Hillary “Running as a Woman”

Hillary tells autograph seeker to "Go to the end of the line."

Hillary tells autograph seeker to “Go to the end of the line.”

Americans continue to gamble on trying to prove how unprejudiced they are.  The last six and a half years of Obama speaks for itself.  Will it happen again with Hillary Clinton?  If elected, what will she do about the turmoil in the Middle East?  (WARNING:  GRAPHIC IMAGE!)

Graphic Death Photos: Christopher Stevens US Ambassador to ...

Amb. Stevens did not die from “smoke inhalation”.  The MSM lies. He was tortured to death.

Isn’t she the one who ignored Ambassador Christopher Stevens e-mails, asking for better security in Benghazi?  Didn’t she leave four Americans there to die?  Isn’t Hillary the one who tries to destroy her past, erasing her computer when Republicans ask to see it?  Isn’t Hillary using the “Clinton Foundation” as a money-laundering scheme?

Most of the charity dollars goes to their favorite charity:  themselves.

The majority of those polled know HRC is not trustworthy and lies – and they’re going to vote for her anyway.  Hillary can’t run on her record – it’s too flimsy.  She must run on the “It’s time for a woman president” platform.  (Just like Obama’s “It’s time for a black president” platform.)

It’s almost funny when news commentators announce that Hillary is “running as a woman.”  You must get the bitter irony.  Mrs. C knows or suspects that a lot of men won’t be voting for her.  Yet, there will be enough – gays, the far-left, the foolish and worst of all, the “I vote Democrat every single time” voter.

Many hope that a scandal will bring her down.  Unless there’s a film of her in a black mass orgy, I’d forget about it.  The MSM doesn’t care.  They’ve already made their choice.  It’s the Democratic Party itself that must fall.  Their polices should be recognized for what they are:  attempts at socialism disguised as democracy.  Until it falls, we will continue to have presidents like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

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