Feminist Slogans Die!

Feminists and former leaders of the 2016 Women’s March have announced the end of the “pussy-hat”.  Reasons being:  some have found it offensive, but mainly because the transgendered don’t have a pussy.  Also, some objected to the color pink.  Yes, the pussy-hat is going the way of the dodo bird.

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Likewise, I’m seeing many fissures in the so-called “MeToo Movement” and “Times Up”, all spawned by the sexual excesses of Miramax movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Image result for catherine deneuve French actress Catherine Deneuve and one hundred French women (academics, writers, actresses, etc.) have come out against “MeToo”.  Link here

In France it is called, “Balance Ton Porc” meaning “Call out your pig.”

Here in America, it has been compared to a witch hunt by actor Liam Neeson.  There have been comparisons to the McCarthy era, when an accusation was as good as a formal charge.

Image result for david copperfield  Today, magician David Copperfield has been accused which he has denied.  Link here

Image result for james franco and ally sheedy Actor/director James Franco has been accused by actress Ally Sheedy.  (Betrayed on Twitter.)

Image result for michale douglas  Actor Michael Douglas is vehemently denying charges of masturbating in front of his accuser, saying it’s all about her being fired and selling her book.

Image result for woody allen Currently on the “MeToo – Time’s Up” radar is Woody Allen.  There are allegations of child abuse.  Again, no proof.  Q.  Why don’t these feminists go after the Muslims marrying eight year old girls?  Why?  Because the Muslims would kill them.  It’s much easier to go after an 82-year old Jewish film director.

The MeToo Movement attempts to write new rules of etiquette for men. Or are they painting them into a corner?  Will men require written permission from a woman’s vagina for sex?  And what if women who regret having mutually agreed upon sex change their minds and go on the attack?

Legally, accusations will not hold up in court without proof.  [Example:  Clarence Thomas vs. Anita Hill.]

At the recent Golden Globe Awards, women were told to wear black in solidarity – and God help any women who didn’t.  Most will remember a year earlier, where Meryl Streep referred to Harvey Weinstein as “God”.  A year later, Oprah Winfrey accepted the “Cecil B. DeMille Award”, a  joke unto itself.

Seal’s Twitter comment (above)

The DeMille Award is for filmmaking.  Winfrey has made few films, mostly appearing on television.  The even bigger joke is Oprah’s presidential bid, based on rumor, from her rotten speech farted-out in her bullfrog voice.

Isn’t this hysteria, this hyper-emotionalized ranting, all about Donald Trump defeating Hillary Clinton?

Feminism is nothing new.  It dates back to the Old Testament as the reason for the homosexuality in Sodom and Gomorrah.  Civilizations die.  This poisoned branch of the women’s movement will bear bitter fruit.  It too, will die.

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