Similarities between Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Obama


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Democrats have found their Mary Tyler Moore.  It’s the newly elected N.Y. representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

Early on, it was proven that Barack Obama, “the chosen one” was selected by the radical left (Weather Underground) to be the POTUS.


With the self-destruction of the Hillary Clinton campaign, it’s time for Plan B.  Let’s push all the buttons!

One.  Female.

Two.  Latina

Three.  Young

Four.  Far-far left

Five.  Poor background  (Already proven untrue.)

How do you make far-left policies palatable to the American public?  Wrap it in an appealing package, covered with cotton-candy Communism.  It didn’t work with Hillary (Dr. Evil) Clinton who hates everybody that doesn’t kiss her ass.  Cortez is more of a people person.  Currently, she knows very little about anything except for Marxist dogma .  Those behind the scenes will smooth out the rough edges and improve her knowledge of the world.

The MSM began 2019 off with the AOC dance video, purportedly uploaded by “Republicans” to make her look bad.  Upon further investigation, the supposed right-wing website began in Jan. 2019.  Fake!


Also, the fledgling sparrow is suddenly the star of “60 Minutes”.  How’d that happen?

Listen, an unknown girl still wearing a training bra doesn’t just come out of nowhere and become a household name, unless there are others making it happen.  Citizens, we are being played once again.  Before, it was that “clean, articulate, Harvard law professor from Kenya, I mean Hawaii.  Now, it’s AOC “from the Bronx.”  (Or is it a wealthy N.Y. suburb?)

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