Signs of a Fake Shooting

Actual shooting occurs the same day as a drill.  (9/11, Parkland.)

Killer’s motive becomes quickly known, especially if it suits the narrative.

MSM immediately begins talking about new “gun control” laws.

Staged witness accounts are by crisis actors, who can be seen reading their lines.  No real signs of grief or mourning.  Completely scripted.

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Gene Rosen (Sandy Hook)

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David Hogg, Parkland

Shooting occurs shortly after another massacre, recycling the gun control debate.  (Nearly all of the recent shootings.)

Multiple shooters reported, only one found.  (Las Vegas 2016 shooting, Parkland shooting, Sandy Hook.)

Firearm used is described as a “scary military weapon that should never be put in the hands of the general public.”

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Las Vegas Shooting: Muslim Connection, Another Sandy Hook

Oct. 1, 2017.  Route 91 Harvest Day Festival, located near Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas.

Image result for mandalay bay shooting, las vegas

Mandalay Bay window broken out for sniper

Shortly after 10 p.m., 64 year old Stephen Paddock opened fire on a crowd from his 32-story hotel suite.  59 people were killed, 500+ wounded.  One hour and eighteen minutes after it began, Paddock took his own life after SWAT burst into his room.

Monday morning, the MSM scrambled for a motive.  Initially, “Univision” (a Spanish-language t.v. station), reported that Paddock had recently converted to Islam and that ISIS was taking credit for the incident.  Even Fox News mentioned this once.  Afterward, this was quickly changed.  The new motive was that Paddock had “gambling debts”.

Tuesday.  The MSM is forced to drop their false story when it turns out that Mr. Paddock is a wealthy man.

marilou danley marilou danley initially described as the female ...

Marilou Danley with Stephen Paddock

Stephen Paddock’s accomplice is Marilou Danley (name changed) a 4 ft. 11 inch Filipina with Australian citizenship.  She has two separate Social Security numbers.  A former casino worker, Paddock used her casino card to gamble that night.  A week before, Paddock wired $100,000 to the Philippines.  The Southern Philippines (Mindanao, Sulu Islands) are areas filled with Muslim terrorists known as the Abu Sayyaf.  The MSM hasn’t mentioned this connection, however.  Q.  Is the MSM covering up Paddock’s ties to Islam?  Does the gov’t fear a wave of anti-Muslim sentiment, if and when, it’s revealed Paddock was a fanatic?

PHILIPPINES Abu Sayyaf’s escalating violence due to ...

Abu Sayyaf

Democrats immediately seized upon the issue of gun control.  “Never waste a good crisis.”  With a Republican controlled Congress and Trump as President, it’s unlikely any type of gun control will be passed.  What will occur is that all major U.S. high-rise hotels will add X-ray machines and scanner (gov’t controlled) for “your safety”.

There were also murmurings from the left:  “that it was good mostly white people were  killed.  They must be Trump voters.”

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Sandy Hook vs. Columbine

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December 14 marks the fourth anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.  I’m sure those who watch the MSM news will be bombarded with a lot of anti-gun propaganda.  Before you swallow their bile, I ask that y0u compare it with a real shooting:  Columbine High School – 1999.


Image result for images, columbine school shootingImage result for images, columbine school shooting

There is ample evidence of what happened there.  What about Sandy Hook?

Why did their security cameras go missing?  Where are the crime scene photos?

Why are there so many crisis actors?

Image result for images, sandy hook torn down Why was the school torn down?  (Columbine wasn’t.)

Image result for images, sandy hook, false flag, obama  Why did Pres. Obama give the middle finger when he first spoke about it?

Image result for images, sandy hook, false flag Why are so many family members laughing and smiling?

iu8VV25IS0 Why are two gunmen seen running away into the woods?

See the source image Why are Adam Lanza’s photos digitally-altered to make him appear older and insane?

Image result for images, sandy hook, false flag Why is there a video of police running into the wrong school?

Image result for images, sandy hook, false flag Why is the one photo taken of a small number of kids being evacuated?  Where’s the rest?  (Is this a fire drill photo from the previous year?)

Image result for images, foreign troops seen at sandy hook  Why were foreign troops seen and heard that day?

See the source image

Obama gives his secret middle finger.

Is Newtown a haven for Satanists?  Why is there so much witchcraft in their background?

At the funerals, why were all the children’s faces unseen?

Was this a CIA “black ops” designed to enforce a nationwide gun ban?

Was this, in fact, a test to see how the public would react to a staged event?

2016 marked the year when many eyes were opened to extreme brainwashing techniques of the MSM in order to get Hillary Clinton elected.  The MSM, who oversampled polls and believed their own fake news.  Likewise, they will continue pushing their agenda and defaming those who prove they are liars.

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ILLUMINATI – Dead Singer Theory Part 2 – Jenni Rivera

Precursor to Sandy Hook?

Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera (1969-2012) was killed in a plane crash five days before the Sandy Hook school massacre.  The plane that crashed was a 43-year old Learjet which had been damaged previously, inhibiting its ability to steer.  Rivera, a Christian, may not have been willing to sign her name in blood for that Illuminati fast-track to fame.  Rivera was set for American crossover success in a U.S. sitcom produced by George Lopez.  She had sold 20 million records.

Image result for images,  illuminati

Illuminati manipulates events.

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Dead Singer Theory – ILLUMINATI – Part 1 – Christina Grimmie

Image result for images, christina grimmie, before you exit

Precursor to Orlando Pulse Nightclub shootings?  “Before You Exit” double meaning.

Christian singer Christina Grimmie began her career singing on YouTube.  Her greatest fame came through NBC’s “The Voice” (2014 – 3rd place.)  Her Illuminati connection:  Selena Gomez, who attempted to bring her into the fold. Image result for images, selena gomez illuminati   

Me Singing - "Stay" by Rihanna - Christina Grimmie Cover ...

Ms. Grimmie signed with Island Records who tried to mold her into a Britney Spears clone.  She rejected the makeover and was fired.  She would return to YouTube, singing for small venues.

Christina Grimmie sang preceding the act, tellingly called “Before You Exit”.

EXCLUSIVE: Inside Christina Grimmie's Last Concert Before ...

June 10, 2016, the Plaza, Orlando, Florida.

(Notice the Illuminati symbolism in the background.)  Following the show, Ms. Grimmie sat down, signing autographs. Kevin Loibl approached her and when she reached out to hug him, he shot her four times.  Her brother tackled the assassin who broke free and shot himself.

Image result for images, , kevin loibl

Kevin Loibl, murderer

Was Christina Grimmie killed for rejecting her Illuminati contract?  What did she already know about the secret organization?  Why does the MSM continually report that “We may never know why Kevin Loibl killed Miss Grimmie?”  Because they don’t want to know.  Because they already do know.

June 12, 2016.  Two days later, Muslim terrorist Omar Mateen killed 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, FL.

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Part 2 – Obama Antichrist


Judge Scalia marked for death?  Feb. 11, 2016.

The chain of events began on February 13, with the mysterious death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.  He dies alone with no bodyguard, a pillow found over his head and the doctor rules it “death by natural causes” over the phone.  Pres. Obama refuses to attend his funeral, because they were of “different religions”.  Would the President have gone if Scalia had been a Muslim?  justice-scalia-questions

With 2016 being Obama’s final year in office, what is his primary goal?  Gun Control.

Obama + Gun Control

Obama + Gun Control

And yet, with all those mass shootings (including the mother of all false flags “Sandy Hook”), Congress and the American people still don’t want it.  What would cause it to happen?  As I and others have written about – what if, hypothetically, there was a false flag assassination attempt on the President himself?  What if this was televised nationally, while the President is speaking on the importance of gun control?  What if this patsy is a white bread, Tea Party, fundamentalist Christian – the type Obama hates the most.  What do you think the reaction would be?



BLACK LIVES MATTER – RIOTS ACROSS AMERICA.  (With the duplicitous MSM aiding in their outrage.)  The new mantra?  Ban all guns!  The 24/7 news cycle will endlessly replay this.  Cries of hysteria:  “We must not allow ordinary people to have guns!”

thXU2YI88EAssuming this happens and assuming the Antichrist Obama rises from his sick bed in three days – he will have a blank check for anything he wants.  Thus, approving whomever he wants as a Supreme Court Judge will be a breeze.  Finally, the left and all the anti-gun advocates will have what they want: a 6 -3 lopsided in-their-favor Supreme Court.  If Obama and his comrades can reinterpret marriage, don’t you think they can reinterpret the 2nd Amendment?  Or even revoke it?

f-obama-a-20160105-870x606 Gradually, we’ve seen our gun rights being whittled away.  That’s no longer good enough for the powers-that-be.  They want total control.  By that very fact, the government will force all registered gun owners to turn in their weapons or face felony charges/imprisonment.  The average citizen is suddenly at the mercy of the criminal underworld.  [Note:  See how it’s working in Australia, where home invasions have skyrocketed.]

2016 is the year Obama (et al.) have been waiting for.  With all of these events occurring, the new United Nations Police Force (already in the works) will be set into play.  A New World Order.  A coalition of ten nations headed by…

U.N. police force (click here for link)

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The New Terrorists

Washington D.C. and the Obama Administration are redefining terrorism – or to use their new words “extremists” and “self-radicalization”.  Terrorism is so 9/11.  Recently introduced Bill HR 2899 attempts to combat terrorism aka “violent extremism” by –
Identifying risk factors!
Seeking out populations that are targeted and those communities that are at risk!
Find information!
Devise a strategy!
Leverage new and existing technology: the Internet and other social media!

If Pres. Obama and his underlings ever get their heads out of their butts, they’d know the real threat is Muslim terrorism. Ever hear of ISIS? Oh yeah, Obummer is now working with those bunch of murdering rapists. Take one look at their faces and you can see why they’re rapists.  Maybe that’s why they always wear hoods and masks.
So if al-Qaeda etcetera are no longer the bad guys, who are?

Dylann Roof

Dylann Roof – Mr. Confederate Flag

Adam Lanza - PhotoShopped Alien

Adam Lanza – PhotoShopped Alien

Timothy McVeigh - Anti-Gov't Poster Boy

Timothy McVeigh – Anti-Gov’t Poster Boy

James Holmes - Orange is the new black

James Holmes – Orange is the new black

Elliot Rodger - Revenge of the nerds

Elliot Rodger – Revenge of the nerds

You’ll notice all five are young, white males. Gun nuts. What a coincidence! How’d that happen?

Prediction: There will be a website blamed for a terrorist event. That website will be taken down, thus causing the domino effect. Soon, all websites that don’t embrace the “new normal” will disappear.  The new terrorists are whomever the government thinks they are and if Obama says the 9/11 hijackers “weren’t real Muslims” and that it was all a “man-made disaster”, well, I’d have to say his definition of a terrorist is anyone who doesn’t think like he does.

Operation Jade Helm 15 UPDATE


Located in the center of the Jade Helm logo is what people are calling the “ghost shoe”.  What does it represent?  In Hitler’s concentration camps, prisoners were forced to wear these clogs.  Could that explain why the shoe is of a ghost?  The memory of what was and what’s about to become?  hillary-clinton  Illuminati member Hillary Clinton recently spoke about camps.  Quote:  “As I have gotten older, I have decided we really need to have camps for adults.  I think we have a huge fun deficit.  We need some reminder about life skills.”  Thus, the Illuminati (as they believe) are blameless for their sins, because they have warned the public.

The Department of Defense (DoD) admits the shoe is a clog, a “sabot”, the origin of the word “sabotage”.  But, who’s trying to sabotage who?  What’s Jade Helm all about?  When asked, the DoD won’t explain what it means, calling it “a point of reference” and that “it doesn’t mean anything.”

The MSM?  The media have once more betrayed us, barely mentioning JH-15 in favor of their own propaganda.

What I believe.  There could be many reasons for the gov’t to crack down on the public, that is, to impose a police state-style dictatorship, but the one thing that must play into the mix is gun control.  That’s what Sandy Hook was all about. Sandy Hook Camouflage Pants Man   (Click on this link – Was this the gunman of Sandy Hook?)


If 27 people were executed for Obama’s proposed gun control plan, what’s next?   Operation Jade Helm 15.

Obama will impose Martial Law following the big event.  Then, gun confiscation (as was done during Hurricane Katrina.)  This gov’t gun grab is #1 on Obama’s wish list.  It fits in well with the plans of a New World Order.

Citizens, we have a President who is all pretense.  He says he’s a natural born citizen, when he’s not.  Obama-Closeup-2


He says he’s a Christian, when he’s not.  He says he’s straight, when he’s not.  What is he?  He is the chosen one from the Weather Underground:  founders Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.

Deconstructing Bill Ayers/Bernadine Dohrn – Terrorists ...


Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn today.

He is the end product of the Weather Underground.  That’s what reporter Andrew Breitbart was trying to prove in 2012.

CIA's heat-attack gun

CIA’s heat-attack gun

That’s what, I assume got Breitbart killed.   Obama is, under the guise of political-correctness, a terrorist.  He won’t rest until he destroys everything good about the United States of America.

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The hidden forces behind 9/11 and Sandy Hook are ready to play again.  Are you ready?

Who controls America?

The mainstream media will portray “Operation Jade Helm 15” as a harmless military exercise.  Those who say otherwise will be called “conspiracy theory nuts”.  When you watch your evening news, nothing will seem alarming.  CNN’s Anderson Cooper will be reading from his cleverly written script approved by the government.  That’s right.  Remain calm.  What could go wrong?  The MSM is lulling the public into a dreamland of infotainment and exploitation.



The Setup.  What event will trigger Martial Law?  War in Iran?  Economic chaos?  Political assassination?  Blacks rioting?  Another false flag?  A disease outbreak?  All of the above?  (Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson believes Obama will postpose the 2016 General Election.)

When it happens and it will happen, the country you knew and loved will be going through some drastic changes.  Expect your freedom on the Internet and gun ownership to be temporarily removed (forever.)  After all, it’s for your own safety.

Master of the Human Domain

Phantoms and Monsters: Pulse of the Paranormal


No, it’s not from Mein Kampf, it’s the Jade Helm slogan.  Get used to soldiers on every street-corner because Jade Helm is becoming an annual event.  And it’s not seven states anymore, it’s ten.  (Mississippi, Florida and Louisiana have been added.)  How soon before it’s fifty – All the time?  Is Martial Law the new normal?

Newly Released Jade Helm Document Reveals the True Intent of the ...

Notice the Muslim sword and the Illuminati Eye of the Devil logo

Above:  7 years of “Jade Helm”?  (2015-2022.)  What is the end goal?

Throughout the years, there have been those who tried to warn us.

Stanley Kubrick – Eyes Wide Shut (died shortly after film’s completion)

Andrew Breitbart – Tried to derail Obama’s 2012 run.

Michael Hastings – Killed in a car accident or was he too close to a scandal that would have ruined Obama?

WikiLeaks: Journalist Investigating CIA Assassinated In ...


When they died, the MSM called it “natural causes” or ” a tragic accident”, even before the facts came in.

The MSM sticks by the gov’t version of 9/11.  How could our military stand by and watch it all happen?  How could airports breeze through hijackers and later say they knew nothing?  How could the WTC Bldg. #7 just fall down?

Sandy Hook’s “Revenge of the Nerds” scenario is equally ludicrous – most notably the disappearing security camera, the police running into the wrong school, two gunmen seen running away from the school, the idea of Adam Lanza, a 98 lb. weakling carrying all those weapons and ammo, the smiling parents, and the eventual destruction of the school.

Face it, America.  We’re being played and with Jade Helm, the stakes are being raised higher and higher.  Your very freedom is at stake.  With little time left, our way of life is being taken away.  It will be GAME OVER.  You lose.  We all lose.


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Jekyll Hyde Obama

Two-Faced Celebrities Pictures - Freaking News

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Who is the real Barack Obama?  If you’re a Democrat, BHO is our thoughtful, academic president who kept his promise by ending the war in Iraq and bringing universal healthcare to all.

If you’re a Republican, he’s an uber-left-wing Socialist who increased the deficit, forced Obamacare thru Congress and then allowed ISIS to take control of the Middle East.


For me, there’s no doubt he works for various groups as front man.  There’s plenty of evidence he works for the Muslim Brotherhood.  Time and time again, he sides with Islam, helping them to establish their radical form of the Muslim faith in Egypt, (formerly), Libya, Iraq and Yemen.  Syria is next.

Obama pretends to negotiate with Iran on nuclear weapons.  This is all a charade.  He wants them to have nukes because he wants Iran to head the new caliphate.  ISIS (or ISIL as BHO prefers to call them) is major proof of what happens when you have a Muslim President.  No real past president would have allowed ISIS to slaughter their way across Iraq and Syria.  No past president would have allowed ISIL to exist.

Oftentimes, in Vietnam War documentaries, we’ve seen the bombings by Pres. Johnson and Nixon.  What do you think they would have done?  What would they have said about Obama?

The riots in Ferguson (which Obama encouraged) were straight from the Black Panther playbook.  “Burn, baby, burn!”  Likewise, his comments about Trayvon Martin (“If I had a son…”) were meant to formant rage within the black community.

Also, Mr. O is a closet homosexual married to a transgendered she-male,  This accounts for his sudden turnaround on gay rights.  He’s for gay marriage because he’s in one.

... , claims to have found proof that President Obama is secretly gay

Obama has denied connections to the Weather Underground, a domestic terrorist group and yet the former leader of it, Bill Ayers said he ghostwrote BHO’s autobiography.  Obama launched his campaign from Ayer’s house.  Reporter Andrew Breitbart was trying to prove this connection shortly before his mysterious death.

As bad as things are, the worst is yet to come.  In late 2012-early 2013, the President tried to use Sandy Hook as an excuse to take away our guns.  It didn’t work.  That’s why there’ll be another “event” he’ll use as an excuse to trample our 2nd Amendment rights.

As for Muslim terrorism, we’ve seen daily massacres occur at an astonishing rate in other countries.  How soon will it be before it happens here?  Will Obama continue to sit on his thumbs, saying, “They aren’t true Muslims.”  There’s one thing for sure:  Obama is.

FAKES! Long Island Medium, Michelle Obama, WTC Bldg. #7, Adam Lanza, Reality Shows, Al Sharpton

Long Island Medium – Teresa Caputo

About as psychic as a loaf of bread.

Long Island Medium (alias Teresa Caputo)

Long Island Medium (alias Teresa Caputo)

Long Island Medium



Michelle Obama and her penis restraint.

Michelle Obama and her penis restraint. SEXUAL IDENTITY CRISIS!

Is Johnny Gooden Jr. Michelle Obama without a wig?

Johnny Gooden Jr.

Johnny Gooden Jr.

Is Barack Obama playing “The Crying Game”?

Jaye Davidson jaye davidson

Jaye Davidson (female impersonator from “The Crying Game”)

World Trade Center Building #7

Terrorist Attack

WTC #7

WTC #7 implodes.

World Trade Center Building Number 7 fell on September 11, 2001, even though it was not hit by a plane.  Gov’t claim says it fell because it was on fire – then, disputed it’s own claim.  The BBC reported the collapse 20 MINUTES BEFORE IT HAPPENED!


Government/MSM reports that 130 lb. wimp Adam Lanza killed 26 people in a one-man commando raid.  No proof!

Adam Lanza

Proof of Photoshop manipulation.

Proof of Photoshop manipulation.


Reality Shows



Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton

Civil rights leader or FBI informant, demagogue and flim-flam man?

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Sandy Hook – Gov’t Inside Job, Cash Cow

Sandy Hook - Cash Cow

Sandy Hook – Cash Cow

 Written/Copyright 2014 – EricReports

Most of the public is unwilling to accept the truth about Sandy Hook.  Most people don’t want to admit that their leaders are corrupt and will do anything to implement gun control.  This article will show the facts.


1.  The goal of Sandy Hook was/is nationwide gun control. canstock12583021

2.  Sandy Hook is being used to raise millions of dollars for

those involved.  iu

3.  The mainstream media is on board as the propaganda machine.

4.  President Obama is well aware that Sandy Hook is a government psyop.


Can you say, Photoshop?

ADAM LANZA – Can you say “Photoshop”?

5.  Adam Lanza is a straw man – a mythical figure made up to frighten the public into giving up their guns.


6.  A new, expensive security system had been recently installed at the school, and yet, there is not one single photo or video clip of Adam Lanza on Dec. 14, 2014.

7.  Originally, Adam’s mother Nancy was reported as a teacher, then a substitute teacher, then a teacher’s aide and then that she didn’t work there at all.  Is Nancy Lanza really Anne Haddad, who is still alive?

Is Nancy Lanza, Anne Haddad?

Is Nancy Lanza, Anne Haddad?

Mass evacuation?  Where are all the kids?

Mass evacuation? Where are all the kids?

8.  Evacuation or is this a photo of a fire drill?


9.  The car found in front of the school (License plate 872YEO) belonged to a Christopher Rodea, wanted on numerous felony counts.  Lanza didn’t own a car and his mother’s BMW was left at home.

10.  iu8VV25IS0  Two gunmen can be seen running from the back of the school.  One is dressed in camouflage.  He tells police, “I didn’t do it, my kid goes here.”  His excuse for being there was that he was going to make gingerbread houses with his six-year old daughter.  The man is put in front of the police car.  MSM ignore this.

Police audio recording:  “Two shadows are seen running…they’re running right at me…suspect is arrested and prone.”

11.  For the last three years, Adam Lanza’s whereabouts are unknown, except by his mother.

Gene Rosen

Gene Rosen

12.  Gene Rosen belongs in a category all by himself.  His story changes constantly, but he claims 4 to 6 children escaped from the school with a bus driver, then camped out on his lawn.  Afterward, he took them inside his house and gave them juice.  After an hour of coaxing, they told him their teacher, Victoria Soto, has been shot and killed.  (Why no follow up interviews with these children?)

Victoria Soto.  Man in background gives the Satanic salute.

Victoria Soto. Man in background gives the Satanic salute.

13.  Reportedly, Adam Lanza destroyed two home computers.  MSM/police now claim there is evidence that he was obsessed with violence, based on his Internet activity.


Newtown receives $50,000,000 to replace the school. Moo!

14.  Sandy Hook is demolished, destroying all DNA evidence or lack thereof.  SANDY-HOOK-DEMOLISHED-AND-SECRECY-WHY-10-15-13

15.  The same day of the shooting, a fake school shooting drill took place in nearby, Putnam County.

16.  iuJ68J249ENew Sandy Hook sign – Illuminati symbol.

17.  EMS vehicles and ambulances are blocked.  No medical helicopters.

18.  MSM still shows video clip of cops rushing into the wrong school.


“Read the card?”

19.    The infamous Robbie Parker, all smiles as he is about to announce the death of his daughter.

20.  In a recent poll, ten percent of the public said that did not believe the “official Sandy Hook MSM news story”.


Obvious government cover-up…

21.  All the parents to the dead children and relatives to the slain faculty have the same scripted message of GUN CONTROL.  Why haven’t one of the parents tried to sue the school?  Weren’t their kids killed on their watch?  Why weren’t they protected, if they really were killed?  What about suing the father of Adam, the very wealthy Peter Lanza?  Isn’t he partly responsible, if he knew his son was a gun nut?  There are no lawsuits, because the story of Sandy Hook is fake.

22.  The MSM has tried to ridicule Sandy Hook truthers.  Why? – if all they want is the truth?



Muslim hatchet man attacks police in NYC.

Muslim hatchet man attacks police in NYC.

Colleen Hufford + Muslim murderer Alton Nolen

Colleen Hufford + Muslim murderer Alton Nolen

The First Lady begs for the return of 300 Nigerian kidnapped girls by the Muslim group Boko Haram.

The First Lady begs for the return of 300 Nigerian kidnapped girls by the Muslim group Boko Haram.

Written/Copyright 2014 – Eric Reports News

The time is now for every American citizen to arm himself, before another Sandy Hook occurs.

I WANT YOU ALL TO GO OUT AND BUY A FIREARM.  New is best, second-hand if you can’t afford it.  Make it a handgun, because that’s what the government wants to get rid of.

Some will read this and say, “The government can’t stop gun sales.  What about the 2nd Amendment?”

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Obama and the Supreme Court could reinterpret it as the right of the “militia” and that a militia must be government approved.  See?  There go your guns.

You may ask:  “What if later they tell me to turn my gun in?”  How can the government prove you have it, if you “lost” it or it was “stolen”?  This happens a lot.

ISIS and al-Qaeda will target our infrastructure.  Stores, malls, churches, schools, theaters, auditoriums, libraries, hospitals, street-corners, any public place.

While it may be difficult or awkward to carry a gun in some places, make an effort to do so.

“What about the police?  Won’t they save me?”


Like Batman?  iuHRZS4P7UReal life isn’t like T.V. or the movies.  The police are good for after the event, so they can strut around with their big guns, as they did in Sandy Hook.  What good did that do?  In the case of Columbine, the police chickened-out and wouldn’t go in until the shooters killed themselves.

1992 L.A. Riots. – Rodney King verdictiu5Z6GCP98


The LAPD stand-down and do nothing while over 100 people are killed, and the city goes up in flames.  Then-President George H.W. Bush calls in the National Guard.

“What if I’m a woman and don’t like guns?”

That’s why, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to allow the far-left to destroy the traditional American family.  Before, you had a father or husband to protect you.  Now, you have yourself.  I’d advise you to learn how to safely handle a gun, because the police are not dependable.

“Won’t Obama wage war against ISIS, if they invade and attack us?”

Are you kidding?  Obama is ISIS.  He has already publically stated:  “We cannot wage war against Islam.  How can you be at war against yourself?”

NEWSFLASH – ISIS is already here, amongst us.  Democrats achieved their open border policy in a scheme to register more voters, but they also got Muslim terrorists.  How do you like that?  See what happens when the Dems run everything?