Nerve Gas Used at Waco


Chimeral Insight: Death Cults

April 19, 1993, Mt. Carmel, TX.  Following a 51-day standoff between David Koresh and the Branch Davidians, the U.S. gov’t decided to end it.  The question is how?  Were there any real plans to save anybody?

Waco Seige of the Branch Dividians 1993

Delta Force

Delta Force is an anti-terrorist military unit designed to combat the enemy.  This was the death squadron used to destroy the Branch-Davidians.

Many have asked, “Why didn’t the Davidians flee the burning building?”  The reason why:  Nerve gas.  Nerve gas is a deadly poison that paralyzes its victims much like bug poison to an insect.  While nine managed to survive, eighty-six didn’t.  The survivors were the ones on the ventilated second and third floors.  It’s my belief that none were meant to live.

Further proof of this is for those killed in the church records vault.  A time bomb was placed on the roof…

After a propane tank was sheered, it exploded – ignited by fire.  The roof blew in.  The force of the blast tore apart the women and children hiding inside.

Special attention was made to kill the leader Koresh, his close associates and his children.

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David Koresh

The supposed reason for this was over guns that were modified to fire automatically.  Or was it simply because they did not obey?  Who ordered the deaths?  Many blame Attorney General Janet Reno; however, she didn’t have the final authority.  It was the Clintons:  Bill and his co-president Hillary, who passed it down the chain of command.

The Clinton Body Count... -

Some twenty-three years later, the Clintons are attempting a comeback – a return to the White House.  Is this the kind of government we want?  Where wholesale slaughter occurs just to prove a point?  The 1990’s weren’t the good, ol’, days the MSM-Dems try to represent, at least not for the Branch Davidians.

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