Operation Jade Helm 15 UPDATE


Located in the center of the Jade Helm logo is what people are calling the “ghost shoe”.  What does it represent?  In Hitler’s concentration camps, prisoners were forced to wear these clogs.  Could that explain why the shoe is of a ghost?  The memory of what was and what’s about to become?  hillary-clinton  Illuminati member Hillary Clinton recently spoke about camps.  Quote:  “As I have gotten older, I have decided we really need to have camps for adults.  I think we have a huge fun deficit.  We need some reminder about life skills.”  Thus, the Illuminati (as they believe) are blameless for their sins, because they have warned the public.

The Department of Defense (DoD) admits the shoe is a clog, a “sabot”, the origin of the word “sabotage”.  But, who’s trying to sabotage who?  What’s Jade Helm all about?  When asked, the DoD won’t explain what it means, calling it “a point of reference” and that “it doesn’t mean anything.”

The MSM?  The media have once more betrayed us, barely mentioning JH-15 in favor of their own propaganda.

What I believe.  There could be many reasons for the gov’t to crack down on the public, that is, to impose a police state-style dictatorship, but the one thing that must play into the mix is gun control.  That’s what Sandy Hook was all about. Sandy Hook Camouflage Pants Man   (Click on this link – Was this the gunman of Sandy Hook?)


If 27 people were executed for Obama’s proposed gun control plan, what’s next?   Operation Jade Helm 15.

Obama will impose Martial Law following the big event.  Then, gun confiscation (as was done during Hurricane Katrina.)  This gov’t gun grab is #1 on Obama’s wish list.  It fits in well with the plans of a New World Order.

Citizens, we have a President who is all pretense.  He says he’s a natural born citizen, when he’s not.  Obama-Closeup-2


He says he’s a Christian, when he’s not.  He says he’s straight, when he’s not.  What is he?  He is the chosen one from the Weather Underground:  founders Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.

Deconstructing Bill Ayers/Bernadine Dohrn – Terrorists ...


Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn today.

He is the end product of the Weather Underground.  That’s what reporter Andrew Breitbart was trying to prove in 2012.

CIA's heat-attack gun

CIA’s heat-attack gun

That’s what, I assume got Breitbart killed.   Obama is, under the guise of political-correctness, a terrorist.  He won’t rest until he destroys everything good about the United States of America.

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9 thoughts on “Operation Jade Helm 15 UPDATE

  1. To best fight the Jade Helm 15 incursion is by enlisting salons and salon owners in the areas affected. They can be a valuable resource of information and contacts for the communities. Our barbers and hairstylist are the connection points in the community for help through each other. Whether by hiding weapons or providing supplies and support by way of a simple script/money (monopoly money with a list of skills an individual can provide) system as payment for hair services forwarded. The fake money can be used by the stylist/barber to pay for listed services the client puts down on the back of the play money…of course this is a form of trade/barter via emergencies. The salons can also provide aid and comfort to the oppressed. Robert Curtis (949) 872-8768.

  2. Andrea, please explain to me what you meant about another shooter in Newton. I won’t look at the pictures or listen to conspiracy theories that Sandy Hook never happened. I’ve already seen that garbage on G+. I know for a fact that it happened. I live in Connecticut not far from there. It still saddens me today. Do you and others actually believe that their was another shooter and that this was set up by Obama??? Who is Jade Helm and what’s this all about! As much as I don’t like Obama, I cannot believe that he would be involved in this. Too many people are pri gun in this country, and MANY of those “normal” citizens should NOT have guns! I can’t believe that Christians would think this kind of Looney toon garbage when so many lives were lost that day. I wonder how these same people would feel if it happened to one of their children or family members.

    • Two gunmen were videotaped running from the school. This was on the major network news. It’s still on YouTube. I’m not saying “nothing happened.” Adam Lanza, a frail autistic boy, did not have the strength to carry out this commando mission. He was a “straw man”. I have numerous articles on Pres. Obama and will be writing on him in detail in the near future, but he is a Communist Muslim who hates America. Jade Helm 15 was a military exercise across 7-10 states designed to enforce a possible future martial law event. Jade Helm 16 will be more low profile for 2016. If that doesn’t worry you, it should.

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