Muslims Attack Barcelona; Media in Denial

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Aug. 17, 2017.  14 were killed in Barcelona, Spain when two members of ISIS went on a bloody rampage running people over with a van.  One hundred more were wounded.  One was killed, the other arrested.  The mainstream media (MSM) went way of its way to not mention that it was a Muslim attack.  Instead, they are still speaking about the Charlottesville riots where one woman was killed by a deranged white man.   Also, because Pres. Trump did not make a weepy statement (as Obama and Bill Clinton were so good at), they are calling him a “racist”.   I don’t want to see my President cry – I want to see him take action.  Trump is a doer.  Obama and Clinton are experts at “crocodile tears”.

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Additionally, the MSM has announced that “white supremacists and neo-Nazis” are the greatest danger to our country.  Not ISIS or al-Qaeda.  Not the radical left.  Not North Korea.  Not Iran.  Not China.  Not even Russia-Russia-Russia.  It’s the white man who is the most dangerous.  I kid you not.

All of this insane propaganda is aimed at ruining Trump’s presidency.  It won’t work.  Real Americans know when they’re being lied to.  And the far-left media mind manipulators are only convincing themselves and their likeminded sheeple.

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