The Hillary Clinton Dream

Image result for hillary old an dying  I dreamt Hillary Clinton died from a heart attack.  This was before the information of Obama’s DOJ tapping into Trump Tower or, more specifically Donald Trump himself.  (Eventually, this bugging will be traced back to Campaign Clinton.)

 A recent photo of “H” showing her with a thousand mile stare, heavily indicates that despite her smug video on the woman’s march, Mrs. Clinton is not a happy camper.  Without the presidency to look forward to, what has she got?  Another boring book tour?  More of the same tired speeches?  For what purpose?

Originally, Hillary Rodham latched onto Bill Clinton for a specific reason.  She knew he could take her to political places; places she could not get to by herself.  He had the charm.  She has – – – ?!

2008 and 2016.  HRC may have convinced herself that the women’s vote would carry her across the finish line.  It became apparent that the Internet provided proof of her evil, dark side.  Of her love for death.  Sane women could not vote for her.  (Video below is by Zig Zag on YouTube.)

That’s why I believe my Hillary Clinton dream will come true.  Her mission in life is over.  It has ended in failure.

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