Mass Shootings + NWO = Gun Control

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America, in the span of a week suffered from a rash of shooting occurring in California, Texas and Ohio.  Coincidentally, this is taking place as the Democrats begin to seek power for the 2020 election.  This is no accident.  Those people who work behind the scenes, the ILLUMINATI, if you will, are orchestrating these events.  The hoped for and desired result is gun confiscation:  the destruction of the 2nd Amendment

What stands in their way?  Pres. Donald Trump and the Republican Senate.  Without them, our right to bear arms would already be taken away.  That’s why the 2020 election is so crucial – we are at a tipping point; between a free America and a Socialist America.  Text © 2019 – EricReports

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Proof David Hogg is a LIAR

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David Hogg at “March for our Lives” (Photo is not digitally altered.)

Anti-gun, anti-2nd Amendment activist David Hogg has claimed that he’s “just an ordinary kid.”  He’s denied charges that he’s being coached or that “dark forces” work behind him.  (Quote from Bill O’Reilly.)  What’s the true story?

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The supposed “grassroots” event titled “March for our Lives” was funded by a number of far-left organizations:, Media Matters, Woman’s March organizers and even Planned Parenthood.  Former campaign leaders for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are involved along with billionaire agitator George Soros.  Not only are they trying to ban guns, they are trying to destroy Pres. Trump.

Further proof.  After the beta-male David Hogg took great offense at Laura Ingraham’s tweet (calling him a “whiner”), Media Matters supplied him with a list of her sponsors.  Thus, the boycott and attempt to cancel her program.  (One of Media Matters founders  is Hillary Clinton.)  Still think he’s an ordinary kid?

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Ask yourself this.  How are the MSM/police suddenly ready with a ready-made gun control message after the shooting?  Explain where the anti-gun fanatical leaders suddenly came from?  How were they chosen?

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Take this one step further.  Why did the police stand down (do nothing) during the Parkland school shooting?  Didn’t their stand-down order cause more death?  Why did the police fail to react when Nikolas Cruz was reported in the first place?  Why did Sheriff Israel jump on the gun-takeaway bandwagon at CNN’s Townhall Meeting?  Was the Valentine’s Day Massacre allowed to happen to further the government’s agenda?  [That is, strike down the 2nd Amendment.]

Many on the left believe the Bush Administration allowed 9/11 to happen to further their agenda.  Likewise, I believe those entrenched in the deep-state swamp were more than willing to sacrifice the Parkland school victims in order to ban firearms.

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Is it Time to Pull the Plug on Hillary?

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Let’s cut to the chase.  We all know Hillary Clinton is the one who’s paying women to come forward and say they’ve had affairs with Pres. Trump.  Additionally, the supposed hush-money he paid them, came from campaign funds – grounds for impeachment.  (Because Donald Trump is so poor, he’d have to use it.)

In a recent interview, Mrs. Clinton stated:  “There’s a good chance Democrats will take the House of Representatives in the mid-term elections,” and “then, we’re going to get rid of him.”

What does that mean?  Impeachment or something more?  Trump himself said Dems are planning this, depending on how the elections go.

I (and many others) said after 2016, Trump had to silence HRC.  You see why.  She is the tumor that won’t go away.

2017 was the year we had to endure the Russia-Russia-Russia Putin/Trump collusion story.  All lies.

2018 is now the year of sex scandals.  When is this going to stop?

For you “H” fans out there, thinking she’d make a great president – and make no mistake, this demon still wants to run – let’s look at what she did as Secretary of State.

Image result for Hillary clinton libya  Libya – a war fought for nothing.  (“Kinetic action” they called it.)  Destroying a country’s leader (Gaddhafi) and their infrastructure.  Now, Libya is a haven for terrorism, murder and other crimes.

See the source image   Benghazi.  Amb. Christopher Stevens begged Hillary for increased security.  He got none, and was told that “This would send the wrong message.”  On Sept. 11, 2012, four brave Americans were killed by Muslim terrorists.  No retaliation and she blamed it all on a YouTube video.

Image result for clinton foundation haiti   Haiti.  After the 2010 earthquake, the Clinton Foundation robbed those people of two billion dollars.  Haiti would receive only 10% of their charity funds.

If President, Hillary C. promised to bring one million Muslim “refugees” into the USA…in her first year al0ne!  We’ve already seen what it’s done to Europe.  Sweden is the number one country for rape.

What about the 2nd Amendment?  HRC promised gun laws similar to England and Australia meaning NO GUNS (except for the gov’t and criminals.)  Sound good to you?

Since Hillary likes sex scandals, how about her husband, Bill?  John Podesta?  Maria Abramovic?

People who are aware know how close we came to having a president who kills her enemies.

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So, I ask God – isn’t it time?

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Signs of a Fake Shooting

Actual shooting occurs the same day as a drill.  (9/11, Parkland.)

Killer’s motive becomes quickly known, especially if it suits the narrative.

MSM immediately begins talking about new “gun control” laws.

Staged witness accounts are by crisis actors, who can be seen reading their lines.  No real signs of grief or mourning.  Completely scripted.

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Gene Rosen (Sandy Hook)

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David Hogg, Parkland

Shooting occurs shortly after another massacre, recycling the gun control debate.  (Nearly all of the recent shootings.)

Multiple shooters reported, only one found.  (Las Vegas 2016 shooting, Parkland shooting, Sandy Hook.)

Firearm used is described as a “scary military weapon that should never be put in the hands of the general public.”

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Las Vegas Shooting: Muslim Connection, Another Sandy Hook

Oct. 1, 2017.  Route 91 Harvest Day Festival, located near Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas.

Image result for mandalay bay shooting, las vegas

Mandalay Bay window broken out for sniper

Shortly after 10 p.m., 64 year old Stephen Paddock opened fire on a crowd from his 32-story hotel suite.  59 people were killed, 500+ wounded.  One hour and eighteen minutes after it began, Paddock took his own life after SWAT burst into his room.

Monday morning, the MSM scrambled for a motive.  Initially, “Univision” (a Spanish-language t.v. station), reported that Paddock had recently converted to Islam and that ISIS was taking credit for the incident.  Even Fox News mentioned this once.  Afterward, this was quickly changed.  The new motive was that Paddock had “gambling debts”.

Tuesday.  The MSM is forced to drop their false story when it turns out that Mr. Paddock is a wealthy man.

marilou danley marilou danley initially described as the female ...

Marilou Danley with Stephen Paddock

Stephen Paddock’s accomplice is Marilou Danley (name changed) a 4 ft. 11 inch Filipina with Australian citizenship.  She has two separate Social Security numbers.  A former casino worker, Paddock used her casino card to gamble that night.  A week before, Paddock wired $100,000 to the Philippines.  The Southern Philippines (Mindanao, Sulu Islands) are areas filled with Muslim terrorists known as the Abu Sayyaf.  The MSM hasn’t mentioned this connection, however.  Q.  Is the MSM covering up Paddock’s ties to Islam?  Does the gov’t fear a wave of anti-Muslim sentiment, if and when, it’s revealed Paddock was a fanatic?

PHILIPPINES Abu Sayyaf’s escalating violence due to ...

Abu Sayyaf

Democrats immediately seized upon the issue of gun control.  “Never waste a good crisis.”  With a Republican controlled Congress and Trump as President, it’s unlikely any type of gun control will be passed.  What will occur is that all major U.S. high-rise hotels will add X-ray machines and scanner (gov’t controlled) for “your safety”.

There were also murmurings from the left:  “that it was good mostly white people were  killed.  They must be Trump voters.”

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Sandy Hook vs. Columbine

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December 14 marks the fourth anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.  I’m sure those who watch the MSM news will be bombarded with a lot of anti-gun propaganda.  Before you swallow their bile, I ask that y0u compare it with a real shooting:  Columbine High School – 1999.


Image result for images, columbine school shootingImage result for images, columbine school shooting

There is ample evidence of what happened there.  What about Sandy Hook?

Why did their security cameras go missing?  Where are the crime scene photos?

Why are there so many crisis actors?

Image result for images, sandy hook torn down Why was the school torn down?  (Columbine wasn’t.)

Image result for images, sandy hook, false flag, obama  Why did Pres. Obama give the middle finger when he first spoke about it?

Image result for images, sandy hook, false flag Why are so many family members laughing and smiling?

iu8VV25IS0 Why are two gunmen seen running away into the woods?

See the source image Why are Adam Lanza’s photos digitally-altered to make him appear older and insane?

Image result for images, sandy hook, false flag Why is there a video of police running into the wrong school?

Image result for images, sandy hook, false flag Why is the one photo taken of a small number of kids being evacuated?  Where’s the rest?  (Is this a fire drill photo from the previous year?)

Image result for images, foreign troops seen at sandy hook  Why were foreign troops seen and heard that day?

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Obama gives his secret middle finger.

Is Newtown a haven for Satanists?  Why is there so much witchcraft in their background?

At the funerals, why were all the children’s faces unseen?

Was this a CIA “black ops” designed to enforce a nationwide gun ban?

Was this, in fact, a test to see how the public would react to a staged event?

2016 marked the year when many eyes were opened to extreme brainwashing techniques of the MSM in order to get Hillary Clinton elected.  The MSM, who oversampled polls and believed their own fake news.  Likewise, they will continue pushing their agenda and defaming those who prove they are liars.

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MSM Gone Insane Over Trump

  Donald Trump, August 9, 2016.  “Hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish the Second Amendment.  By the way,  and if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks.  Although, the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know.”

Based on the above quote, the mass media went into apoplectic fits, declaring that Donald Trump wanted to have Hillary Clinton killed.  What’s going on here?

Candidate Clinton can’t run on her own record.  It is abysmal.  So, she can only run on two things.

One.  Vote for me because I’m a woman.

Two.  Vote for me because I’m not Trump.

HRC is trying to get ALL women’s votes and she knows any woman that believes this stupid MSM-DNC allegation would be horrified.

While all this nonsense is going on, the real news is WikiLeaks proving that Hillary’s ties to ISIS, Clinton Foundation money laundering, her cheating Bernie Sanders out of the nomination and the simple fact that the world “CLASSIFIED” is in big, red letters on her emails.  (Something she denied.)

Also, Hillary’s health is in decline.

hillary-being-helped-up-stairs hillary-seizurethDMQQTMVE

She can’t walk up stairs, her brain freezes, she has seizures from a previous stroke – all ignored by the press.  I pray God does what should have been done a long time ago.  America would be a lot better off.

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Part 2 – Obama Antichrist


Judge Scalia marked for death?  Feb. 11, 2016.

The chain of events began on February 13, with the mysterious death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.  He dies alone with no bodyguard, a pillow found over his head and the doctor rules it “death by natural causes” over the phone.  Pres. Obama refuses to attend his funeral, because they were of “different religions”.  Would the President have gone if Scalia had been a Muslim?  justice-scalia-questions

With 2016 being Obama’s final year in office, what is his primary goal?  Gun Control.

Obama + Gun Control

Obama + Gun Control

And yet, with all those mass shootings (including the mother of all false flags “Sandy Hook”), Congress and the American people still don’t want it.  What would cause it to happen?  As I and others have written about – what if, hypothetically, there was a false flag assassination attempt on the President himself?  What if this was televised nationally, while the President is speaking on the importance of gun control?  What if this patsy is a white bread, Tea Party, fundamentalist Christian – the type Obama hates the most.  What do you think the reaction would be?



BLACK LIVES MATTER – RIOTS ACROSS AMERICA.  (With the duplicitous MSM aiding in their outrage.)  The new mantra?  Ban all guns!  The 24/7 news cycle will endlessly replay this.  Cries of hysteria:  “We must not allow ordinary people to have guns!”

thXU2YI88EAssuming this happens and assuming the Antichrist Obama rises from his sick bed in three days – he will have a blank check for anything he wants.  Thus, approving whomever he wants as a Supreme Court Judge will be a breeze.  Finally, the left and all the anti-gun advocates will have what they want: a 6 -3 lopsided in-their-favor Supreme Court.  If Obama and his comrades can reinterpret marriage, don’t you think they can reinterpret the 2nd Amendment?  Or even revoke it?

f-obama-a-20160105-870x606 Gradually, we’ve seen our gun rights being whittled away.  That’s no longer good enough for the powers-that-be.  They want total control.  By that very fact, the government will force all registered gun owners to turn in their weapons or face felony charges/imprisonment.  The average citizen is suddenly at the mercy of the criminal underworld.  [Note:  See how it’s working in Australia, where home invasions have skyrocketed.]

2016 is the year Obama (et al.) have been waiting for.  With all of these events occurring, the new United Nations Police Force (already in the works) will be set into play.  A New World Order.  A coalition of ten nations headed by…

U.N. police force (click here for link)

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Obama Disarming White America

Obama’s #1 MISSION: Take Away The Guns – The Millennium Report

January 5, 2016. Pres. Obama announces his new executive orders for background checks on those purchasing firearms from gun shows, private ads and the Internet. How is this possible? It isn’t, so it will be eventually stopped.  How are criminals and terrorists affected by these new laws? They aren’t. They will get their firearms through illegal means. The President’s actions take guns away from American citizens trying to protect themselves.  The sad irony of the San Bernardino shootings is they were caused by the Obama Administration – caused by a swift, 90-day fiancée visa for a Muslim terrorist – caused by two agents for ISIS.

Just as all Americans are being punished at the airport for the actions of al-Qaeda on 9/11, now the middle-class are being punished for the actions of terrorists and criminals.
Anti-gun advocates will argue: “Don’t less guns make us more safe?” Do you think the victims in Paris and San Bernardino felt safe when they were being shot at? Gun-free zones are the first place terrorists will go. Make no mistake – Obama knows this. He’s neither crazy nor stupid. He’s punishing “whitey” for the past injustices on his “Muslim brothers”.
It goes without saying – this is what you get when you don’t vet your Presidential candidate. Proof of this is Obama’s 2011 birth certificate. Where was it in 2008?
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Obama’s ISIS, Plans on 10,000 Muslim Immigrants and the Bloody Massacre in San Bernardino

 For many, Pres. Obama’s bland indifference to the Dec. 2 San Bernardino terrorist killings was a surprise.  From the start, it was known the terrorists had links with ISIS.  And yet, Obama’s MSM did their best to describe it as “workplace violence”…that is, until the FBI called it “an act of terrorism” on Dec. 4.  This didn’t prevent him and his former Sec’t of State Hillary Clinton from blaming it on our lack of gun control.  150312_loretta_lynch_ap_629_956x519 Likewise, on Dec. 3, Attorney Gen. Loretta Lynch said what disturbed her the most was our “anti-Muslim rhetoric, born out of fear” and that “any threats against the Muslim community would be prosecuted.”

What surprised me was that only fourteen people were killed.  It’s obvious the assassins were on their way to kill more, until police shot out their SUV with them in it.  EricReports pretty much predicted this a year ago.  Americans, Arm Yourselves! ISIS is Here!   (Oct. 29, 2014.)  After the Nov. 13th Paris attacks, it became inevitable.

Every newscaster gave their opinion on what should be done.  None will state that Barack Obama is a Muslim who will always side with Islam.  He’s stated this in his autobiography.  He isn’t one of the “good ones”.  To be frank, I think the only sympathy he felt was for the two killers who died.

bowonebowtwobowoneObama grovels before Saudi prince.

Unless our gov’t wakes up and removes this man from office, we will have to endure many more mass killings like this.  It’s open season on Americans.

More info is coming out daily, proving Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik weren’t acting alone.  Two weeks prior, $28,500 was wired to Farook.  Also, he reportedly was speaking to someone on a security watch list.  What about the mother and sister who said they didn’t know what was going on?  Was there a third gunman as initially reported?  Did he get away?

All this is bad timing for the Obama Administration who are planning on bringing 10,000 Syrian refugees into the U.S.  Most of our states governors have said they don’t want them.  Nevertheless, the Obama Administration has promised due punishment on any state that refuses them.  This event may slow down the President.  It will not stop him or the swarms of Arab-Muslims from entering our borders.  In truth, I believe Obama thinks this is the most important thing he’s ever done:  repopulating America with Muslims.  Most likely this has been in the planning stages for a long time – find whatever Islamic state is in crisis – then bring them here on the pretense of “humanitarism”.  False promises of screening them does no good, if you consider the actions of Tashfeen Malik.  How many more of them will be like her?

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Obama’s Face-Saving Speech on Muslim Mass Murderers

The President ‘s evaporating credibility forced him to address the nation on Dec. 6  Most notably – –

Obama finally admitted the Dec. 2 San Bernadino killers were Muslim (without actually naming them.)

Dead End for Syed Farook

Image result for images, dead syed farook

Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik

Shooting in San Bernardino, California

Our President made sure to defend all Muslims except “that tiny fraction” who break the law.

Most absurdly, he claimed that he would “destroy ISIL” with the help of Congress.  ISIS grew from the President’s desperate attempts to get rid of Assad.  Who is he kidding?

Obama called for gun-control:  a ban on assault rifles, i.e., semi-automatics with the ability to shoot over 10-15 rounds.  (California already has this law.)  As in Sandy Hook, he’s exploiting his gun-control agenda.  How is gun-control going to disarm the terrorists?  What about the pipe bombs they had?  What about all the other weaponry?  Gun-free zones are what shooters prey on.  Disarming the public only makes us more vulnerable than we already are.

BHO knows full well his policies have weakened us.  He must make it seem as if he’s doing the opposite.  It’s a stage-by-stage process to make us a Sharia compliant state.

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Virginia Shooting – False Flag for Gun Control?

2BAE86B500000578-3211529-A_disgruntled_former_news_reporter_filmed_himself_executing_two_-a-164_1440622419906Questions are arising about the shooting deaths of Alison Parker and Adam Ward shown on live TV on August 26.

Andy Parker

Notice the strange behavior of Parker’s father, who does not appear to be grieving and continually advocates for gun control.  Turns out, he’s a former actor.


Miss Parker’s alleged fiancé-boyfriend Chris Hurst, does some really bad acting for the cameras – rambling on about their “white-hot” love affair.  His only proof are some innocuous, staged-looking snapshots.  That’s no real proof of anything, except a friendship.  And why did he say, “We didn’t share this publically”?

Daniel Wulz and Alison Parker

Alison with her real boyfriend Daniel Wulz.

The MSM is caught lying again, when they report Miss Parker running into a “dead-end” at the end of an outdoor corridor.  In the shooter’s cellphone video, you can see a glass door in the background.  Behind the door is a lamp shining with a figure of a man standing by it.  A door is not a dead end.  Where exactly was she shot?


Vester Flanagan aka Bryce Williams fires point blank at Parker.  Where’s the blood?  How could he miss?  He didn’t miss shooting the cameraman, who mysteriously doesn’t make a sound.

It’s no secret the MSM wants gun control, i.e., a gun-ban.  The question is:  Would they stage this shooting for the worldwide attention it received?

What would be the biggest false flag of them all?  There’s a lot of conjecture out there that the New World Order is planning a staged event soon.  Who advocates the most for gun control?  Barack Obama.  Therefore, let’s assume, hypothetically, this future false flag assassination attempt on BHO occurs.  Won’t the gun control fanatics have what they want?  With nationwide riots, won’t the government demand everyone to turn in their firearms?  Who can argue this?

Jade Helm 15 – Police State Coming Soon



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Even the government/MSM can no longer dismiss “Operation Jade Helm 15” as a conspiracy theory.  It is a fact and it is coming to seven South-Western states:  California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Texas.  (Texas, Utah and a part of Southern California have been labeled as “hostile territories”. 


It begins on July 15 and ends on Sept. 15.

Why the controversy?  It depends on whom you want to believe.

The Jade Helm 15 anagram.

J = Joint   A = Assistant.   D = Development.   E = Execution. 

H = Homeland.   E = Eradication.   L = Local.   M = Militants.

15 = The year 2015.

The gov’t/MSM version of Jade Helm:  It’s a military exercise designed to match the terrain overseas.  (Iraq and Afghanistan do not match the terrain of these seven states.)  And why involve those SEVEN states?  The reason why this is being done is vague.


What is there to expect during this two month “drill”?  “Increased military presence, activities will occur between 11 pm and 4 am, increased aircraft noise at night, individuals may conduct suspicious activities designed to prepare them for complex environments overseas, personnel may be carrying weapons with ‘blank ammo’, some participants will be wearing civilian attire and driving civilian vehicles, clandestine activity with local residents (written and verbal.)  Police have agreed to “link their activity” and are allowing the military to control them.

Soldiers (special ops include the Green Berets, Delta Force, 82 Airborne, Navy Seals and the Marines) will be wearing arm bands.  Does this remind you of something?


The logo’s sword is unmistakably Muslim, a sword placed over two arrows crossed.  Cross = Christianity.  A Muslim sword over a cross.  Hmmm.  And we have a Muslim president.  I wonder what that means?

What is this really all about?



April 2014.  The Bundy Ranch standoff caught the gov’t with their pants down.  They had not expected there to be such a pushback.  This type of American victory will not happen again.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  Training has already begun since March with a disturbing video of a mock drill of citizens being rounded up and taken into custody.



Q.  Is this only a “drill”?  Should we believe in Obama’s government of “good intentions”?

Citizens, we are being set up.  Even if this turns out to be a “military exercise”, this is going far beyond what is normal.  The gov’t wouldn’t be spending all this time, effort and money for training purposes only.

POSSE COMITATUS – The U.S. government shall not use the military to police its citizens.  POSSE COMITATUS REPEALED?  The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA, signed into law by Obama), authorizes the military to arrest and imprison U.S. citizens without charges or benefit of trial, if the gov’t believes you’re involved in civil disobedience or terrorism.  You may be held indefinitely.  (Similar to Gitmo, isn’t it?)

EricReports View – Either right before or during this two month time period, there will be a major event.  (Civil War, ISIS, Ebola, $/banks collapse, political assassination.)  Whatever that event is, the Obama Administration is determined to disarm Americans.  Kiss the Second Amendment good-bye.  (Under Martial Law, you lose your Constitutional rights.)  Many don’t think this will ever happen.  Obama/Kerry have signed into the “U.N. Small Arms Treaty”, banning all private ownership of firearms.  (What does the United Nations have to do with this?)  Did you know that Russian and Chinese troops have been training here in the USA and that these foreign troops may be used as part of the treaty to disarm us?  Were foreign troops chosen, just in case, American soldiers refuse to kill its own citizenry?

Remember shortly after Obama took office, the Dept. of Homeland Security issued a report of those who should be considered dangerous.  No Muslim terrorist were on that list.  Nope.  Those listed were returning veterans, white supremacists, people who oppose the New World Order, people who believe in Armageddon and the last days and right-wing extremists.

Term 2 Obama is when the mask comes off.


Obama quote: “I don’t think people should be allowed to have guns.”

He had planned it this way from the very start.

Some of you reading this may think this is all impossible.  That America will eventually shake off Obama like a bad hangover.  I don’t think so.  This muther is playing for keeps.

Is this the beginning of Martial Law?  It happened before in Boston.


Whatever the event is, real or false flag, it’s got to get the far-left and blacks rioting.  Throw in some Ebola and ISIS.  There’s a real toxic stew.

NOV. 2014 – AARP ad titled “Bath”

AARP ad "Bath"

AARP ad “Bath”


This very symbolic Illuminati ad concerns a woman taking care of her daughter named Jade and her mother with Alzheimer’s.  The commercial starts off with her watching TV.  The sound is faint, but it can be heard.  It’s a news report:  “Riots nationwide have prompted local governments to declare Martial Law.  The President  is asking that citizens find safety and remain calm.  Authorities are working to contain the outbreak.”  (Is this what you would expect to hear in an AARP ad?)

What’s the real purpose for this commercial?  The Illuminati believe they are held blameless if they warn people of an impending event.  There were many warning of 9/11 in films and TV before it happened.  (e.g., “The Medusa Touch”, “Gremlins 2”, “Hackers” “X-Files”, “Godzilla”, “Rugrats in Paris”, “The Matrix”, Terminator 2″, etc.)


Sandy Hook – Gov’t Inside Job, Cash Cow

Sandy Hook - Cash Cow

Sandy Hook – Cash Cow

 Written/Copyright 2014 – EricReports

Most of the public is unwilling to accept the truth about Sandy Hook.  Most people don’t want to admit that their leaders are corrupt and will do anything to implement gun control.  This article will show the facts.


1.  The goal of Sandy Hook was/is nationwide gun control. canstock12583021

2.  Sandy Hook is being used to raise millions of dollars for

those involved.  iu

3.  The mainstream media is on board as the propaganda machine.

4.  President Obama is well aware that Sandy Hook is a government psyop.


Can you say, Photoshop?

ADAM LANZA – Can you say “Photoshop”?

5.  Adam Lanza is a straw man – a mythical figure made up to frighten the public into giving up their guns.


6.  A new, expensive security system had been recently installed at the school, and yet, there is not one single photo or video clip of Adam Lanza on Dec. 14, 2014.

7.  Originally, Adam’s mother Nancy was reported as a teacher, then a substitute teacher, then a teacher’s aide and then that she didn’t work there at all.  Is Nancy Lanza really Anne Haddad, who is still alive?

Is Nancy Lanza, Anne Haddad?

Is Nancy Lanza, Anne Haddad?

Mass evacuation? Where are all the kids?

Mass evacuation? Where are all the kids?

8.  Evacuation or is this a photo of a fire drill?


9.  The car found in front of the school (License plate 872YEO) belonged to a Christopher Rodea, wanted on numerous felony counts.  Lanza didn’t own a car and his mother’s BMW was left at home.

10.  iu8VV25IS0  Two gunmen can be seen running from the back of the school.  One is dressed in camouflage.  He tells police, “I didn’t do it, my kid goes here.”  His excuse for being there was that he was going to make gingerbread houses with his six-year old daughter.  The man is put in front of the police car.  MSM ignore this.

Police audio recording:  “Two shadows are seen running…they’re running right at me…suspect is arrested and prone.”

11.  For the last three years, Adam Lanza’s whereabouts are unknown, except by his mother.

Gene Rosen

Gene Rosen

12.  Gene Rosen belongs in a category all by himself.  His story changes constantly, but he claims 4 to 6 children escaped from the school with a bus driver, then camped out on his lawn.  Afterward, he took them inside his house and gave them juice.  After an hour of coaxing, they told him their teacher, Victoria Soto, has been shot and killed.  (Why no follow up interviews with these children?)

Victoria Soto. Man in background gives the Satanic salute.

Victoria Soto. Man in background gives the Satanic salute.

13.  Reportedly, Adam Lanza destroyed two home computers.  MSM/police now claim there is evidence that he was obsessed with violence, based on his Internet activity.


Newtown receives $50,000,000 to replace the school. Moo!

14.  Sandy Hook is demolished, destroying all DNA evidence or lack thereof.  SANDY-HOOK-DEMOLISHED-AND-SECRECY-WHY-10-15-13

15.  The same day of the shooting, a fake school shooting drill took place in nearby, Putnam County.

16.  iuJ68J249ENew Sandy Hook sign – Illuminati symbol.

17.  EMS vehicles and ambulances are blocked.  No medical helicopters.

18.  MSM still shows video clip of cops rushing into the wrong school.


“Read the card?”

19.    The infamous Robbie Parker, all smiles as he is about to announce the death of his daughter.

20.  In a recent poll, ten percent of the public said that did not believe the “official Sandy Hook MSM news story”.


Obvious government cover-up…

21.  All the parents to the dead children and relatives to the slain faculty have the same scripted message of GUN CONTROL.  Why haven’t one of the parents tried to sue the school?  Weren’t their kids killed on their watch?  Why weren’t they protected, if they really were killed?  What about suing the father of Adam, the very wealthy Peter Lanza?  Isn’t he partly responsible, if he knew his son was a gun nut?  There are no lawsuits, because the story of Sandy Hook is fake.

22.  The MSM has tried to ridicule Sandy Hook truthers.  Why? – if all they want is the truth?



Muslim hatchet man attacks police in NYC.

Muslim hatchet man attacks police in NYC.

Colleen Hufford + Muslim murderer Alton Nolen

Colleen Hufford + Muslim murderer Alton Nolen

The First Lady begs for the return of 300 Nigerian kidnapped girls by the Muslim group Boko Haram.

The First Lady begs for the return of 300 Nigerian kidnapped girls by the Muslim group Boko Haram.

Written/Copyright 2014 – Eric Reports News

The time is now for every American citizen to arm himself, before another Sandy Hook occurs.

I WANT YOU ALL TO GO OUT AND BUY A FIREARM.  New is best, second-hand if you can’t afford it.  Make it a handgun, because that’s what the government wants to get rid of.

Some will read this and say, “The government can’t stop gun sales.  What about the 2nd Amendment?”

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Obama and the Supreme Court could reinterpret it as the right of the “militia” and that a militia must be government approved.  See?  There go your guns.

You may ask:  “What if later they tell me to turn my gun in?”  How can the government prove you have it, if you “lost” it or it was “stolen”?  This happens a lot.

ISIS and al-Qaeda will target our infrastructure.  Stores, malls, churches, schools, theaters, auditoriums, libraries, hospitals, street-corners, any public place.

While it may be difficult or awkward to carry a gun in some places, make an effort to do so.

“What about the police?  Won’t they save me?”


Like Batman?  iuHRZS4P7UReal life isn’t like T.V. or the movies.  The police are good for after the event, so they can strut around with their big guns, as they did in Sandy Hook.  What good did that do?  In the case of Columbine, the police chickened-out and wouldn’t go in until the shooters killed themselves.

1992 L.A. Riots. – Rodney King verdictiu5Z6GCP98


The LAPD stand-down and do nothing while over 100 people are killed, and the city goes up in flames.  Then-President George H.W. Bush calls in the National Guard.

“What if I’m a woman and don’t like guns?”

That’s why, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to allow the far-left to destroy the traditional American family.  Before, you had a father or husband to protect you.  Now, you have yourself.  I’d advise you to learn how to safely handle a gun, because the police are not dependable.

“Won’t Obama wage war against ISIS, if they invade and attack us?”

Are you kidding?  Obama is ISIS.  He has already publically stated:  “We cannot wage war against Islam.  How can you be at war against yourself?”

NEWSFLASH – ISIS is already here, amongst us.  Democrats achieved their open border policy in a scheme to register more voters, but they also got Muslim terrorists.  How do you like that?  See what happens when the Dems run everything?