“2000 Mules” Too Controversial for MSM

Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary “2000 Mules” has pretty much been written off by the mainstream media.  Even Newsmax and FoxNews don’t want to talk about it.  Why is that?

“2000 Mules” proves the Democrats stole the 2020 election from Pres. Donald Trump.  The “mules” are paid couriers who dropped off fake mail-in ballots.  In the security camera videos, they can be seen dropping off loads of counterfeit ballots for Biden.  They’re wearing gloves (no fingerprints) and taking selfies for proof of payment later on.

Ordinarily, such a documentary would be groundbreaking news.  But, the MSM doesn’t want to mention it, unless they’re debunking it.  (How do you debunk the truth?)

Yes citizens, the system will not be threatened.  The swamp didn’t want Trump re-elected in 2020 . . . or in 2024.  It simply isn’t going to happen.  We are locked into a soft dictatorship that’s growing harder and whichever side your on, America’s freedoms will eventually disappear in the wind.

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Biden’s Report Card

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EricReports grades the 46th President of the United States.

Foreign Policy.  Is there a grade lower than F?  If so, Biden would receive it.  Our humiliating retreat from Afghanistan, leaving Americans and billions of dollars of armaments’ behind, 13 Marines killed, fittingly happened shortly before 9/11.

The Biden Administration helped the war in the Ukraine to occur by pushing them to join NATO and forcing “democracy American-style”.  Ukraine is right next to Russia and was formally part of the USSR.  What did Biden think Putin would do?  That’s why fake-macho-phonies will always fail against a stronger leader.

Economy:  F.  Inflation, recession and sky-high gas prices – Biden blames Putin for it; except, all of this took place BEFORE the war in Ukraine.  Economists predict 2022 to continue in the same way as the dollar crumbles faster than our infrastructure.  Green new deal anyone?

Border Crisis:  F.  Open borders have brought millions of needy, hungry, illiterate, disease-ridden foreigners eager for free housing, education and food.  America already has a homelessness problem.  We can’t take care of our own and we need more?  Dems cynically know these people will probably vote Democrat as long as the welfare checks are dealt out.

Image:  F.  Biden, as President, represents the USA whether we like it or not.  Tell me, does his appearance give you confidence?

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The man barely knows where he is.  He freely admits others are making decision for him.  (Speaker Nancy Pelosi, First Lady Jill Biden, ex-Prez Barack Obama, Rep. AOC, Sen. Schumer and others.)  It’s no longer a joking matter.  “Sleepy Joe” isn’t all there mentally.  Despite this, Biden brags about running again to his former boss, BHO.  (I’m sure that made Kamala Harris feel good.)

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Sooner or later, the live camera will televise the feeble-minded fake and no amount of MSM news spin will be able to cover up the naked truth of his madness.


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Biden-Clinton Empires Falling

The Demon Rats are fleeing the sinking ship.

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Jen Psaki is quitting as White House press secretary.

“The Big Guy” (fake Pres. Biden’s code name) accepted illegal kickback funds from a Chinese energy company, aided by Hunter Biden, as proven on the “missing” laptop.

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Prediction:  Biden will be forced to retire early next year due to the crashing failure of his administration.

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Hillary Satan is being sued by former Pres. Donald Trump for her false allegations of Russian collusion during the General Election 2016.  Hillary was forced to pay a fine for her involvement in hiring spies within the Trump White House.  Any plans for HRC to run in 2024 are laughable.

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MSM Lies about Laptop

October 2020.  News breaks that the son of then-Democratic nominee for the White House, (Joe Biden-Hunter Biden) has explosive new information contained on a laptop computer left behind in a repair shop.  Photos emerge of an obviously stoned-looking Hunter Biden.  Other photos allegedly show the future President’s son cavorting with crack whores.

But, the big news is the payoffs, proving Hunter Biden was the go-between for Papa Joe, collecting illegal funds from China, Ukraine and so on.  If this news had been carried by the mainstream media (MSM), Donald Trump would still be President.  Which is why the media avoided it like the plague.  Yes, Sean Hannity (FoxNews) talked about it.  He and others were dismissed as “crackpot conspiracy theorists”.  Joe Biden himself called it “Russian misinformation”.

So what happened?

Now that a year and a half have passed since the election, the New York Times thinks it’s safe to admit there was a laptop.  They say it was no big deal and so what?  If it was no big deal, why was this labeled “toxic news” – forbidden on Twitter, Facebook, etc?

Still, the MSM says you can trust them.  It was a harmless white lie…that they had to get Trump out of the White House.

Wouldn’t it also follow that one day the 2020 General Election becomes another “white lie”?  You know, the one the MSM said was “fair, above-board, with no cheating whatsoever”.  Wasn’t that what January 6, 2021 was all about?  Stopping a stolen election?

How much time will pass before the MSM admits the Democrats stole every swing state?  That mail-in ballots and hacked Dominion machines rigged the election for Biden?  And will they say they had to do it to make the bad orange man go away?  Will 2024 be the same?

CLICK LINK for original EricReports article dated October 18, 2020

Excerpt from Trump vs. Biden – Debate 1 by EricReports.  “The President (Trump) went after his son Hunter who took $3,500,000 from Russia.  Biden denied it.  Trump said, “It’s a fact.”

Trump vs. Biden – Debate 1 (Sept. 30, 2020.)

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Empty Suit Biden

As WWIII encroaches, the U.S. finds itself in a very dark place.  Let me state emphatically – the war in Ukraine would not have happened if not for our humiliating departure in Afghanistan.  Half-a-year later, Russia invades Ukraine.  See the connection?  Why wouldn’t they, if America can’t handle a third-world ass-backwards Muslim hellhole like Afghanistan.  You know the rest.  The thing of it is, if Trump were President. this war would not have happened.  Putin knows Biden is an impotent clown.  He’d be foolish to wait for a real president.

Biden blames our inflation on Putin.  The same inflation that’s been around for a year.


Currently, we have a presidency run by committee:  Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the Obamas, Valerie Jarrett, et al.  Why?  Because feeble-minded Biden allows it.  Third term Obama or first term Biden, (whichever you want to call it), is a dismal failure.  Things are so bad, Dems are already planning on what to do if Trump is re-elected.

For the meantime, what does this mean for fake Pres. “Sleepy Joe”?  He’s been president for a year and two months and it already feels like eight.

2022.  Mid-terms look like a blowout with the Republicans taking back the House of Representatives, maybe the Senate.

The DNC knows Biden is a huge liability.  His usefulness was to get rid of Trump in a stolen election.  Now what?

How do they plan to throw him under the bus?

Three Possibilities

One.  Remove Biden with the 25th Amendment.  The only problem is:  this proves the Republicans were right about him.  Dems hate admitting they’re wrong about anything.

Two.  Allow Biden to run again.  Can you imagine it?  It would take every drug imaginable to get him to do a half-way credible job of campaigning.  (Or are they going to hide him in the basement again with a planned resurgence of Covid?)

Three.  Biden passes away by natural causes (and please don’t notice the odd, Bob Saget-like circumstances of his death.)

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The fake black Vice-President.

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Trump Must Act Now

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Former President Donald Trump has the opportunity to end the war in Ukraine by meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  How?

A truce based on the following conditions:

Ukraine remains an independent and sovereign nation.

Russia ends its military invasion.

In exchange for a nuclear ceasefire agreement with the United States.

Where does this leave Biden?

You could say the war in the Ukraine was caused by Biden’s weakness.  What do you think Putin though of Biden’s exit strategy in Afghanistan?  Putin has no respect for Biden (who stole the election) or Obama (a foreign born Muslim homosexual.)  Putin is aware Biden is Obama’s stooge.

Putin respects Trump who is his own man and owes nothing to no one.  Trump would be re-elected hands down if he were able to pull the rug out from under fake President Biden.

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War in Ukraine?

Biden vs. Putin – who is weaker?

Fake President Biden has hinted the USA might go to war with Russia over their incursion into Ukraine.  Something tells me Russian Premiere Vladimir Putin isn’t shaking in his boots.  Maybe it’s because we just lost a war with Afghanistan.  Maybe, it’s because we lost the war in Vietnam.  Maybe, it’s because Biden didn’t really win the 2020 election.

If the U.S. can’t win a war against third-world countries, how would it win against Russia, which has a nuclear arsenal?  Q.  Is America being set up for an attack and then destroy its own economy so that the controllers would have absolute power?  When our nation has to rebuild, do you think we’d still have the freedoms we have now?  Text © 2022 – EricReports

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Ashli Babbitt Day

The Democrats and mainstream media would have you believe an insurrection occurred on January 6, 2021.  Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but that’s not what happened.  A year ago, an American patriot named Ashli Babbitt was executed.  She was there to protest a stolen election.  This was made clear in the wee hours of Nov. 4, 2020 when Democratic challenger Joe Biden’s election count skyrocketed…

…all in those six swing states of Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.  Many abnormalities happened that night, burst water pipes, windows covered where votes were being counted, ballot watchers denied entrance, Trump votes counted for Biden, dead people voting for Biden, mail-in ballots all for Biden, FoxNews calling Arizona for Biden and so on.


Like me, Ashli Babbitt saw her country being stolen from her.  So on January 6, she marched on Washington, spurred on by Pres. Trump’s speech:  Take America Back.

Trump Rips 'Disgrace' Cop Who Shot Ashli Babbitt While Addressing Jan. 6 Rioter Rally


All she wanted was to ask VP Mike Pence why he wouldn’t return the electoral college votes back to the States.  During the melee, a mob swarmed into the Capitol Building and Babbitt managed to crawl into a broken window leading into the Speaker’s Lobby.  There, Lt. Michael Byrd carefully took aim and fired, shooting her in the neck.  She died en route to the hospital.

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One year later, we have a lost war in Afghanistan, a failed economy, more Covid than ever, illegal immigrants flooding the border and January 6th prisoners of the “March to Save America” remain in solitary confinement.   Biden, barely coherent, does staged interviews and won’t answer any real questions in any press conference.

Ashli remains a symbol, a martyr for a lost cause.

Jan. 6 an insurrection?  Nope.  The insurrection happened on Nov. 3, 2020.

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Biden says Let’s Go, Brandon

Christmas, 2021.  Biden and wife are trolled by a caller who said, “Let’s go, Brandon.”  Biden’s reply:  “Let’s go, Brandon.  I agree,” then asks if the caller is from Oregon.

More proof our current fake President doesn’t know what’s going on, is kept in a bubble and is ready for the funny farm.

Scrooge Democrats didn’t think it was funny – the same ones who thought Kathy Griffin was hip.

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Let’s Go, Brandon!


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The new catch-phrase “Let’s Go, Brandon!” has come under MSM scrutiny.  “Let’s go, Brandon” came about as a joke, a misunderstanding during a NASCAR race when a reporter misheard “F*ck Joe Biden” as “Let’s go, Brandon!”

Further attention was brought when a SouthWest Airline pilot said “Let’s go, Brandon” over the cabin speaker.  The easily offended left called for him to be fired and then, of course, an immediate investigation.  Twitterers compared it to ISIS death threats.

Didn’t Biden arm the Taliban with billions of dollars of U.S. weaponry upon our exit from Afghanistan?  Didn’t Biden get 13 servicemen killed when he bungled our departure – our loss of a 20 year war?

Insanity and delusion from our ruling party.

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Soft Dictatorship

The Dictatorship of Relativism Comes to Campus - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and ...

January 8 – January 20, 2021.  Pres. Trump is stripped of all military powers by Gen. Mark Milley and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.  This is based on the supposed belief that Trump would start a war to stay in power.  (Pelosi had been attempting to do this for some time.)  In other words, the so-called “insurrection” of Jan. 6 really occurred on the 8th – by Democrats.  Treason and sedition.  But, you’ll never hear about it on the facist MSM.

Leaders Hoped to Avoid Crisis at End of Trump's Presidency: Book | PEOPLE.com

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Gen. Milley

All of this happened over the stolen election of 2020 which, according to the Dems/MSM was “the first honest, above-board election with no cheating in U.S. history.”  https://conservativefighters.org/news/ballots-in-pennsylvania-were-found-in-the-trash-they-were-all-votes-for-trump/

Ballots in Pennsylvania Were Found in the Trash. They Were All Votes for Trump.

Ballots found in trash – all were votes for Trump in Pennsylvania.

When dim Dems lose, it’s because of “disenfranchised voters” i.e., minorities not allowed to vote.  No explanation as to why or how.

Since Biden took control, many have asked “Who’s running this country?”  The answer is, not one single person, but which group helped establish Barack Obama as a presidential candidate?  THE WEATHER UNDERGROUND aka THE WEATHERMEN.  (A domestic terrorist group known for bombing federal buildings.  Their intent?  To destroy the USA from within, then rebuild it as a Communist superstate.  Obama, a closet America-hating, foreign born, Islamic fundamentalist, was perfect for them.)

IHTM - Hmmmm. This Weather Underground's terrorist logo seems sort of familiar

If we had a real press, Obama would’ve been investigated and never allowed to run.  His connections to the founder this terrorist group -Bill Ayers – can’t be disputed.  Ayers would ghostwrite Obama’s autobiography “Dreams of My Father”.

Biden Obama - The Federalist

2021:  Fake Pres. Joe Biden has picked up Obama’s mantel.  

In just a short eight months, America has begun its rapid decline.  Inflation, recession, border crisis, millions of illegal aliens flooding in, a lost war in Afghanistan, arming the Taliban, forced vaccinations and Dems spending trillions of dollars in a pork-barrel scam:  the Green New Deal.

Republicans think they’re going to turn this around in the next elections.  How?  If the Dems stole it in 2020, what’s going to stop them in 2024?

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“This isn’t about freedom” (Vax Mandate)

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Fake Pres. Biden has announced a new mandate:  forced Covid-19 vaccinations for all major business employees, gov’t and health care workers.

How many of us saw this coming?  I myself wrote an article in this blog a year ago.   https://ericreports.com/2020/09/06/mandatory-vaccine/

The most striking quote from Biden’s speech:  “This isn’t about freedom or personal choice.”  He admits it.  We’re taking your freedom away from you.  Loud and in your face.

Let me ask:  How come not one famous person has died from the Covid vaccine?  And yet thousands of ordinary people have?  Could it be that well known people are getting a different vaccine?  One that doesn’t endanger your health?

Actor/former Gov. of California Arnold Schwarzenegger said on CNN:  “Screw your freedom.”  The former Terminator just want his life to go back to normal.

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Here’s the thing.  Covid-19 is here to stay.  It’s not going away.  If you vaccinate every human being on earth, it will still be here.  But, those who are vaccinated are putting out the false premise that if everybody gets vaccinated, it will go away.  In other words, they’re lying.

The MSM has ramped up their “get the jab” propaganda with TV and Internet commercials.  New media states “You’re a murderer” if you don’t get the shot.  The biggest joke of all:  vaccinated people can still get sick and die.  And guess who the MSM blames.  The unvaccinated.  They don’t blame China who started the disease.  They don’t blame the drug companies for creating a faulty vaccine.  They blame the unvaccinated, even though vaccinated people can still transmit Covid-19.

Why do they say the vaccine is safe, when it isn’t  It isn’t even a real vaccine.  It’s an RNA-invader, an attempt to alter our bio-chemistry.

Additionally, Biden’s forced vaccine program is unconstitutional in every sense of the word.

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JUSTICE FOR J6 (Sept. 18)

a group of people standing in front of a crowd


What is it all about?

The Justice for J6 rally is for the those who oppose the illegal imprisonment of the brave patriots who were exercising their First Amendment rights on January 6, 2021 and have since received long jail sentences including solitary confinement.

It is for Ashli Babbitt, who gave the ultimate sacrifice…

Ashli Babbitt, age 35, shot and killed by Capitol Police on Jan. 6, 2021 at the Save America March.

It’s for those who know Joe Biden stole the 2020 Election…

The real “insurrection” occurred on Nov. 3, when the Democratic Party stole the General Election.


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9/11/01 – 9/11/21

Mitchell: Economic inequity didn't fall with the Twin Towers | Commentary | phillytrib.com

September 11, 2001 – New York City.

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20 Years Later. Taliban retakes Presidential Palace – Afghanistan.

On September 11, 2002, 19 Muslim hijackers, crashed four passenger jets into two America landmarks:  the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  (The fourth plane crashed in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.)  At that time, al-Qaeda and its leader Osama bin Laden were headquartered in Afghanistan, that is, given a safe haven by the Taliban.

Oct. 7, 2001.  U.S. forces invade Afghanistan, beginning the long “War on Terror”.

February 2020.  Pres. Trump signs a deal with the Taliban, ending the war as of May 1, 2021.

Jan. 20, 2021.  Joe Biden becomes president, changing the Afghanistan withdrawal date to Sept. 11, 2021.

Aug. 16, 2021.  After most of the U.S. troops depart, the new Afghani gov’t falls to the Taliban.  Pres. Biden is told by the Taliban that all Americans are to be out by Aug. 31.

Aug. 26, 2021.  ISIS-K suicide bombers attack near Kabul airport killing nearly 200 people – including 13 servicemen.

Sept. 1, 2021.  143 Americans and 51 service dogs are left behind in Afghanistan.  (Over 100,000 Afghani refugees are brought to the USA.)

Biden declares our departure from Afghanistan “a success”.

The Taliban imposes Sharia Law killing protestors for not flying the right flag, killing a woman for not wearing a burka and killing a singer, because music is not allowed.

An August 2021 Rasmussen poll shows that Trump would win the election by a landslide if it were held today.  Only 37% of voters would still vote for Biden.

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Biden Screams, Makes A Fool Of Himself At 9/11 Ceremony

The Clintons, the Obamas, the Bidens.  Biden is the one screaming like an idiot.

Lunatic Joe Biden pulls down his mask and shouts at someone during yesterday’s 9/11 ceremony, where the Twin Towers once stood.  Former Pres. Obama gives him a dirty look.

Fake Pres. Biden, not satisfied with being the embarrassment he always is, left in his limousine, while Gen. Miley was speaking.  Why did our fake President leave early?  Was Biden afraid he might miss watching his Saturday morning cartoons?

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The Day Biden Leaves

In 1989, President Ford predicted the first woman president will occur when a future female vice-president takes the place of the deceased president.  Is this just an idle forecast?  No.  Those at the top – call them what you want – I’ll call them the Illuminati – must warn the public what will happen in the future.  That’s why there were so many clues in the mass media up until 9/11 it happened.

Will Biden ever be removed from office?  Let’s examine the facts.  Trump was tried for impeachment twice – once for a phone call and again for making a speech.  Biden’s handling of our exit from Afghanistan was a disaster, getting many people killed or stranded, leaving billions of dollars of military equipment behind.  Will he be tried for impeachment?  No.  And he never will be.

Already, Biden has shown signs the job is too much for him.  He is unfocused, easily confused and forgetful.  He freely admits he’s given instructions on what to do.  Both Republicans and Democrats say (whether in public or private) Biden has Alzheimer’s disease or at the very least, senility.

Voters: Senile Sleepy Joe Biden Has Dementia - USA MEMES

Will Biden be removed with the 25th Amendment?  Incapacitation?  No.  That would prove the Republicans were right all along… that Biden was unfit for office.  The Dems will never admit they made a mistake.

I believe those who put Biden in the White House have a timetable.  Once “Creepy Joe” runs out of his usefulness, it will be time for him to go.  The people running the show know when he will have to be taken out.  Need I say, there are drugs which mimic a fatal heart attack?

Death deifies Biden.  You recall when Michael Jackson died.  Before then, they called him a “child molester”.  After death, he was back to being the King of Pop.

The MSM will acknowledge Biden’s age.  This will make him seem even more brave, taking on the toughest job in in the world in his late seventies.

Will it matter in the short term whether Biden (or others) ran our country into the ground?  Caused rampant inflation?  A border crisis?  A lost war?  Millions of illegal aliens?  Loss of respect around the world?  No.  Death erases everything.

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Failure in Afghanistan Allowed -to Happen

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Joe Biden is president in name only.  A deal was made.

2020.  Dems decide they cannot tolerate another four years of Trump as president.  Among the poor list of candidates to choose from Biden is picked as “the safe choice”.

Election Day.  He wins through manipulated “mail-in ballots” in all the swing states.

Joe Biden is aware he is chosen, not elected and that he must go along with the plan.

Biden is assigned handlers – a staff who instruct him on what to say and what to do.  This means the presidency belongs to others.  Who?


See the source imageSee the source image

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Feb. 2020:  Former Pres. Trump signs a deal with the Taliban for U.S. forces to be out by May 1, 2021.  Biden doesn’t fully honor this deal.  He extends the withdrawal date to Sept. 11.  Because of the date change, tribal warlords and the Taliban have time to coalesce.  This is used as proof America doesn’t honor its commitments.  It’s also relayed to the Taliban that Biden is weak, indecisive and unable to do anything without the approval of his handlers.  Most U.S. troops are withdrawn.  Collapse is imminent.  Pres. Ghani flees from Afghanistan.

The last phone call between Ashraf Ghani and Joe Biden has been accessed by news agency Reuters.

Idiot Biden with traitor Ghani

Billions of dollars of military equipment is left for the Taliban who take over in ten days.

Biden and his team try to cast blame on others, saying this was “expected”.  It is too much, even for the mainstream media (MSM) who condemn his failed actions.  What can Biden say?  That he was only following orders?

While Joe Biden and his VP Kamala Harris (chosen for him by Barack Obama) try to laugh it off, the August 26 suicide bombing is nothing to joke about.

See the source image

Americans killed Aug. 26th in ISIS-K suicide bombings.

Biden refuses to extend his Aug. 31st deadline, admitting Americans will be left behind.  Why is this allowed to happen?  In the future, a ransom will be paid for those hostages – more money for the Taliban.

Need it be said that Team Obama works for Islamic fundamentalists?  Wasn’t it former Pres. Obama who gave billions in gold to Iran for their nuclear program?  (Supposedly for peaceful purposes.)  LINK

When Trump was president, ISIS shrank, the caliphate dissolved, Muslim terrorist attacks in the U.S. ended.  Now, all that is being reversed.  You can blame it on Biden’s age or incompetence, but ask yourself, if Biden wanted to invade Canada, do you think they would let him?  He is a figurehead for something much more evil and monstrous.

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ISIS Suicide Bombings

Apr. 26, 2021.  13 U.S. servicemen were killed, with nearly 100 Afghanis killed or injured after ISIS suicide bombers exploded near Kabul airport.

Victims were sitting ducks amidst their attempts to flee the country by the Taliban’s imposed deadline – August 31.

from khabarhd

This was an incident waiting to happen.  Fake Pres. Biden has repeatedly blamed Pres. Trump for making the deal to withdraw.  He does not explain why he would allow the Taliban to establish checkpoints allowing ISIS through.

Biden has stated the U.S. gov’t will ‘try” to get everyone out.  He had made threats of retaliation against ISIS-K.  But, these are hollow words.

After twenty years, the war on terror is over, lost, to Islamic thugs and madmen intent on imposing Sharia Law.

Democrats who control the federal gov’t obviously hope this is over as soon as possible so they can go back to their version of normal, i.e., complaining about global warming, gun ownership, racism, sexism, homophobia and white supremacy.  The left live in a world of delusion.  When they are faced with a real enemy that wants to kill them – Muslim terrorists – they run and hide.

9/11 means nothing to them.  On the upcoming twentieth anniversary of 9/11, what will Biden say?  That planes crashed into things?  Do children even know who Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda are?  Biden has brought us full circle to those smoldering ruins.

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Who is Your Enemy?

See the source image

Taliban mock heroic Marines famed photo of planting the U.S. flag at Iwo Jima. Taliban plants their own flag in Afghanistan.

Democrats are now faced with a very real threat – Radical Islam.  For the past four years, Donald Trump was their real enemy and he was removed through a rigged election.

Today, we have proof of what happens when our fake President Biden and the Dems are forced to confront a violent regime:  the Taliban.  [Those who helped launch 9/11.]

Hollow words from fake President Biden. VP Kamala Harris looms in the background.

Chaos reigns supreme in Afghanistan.  Mobs of people are swarming onto airplanes, coming here to the USA.  Tell me, which ones are the terrorists?

See the source imageHundreds of people sitting on the floor of a transport aircraft

DEATH.  Three protestors were shot and killed for not wanting to fly the Taliban flag.  Seven more dead yesterday at the Kabul airport.  A woman was shot and killed for not wearing a burqa.  The left are greatly concerned about the loss of woman’s rights.  That’s not why we were there in the first place!

It was called the “War on Terror”.  Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden were being protected by the Taliban in Afghanistan.  After 9/11, Pres. Bush invaded Afghanistan.  Bin Laden escaped thru the Tora Bora mountains into Pakistan and was later killed by Navy Seals in 2011.  But, the death of Bin Laden doesn’t end anything.  Al-Qaeda and the Taliban are alive and well and ready to conduct new acts of terrorism.  On us.

Biden and the Democrats have no idea on how to fight their new enemy.

See the source image

(Trump did.  He said he would “bomb the shit out of the caliphate” and he did.)

We are learning firsthand of what will happen by Biden’s bungled withdrawal.  What happens next?

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Dems Lose War on Terror

Nearly twenty years after 9/11, the U.S. is run out of town on a rail after being thrown out by the Taliban.  Americans and Afghanis were seen fleeing at the airport in Kabul.   Two people fell to their deaths after falling from a plane’s wheel wells.  (Photo below.)

August 16.

Joe Biden needlessly created chaos in Afghanistan and at our southern border | WJKK Mix 98.7   Fake President Joe Biden blamed everybody under the sun for our defeat in Afghanistan…the Afghan people, the Afghan army, President Trump and time itself.  But, his explanations fell flat.  The optics were too powerful.

People Are Clinging To American Planes Leaving The Kabul Airport | The Daily Caller

Afghan citizens cling to side of departing U.S. plane.

VIDEO: Taliban Shoots at Afghans Trying to Get Inside Kabul Airport | Todd Starnes

Terrified Afghanis scale wall while being shot at by the Taliban.

Biden’s August 8th statement that the U.S. approved Afghan-government would never happen collapse and that the new Afghan army was “300,000 strong” came back to haunt him.

I suspect this was allowed to happen the way it did to usher in VP Kamala Harris as President.

So who’s really running the country right now?

A fake Biden campaign site may be outperforming the real one

Obama, through his surrogates in the CIA and the Pentagon.  The so-called “Biden Presidency” has Obama’s fingerprints all over it.  In addition to the 2020 election being stolen, we have Obama carrying out an illegal third term.

Seriously, do you think the DNC would allow an addled-brained, senile, Alzheimer’s-ridden, mental case like Biden to be the Commander-in-Chief on his own?

How you vote matters and I think many Biden voters felt the egg on their faces when they saw us humiliated in a war we should’ve won a long time ago.  How is this going to look three weeks from now on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11?  What is Biden going to say?  How is he going to explain it to the many thousands of soldiers who died for nothing?

There’ve been comparisons to the fall of South Vietnam which took over two years to fall to the North Vietnamese.  Afghanistan fell in ten days.


Quote of the year goes to a CNN reporter caught amidst the chaos saying “Their chanting ‘Death to America’, but they seem friendly.”

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2021 Officially Worse than 2020

See the source image

Covid vaccine is causing mutations and the further spread of the disease.

U.S. gov’t begins to force teachers to accept the vaccine.

Pregnant women “encouraged” to take the vaccine.  (Only 24% have so far.)

Covid passports begin in several states.

Afghanistan gov’t expected to fall to the Taliban.  (First U.S. war lost since Vietnam.)

See the source image

Two years of inflation forecast following Dems takeover of the gov’t.  Gas prices will continue to rise.

Biden’s Green Screen – The fake President’s handlers got caught green-screening Biden in a fake White House news interview.

See the source image

Biden’s hand passes through the microphone.

Facist YouTube – YouTube suspends Sen. Rand Paul’s account for saying “Masks don’t prevent Covid-19.”

Image result for rand paul suspended youtube

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U.S. Navy Attacked – 11 Killed – by Somali Pirates

EricReports Exclusive 

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July 29, 2021, off the coast of Turkey, near Gemiler Island. 

Somalian pirates have attacked a U.S. Navy ship, killing 11 and wounding 8.

There has been a complete news blackout of this event.

Internationally, news agencies have noticed the dramatic shift of the U.S. press which is doing everything possible to protect Pres. Biden, suspected of stealing the 2020 General Election.  This new incident, which has had no news coverage whatsoever, would prove Biden’s inability to deal with this foreign attack.

This Islamic attack against an American warship (with no response) is proof our former Muslim Pres. Obama is controlling the situation.

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Biden Lost, Confused

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Fake President Biden remarked, “If they didn’t give me cards, I wouldn’t know where I am,” to an aloof press.  No matter how mentally off “Creepy Joe” acts, the mainstream media dismisses it.  How long will this continue?

There’s a timetable set for VP Kamala Harris who has been prepped to replace him.   The MSM is chomping at the bit, ready for a “woman of color” to become president.

You could almost call Joe Biden, “the stepping-stone President”.  His two main objectives:  get rid of the real President Trump and then usher in a female Commander-in-Chief.  He also remains a figurehead for the Obama Administration.

The media may say “It’s just Joe being Joe” when he wonders off with a glazed look, but our country is at risk without a real president.

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TRUMP 2024?

Trump wants to run again. Will he?

Six months into the failed Biden Administration (inflation, taxes, Syria bombing, disastrous G7 summit, gun control, immigrants swarming thru the border), former Pres. Trump is already holding rallies and appearing on TV, hinting he may run again.  What does this mean?

Three and a half years from now, will he run against Biden, Kamala Harris, or if rumors persist, Nancy Pelosi?  Yes, if Biden dies or is declared incompetent and Kamala Harris foreign-born parentage invalidates her, Madame Pelosi could step in becoming the 47th President.

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The current President and the two women who want to be president.

Democrats haven’t stopped pursuing Trump – going after his family, lawyers and associates.  The new Socialists know they can’t succeed on their record.  They can only attack.

Trump’s loyal followers, perhaps 40% of Americans, know Biden and the Dems stole the election.  What will be done about it next time?

Years ago, I warned if there was no voter I.D. card, the Dems would steal it and they did through fraudulent mail-in ballots.  Do the math.  Biden overwhelmingly won every swing state with unverifiable mail-in ballots which popped up out of nowhere in the middle of the night. See the source image

Both parties know it.  The Supreme Court knows it.  Congress knows it.  The MSM knows it.  Those who voted for Donald Trump know it.  Why was nothing done to stop it?  [With the exception of the January 6th March to Save America.]

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January 6, 2021

Former Pres. Bill Clinton was asked why he had an affair with Monica Lewinsky.  HIs response:  “Because I could.”  Democrats knew they could steal the 2020 General Election and get away with it.  Who would report otherwise?  Even Fox News betrayed Trump.

2024 is a long way off.  Dems fear and hate Trump.  The big question:  Will he be allowed to run again?

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