Stephen Paddock’s Accomplice – 2nd Shooter at Mandalay Bay

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Initially, reports of multiple shooters during the October 1st-Las Vegas gunfire attack were reported.  This is confirmed by police audio recordings.

Image result for las vegas sheeidd  Day 2 – Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo(for whatever reason) angrily denounces this “conspiracy theory”, naming Stephen Paddock as the sole assailant.  A few days later, he is forced to say that Paddock couldn’t have acted alone.  Mounting evidence is proving there was an accomplice, very likely a woman seen with the killer at the casino-hotel.

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Marilou Danley and her fake wheelchair stunt.

It should be noted Marilou Danley, his live-in partner, was conveniently vacationing in the Philippines.  (And who the MSM moronically said, “knew nothing” about Paddock’s plans.)  Why is this woman taken at face value?  How could she be living in a state of oblivion for the last two years?

Strangely, police and Mandalay Bay haven’t released surveillance video of Stephen Paddock.  As anyone who has visited Vegas knows, hidden cameras are everywhere.

Proof of a second person in Mr. Paddock’s room is a Sept. 27 room service receipt naming two people.  (Note the receipt naming “GUESTS:  2.)

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Also, (and more importantly) gunfire experts have heard overlapping sounds of the rat-a-tat-tat, that is, two people firing at the same time.  With two windows broken out, this points to two shooters.  What if that second shooter was a woman?  What if she escaped right after the firing stopped?  (Perhaps, disguised as a maid.)  Who would suspect her?

Additionally, explosive material was found in the trunk of Paddock’s car, indicating a broader rang of attack.  Q.  Why would an older man, a successful gambler and businessman, be compelled to go on such a murder spree?  Why is the FBI ruling out Muslim terrorism?  This seems idiotic.  I cannot help but conclude there is a major cover-up going on, meaning the gov’t does not want this to be found out.  Instead, we hear reports of “angry white man” syndrome from the far left.  This is repeated, first by MSNBC, then CNN, then the major networks.  Absurd.

The police-the gov’t are clearly hiding the motive for this mass murder, I believe for political reasons.  The Obama years have spawned a neurotic need to whitewash the crimes of Muslim terrorists.

“Those who kill are not true Muslims.”

Obama and his minions have placed Muslims and those who are sympathetic to Muslim causes, in high government positions.  This is why I believe the FBI doesn’t want to release the identity of Paddock’s accomplice, if he or she turns out to be a Muslim.

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