Recovery or Depression | Pelosi Raids Treasury


Pres. Trump hopes to reopen businesses by April 30, amidst growing unemployment and a failing economy.  Democrats, on the other hand want the USA shut down indefinitely.  If there’s an economic collapse, it would give Dems the chance to replace capitalism with socialism – destroying freedom of choice.

Additionally, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (et al) is raiding the U.S. Treasury, stealing millions, if not billions of dollars for her pet projects.  (One of them is herself.)  Last week, sPelosi told Trump the two trillion dollar bailout was only a “down-payment” and wanted more.  Trump refused and now she’s having him investigated by Congress.

Likewise, the previous impeachment investigation in January helped divert Trump’s attention away from the Wuhan virus.

Now is the time to prove China’s guilt in deliberately releasing the coronavirus.

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