Abortion: It Was Always About Murder


Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (in blackface) proposes new abortion law that would kill newborn babies.

New abortion laws may be on the horizon.  New York state wants abortion allowed right up to the last minute of birth and a Virginia bill proposes killing the baby after if it born, if the mother doesn’t want it.  Previous arguments for abortion were that “it’s not human yet,” “it’s just fetal tissue,” and “there’s no brain-wave pattern.”  (Which means the far-left are the living dead.)

Citizens, this was always a shell game.  3 Card Monty.  Whatever you want to call it.  We’ve been had.  Baby-killing was always the end result.

Preemies are born at only six months.  They survive.  How do you explain that, abortion-proponents?

New York City.  Gov. Cuomo signs the new law and the top of the One World Trade Center is lit up in pink.  They cheer it as “A victory for women’s rights.”  The One World Trade Center is a symbol of the forthcoming Beast system.  Why do you think the left is joining forces with Islam?


Nine month abortions are symbolic of Baal worship.  Read your Old Testament.  New-born babies were sacrificed to the golden idol of Baal.


You can dress this up anyway you like Devilcrats and feminists.  You’re killing babies in the name of progressive politics and you will go to hell for it.

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