Obama Double-crosses Hillary Exposing Secret Email Account

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Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has already begun to unravel over proof that she used a private email account while serving as Secretary of State from 2009 – 2013.  Even worse, she has admitted to deleting as many as 30,000 correspondence, explaining them away as texts on “yoga” and “Chelsea’s wedding”.

No doubt, Mrs. Clinton regretted agreeing to the March 10 press conference, where her answers came up short as to why she would break the law to maintain her privacy.

More lies were found…HRC said she had only one electronics device, when earlier had admitted to having four.  Also, she said she used husband Bill’s Presidential email account, when he himself said he’s only sent two emails in his life.

Foolishly, Mrs. Clinton refuses to turn over her server, maintaining her right to privacy.  Instead, she sent in selected transcripts on paper:  Nixon style.


Whatever HRC is hiding must be damaging enough to risk her 2016 run.

Megyn Kelly of Fox News has done the most vigorous reporting on this scandal.  Kelly is hoping for a Watergate-sized fiasco to derail Hillary’s campaign.  This depends on whether the DNC cares enough about Mrs. Clinton being outed for being too crooked, even for them.

March 17.  The State Department announces that the former Secretary of State (HRC) didn’t sign off her OF-109 form – meaning her email (still property of the U.S. gov’t) was stolen.  Hillary claims her lawyers deleted the emails, but if any were destroyed that were not personal (e.g., on Benghazi), that would be called destroying evidence and obstruction of justice.

The usual suspects (Boxer-Feinstein) rushed to Hillary’s aid, saying it’s all about “sexism”.  A truly pitiful defense.  Hillary hoarding federal records for six years is a felony, not sexism.

Predictably, Mrs. Clinton blames the Republicans for outing her, saying that her computer was hacked.  (Another “vast right-wing conspiracy”.)  Let’s put the blame where it belongs.  Who knew all along that HRC used the wrong kind of email account?  The Obama Administration.  There’s no way they couldn’t know.  She worked there for four years.  The question is:  Why would Obama and his people want to destroy Hillary’s chances in 2016?  Many theories exist…

Obama prefers Joe Biden.

Obama prefers Elizabeth Warren.

Obama just plain hates Hillary Clinton.

Obama will suspend the General Election for future unknown reasons.  (Martial Law?)

This will be impossible to answer until current events unfold.


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