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Robin Williams Death Mask

It’s been almost three and a half years since actor/comedian Robin Williams was found dead from an apparent suicide.  I’m not disputing the fact that he took his own life.  What it always comes back to is this:  who was with Williams the most in those final days?  Susan Schneider – his wife.

Ms. Schneider claims her husband was “losing his mind” from “Lewy Body Dementia”.  In an interview, she states that his suicide was “a way out”, i.e., a way to avoid “tests” and eventual hospitalization.

Q.  If Robin Williams was about to be institutionalized, whose idea was that in the first place?  His doctors or his wife?  Isn’t it credible that her insistence for him to be put away drove him to his death?  If Mr. Williams had been locked up in a madhouse, he would have lost control of all his rights.  He would’ve lost control of everything.  If that happened, who would be in control of his estate.  Susan Schneider.

Before Williams died, what must have been Schneider’s greatest fear?  Divorce?  And what if the only way to prevent a divorce would be to drive a man to suicide?  If the wife describes their marriage as a “nightmare”, what would the husband have to say about it?  And did R.W. threaten divorce?  According to their pre-nup, she would’ve received nothing, if this had occurred.

In those final days, we have by her own words, proof they were living separate lives in separate bedrooms.  Based on Robin’s expression, he is profoundly unhappy.

One of the last photos taken

My guess is that his sex life had become a virtual Siberia.  Why was he hermitting himself away in his bedroom, if they had a “happy marriage”?  Where was she on the day of his death?  Why didn’t she check on him?  How could he be left hanging dead for twelve hours unattended?  Why was his assistant the one left to discover his body?  Was there one last WWIII argument that pushed him over the edge?

When Ms. Schneider was told over the phone, she rushed back in her car screaming, “ROBIN, I FORGIVE YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART!”    This is one of the most selfish statements of all time.  It’s all about her.

Following R.W.’s death, we have Ms. Schneider eager to play the “grieving widow” on “The View”,  ABC News and “Good Morning, America”.  In real life, Schneider sued Robin’s children for control of his estate.  There was a legal battle over “kick-knacks”, indicative of her petty meanness and a quest to acquire as much as she could from a three year marriage.  According to her lawyer, Robin wanted his wife cared for, for the rest of her life, in the house they lived in.  With $50,000,000, I’m sure she’ll do okay.  Ignored by the MSM, was Ms. Schneider’s past new age cult experience, where she was left suicidal and driven to divorce her first husband.  While her past troubles may have nothing to do with what happened to her second husband, the MSM is remiss not to mention it.

In conclusion, I end with the beginning.  Robin met Susan when he was set for open heart surgery.  It probably wasn’t difficult to get him to do what she wanted, when he was at his most vulnerable.  While he may have thought this marriage was a new beginning, what was on her mind?  The eventual outcome speaks for itself.

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