Biden’s $5 Million Payoff

Since 202o, before the General Election, the FBI has withheld a document proving Biden & Son’s bribery with Ukraine, a country we are pouring billions of dollars into with a war with Russia.  Additionally, there are secret recordings Ukraine used to blackmail our current President into doing their bidding.

Apparently, both Joe and Hunter Biden received $5,000,000 each from the energy company Burisma in order for to stop (and replace) Ukraine’s federal prosecutor investigation into their crooked financial dealings.  When asked faux Pres. Biden replied, “Where’s the money?”  Answer:  Biden’s criminal enterprise uses eleven banks to launder his funds through different identities.

Predictably, the media is staying far, far away from Biden’s bribery scandal, concentrating on former Pres. Trump’s false charges of espionage.  Every President (including Biden) has had access to their presidential papers…all except Trump.

Those of you will recall Pres. Trump being impeached by the House of Representatives for investigating then VP Biden’s illegal dealings with Burisma.  So far, no calls for impeachment for Biden’s payoffs.

Summation:  Quoting Greg Gutfeld, Biden acts like he knows he’ll win a second term.  (Meaning the fix is in.)  That is true, but my gut tells me Biden’s health will not sustain him.  I do not see a second term for Biden.

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