Texas Church Shooting: Gov’t Inside Job

  On Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017, Devin Patrick Kelley opened fired on the First Baptist Church congregation in Sutherland Springs, TX, killing 26 and wounding 20.  Wounded while trying to escape, Kelley later drove off the road and fatally shot himself in the head.  The mainstream media motive?  He was an avowed atheist who wanted revenge on his in-laws.

After the Vegas shooting, I thought that if another event like this occurs, (a motiveless shooting), it means it was the pre-planned action of the New World Order.

Before you dismiss this as another conspiracy theory, ask yourself:  If Kelley wanted revenge on his relatives, why try to wipe out an entire church?  The MSM is on board with the “he was insane” theory.  His former domestic violence case in 2012 doesn’t prove insanity…It is proof that he legally wasn’t allowed to own a firearm…something the MSM ignores.  A LAW TO KEEP A GUN AWAY FROM KELLEY WAS ALREADY ON THE BOOKS!

The real motive is gun control.

Kelley was a brainwashed sleeper agent (2010-2012, U.S. Air Force), designed to go off at a designated time.

October 1, 2017 – Stephen Paddock.

November 5, 2017 – Devin Kelley.

You can bet there will be a third.  With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, it will probably be tied to these holidays.

Many people are falling into the trap of believing a gun ban would prevent these shootings.  Does anybody out there believe an ex-military man can’t get his hands on a gun?  Law or no law?

The goal of the New World Order is to establish a “soft” dictatorship, disarm its citizens and create a socialist-welfare state.  We very nearly had it, if Hillary Clinton had been elected president – and you don’t get more NWO than HRC.  (Note:  Hillary had planned on a British/Australian type gun law where obtaining a gun would be next to impossible.)

Citizens, we are being played.  Don’t believe the false news stories.  Most incredible is how police congratulate themselves on what a great job they did.  They did nothing to prevent this bloodshed!  Stephen Willeford, an ordinary citizen, shot and wounded Kelley with an AR-15 semi-auto rifle.  The police can’t even come up with a believable motive (in Nevada or Texas.)  Democrats, the NWO and the MSM are pushing their agenda for an unarmed, defenseless populace; serfs enslaved to the antichrist’s Beast system.

Text (C) 2017 – ERN

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