Muslim Nanny Cuts Off Little Girl’s Head


Innocent 4 year old butchered by Muslim

Feb. 29, Moscow, Russia.  A four year old girl was decapitated by her Islamic nanny, who then paraded down the street, holding the child’s head, shouting, “Allahu Akbar!”  The child’s body was found in an apartment building, which the murderess attempted to burn down.  The woman, Gyulchehra Bobokulova from Uzbekistan, was arrested.

The MSM apparently is too busy reporting on the endless election season or more likely, has been directed by the Obama Administration not to broadcast such news stories.

Such bone-chilling events will be a daily occurrence here in the USA if Pres. Obama is allowed to bring in tens of thousands of Muslim “refugees” from Syria, Iraq and North Africa.

Many of you are content to wait the new year out, hoping Obama doesn’t do too much damage before his term runs out.  I am warning:  2016 is our most dangerous year.  Our President plots against this very nation as I write this…yet, he can be stopped.  It’s up to us, because if we continue to do nothing, we’re next on the chopping block.


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