, 2021. Americans First Amendment Right.

JANUARY 6TH.  The madness of  leftist’s rage against the an insurrection that never took place.  The lunacy of locking up good Americans without any right of habeas corpus – a legal action to challenge the lawfulness of detention or imprisonment.  The stupidity of impeaching Pres. Trump for making a speech.

Of course, it goes on with the continued indictments of Trump.  For what?  Questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 election?  Isn’t that what Democrats did for two and a half years with the phony Russian collusion story cooked up by the Great Satan Hillary Clinton?  What about Obama and Clinton spying on Trump before and after he was President?  Wasn’t Nixon forced to resign over less?  What about “Creepy Joe Biden’s” announced plan to make sure Trump never assumes office again?

For over two and a half years, the Republicans have had control over the House of Representatives, and thus far, there has been no impeachment vote for the many provable crimes of Joe Biden.  Biden is on the record for denying the crooked business dealings he made with Hunter Biden, with Burisma, with China, with Ukraine.  What are the Republicans waiting for?

Even former President Obama and former wannabe president Hillary Clinton have voiced their concern about how their party is vulnerable from wokeness, from identity politics, from trans issues, and from the sick perversions that have taken over the Dems.  2024 could and should be a landslide for the GOP, if only from the near destruction of the dollar and inflation.  But it will be a repeat of 2020, unless the Republicans grow a spine and stop the sick, deviant culture of the far left from taking over our country.

George Floyd riots that lasted for six months

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What If 9/11 Never Happened?

Rescue workers climb through rubble and smoke at the World Trade Center site, and an American flag flies at left

No one seems to ask this question:  What if our government had done its job and protected the public from the September 11th terrorist attacks?  9/11 as the 9/11 Commission Report admitted was our government’s failure to think outside the box.  That’s if you buy into the notion they didn’t know or see it coming.  But, what if the 9/11 hijackers had been captured or killed?  What if Osama bin Laden had been assassinated before he had a chance to formulate his plan against the United States?  What if 9/11 had never happened?


Shock And Awe: Images Of The 2003 Invasion Of Iraq

Most forget Pres. George W. Bush had congressional approval for the war in Iraq.  Without 9/11, he surely would not have received it.


Photo Essay: The Bush Record

9/11 was Bush’s mandate.  I suspect either John Kerry or Hillary Clinton would have defeated him in 2004.


Iran says EU needs to do more to save nuclear deal

Destroying Saddam’s Hussein’s regime left Iran the controlling force in the region.  Today, Iran seeks nuclear power and not for energy.  For ICBMs.  This may be the only country in the world insane enough to start World War III.


TSA airport body scans

Airport search

Obviously, 9/11 was used to clamp down on our security.  In truth, it curtailed our Constitutional Rights and freedoms.  The Muslim fanatics weren’t punished.  We were.


How Do the Media and Police Estimate Crowd Sizes?

Those killed on 9/11 would have gone on to live their lives, have children and so on.  How the world would have been affected by them, we’ll nver know.


Photo of Obama in Muslim garb shows deep ties to faith, O'Reilly says | Fox News

In 2008, then junior-Senator Barack Obama ran against one of the weakest presidential candidates the GOP ever had.  John McCain.  For whatever crazy reason, the American public, despite being warned about Obama’s foreign born status, his Islamic roots, his Communist background and worst of all, being the front-man for the Weather Underground, they elected him for past wrongs done to African-Americans and for their disappointment with the war in Iraq.  Without 9/11, as previously stated, another more traditional candidate would have been elected president.


Send Us Your Twin Towers Photos | Madison, NJ Patch

The WTC had become symbols of America’s financial strength.  That’s why Osama bin Laden chose it for destruction.  Manhattan’s skyline changed forever.  The grotesque new One World Trade Center with a Muslim spiral on top was put there to prevent it from being destroyed.  The remains of the Twin Towers are two gaping holes filled with water:  symbols of failure and defeat.

Flight 93.  Because of the brave actions of the passengers of United Airlines Flight 93, the fourth target located in Washington, D.C. was left unharmed.  How ironic that the public saved a part of our gov’t when the gov’t did nothing to save them.

Those aboard Flight 93

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MLG Illuminati Wallpapers - Top Free MLG Illuminati Backgrounds - WallpaperAccess

How do we know when we are in the last days?  You need to go to the straight source:  the Bible.  “But of that day and hour knows no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.”  Matthew 24:36

But there will be signs.


9/11/01 – 9/11/21

Mitchell: Economic inequity didn't fall with the Twin Towers | Commentary |

September 11, 2001 – New York City.

See the source image

20 Years Later. Taliban retakes Presidential Palace – Afghanistan.

On September 11, 2002, 19 Muslim hijackers, crashed four passenger jets into two America landmarks:  the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  (The fourth plane crashed in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.)  At that time, al-Qaeda and its leader Osama bin Laden were headquartered in Afghanistan, that is, given a safe haven by the Taliban.

Oct. 7, 2001.  U.S. forces invade Afghanistan, beginning the long “War on Terror”.

February 2020.  Pres. Trump signs a deal with the Taliban, ending the war as of May 1, 2021.

Jan. 20, 2021.  Joe Biden becomes president, changing the Afghanistan withdrawal date to Sept. 11, 2021.

Aug. 16, 2021.  After most of the U.S. troops depart, the new Afghani gov’t falls to the Taliban.  Pres. Biden is told by the Taliban that all Americans are to be out by Aug. 31.

Aug. 26, 2021.  ISIS-K suicide bombers attack near Kabul airport killing nearly 200 people – including 13 servicemen.

Sept. 1, 2021.  143 Americans and 51 service dogs are left behind in Afghanistan.  (Over 100,000 Afghani refugees are brought to the USA.)

Biden declares our departure from Afghanistan “a success”.

The Taliban imposes Sharia Law killing protestors for not flying the right flag, killing a woman for not wearing a burka and killing a singer, because music is not allowed.

An August 2021 Rasmussen poll shows that Trump would win the election by a landslide if it were held today.  Only 37% of voters would still vote for Biden.

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Biden Screams, Makes A Fool Of Himself At 9/11 Ceremony

The Clintons, the Obamas, the Bidens.  Biden is the one screaming like an idiot.

Lunatic Joe Biden pulls down his mask and shouts at someone during yesterday’s 9/11 ceremony, where the Twin Towers once stood.  Former Pres. Obama gives him a dirty look.

Fake Pres. Biden, not satisfied with being the embarrassment he always is, left in his limousine, while Gen. Miley was speaking.  Why did our fake President leave early?  Was Biden afraid he might miss watching his Saturday morning cartoons?

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The Day Biden Leaves

In 1989, President Ford predicted the first woman president will occur when a future female vice-president takes the place of the deceased president.  Is this just an idle forecast?  No.  Those at the top – call them what you want – I’ll call them the Illuminati – must warn the public what will happen in the future.  That’s why there were so many clues in the mass media up until 9/11 it happened.

Will Biden ever be removed from office?  Let’s examine the facts.  Trump was tried for impeachment twice – once for a phone call and again for making a speech.  Biden’s handling of our exit from Afghanistan was a disaster, getting many people killed or stranded, leaving billions of dollars of military equipment behind.  Will he be tried for impeachment?  No.  And he never will be.

Already, Biden has shown signs the job is too much for him.  He is unfocused, easily confused and forgetful.  He freely admits he’s given instructions on what to do.  Both Republicans and Democrats say (whether in public or private) Biden has Alzheimer’s disease or at the very least, senility.

Voters: Senile Sleepy Joe Biden Has Dementia - USA MEMES

Will Biden be removed with the 25th Amendment?  Incapacitation?  No.  That would prove the Republicans were right all along… that Biden was unfit for office.  The Dems will never admit they made a mistake.

I believe those who put Biden in the White House have a timetable.  Once “Creepy Joe” runs out of his usefulness, it will be time for him to go.  The people running the show know when he will have to be taken out.  Need I say, there are drugs which mimic a fatal heart attack?

Death deifies Biden.  You recall when Michael Jackson died.  Before then, they called him a “child molester”.  After death, he was back to being the King of Pop.

The MSM will acknowledge Biden’s age.  This will make him seem even more brave, taking on the toughest job in in the world in his late seventies.

Will it matter in the short term whether Biden (or others) ran our country into the ground?  Caused rampant inflation?  A border crisis?  A lost war?  Millions of illegal aliens?  Loss of respect around the world?  No.  Death erases everything.

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ISIS Suicide Bombings

Apr. 26, 2021.  13 U.S. servicemen were killed, with nearly 100 Afghanis killed or injured after ISIS suicide bombers exploded near Kabul airport.

Victims were sitting ducks amidst their attempts to flee the country by the Taliban’s imposed deadline – August 31.

from khabarhd

This was an incident waiting to happen.  Fake Pres. Biden has repeatedly blamed Pres. Trump for making the deal to withdraw.  He does not explain why he would allow the Taliban to establish checkpoints allowing ISIS through.

Biden has stated the U.S. gov’t will ‘try” to get everyone out.  He had made threats of retaliation against ISIS-K.  But, these are hollow words.

After twenty years, the war on terror is over, lost, to Islamic thugs and madmen intent on imposing Sharia Law.

Democrats who control the federal gov’t obviously hope this is over as soon as possible so they can go back to their version of normal, i.e., complaining about global warming, gun ownership, racism, sexism, homophobia and white supremacy.  The left live in a world of delusion.  When they are faced with a real enemy that wants to kill them – Muslim terrorists – they run and hide.

9/11 means nothing to them.  On the upcoming twentieth anniversary of 9/11, what will Biden say?  That planes crashed into things?  Do children even know who Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda are?  Biden has brought us full circle to those smoldering ruins.

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Who is Your Enemy?

See the source image

Taliban mock heroic Marines famed photo of planting the U.S. flag at Iwo Jima. Taliban plants their own flag in Afghanistan.

Democrats are now faced with a very real threat – Radical Islam.  For the past four years, Donald Trump was their real enemy and he was removed through a rigged election.

Today, we have proof of what happens when our fake President Biden and the Dems are forced to confront a violent regime:  the Taliban.  [Those who helped launch 9/11.]

Hollow words from fake President Biden. VP Kamala Harris looms in the background.

Chaos reigns supreme in Afghanistan.  Mobs of people are swarming onto airplanes, coming here to the USA.  Tell me, which ones are the terrorists?

See the source imageHundreds of people sitting on the floor of a transport aircraft

DEATH.  Three protestors were shot and killed for not wanting to fly the Taliban flag.  Seven more dead yesterday at the Kabul airport.  A woman was shot and killed for not wearing a burqa.  The left are greatly concerned about the loss of woman’s rights.  That’s not why we were there in the first place!

It was called the “War on Terror”.  Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden were being protected by the Taliban in Afghanistan.  After 9/11, Pres. Bush invaded Afghanistan.  Bin Laden escaped thru the Tora Bora mountains into Pakistan and was later killed by Navy Seals in 2011.  But, the death of Bin Laden doesn’t end anything.  Al-Qaeda and the Taliban are alive and well and ready to conduct new acts of terrorism.  On us.

Biden and the Democrats have no idea on how to fight their new enemy.

See the source image

(Trump did.  He said he would “bomb the shit out of the caliphate” and he did.)

We are learning firsthand of what will happen by Biden’s bungled withdrawal.  What happens next?

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Dems Lose War on Terror

Nearly twenty years after 9/11, the U.S. is run out of town on a rail after being thrown out by the Taliban.  Americans and Afghanis were seen fleeing at the airport in Kabul.   Two people fell to their deaths after falling from a plane’s wheel wells.  (Photo below.)

August 16.

Joe Biden needlessly created chaos in Afghanistan and at our southern border | WJKK Mix 98.7   Fake President Joe Biden blamed everybody under the sun for our defeat in Afghanistan…the Afghan people, the Afghan army, President Trump and time itself.  But, his explanations fell flat.  The optics were too powerful.

People Are Clinging To American Planes Leaving The Kabul Airport | The Daily Caller

Afghan citizens cling to side of departing U.S. plane.

VIDEO: Taliban Shoots at Afghans Trying to Get Inside Kabul Airport | Todd Starnes

Terrified Afghanis scale wall while being shot at by the Taliban.

Biden’s August 8th statement that the U.S. approved Afghan-government would never happen collapse and that the new Afghan army was “300,000 strong” came back to haunt him.

I suspect this was allowed to happen the way it did to usher in VP Kamala Harris as President.

So who’s really running the country right now?

A fake Biden campaign site may be outperforming the real one

Obama, through his surrogates in the CIA and the Pentagon.  The so-called “Biden Presidency” has Obama’s fingerprints all over it.  In addition to the 2020 election being stolen, we have Obama carrying out an illegal third term.

Seriously, do you think the DNC would allow an addled-brained, senile, Alzheimer’s-ridden, mental case like Biden to be the Commander-in-Chief on his own?

How you vote matters and I think many Biden voters felt the egg on their faces when they saw us humiliated in a war we should’ve won a long time ago.  How is this going to look three weeks from now on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11?  What is Biden going to say?  How is he going to explain it to the many thousands of soldiers who died for nothing?

There’ve been comparisons to the fall of South Vietnam which took over two years to fall to the North Vietnamese.  Afghanistan fell in ten days.


Quote of the year goes to a CNN reporter caught amidst the chaos saying “Their chanting ‘Death to America’, but they seem friendly.”

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They’re After Blood

Biden: Immigration 'about dignity' - POLITICO

“I lost in Iowa because of white people. Most white farmers.” Former VP Joe Biden

The Democratic Party has begun a racist policy against Caucasians – the white race, especially white men.  You could say this began under Obama.  (A joke unto itself.  He is half-white.)  The left for political reasons, would say that if you didn’t vote for Obama, you were a racist.  That, in fact, if you were a Republican, you must be a racist.

Since Trump’s 2016 victory, the white-haters have ramped up their rhetoric.  Thus began what they called “white privilege”.  This despite the free ride “people of color” get for being a darker skin tone.  The free ride of affirmative action, food stamps and gov’t housing.  Now, it has spread to illegal aliens.  (“Undocumented workers”.)  Illegals have all the privileges of a natural born American citizen – and more so.

AOC’s latest: Only Nazis oppose open borders

AOC quote, “Immigrants are more American than those who seek to keep them out.”

These foreigners are getting freebees – fee food, shelter and gov’t handouts while our homeless starve on the streets.  While Trump’s policies have improved the situation, somehow he is always thwarted by the braying, loud-mouthed, hateful, left who never met an immigrant they didn’t like (including the 9/11 hijackers.)

Worst of all is ANTIFA…

Bombshell: Antifa met with ISIS, planning terror attacks during 2018 midterms | | Media Equalizer

The so-called “anti-fascists” are nothing but cowards in hooded masks.  (Where did they steal that idea from?  The KKK?)  ANTIFA will be the Democratic Party after they lose against Trump in 2020 and believe me, they’re gonna lose big time.

Citizens, that is why we must mobilize against this terrorist group before it becomes an army.


As in Charlottesville, ANTIFA must be crushed.  The MSM speaks of this event as if it was the worst thing that ever happened.  You know why?  Because they got their ass kicked.

Who was responsible for the violence in Charlottesville? Here's what witnesses say - LA TimesWhat you need to know about antifa, the group that fought white supremacists in Charlottesville ...

But, in other circumstances, when these armed thugs brutally attack unknowing bystanders, the MSM pretends it never happened or they blame it on Trump’s rhetoric.

Mark my words.  If the right doesn’t stop the left in their tracks – and I mean soon as in this year – it will no longer be safe to walk the streets.

Good people, I’m talking about self-preservation.  The Socialist Communist “progressives” aren’t playing games.  They’re after blood.  Maybe, yours.

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9/11 Coup

Vice-President Dick Cheney assumes the role of President on Sept. 11, 2001

See the source image

President George W. Bush left out of the loop. (Sarasota, Florida.)

September 11, 2001.  For a time, Vice-President Dick Cheney took control of the USA while President George W. Bush was in Sarasota, FL, listening to children read “My Pet Goat”.  This continued while the President was aloft on Air Force One.  Also, while he was briefly hidden in an underground bunker.  By the end of the day, against his handlers wishes, he insisted on being returned to the White House.  This means that on the most critically important day of the new century, Dick Cheney was our Commander-in-Chief.

This demands a “What If?” scenario.  What if the fourth plane (Flight 93) had not been late?  What if the fourth plane had struck the Capital Building or the White House?  Is that what the shadow government wanted?  Taking it one step further – What if a hijacked plane had struck Air Force One?  Were there plans to do so?

See the source image

Flight 93’s flight path, which crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. What if it had hit its intended target? Was this part of an intended coup d’etat?

The CIA was aware of the whereabouts of three of the hijackers – including Mohammed Atta – the pilot of Flight 11…

See the source imageSee the source image

…the first plane to strike the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers.  The CIA knew and didn’t do anything to stop it.

It doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to know – this was an attempted coup on our country.  By who?

If the CIA had contact with Osama bin Laden’s cell phone, how could they not know when 9/11/01 would take place?

Another question:  Are any future 9/11’s planned?  And what can be done to stop them?

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Lord of the Flies

See the source image

“The flies were black and iridescent green and without number.  In front of Simon, the Lord of the Flies hung on a stick and grinned.   At last, Simon gave up and looked back; saw the white teeth and dim eyes, the blood – and his gaze was held by that ancient, inescapable, recognition.”  From Lord of the Flies by William Golding, 1954.

A breakdown of civilization – tribalism – violence – murder.  Sound familiar?  It isn’t just part of William Golding’s novel.  It’s what happening right now.  Americans are breaking up into different groups.  If you’re not part of that group (or at least agree with their rules), you will be shunned or attacked.  So far, much of this has remained one-sided.  It cannot remain so.

On July 25, a Mexican attacked Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with a pick-axe.  Leftists called it abstract art.  What do you think?

See the source image

Trump’s star: before and after.

Trumpers who wear MAGA hats or t-shirts face continued threats of violence.

When is lethal force required?  Will a man be forced to defend himself with lethal force, if an angry mob wants to kill him?

“But, doesn’t Trump preach hate and division?  Hasn’t he caused this violence?”

The left blame President Trump for their own actions.  They preach peace + tolerance, then want to kill you.

Much has been made of Trump’s immigration policies:  securing our borders.  The left want to disband ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and begin a new open border policy.

Next month marks seventeen years since 9/11.  Did you know that many school children don’t know how it happened?  They don’t know the hijackers were Muslim (mostly Saudi) and were here through illegal visas.  Some don’t know who Osama bin Laden was.  How’d that happen?  Isn’t this recent history?  When did 9/11 become a vague incident caused by unknown terrorists?

I noticed at the library, a lot of books on 9/11 have disappeared.  It is as Al Gore said, “An Inconvenient Truth”.

Former Pres. Obama called Muslim immigrants “pilgrims” – just like the ones who landed on Plymouth Rock.  Do you believe him?  After seeing what they’ve done to Europe, do you still believe him?   Text © 2018 – ERN

See the source image

Muslims immigrants swarm into England.




9/11 Collapse

 Something happened on September 11.  It occurred in Manhattan, NYC.  No, it’s not what happened in 2001.  It was last year at Ground Zero 2016.  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary R. Clinton fell like a ton of bricks, indicative of her campaign.  Just as a turkey can’t fly, either could Mrs. C.  What could be more predictive than this?  While the MSM tried to downplay or outright dismiss it, this and her on-camera brain seizures proved her health was far worse than any of us could imagine.

Image result for hillary brain seizure, gif

Image result for hillary clinton seizure owl

Image result for hillary clinton seizure owl

The demons are alive and well in Hillary Clinton.

One year later, we have an embittered MSM broadcasting daily biased character attacks on Pres. Trump.  We have protests from ANTIFA, far-left anarchists and paid criminals.  And we have Trump voters, the real Americans.  (The MSM calls them “Nazis and white supremacists.”)  Whose side are you on?

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(Video is posted at the end of this article.)

What really happened on July 15, 2017 to Justine Damond is beginning to make sense.  For those who recall it, this was a 40 year old woman who was shot to death in her pajamas by a Muslim-Somali cop in Minneapolis.  Just prior to them arriving, she had phoned 911 TWICE.  The police were late and they were lost.  When they finally showed up, Ms. Damond was probably agitated.  This may be why she slapped the back of the patrol car.  Next, she spoke with Officer Harrity.  This is where the missing piece of the puzzle is.  What did she do to make Officer Mohammed Noor shoot her three times?  Harrity said she was only talking with him.  Noor said, Damond startled him and that she caused it by the way she acted.  Question:  Is this just cause for killing someone?

Video is by MrLTavern on YouTube, which is not affiliated with EricReports.

A Word About Muslims

  Image result for images, obama muslim

As commentator, I’m no longer going to comment on or analyze every Islamic terrorist attack, because these events have become daily occurrences.  Following these massacres, the MSM is already out there with their slogan “Hate won’t win.”  More flowers, teddy bears and candlelight tributes.  What do you want me to say?

Currently, we don’t have the right stuff to win the War on Terror.  By that, I mean, the will to defeat the enemy.  The Muslims have it.  We don’t.  That’s why they’re winning.

On the plus side, we have Pres. Trump, but he’s being neutralized by the Democrats, the MSM and the RINOs.  I don’t know how much he’ll accomplish.  Not enough, I’m sure.

Many have said that it will take another 9/11 t0 wake us up again.  I don’t think so.  The only thing that would make Americans realize we have an enemy is a nuclear attack.  Obama has made sure that Iran is capable of it. 

Much of Europe is already learning what happens when you dump a bunch of blood-thirsty, murdering psychopaths into their lands.  England, Germany, France, Sweden, Holland, Italy, Norway, Denmark – they’ve all been contaminated.  As for Germany, they’ve left their WWII concentration camps standing.  I’d advise them to keep them open for the enemy within.

When I see the millenials, I am disheartened.  They truly don’t seem to know what’s happening.

While a nest of Muslim rattlesnakes curls up around them, they’re too preoccupied with selfies, cellphones, being the cool kid and voting Democrat because they’re not Republican.  While they worry about transgender rights, Islam is plotting their demise.

Europe is about ten years ahead of us with this Muslim epidemic.  No doubt, it’s coming this way.  I wish I could write a happy ending to this story, but I can’t.

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“Sexist, Misogynist, Homophobe…” Breakdown of the American Male

Image result for images, no men allowedImage result for images, women's march

For a long time, the mainstream media have been doing everything they can to eradicate traditional masculinity and buildup feminism, female empowerment and homosexuality.  I have never supported what began as “women’s lib” in the late 60’s – early 70’s, because I saw where it was going.  It was never about equal rights or equal pay.  It was about replacing men as the leaders of the world.

Q.  Does anybody out there think these times are better than they were before?  People are at each other’s throats.  You can’t even board an airline anymore.  Kids think they’re transgendered.  Abortion has destroyed an entire generation of human beings.  We now have “beta-males”, “snowflakes” and “social justice warriors”.  Wouldn’t it be great if we had what we had before?  Just good people?  Normal people?

The left may have been well-intentioned by trying to help those whom they called “disenfranchised”, but there comes a time when we have to realize that were living in a freak show.  Worst of all, the new leftist project is to help out Muslim immigrants, you know, the folks who want to kill us.  Don’t tell me about the “good ones”.  I’ve been waiting for the good ones to come forward since 9/11.

There is a theory that the left want to bring in as many Islamic men as possible from the Middle East and Northern Africa, in order to supplant the white Christian male.  Their goal:  destroy the Judeo-Christian ethic.  This may sound paranoid to some, but if you look at what’s happening in Europe…where Muslim men gang-rape women and children and are getting away with it.  Don’t be so sure it can’t happen here.

Image result for women attacked by muslim rapistsImage result for women attacked by muslim rapistsImage result for women attacked by muslim rapists

Image result for women attacked by muslim rapistsImage result for women attacked by muslim rapists

There comes a time when you have to say “Enough is enough,” and stand your ground.

There is hope.  Last November, the public rejected Hillary Clinton.  Every day, I thank God that woman is not our President.  Just the idea of it makes my blood run cold.  Still, we cannot rest on our laurels.  The fight goes on.

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Remember 9/11? (Muslim Immigrant Hijackers)

Image result for 9/11

I shouldn’t have to write this article.  Any sane country would understand the need to keep out people who are trying to kill us.  And yet the disgruntled Hillary Clinton voters who didn’t win on Election Day are now getting their revenge on Pres. Trump by blocking everything he does.

January 28.  Pres. Trump does as he promised and imposes travel restrictions on seven countries which pose a threat to the safety and security of our nation:  Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and the Sudan.  The left go into hysterics, calling it “a ban on Muslims” and “unconstitutional.”  February 3.  Federal Judge James Robart of Seattle blocks Pres. Trump’s executive action.

Islamics, realizing we now have a President who is serious about terrorism, begin flooding into the USA.

American airports have become deluged with protesters saying, “All Muslims should be welcome here,” and they curse Trump.When did so many people become so stupid?  Does anybody out there remember 9/11?  I realize that for eight years Pres. Obama said the 9/11 hijackers “weren’t real Muslims”, but I didn’t think anyone believed him.

What happened?

9/11 Condensed  (2,996 dead)

Image result for osama bin laden

Osama bin Laden

Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda, launches his “holy war” (jihad) against the United States by attacking “soft targets”.  The plan:  hijack four passenger jets and use them as missiles on four targets.  The hijackers, all Muslim, 15 are Saudis, 2 are from the Arab Emirates, 1 from Egypt, 1 from Lebanon.

Image result for 9/11 hijackers

On Sept. 11, 2001, AA Flight 11 strikes WTC North Tower which collapses.  UA Flight 175 strikes WTC South Tower, which collapses.  AA Flight 77 strikes the Pentagon.  UA Flight 93 crashes in Shanksville, PN.  Passengers learn of the hijackers plan and storm the cockpit door.  The pilot crashes the plane before it reaches Washington, D.C.

The hijackers were here on flimsy student visas.  Many of their application forms were only partially filled out.  It’s safe to say the U.S. gov’t didn’t take the threats of the Muslim world seriously.  Now we have a President who does take it seriously, but a segment of the public wants to stop him.  It is up to you to make your voices heard.  We cannot allow the spoiled-rotten, Marxist revolutionaries to control what’s happening.

Do you want another 9/11?  Do you want your country filled with Muslim ghettos?  Do you want “Affirmative Action” for foreign-born Muslims? Welfare?  Food stamps?  You see where this is going.

The far-left politicians and celebrities will never have to deal with these kinds of people, because they are protected by their cocoons of wealth.  It is we, the people, who will suddenly find ourselves like Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, Norway and England – surrounded by Islamic immigrants who have no intention of changing their culture.  They want to change ours.

If you’re comfortable with being a third-world nation with customs out of the Dark Ages, ignore this article.  If you want a free America, without Sharia Law, it’s time to make your presence known.

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Warning to Voters, Especially Women

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A good many of you are voting for Hillary Clinton because she is a woman.  It’s fair to say that many of you voted for Barack Obama because he is black.  It seems not to matter what their record is, as long as they have received the endorsement of the MSM.  What has Pres. Obama done in the last eight years?

Many point to the death of Osama bin Laden, founder of al-Qaeda/9-11 architect.  In reality, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta planned the raid.  Obama along with fellow Muslim, Valerie Jarrett tried to stop it.

ObamaCare:  the “Affordable Care Act”.  Pres. Obama lied to push it thru Congress.  Premiums are going thru the roof.  Even Pres. Bill Clinton called it “the craziest thing in the world.”  More worrisome, for those who have read it, is that when you become old and serve no useful purpose, the gov’t can pull the plug on you.  Fact:  those who no longer have “the funds” and are terminally ill will face the “death panels”.

Obama bragged about ending the Iraq War.  What about the new caliphate known as ISIL?  What about ISIS?  (Now in thirty-two countries.)  Why did he let them decimate all non-Muslims living in the area?  Was that his plan all along?

What about Benghazi, Libya?  Four dead Americans, but as Hillary said, “What difference does it make?”  This was formerly a stable country.  Now it’s a hotbed for terrorism.

Our military has been weakened to pre-WWII levels.  He’s fired all our patriotic generals and replaced them with PC ones.  Gays and transgenders have free reign.  Sounds like a bad porno movie.

BHO has brought in 10,000+ Syrian-Muslim “refugees” without vetting them.  ISIS has said they will infiltrate us this way.

“Black Lives Matter” is nothing but a terrorist group, disguised as a civil rights group.  Killing, burning, looting occur every time a black person is shot by the police, regardless of the circumstances.  That’s our new normal.

The economy.  A stagnant GNP stuck at 1%.  Welfare and food card use have gone sky high.


Rebuild our infrastructure.  New highways crisscrossing from Canada to Mexico.

Help heal the divide between us and the Muslim world.  (Obviously, he’s one of them.)  Instead, he’s made it worse, condemning Christians as hypocrites and calling Islam “the religion of peace.”  San Bernardino, Orlando, Paris.  His non-appearance at the 2015 Paris Peace March spoke volumes.

Cure for AIDS.  Obama, being a closet gay, should’ve had this at the top of his list.

Space travel.  Obama discontinued it.  Now we must “hitch hike” on Russian rockets.

Improve our schools.  Test scores continue to decline.  Students are bored and unmotivated.  More $, less results.

Discourage drug use.  Obama is a dismal failure on this.  He laughs about formerly smoking marijuana and snorting cocaine (which he still uses.)  What a role model!  He’s releasing hundreds of drug dealers from prison calling their terms, “racially motivated”.

Be a good man.  Compare the 2008 Obama to the 2016 Obama.


A small majority of people like me warned that the 2008 Obama was a fake, just a really good actor.  The real Obama is aloof, uncaring, snobby, elitist, dishonest and clever in all the worst ways.  The man golfs after an American is beheaded by a Muslim terrorist.  That should tell you everything.

th8r74f0ga  The two faces of Hillary Clinton.

HILLARY CLINTON has promised to carry on Obama’s legacy.  Being his former Sec’t of State (2009-2012), she must own up to her foreign policy decisions.

THE ARAB SPRING.  Back in 2011, Mrs. C bragged about it.  Today, the expression is an embarrassment.  After Pres. Bush, our problems have compounded.  The only reason we haven’t had another 9/11 is because the Arab-Muslim terrorists know Obama is a Muslim.

Benghazi is the worst of Hillary’s disasters.  New info is that Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed because he was about to go public about Obama’s plan to “arm the rebels”  [Create ISIS]  and then gas Syrian children, framing Assad.

Mrs. Clinton had Libya’s leader Muammar Gaddafi killed by a mob – AFTER he signed a ceasefire agreement.  Then, she laughed about it.

Hillary threatens Russia, blaming them for WikiLeaks, and saying they’re trying to hack into our election – WITHOUT A SHRED OF EVIDENCE.  None!

Russian troops are already in Syria, defending Assad’s regime.  HRC wants to establish a “no fly zone” for them, meaning she plans on shooting down any Russian military jets in that air space.  That could start WWIII.

DONALD TRUMP has promised to work with Russia and help establish peace.  What’s wrong with that?

Because Hillary Clinton is a Democrat, many want to vote for her.  Did you know that Hillary used to be a Republican?  Did you know that Trump used to be a Democrat?  If the Donald was still a Democrat, I think he’d be ahead in the polls.  Partisan politics rule the day.

Hillary Clinton has vowed to shut down websites that criticize her because she said they’re not telling the truth.  Q.  Where do you think WikiLeaks will be a year from now if she’s elected president?  What about Project VERITAS?  The Drudge Report?  The First Amendment protects free speech, but what if “H” rules “free speech” as what she deems (in her opinion) to be “true”?  What if “opinion” becomes “hate speech” becomes “against the law”?

We are treading on very dangerous ground here.  The MSM have openly campaigned for her.  The media (the ones that are supposed to be looking out for us) have been subverted.  If the news you hear on TV and read in the newspaper can’t be trusted, where do you go?  The alternative media.  The alternative media is being severely threatened.  As of Oct. 1, 2016, Obama has given away control of the Internet to the United Nations.  The only reason for doing so is censorship.  How will you feel later if the USA has the same censorship rules of China or Saudi Arabia?

Donald Trump has been demonized by the other side and while not perfect, he’s our last, best chance.  What Ronald Reagan was to the 1980’s, Trump could be to our time:  A thriving economy, a strong military, ISIS destroyed, peace among the super-powers, America #1 again.

In the past, voting Democrat meant standing up for the common folk.  Today, the DNC is rife with corruption, and “common folk” are now illegal aliens and Muslim terrorists.  “Common folk” have become marauders – burning down buildings, looting, and shooting the police.  “Common folk” have turned into selfish, entitled, “snowflakes” wanting everything free.

Election 2016 is where we, in Trump’s words, “become great again.”

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Congress Overrides President’s Veto on 9/11 Families Right to Sue

Good news once and for all from Congress who over-rid Pres. Obama’s veto on 9/11 families, who now have the right to sue those in Saudi Arabia who were involved with the funding of the 9/11 hijackers.  This comes on the heels of the release of the 28 pages withheld from the 9/11 Commission Report.  Within, it states how 15 of the 19 hijackers (Saudis) were secretly funded while living in the USA.  The 28 pages were withheld for 13 years by the federal gov’t (Bush and Obama) for fear of “jeopardizing our relationship with Saudi Arabia.”

Image result for 9 11 Hijackers Saudis

Obama’s excuse for the veto?  Other countries can now sue us.  Example:  for a drone strike.  What Obama leaves out is that other countries already have this right.

The incredible vote in the Senate was 97 to 1 with Harry Reid, the only vote supporting the veto.  The House of Representatives vote was 348 to 77.

Opinion:  This disgraced veto and the attempt to hide the truth about which countries were involved with 9/11 (including our own) is a new beginning for America’s response to our worst terrorist attack.  Also, there are many out there who believe Obama’s veto verifies his allegiance to the Muslim world and that he is a Saudi plant, cultivated for infiltration from within.  Their goal?  Place a Muslim in the White House.

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Hillary Clinton’s 9/11 Collapse

See the source image

Sept. 11, 2016 – Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton cut short her NYC 9/11 tribute ceremony due to lingering health problems.  HRC collapsed while being guided into her medical van.  A video of the event proved once and for all that her illnesses are not a “conspiracy theory.”  EricReports stands by his diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease.  (The Clinton campaign blamed it on “pneumonia”.)

Upon close examination of the video, Hillary totters, tries to move, then goes limp, falling forward into the van.  This would coincide with Parkinson’s symptoms.

The DNC is scrambling for a possible replacement, but let me state categorically that Hillary Clinton will not step down or quit unless she’s forced to.

Q.  What if the 9/11 fainting spell was no accident?  What if the powers-that-be, the people who really run the world, know she can’t win?

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trilateraliuGPAYB2WL iuB4JALKZT th22WRHRAR

Or is God himself pulling the plug on the Clintons?  Is God sick and tired of seeing this country destroyed by the most evil leaders on Earth?

Hillary death hoax

ABC News mistakenly reported Hillary Clinton’s death on 9/11.  Was this a hoax or a warning from the secret societies illustrated above?

Does Hillary Clinton have a lookalike? Conspiracy theories ...

Fake Hillary on the left, real Hillary on the right

More accurately, Mrs. Clinton used a body double because of her illness in an attempt to fool the public into believing she is healthy.  The above photos illustrate the differences between the two women.  The woman who is trying to impersonate HRC is slimmer, younger with different features.

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9/11 – Then and Now

Sunday, September 11, 2016 marks fifteen years since 9/11.  What’s changed since then?

George-W-Bush.jpeg Image result for images, muslim obama  We now have a Muslim President.

Image result for images, world trade center Image result for images, one-world trade center top spiral  Formerly the Twin Towers.  Now, the One World Trade Center with a Muslim spiral at the top.

Image result for images, one-world trade center msulim top spiral

Image result for images, one-world trade center  Image result for images, wtc memorial park  Muslim tower represents a penis, the two craters left by the WTC represent a vagina and an anus.  This atrocity was designed by Muslims.  That’s why Pres. Bush would not authorize it during his presidency.

Image result for images, mexican immigrants crossing the border Image result for images, scary muslim immigrants  Before we had mostly Mexican immigrants.  Now, thanks to Obama, we have Muslim rapists, terrorists and murderers.

Image result for images, USA airport circa 1970's, stewerdesses Image result for images, USA airport circa 1970's, stewerdesses

Image result for images, tsa search Image result for images, tsa search baby

Before we had peace and security.  Now, everybody’s a suspect.  Body scans contain dangerous amounts of radiation.  Rejected by Europe.  TSA gropes women and children.

Image result for images, osama bin laden Image result for images, osama bin laden watching tv On May 2, 2011, in a raid conducted by Leon Panetta, (not Obama), Osama bin Laden was shot and killed by Navy SEALs.  Body dumped in ocean, leaving a big question mark as to whether it was really him.  DNA analysis questionable.  Fingerprints don’t match.

Image result for al-qaeda 2001 in afghanistan Image result for images, scary ISIS  Al-Qaeda the terrorist group that launched 9/11 has mutated into an even more dangerous organization named ISIS.

Image result for images, ISIL caliphate  ISIL:  ISIS establishes their caliphate.  Pres. Obama stands by and watches.

Image result for images, iraq war, shock and awe Image result for images, war in syria Before, the Iraq War.  Now, Syria.

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ILLUMINATI – Dead Singer Theory Part 3 – Aaliyah


Warning from the Illuminati – Keep your mouth shut.

Precursor to 9/11…

Singer/actress Aaliyah Haughton (1979-2001) was a Grammy nominee and had appeared in a handful of movies including “Romeo Must Die”, “Queen of the Damned” and as the singing voice for Disney’s “Anastasia”.  She had already filmed scenes for “The Matrix Reloaded”.

Inexplicably, her plane crashed on Aug. 25, 2001.  Supposedly, it was returning her to Florida following her “Rock the Boat” video.  The MSM blamed the pilot, who had taken cocaine; however the plane, a Cessna 402B, was heavily overloaded.

Why use an inadequate aircraft for a major star?

Was a know druggie pilot chosen deliberately?

What was the big rush to return to Miami?

The video’s director Hype Williams would later return to the same beach to film Beyoncé – a singer more than willing to be their biggest Illuminati star.  Image result for images, beyonce walking on the beach

Image result for images, beyonce and aaliyah

Beyoncé, who pretended to be friends with Aaliyah is mocking her in this video.

Aaliyah’s footage for “The Matrix Reloaded” was removed – reportedly – because it wouldn’t match with their third film titled “The Matrix Revolutions”.  (Or was it to just erase her altogether?)

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Dead Singer Theory – ILLUMINATI – Part 1 – Christina Grimmie

Image result for images, christina grimmie, before you exit

Precursor to Orlando Pulse Nightclub shootings?  “Before You Exit” double meaning.

Christian singer Christina Grimmie began her career singing on YouTube.  Her greatest fame came through NBC’s “The Voice” (2014 – 3rd place.)  Her Illuminati connection:  Selena Gomez, who attempted to bring her into the fold. Image result for images, selena gomez illuminati   

Me Singing - "Stay" by Rihanna - Christina Grimmie Cover ...

Ms. Grimmie signed with Island Records who tried to mold her into a Britney Spears clone.  She rejected the makeover and was fired.  She would return to YouTube, singing for small venues.

Christina Grimmie sang preceding the act, tellingly called “Before You Exit”.

EXCLUSIVE: Inside Christina Grimmie's Last Concert Before ...

June 10, 2016, the Plaza, Orlando, Florida.

(Notice the Illuminati symbolism in the background.)  Following the show, Ms. Grimmie sat down, signing autographs. Kevin Loibl approached her and when she reached out to hug him, he shot her four times.  Her brother tackled the assassin who broke free and shot himself.

Image result for images, , kevin loibl

Kevin Loibl, murderer

Was Christina Grimmie killed for rejecting her Illuminati contract?  What did she already know about the secret organization?  Why does the MSM continually report that “We may never know why Kevin Loibl killed Miss Grimmie?”  Because they don’t want to know.  Because they already do know.

June 12, 2016.  Two days later, Muslim terrorist Omar Mateen killed 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, FL.

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